Bitcoin Flash Crash! NEW COINBASE LISTINGS? Chainlink, Zcoin, DigitalBits! how does chainlink vrf workHUGE!

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how does chainlink vrf work solana chainlink HUGE! Bitcoin Flash Crash! NEW COINBASE LISTINGS? Chainlink, Zcoin, DigitalBits!
hey everybody maddie here with altcoin buzz happy sunday hope youre having a great till end to your weekend we have just experienced a bitcoin flash crash in these last 12 hours or so forbes and other outlets are discussing that as with any crash not financial advice but it could be an opportunity to get in and buff up some of your positions well take a look at the reporting as well as the numbers with snapshot of the market coinbase is rumored to be exploring support for new digital assets theyll never come out and say were considering the addition of these digital assets theyre always exploring support for a few projects in particular well let you know what those are well take a look here at the top five milestones for zcoin and its roadmap well also take a look at digital bits with an overview of the project we have talked about them before and then we have integration news get protocol get has integrated with chain link vrf guys if you like this kind of content bitcoin blockchain and cryptocurrency be sure to like and subscribe okay lets kind of take a damage assessment here of this flash crash in these last 24 hours market is down 3.9 that sounds brutal but its down by about just as much as it was up the other day so everythings relative i suppose weve been on pretty much a week-long tear every single day weve been seeing one two three percent gains this to me is a natural retracement in my personal opinion we were flirting with 12 000 in fact according to many reports and many exchanges bitcoin exceeded twelve thousand dollars per coin so were just accelerating a little bit too quickly and as you can see now bitcoins pullback is five point two percent in these last 24 hours ethereums still up somehow as his xrp at one point xrp was up double digit percentage points yesterday and it was over 50 percent up on the week its been on an unbelievable tear but what goes up must come down now and as you can see we have some projects those really that have experienced some great boosts in this last week are down a little bit several percentage points so it seems like 12k despite the enthusiasm and the hysteria that weve been seeing recently perhaps 12k is this new psychological barrier that we tested and that we got rejected from bitcoins current price eleven thousand twenty seven dollars with the dominance of sixty point three percent you guys can read about the flash crash further here on a massive bitcoin flash crash just created one billion dollars of crypto chaos although i think ive more or less summed it up here the bitcoin price it is confirmed did break twelve thousand dollars per bitcoin on the luxembourg-based bitcoin bitstamp exchange early sunday morning only to plummet 12 to 10 500 within the hour so weve actually recovered some of that loss it went down even deeper check it out though if youre interested for the play by play well link to this in the description below lets now discuss coinbase and how theyre continuing to explore support for new digital assets we are continuing to explore the addition of new assets for customers around the world this courtesy of today were announcing that we are exploring the addition of a range of new assets as part of the exploratory process customers may see public-facing apis and other signs that we are conducting engineering work to potentially support these assets these new assets include in alphabetical order so here you have them ample fourth band protocol balancer block state curve fetch dot ai flexicoin helium hedera hashgraph cava melon ocean protocol paxos gold reserve writes tbtc the graph theta uma and wbtc our decision to support any asset requires significant technical and compliance review and may be subject to regulatory approval in some jurisdictions we therefore cannot guarantee whether or not any above listed asset will be listed on a coinbase product in any jurisdiction as per our listing process which you guys can check out here they link to that we will add new assets on a jurisdiction by jurisdiction basis subject to applicable review and authorizations the omission of assets from this publication does not disqualify any such asset from active review and potential listing much of the rest of this as you can imagine and not to bash coinbase or anything but you know its the its the generic kind of pr statement about how these assets and based on their review have to live up to their intense scrutiny and high standards of course of course a little bit of legalese as well but there you have it theres the list of assets that they that they are considering rather weve discussed a couple of them in the past a little bit more extensively certainly ban protocol which was one of our picks a little bit earlier in the year back in now is it april or may i cant forget now but one of our coins and projects to watch certainly we have discussed others cava is also among these here that were excited about and theta theta is an old favorite of mine personally so a pretty good list all around let us know in the comments below which of these you are most excited to see on coinbase here now on were looking at the top five milestones on the zcoin roadmap this article by annie so z coin has some huge upcoming announcements to make lets take a look at whats made them successful so far and what we can be excited about in the future im just going to break these down quickly because these are pretty meaty entries here and you can take a look at annies article in full to go through them individually but these road map sections in no particular order are number one atlantis which is of course a big deal number two chain locks number three elysium number four bridging ethereum tokens into the z coin elysium layer and number five mobile wallet theres also the z coin having which is coming up very quickly in september so in conclusion as per rubin in 2020 z coin focused on cleaning and fixing the back end in 2021 z coin will become easy to use and focus on adoption and to ensure development zcoin crowdfunding is in progress the crowdfunding has raised 4 000 z coins for the lantis audits and the original zeecon roadmap update can be found here weve also covered zcoin recently on the youtube channel if you havent checked out this video its linked to below the title of that is top cryptocurrencies that are ready to move check out annies article in full for all things zcoin let us know if those are the most important roadmap entries that youre looking out for right now though however guys sponsorship helps cover production website and hosting costs so lets hear a quick word from todays sponsor block five provides wealth management products for crypto investors by creating an account with block fi and depositing a cryptocurrency you can earn up to eight point six percent apy on your holding as you see i deposited two thousand one hundred and thirty nine dollars a couple days ago and now i have already accrued 0.48 and this is paid out every month all you have to do is sign up fulfill the basic kyc requirements and deposit your cryptocurrencies onto the blockfy interest account there is no minimum amount required and you will start earning compounded interest every month the interest is paid out in cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin ether litecoin and a range of stable coins blockwise primary custodian is gemini which is a highly regulated and respected exchange finally blockfi is backed by a number of institutional investors including teals valor ventures coinbase and winklevoss capital start earning interest today with blockfi by signing up using our link in the description and now back to matty for those of you out there in the altcoin buzz army that are more into the rewards side of blockchain we have talked about digital bits in the past but here we have this extensive write-up by deepika a leap in blockchain based rewards in the form of digital bits so customer loyalty reward programs are an obvious differentiator for any business to your customers but as the popularity of such programs continues to grow internally these programs are suffering thus they are becoming a huge liability on the balance sheets of companies however by tokenizing these rewards on the blockchain mass market liquidity can be created for these rewards so building customer loyalty programs are much more complex than just handing out rewards and undoubtedly a promising reward program compels a customer to choose a particular business place and obviously continues to compel brand loyalty when implemented effectively so this is a very extensive write-up here on everything that digital bits is doing right now they are i suppose you could call them a blockchain variant of such a program such a customer rewards loyalty slash points program a bit of a mesh of words there but all of the above applies in some way or another you can read about how they are using blockchain leveraging that technology to make it possible what it is theyre trying to accomplish heres what they feature as a feature-laden blockchain digital bits utilizes a robust consensus mechanism and this protocol supports throughput of 10 000 transactions per second however the protocol also works at the back end to optimize the infrastructure so consumers get to use it without a learning curve check out some of the interesting features and other updates that digital bits have been able to highlight here the rest of deepikas article will be linked to in the description below digital bits she concludes represents a technology that has undergone multiple iterations of development and it is ready for enterprise adoption moreover as the loyalty and rewards point industry keeps growing digital bits will see more adoption and finally guys in the news today on altcoinbuzz.i get g-e-t protocol has integrated with chain link vrf this article by rachel get protocol to enjoy verifiable randomness with chain link vrf so get protocol is going to use chain links verifiable randomness function their vrf this is done in order to carry out trustless and transparent ticketing services the blockchain based smart ticketing solution get protocol disclosed that this integration with chain link vrf will further improve the transparency of its platform which it is known for adding that now its users numbering up to hundreds of thousands will be able to easily purchase smart blockchain based tickets and according to get protocol the integration of chainlink vrf will ensure ticket buyers have a fair chance of purchasing tickets so simply put it eliminates all forms of bias in the digital ticket waiting line notably in the event of ticket demand being higher than supply chain link vrf will randomly shuffle buyers giving all of them a fair chance to get a ticket check out the rest of this article for full information guys but there is the headline which is one to celebrate get protocol has integrated with chain link vrf well done and that about wraps it up for today everybody do be sure you are following us on all the regular social media channels and keep checking back into for all the latest go ahead like subscribe share and hit the bell of course to receive notifications if youve enjoyed todays video best of luck guys if you choose to invest in this post flash crash market thats not my recommendation never financial advice of course but look if you were looking to enter into a position and now things have retraced its its up to you individually to determine what youre going to do just make sure you dont fomo stay safe out there everybody have a great till end to your weekend and as always we do hope to see you again soon in our next video take care you Bitcoin Flash Crash Coinbase exploring to list Ampleforth, Band Protocol, Balancer, Blockstack, Curve,, Flexacoin, Helium, Hedera Hashgraph, Kava, Melon, Ocean Protocol, Paxos Gold, Reserve Rights, tBTC, The Graph, THETA, UMA, and WBTC Top 5 Milestones on the Zcoin Roadmap Zcoin has come huge upcoming announcements to make! 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