band vs chainlinkHow to Win Bounties by using Filecoin x Chainlink together

chainlink report chainlink forum band vs chainlink How to Win Bounties by using Filecoin x Chainlink together
band vs chainlink how to stake chain link How to Win Bounties by using Filecoin x Chainlink together
hello hello hello [Applause] whats up whats up uh good to see you patrick im super psyched to be here talking to chain link and all the amazing chain link crew um about storage and and all the cool things you can do at hacks to win prizes and also you know start your projects out right and you know become a founder in this space even at some point so really cool to be talking to you likewise yeah really excited to be here we and i see some people in the chat coming in ron whats going on matt how are you double mats uh double that smosh motion tyson see a couple of uh a couple of gm gm i want to know are these all block end developers patrick oh yeah these are this is uh this is some of the regulars here hows everybody doing gm got some of the crew well happy may the fourth to you as well auspicious day to be doing a joint presentation with you patrick absolutely happy may the fourth so to everyone here uh yeah this is uh its ally from falco up and run shes even got her own slide up to uh to introduce herself um yeah were super excited to be doing um some fall coin and chain link uh boundaries as you all know whos been going to these workshops weve been doing a lot of ipfs uh weve been talking about fall coin as well and so ali is here to give us even more information and talk about kind of the cool stuff you can do with these two technologies together yeah 100 i think were going to be roofing about what we could do with oracles and storage potentially but yes hello everyone im developer ally um super psyched to be here im also alice in wonderland in the slack in the discord sorry channel if you have any questions on ipfs and filecoin hit up the discord and ill be happy to chat with you about that as well i think weve lost patrick uh for a second hopefully hell be back though uh but like i said stoked to be with you happy may the fourth um im a file coin developer advocate so i love helping people with all their storage needs and trying to onboard you the easy ways as well because i know kind of the falcon ecosystem and ipfs ecosystem can kind of be a massive beast and thats just the nature of kind of were talking about data which can really is taking over the world right so um i just want to bring up one of the main missions of filecoin and ipfs and its really neatly kind of encapsulated in this quote so i was at paris peer-to-peer over the weekend and juan bene turned up and was giving one of his amazing talks again and i know sergio and juan are kind of old friends as well and have a lot of the same values which is really cool and why im glad to be here talking to chain link as well but this was the quote that like really stood out for me he said the properties of the internet and its technologies really define our human rights and thats kind of true like if we dont have a way to you know have our own data be our own data and and not be the product like we are a lot of the time in web 2 with facebook with the googles of the world like all these centralized um data systems uh it kind of means that you know where the product rather than we own our data and then we own the rights behind that data so what were trying to do here at protocol labs ipfs and filecoin is to create the kind of underpinning infrastructure um for the open web um to give us back our rights so um you can check out that talk ill post a link to it later but yeah that was that was something that kind of really defines what were doing here and really stood out to me so hopefully uh you like that too uh and we do have a massive ecosystem like i said so theres heaps of people using ipfs and filecoin um we even just on boarded flickr theyre going to start hosting a lot of their photo archive on um onto ipfs and falcon weve given them a grant to be able to do that lots of big names here as well the internet archive you would have heard of were doing some really um social good work with them and storing some of their um back files onto filecoin as well so all kind of archiving data and were working with some of our ukrainian storage providers as well to you know make sure that were on boarding important data and and thats not getting lost um given the current situation there um ill just skip these because i think youve got to go patrick so what i want to do with you actually is just talk about some of our bounties hey tiffy good to see you um good morning um yeah and what i want to really do is talk about some of our bounties and lets see like where you know chain link the oracles chainlink keepers youve got youve got api data coming in from off chain which is amazing uh weve got what else have we got youve got the vrf functionality which is really cool in terms of nfts and gaming models so lets chat about some cool projects that maybe the hackers could do together yeah absolutely and and we can go back to because i think um uh we were saying kind of before we jumped on we were saying like uh uh well probably just riff for some time so yeah if uh if you want to go back to that slide we can we can just start the riffing there uh which slide am i going back to i thought you just said we were going to were going to skip a rip right this oh yeah like this is this is the start of the bounty so i just skipped a few of my other slides that i had in the intro oh oh yeah if you want to if you want to go through those go for it no no good i can do it later or i can send out the slides to the participants in the in the discord actually so they can have a look at like all the links that way as well cool all right yeah lets start riffing about uh about joint bounty ideas you so up for grabs with um the far coin and ipfs is um 75 000 weve put up for chain link hackathon because we believe in this space and we know youve got awesome builders in the space so wed love to see ideas around chain link and file coin um or ipfs and i know youre a big fan patrick so we really appreciate you um showing people how its done as well um but weve got a general bounty and then weve got bonus categories so pretty much anyone that uses ipfs or filecoin um in a meaningful way so you cant just retrieve a cid thats kind of cheating um but anyone that uses ipfs or file coin in a meaningful way um is eligible for our general bounty and then weve got some bonus categories because we want to kind of get people you know having popping off with some ideas around different things you can do with with storage and with oracle so um these are our bonus categories uh let me just go to the general storage wizard one yeah so i i dont know if youve got any um cool ideas around a general usage of ipss and filecoin maybe you want to talk about a couple of projects youve already done patrick yeah so uh a while back i wrote a couple of um minimalist external adapters so for those of you who went to the chainlink external adapters workshop thats going to be a really good one to learn how to you know connect with uh offchain decentralized storage here right because um your filecoin blockchain is gonna youre gonna be able to connect to it with it api right some um api call connecting to valcoin so if you have an external adapter that can store data or get data from ipfs you now have this insane full like complete back end where you have like your logic all on your smart contract section but you have all your data in file coin on your file coin database and then you can use chain link to connect the two and obviously the rationale for this is you dont want to store you know really any any data on a layer one uh excuse me on a smart contract platform uh its gonna cost you an arm in a few houses yeah imagine during youtube or not oh my goodness i wonder how that would be too much it wouldnt be enough money in the world is it yeah i think the last time i checked like a gigabyte on the ethereum main net is like its like a few billion dollars or something like that i forget what the actual what the actual number is but i just remember being like this astronomically insane uh number going broke at that rate so yes this was but yeah like exactly yeah so anything that uh connects it to is is fantastic and yeah so uh ali gives some good examples here of wheres uh of areas where you dont even have to connect with chain link either right just use nft dot storage use orbitddb textile anything where you need to store data someplace in relation for your smart contract you know this is something that you do something that ive talked about a lot and for those of you who have listened to my twitter ive tweeted about this a lot as well is dows decentralized or autonomous organizations when you vote an endow right now on ethereum mainnet or really any layer one every single person who votes has to spend gas which is in which is incredibly awful oh do you have an example of that already oh no i dont have an example but we do have a dow tooling oh youre right and theres a doubt category so so there you go um but yeah like you spend a ton of money ton of money wasted on gas like youre if you have a hundred people in your if you have a thousand people in your dow and each time you vote costs a hundred dollars in gas well youre essentially making your entire community spend a hundred thousand dollars any time you want to vote on anything which is ridiculous so instead what you can do is you can store those votes in ipfs in fall coin or something like that um and then when all the votes are calculated use a chain link oracle to relay the winner um back to your smart contract so something like that do its called like gasless voting would love to see someone implement something like that and then using coin chain link is literally like the perfect technologies to achieve something like that that would be amazing id love to see more dow tooling come out and i know youre a member of developer dao as well id love to see some implementations for them uh come out of this in terms of you know where theyre storing all their governance our proposals where you like were all storing github and a lot of things like that already but you know ipfs and filecoin are really good use cases for storing those kind of papers and like patrick said that was a super great idea for what we can do with dow tooling as well it would be really cool to see um so voting on file coin and ipfs with chain link originals would be super cool as well um theres heaps yeah so this is one of the bonus categories as well which youre so youre eligible for the general category as well as up to one of the bonus categories but you can enter all of the bonus categories if you think it you know you your project applies to all of them so um yeah but thanks thanks for sharing that like super cool idea uh there patrick um for sure and somewhere else with that but its really early in the morning [Laughter] so i know theres um so i know theres a lot of people here too whos uh who theyve gone some of the workshops theyve seen the nfts that weve done theyve seen um yeah we did nfts theyve seen the hosting their websites on ipfs you know i we didnt actually show it uh but you can use fleeq as well to automatically create a deal on filecoin as well and put that storage there um but i i im kind of curious at this point so for theres a lot of people here who are curious how to actually how what actually how file coin works what actually follow coin looks like and i know we were were riffing for a bit right now well probably refer a bit later but if we could go into the uh like what is the the far point yeah sure um so i think most people have got a pretty good idea of what ipfs is so ipfs is a peer-to-peer network and one of its main you know uh characteristics is that instead of you know location addressing data like you do on a http network so you go to a location its like you know someone telling you theres a book at the library and where to find it you go to that location and look for it instead of doing that because the book might be moved someone might have you know taken it out put it two places over on the bookshelf or whatever else it is instead of doing that we content address with ipfs so that means you know you can give the name of the book and then you can find that copy in multiple places i mean it could be in your backpack for all i know um it could be anywhere so the point is youre always going to get that same same book back for when you ask for it rather than you know having to try and find a location which can totally change so very massive use case um for nfts of course which we want to remain um non-fungible so and the best thing best way sorry to use ipfs with nfts is to go to by the way so openc uses this in their minting process as well so its its really like a kind of an industry standard of how to use ipfs and filecoin and speaking of filecoin you know why do i need filecoin if ive already got ipfs well the point is ipfs kind of has a limit so its a peer-to-peer network but each kind of node that runs holding these content addresses theres no guarantee that that content is kind of going to be retrievable that node could go down you could shut your laptop that could be your node um and then that contents not available for someone else thats near you so the point of file coin is that its a persistent storage layer um designed exactly to complement ipfs and to um you know i cant think of the word but anyway to you know to uh uh extend from from that problem and to solve that problem basically um so far coin does that in a distributed manner so um your data doesnt have to be held with one central uh storage entity either which is kind of a super neat um incentive layer for you know providing value to the storage providers to make sure that your contents are always there and kind of an early iteration of this before filecoin launched is probably the pinning services that a lot of people might know about with ipfs um so pinata and things like that were kind of centralized file coins a little bit they were designed to try and persist your ipfs links or your ipv not links but uh content um but its kind of its problematic to go down the route of having pinning services because were kind of going down the route of centralization again so the idea of filecoin is to solve this problem while also providing this distributed storage layer um yeah hopefully was there any questions around that its kind of like the airbnb of storage i guess you could say theres a theres a question here from leo i had a question the other day but it could not be answered is it possible to know location of usage of that data when it is stored on ipfs um when its stored on ipfs uh not so im not sure exactly of the intent of this question so i did you want to know for example are you trying to be gdpr compliant maybe you could i think i think the question is like um is it like if i have a file on ipfs is there a way for me to know how often that file is being accessed how often people are are reading i im not an ipfs expert im going to admit uh so but i i dont think you can accurately uh describe that so thats another reason like we kind of you know tell people that or have solved this issue with file coin because five file coin uses a verifiable proof uh to make sure that um that cid or whatever it is youre storing is consistently stored and its checked with the storage providers each day they have to stake um to make sure that theyre still and prove that theyre still storing that file or they will have their funds um slashed basically should it not be possible sorry im just reading the question here from leo should it not be possible is there a way to do it at the oracle level and from where if possible so this is really a service service layer question actually im going to ask you leo if you wouldnt mind posting that in the discord help channel because we will ill get my ifpfs expert to um talk directly with you so im from far corn its a big organization and they know way more about ipfs and can definitely answer that but ill get it answered for you great question um yeah cool but and thanks thanks for asking as well um so im not sure uh yeah so hopefully apart from from that question we kind of get an idea of how ipfs and filecoin are complementary and you know why filecoin exists at all um and just to clarify as well ipfs is a protocol its got nothing to do with the blockchain its not a blockchain its much like so its a protocol um that is designed for you know distributed contract content um retrieval and and passing through and theres you know its a peer-to-peer network as well so it could be cool to see something like peer-to-peer um messaging systems in games or we have a library called lib peer-to-peer that you could potentially use for that and a demo um by discordion his name is um who is our ipfs expert and i will get him to answer that for you um so uh yeah theres definitely lots of ways you could could use it like that as well um so just to go through some of the easy tooling as well but sorry sorry patrick well answer that next as well um actually well go to that now is that is there a way to make sure there are storage solutions comply with regulations um so yes and no and its a yes um but its complicated so what we are currently trying to do is to um you know build were quite a new project right we havent been around as long as you know aws or these other cloud providers that have had like 20 years to start building in these security layers and thats something that we definitely want people working on and suggesting and our githubs are all open were a totally open organization all our codes open so if you do have suggestions for ways we can help do this but i know we are working on it um wed love to hear it but basically what we see is the protocol should never be censored like um that would really defeat the purpose of having the protocol so it cant be censored so what you do is you want to have a look at the service layers above that and how you can make sure that um you know the storage youre putting onto these storage uh providers is is complying with regulations or that youre choosing the ones that are useful for you for example in terms of gdpr having to comply with that uh we already have a way where you can decide uh which storage providers you want to store with so for example if youre in europe and you need to store in in in europe need to store your data in europe for to comply with regulations you can already kind of say i can i only want to store um i think its a project called murmurmation is is um doing that but you can say you only want to store in european storage providers to comply with that and theres other other regular other kind of projects going on around you know making sure this is data that we want to store permanently so the whole idea for us is to have an open web and to be storing good data not just you know storing someones meme for the next 200 years uh but we will happily do that too but but uh maybe that is good data whos to say um but you know as an example like the point is we want to store scientific data or climate data or or really really things that everyone should have access to and that should be stored permanently for future use as well um but all data is is good data you know so so i hope that answered that anyway uh ive gone off on a tangent as i often do um yes and and by the way other tooling for storing data so i did mention which is super easy onboarding like its as easy as web 2 i know youve mentioned fleek as well but um you just get an api key chuck it in your uh code and and youre good to go basically so if youre a front-end developer um well everyones blocking developers here but if you have front end skills then you can just get that api key and put it into your front end code and it makes it super easy to um store on nft storage web 3 storage is the same but not specifically for nft so if youre doing anything with nfts and want to store the metadata use uh for other things like maybe youre creating that dow tooling or talking about saving governance forms saving um any other type of data but not massive data any other type of data um then web3 storage is is the other easier on border if you do want to store massively big data please um message us in the chat because we have a tool called estuary that is perfectly designed for that we just need to get you an api key if you do want to play around with that um yeah sorry and theres this uh harder level um if you do want to get way down into the functionality of ipfs and filecoin as well as lid peer-to-peer um textile has has um powergate which gives you a lot more functionality than web 3 storage or nft storage but nfc storage and where three storage are really great first options to to onboard to the ecosystem um and kind of maybe the final tool ill mention is orbit db because a lot of people kind of come to the web free space and theyre looking for a relational database um which is you know one of the pieces orbit db is kind of trying to do some of the work in this field but im going to preface this with its not easy to use yet and its in active development like doing relational databases in a distributed way is is not an easy problem space but it is happening which is cool and i know also ceramic is kind of doing some things around this but theyre using decentralized identities um as well which is a cool one if you want to explore that for social um use cases basically um yeah and im like yeah many more tools anyway so yeah theres that theres a little space on all the tooling you can use um hopefully that was really helpful to you and i do encourage you to use them because it will make it much easier for you to like go down go down the route of that whoops my bad um so one of the other ones i think that you might be so excited about patrick and one of our other bounties is the d5 magician bounty yeah i thought you might be so theres probably lots of ways you can use ipfs and or far coin with oracles um ive ive listed a few here like insurance or stablecoin projects could be really interesting decentralized amm lending protocols but do you have anything specifically you think would be because i know this is like a subject matter you love patrick yeah i i think everything that you have here is is interesting um i think there are some really challenging problems that uh filecoin could do an amazing job of solving so um right now so you have on here like decentralized amms which is great something that um and this is kind of more theoretical and thats why its really interesting to me that because its more theoretical no ones done it before so youd be the first one to do it the reason that amms are so prevalent is because its so hard to do like order book style markets like order book style exchanges because theres so much more information you need to keep track of and its hard to like match orders up and stuff if you have if you put all those into a decentralized database and you have all that data it becomes much easier to manage and much cheaper so um and the the the reason uh order book uh exchanges technically get more efficient prices than amms whereas amms are kind of just always um uh gonna have like arbitrage bots that need to like put the price back to where it should be um versus an order book you know youre gonna say hey i wanna sell you know 20 shares or 20 20 or see 20 tokens at this exact price um and technically it can be more efficient so um maybe some more really advanced use cases where you have that order book in your file coin and then you do all the you know the trading obviously in your smart contract platform so and that would be really really cool and obviously that would need an oracle uh yeah everything else you have here is is really interesting and i think um i mean if you look at any um modern uh descent or yeah like any modern fintech application it has a they all all like excuse me not an application fintech group or industry they all have a ton of data um and uh so you need to put that data somewhere right so maybe like a something that might be interesting would be like a decentralized um uh hedge fund or decentralized quantitative asset manager where all your algorithms are like open source and all your the data for your algorithms is open source well youre going to need all that data somewhere and something like filecoin would be fantastic for that so theres a lot of really cool things you can do here and a lot of cutting edge things and a lot of things that we havent seen yet decentralized storage especially in d5 i think now im ranting uh its really good before well do it again so its great is really is really exciting um because uh decentralized storage is this concept that i feel like has been really underutilized um but if you look at any modern you know any modern application they all have databases so you know web3 is going to have one too especially for d5 yep yeah thats awesome and thats exactly kind of where were trying to fill the gap as well were trying to create this internet level or internet scale um storage solution so not just you know this small scale were trying to provide an internet scale and more storage solution um that works like across planets thats why its called interplanetary file storage also so so and that thats a true story i think um someones already talking about putting 5g um towers up on the moon um so you know who knows maybe well go store some ipfs nodes up there as well thatd be kind of cool um but yeah appreciate the rant as well and one rant that um i probably will go on is the social good category because we are all about funding the commons like one of the main reasons i went into a web 3 or im here now is because you know i love what were doing for the community i love that were thinking about how our technology can actually you know fundamentally um be created as as a and have an outcome for good rather than you know because technology we often say is kind of um whats the word im looking for it doesnt have one way or the other its not positive or negative its not necessarily true though um like i said at the beginning with ones quote um you know how we build these fundamental things underneath is definitely how it gets used and how we operate as communities but whats really interesting about the crypto space is some of the crypto economic incentives can really provide ways to change behavior as well um so to help us kind of build these funding the common social good projects and i know region is becoming like a really big field now as well or to you know create um things that really do help people on the ground or or fund fund those kind of things so tag or you know provenance in the in terms of unsustainability and green data we have a project called falcoin green which actually has an api and yes whoever asked if ill upload these slides ill put them up on the um discord um as a pdf so you can go through all the links after this as well and theres way more and sorry theyre a bit of a mess i was throwing them together im trying to put everything in for you guys uh but yeah so combating knowledge disinformation could be a really cool use case as well i know you have a news api we could put something um in between that and store you know valuable data to ipfs and filecoin as well or you know make sure that it is has good information provenance so tools like that would be would be really awesome to see anything using sustainability um data or or trying to track energy usage which is another big thing for web3 like everyone now has to go green um but theres a fundamental problem with carbon credits in that like people are buying them four or five times and theyre theyre not really offsetting their carbon usage not only that um having carbon credits kind of incentivizes people to just do the same thing but then just you know kind of hand wave away the problem of of trying to be sustainable by you know purchasing a carbon credit and theres things called esas and the falkland green project goes a lot into this um which are more about incentivizing green energy use so theres a lot of things you could do around that site as well and thats my rat so i would love to see projects around social good and they can be any types of projects like even projects with nfts are great uh options for this as well um yeah how we going for time by the way and is there any questions we should probably get to answering um just i think theres one more question here is fleek acting like versailles from web3 thats from mr phenom um yes it is thats exactly what flake does um except that it stores um your github data and its as easy to use as versailles by the way if you havent tried it already please go and try it if you are deploying any sort of front-end app please go and use our fleek because instead of storing to you know our web 2 counterparts were storing on ipfs and they run their own ipfs nodes as well i will just preface this by saying if you just send in a project that only the only part of this project that uses ipfs and filecoin is deploying to fleeq it wont qualify um for our prizes um because its kind of a low low usage but being in web 3 and wanting the values of web3 i would really encourage people to use that for your front-end apps fleek also has an stk if you want to use that for like uploading ipfs data that will qualify um just to preface that before we get a bunch of that um theres another one here from nathan as well could we win bounties if we use inferior ipfs yes nathan you totally can as long as you are doing more than just um fetching ipfs cids so as long as you are uploading cids um uh you could do that but i would really encourage if youre using some sort of ipfs data to also use or nft dot storage depending on your use case um to store that on file coin as well like ive kind of gone through the issues of um just just using ipfs and and how it can kind of disappear unless youre running your own nodes but yes infuriates definitely will qualify as well um weve got any other questions here so if time is figured will the slides be available yes uh to mourinho ill definitely put them up matts going to take us off into a wormhole so um i might answer that in the discord a bit later matt because we we could be uh definitely going into space and into a wormhole with that question uh but i will definitely get to it afterwards um maybe well just go to a couple of more um of these bounties if you have time still patrick and then well ill answer any other questions in the discord ill go straight there and happy to answer any of those questions too i i actually have to jump off but you can keep going yeah its cool all right all right cool well yeah thank you all yeah ellies gonna keep going um with uh and uh yeah keep asking questions these have been great um but yeah ill uh ill talk to you all soon no worries hes a busy man thanks patrick and thanks for the ideas um so this bounty um the bill builder uh on the tools are bounty this is something thats integral um to the web3 community as well uh like we dont have enough tooling thats making it easy for people to to use web3 and to use it in a kind of smooth manner i think we all know that um so anything that kind of helps builders use our tooling eases a storage retrieval for far coin for use in chain link orange oracles for example which is not an easy problem and id be happy even if you come up with an idea that kind of is for creating oracles around ipfs and filecoin and you just set out a roadmap for that um and did some basic implementations to start with because i know a months a short time um and if you are looking to do really big projects like that we are totally looking to support you we have a bunch of grants available um from 5 000 to 50 000 that will help support you to build these bigger uh more complex projects as well but id love to see ideas around use with scientific data for ai and ml for example some iot integrations could be really interesting especially with our lib peer-to-peer library we you know oracle oraclizing filecoin chain events would be cool security tools we need them we were talking about um that service level that we need uh for ipfs and filecoin data earlier um in that you know what storage providers you how do we ensure that the right data is getting stored and that were not breaking laws things like that those kind of toolings are essential um theres a project called philson phil swann blink as well that is integrated chain link oracles and filecoin data um so its its not an easy start so if you do want to have a look at that project and youre looking to do something that combines those two um phil swann has a project called flink which could give you a good start on how you might you know go about doing doing that as well um so uh have we got any other questions i did fleek is really great just as easy as versailles awesome leo or happy to hear youve used fleek as well um great uh so time i met i pyros got a question here is a is there a problem we use chain link mix and some of the project we made in the hackathon as a foundation of our projects um so as long as you um can show in your github contributions that you have you know substantially built on top of some of these projects thats not a problem for us like as long as you we can see that you are using ipfs and filecoin and learning about it at the same time thats what were all here to do as well um then theres totally no problem with using a boilerplate project but definitely make sure that you are implementing on top of that and understanding how that boil boiler uh plate project works um because you know this is a boilerplate project for a reason you know were here to try and help you develop and and be inspired and build on top build your awesome ideas out on top of that um so definitely qualifiers is the answer though um so gaming and metaverse weve already kind of gone through that bounty oh actually maybe ill ill just talk about a few more ideas for this so nft is obviously a massive use case for ipfs and filecoin with um and theres so many interesting ways to use nfts these days someone just dropped me a surge women nft today actually and the artwork on that is incredible um so i would love to see that combined with something like you know chain link vrf to give random traits to things that would be a cool use of both technologies um theres also charity and resell nfts now obviously building communities for good which you could also put in the social good category to education initiatives with nft so proof of contribution proof of knowledge with nfts is a cool use case thats coming out at the moment as well and and again could also go in the social good bounty metaverse world integration i love the metaverse im an old second lifer so im really glad to see some of the problems i saw in in second life are kind of getting mitigated um now in these open im gonna call it multiverse because uh metaverse is a bad word thanks to zak these days im probably gonna get booted off the youtube channel for saying that anyway um so you know these multiverse uh implications with nfts or with peer-to-peer chats or with heaps of other fun stuff that you can do there like portable ownership of assets in games and in the multiverse is really cool like i said p2p messaging in gaming thats a a really cool use case you could use our lib peer-to-peer library for im gonna preface that by saying its not an easy um start for lib peer-to-peers so i definitely only do that if youre willing to take on a cool challenge with that one um so yeah some awesome stuff that you could do uh in this category and i you know even i saw a project the other day uh called dress i think it was which was decentralized tetras basically and they played the whole game of tetris and saved each of these blocks as an ipfs put it all in together and then save that as an nft so um that nft played on openc i dont know if you guys have seen seen that yeah gather town is also probably another um kind of metaverse its its all about gathering people together and in a in a different world in virtual so yes um i would even go so far yeah thats probably a different maybe a little bit of a different category tippy ive got one coming up for you for that one um but yeah i was talking about detroit so they saved all these game pieces and each move as ipfs um hashes and then they saved that whole thing as an entity and you could see the game um play on openc which i thought was super cool as an nft as well ill dig that project out and put it in the slides as well for you just in case anyones interested um so this one might be good for you tv so bonus daily hackster project so its the best kind of project that well use every day so you can think about things like stack overflow like you know why are we still using web 2 for that when we have like these alternatives like ipfs and filecoin kind of decentralized storage networks um it would be cool to see reddit or blog platforms or things like that move to web3 um so home automation could be a cool thing something that drives me up the wall is personal management systems especially when im like in different time zones i just like can never keep up with calendars meetings its a pain in the ass there is actually a cool project on ipfs and filecoin called huddle001 as well which is like the zoom of um of meetings which is its a really cool use case as well so definitely uh check that out if you want to start doing web3 meetings um kind of thing its really cool um mobile apps as well i i cant say ive seen a lot of mobile apps um utilizing web3 that could be a cool thing to do if youre youre into the mobile space a little bit um web scrapers social networks um and check out ceramic i did mention a little bit before theyre kind of creating um digital identity um to be able to port your assets across social networks and theyre using ipfs and filecoin under the hood as well so ceramic would definitely qualify if you want to use ceramic as a project um to create social networks um theres chats with peer here as well um alrighty uh lets see what have we got here my buddy going to oh wellness walk about yeah thats something else we havent talked about theres a lot of fitness um apps coming up in web3 now so incentivizing you to stay healthy um i think thats definitely something you could combine with oracles as well because youre bringing in api data say from fitbits or things like that if you could do that through uh chain link and then add that to ipfs and filecoin and all of a sudden youve got both categories as well so thats another cool use case um and yeah personal management systems right they drive me bonkers anyway uh so thats what else we got here um okay so the other one is which ive kind of talked about a lot here is everything is ipfs so um were bringing in http data from chain link um then lets lets make that into ipfs data so that were saving it were content addressing it and then saving it the right the right way um so and use of current data oracle so i think theres a news feed oracle that chain link has um and maybe you guys can tell me what kind of oracles um chain link has at the moment i know theres a news feed one i think theres an arbol one which is about sustainability data so that would be really cool to bring in and put on ipfs and file coin as well or to play around with ideas around those two things that would be super cool as well um yeah and i know theres heaps of oracle i cant keep up with how many kind of oracles chain link has got for bringing in http data now but things projects like that um would be a really great use case as well i think um oh and then theres the judges commendation so if you come up with something outside of anything ive said today that doesnt quite fit the bountys pride prior prizes um weve also got these judges commendation prizes um that will give out to teams that were like wow that was really innovative we want you to keep building this um and like i said before we do offer grants um and most teams that like have a significant use of ipfs and fargo would be encouraged to apply for our ipfs file coin uh might its actually far coin far coin uh micro grands after the hack so and that goes into a pathway to an accelerator as well so you apply for the micro grant um after that step if you want to keep building theres bigger grants and support available for you too so you can really become a full startup in this space if you want to tackle a bigger problem or you know build your own product in web3 and become a founder which is like exactly what we want everyone to do and id love to see yeah i think thats pretty much it i think um thank you so much by the way im really glad this is useful information to you guys um and that youre enjoying it are there deadlines so just one question from quezon about the grants i think are there deadlines for grants to finish um not so it depends on the project um queson so um you know and your time commitment you can put a proposal in that says i only have four hours a week to spend on this project um so it will take me x amount to time to finish um you can put in that proposal and we can either accept or deny that we can work that out were usually pretty flexible around those kinds of things though and also you know its a development project do they ever run on time so theres always another bug or something you havent considered that comes up so um you know were often quite flexible i dont think theres actually any formal deadlines on that though we do have check-ins just to make sure that you youre still good and that you know can we help you with anything basically anything yeah uh so another question here um from shaman i think oh thats how im gonna say it i love it uh the uh ether dress of charlotte anyway anything you have specific whys about iot projects out there or where to look library wise um i actually cant answer that and i really wish i could um im trying to talk to a few iot uh people internally about trying to bring out some examples for what we could do on iot um as tippy said sharmin you are very wise um but at the moment not really i think the best um use of iot would be with ipfs i think youll find it very difficult to work with uh filecoin and iot but using ipfs or lib peer-to-peer which is a peer-to-peer um you know well a peer-to-peer message kind of thing um for data those could be really cool on iot and if you do want to play around with something like that i yeah i would totally encourage you to do that and that would be like it would blow my mind i would love to like see some you know demos out there of iot and ipfs together or iot and live peer-to-peer um and wed love to support that as well so yes um so um just to leave you uh happy to answer any more questions as well i think weve still got like about 15 more minutes so im just going to leave you with this so one of the best places to get maybe some ideas other ideas if i havent given you enough already patrick havent given you enough ideas um is to go to the hackathons website have a look at that um and theres like some past projects on there past winners you can kind of see what um kind of things have have won previous um hackathons theres also projects out there that are utilizing our technology that you you may not even know about because like i said in the beginning were aiming to be the infrastructure for the internet and you dont always think about the infrastructure thats underlying certain things that you use um but some of the cool ones are live peers so live peer is a video streaming platform um thats using ipfs and filecoin under the hit under the hood while it will qualify because its pr to use i think they have an api now where you can just upload videos with kind of one click while it would qualify um its probably not a significant use of ipfs and filecoin so it would be more good for a live peer bounty for example um than an ipf hasnt filed project but just to give you an example of the kind of projects you can build with ipfs and file filecoin live periods one and theyre super successful and we did like kind of give them some save money to start with as well so as a cool example of what you can do um huddle01 which is at the top there is is the zoom of web3 world um thats also using ipfs and filecoin i encourage you to check that one out audios i think most people have probably heard of audios um the spotify of uh the web3 world uh so thats using ipfs and filecoin openc i kind of mentioned before is using um for their storage minta so it is a kind of a standard there um and then theres social good ones so the internet archive which i mentioned at the beginning and um it is were storing some data archiving some data for them because the good thing about file coin is its actually super cheap as well um so its like something about five thousand times cheaper to use um than aws at the moment so thats kind of insane as well so not only are we giving you this distributed portable data archiving uh kind of system but were also making it super cheap for you to use and a lot of our projects like theyre totally free to use at the moment as well for example is a public good so were funding um were funding that and i know nifty save i dont know if any of you have heard that so theyre scraping the web for um nfts that arent saved on ipfs and were actually taking them and then saving them from nifty save to ipf has some filecoin with so theres some cool things were doing and that would be like something like that or security around nfts would also be a cool project how do you submit projects for the bounty program so um wed have to ask chain link about how were submitting uh projects i think um for this hackathon um but you submit to the general category and i i think you should be able to maybe tick um off maybe some of the bounties you want to apply to if not well probably be able to see it when were judging you know what bounty you are going for there so that will also happen um also i would encourage you when youre submitting um we get a lot of entries so i encourage you to write in your readme exactly how and where youve used ipfs and filecoin so we dont miss it because we do know theres lots of different ways that you can use ipvs and fargo and theres lots of different tools some of what ive been pure before i know morales also has an api um you know nft storage web3 storage or fleeq has an sdk as well all of these have different fdks so sdks or all ways to use ipfs and filecoin um so definitely encourage you to write in your readme so we know exactly where and how youve used it um that would be amazing nathan has a question can we only submit to one bounty the answer is no you can submit to as many of the bounties as you think um your project applies to um however youre only eligible to win up to one of them um so you cant double up on bounties but you can win the general category prize so first second and third ipfs and filecoin plus a bounty um if that makes sense hopefully it does um thats just because were trying to spread the love a bit as well but like i said theres grants after that as well so theres lots of ways to continue building in this space and to continue to be funded to build in this space as well if youre serious about it um yeah like like i say here tips for devs be a founder theres grants uh build meaningfully off boilerplate projects um dont just regurgitate them and work with diverse teams i think a lot of the time people dont understand the power of diverse teams and and how how much they can really help you uh get different points of view and build out a cool project shaman the wise one has another question in dev post when you describe your project you select a drop down for the categories youre applying for for far coin its a model you select drop down thank you for answering that shaman appreciate that so theres the answer to how you submit projects for the bounties thank you so much um umi has a question as well can i create a family tree lineage photos yes absolutely so any type of usage of photos storing photos on on ipfs and filecoin is a really great use case so absolutely you could create a family tree or genealogy kind of type project that would be amazing actually and very unique id love to see that um so yeah i think i think that about ends it for me do we have any kind of follow-up questions before i probably leave you yeah totally before i leave you to it this is a quote that i love to leave people with um which i really love myself so the best way to predict the future is to create it and i love that youre all here listening to um this live stream and wanting to create you know a future that we can all be proud of and that helps helps the comment that helps people um and that helps you know create a fairer and more trustless society as well so thank you for being part of that as well um as i said im around in the discord if you do have any follow-up questions i will post the uh pdf for uh this uh presentation as well in the discord um and thank you so much for connecting with me today um you can also reach me on twitter so im at developer ally or developer ally get it im an advocate so developer ally developer ally um at on twitter as well but the best way to reach me is really in the discord so ill be paying attention to that and trying to get to all the questions there and we also have multiple other um dev advocates will be helping out with questions that have different skill sets to me as well so hopefully we can really help um everyone um with their you know whatever pain points you come up against or even if you just want to discuss your projects there possibly we can even maybe create like an ask me anything voice discord um at some point before the end of this hackathon so you could just ask more questions of us there as well yes the chain link discord its in um theres an ipfs filecoin help channel that you can join um and well be there and happy to help you with with all your questions there and encourage your building um all righty well im im not sure hopefully i think theres probably someone here to end the stream i hope otherwise its going to be awkward um but thank you so much everyone oh its so good too you know join a community like you guys are really making a difference and i really appreciate um having you all here and looking forward to connecting with you with you more as well thank you so much gabriel leo umi nathan everyone that asked questions in the chat as well um im gonna have to try and uh sort out that ask me anything and perhaps give out a few um you know swag packs from from ipfs and filecoin as well thank you and ill talk to you all soon appreciate it much love you TBDChainlink is the industry standard for building, accessing, and selling oracle services needed to power hybrid smart contracts on any blockchain. 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