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chainlink dog kennle chain link with privacy screen How To Turn A Dog Run Into A Chicken Coop or Pen
I noticed that theres a lot of dog runs available on Craigslist and on the Facebook shopping a lot of people already have dog runs that they have left over so I wanted to show you how I turned my dog run into a chicken coop I have the chain link style panels that bolt together to make a dog run out of and so what I have done is I put a rather large run together its about 12 foot because this is a 12 foot panel on the end its 12 foot by 24 foot so thats a pretty good sized run and I have an extra section in there thats partitioned off in case I need to separate some chickens I can have two separate pens but most of the time the door just stays open in there so that they can go in either section Ive had some predator problems here and so Ive upgraded the pen along the way but hopefully if you do the upgrades ahead of time then you wont have the problems I do losing chickens I used ties to put tarps on the ends of the Pens so that they have shade no matter where theyre at I put rocks big rocks you could use block or concrete or you could even lay some chicken wire on the outside if you want if you dont have the rocks available add a lot of rocks on my property so it was easy for me to do that but that keeps things from digging in for the most part if I notice theyre digging in around the rocks then I just put more rocks there and that seems to curtail the problem I put chicken wire all the way up around the bottom two-foot of the dog panel because the thing is that the chickens can stick their heads through the chain-link and also I had a bobcat come and take one of my chickens out through the chain-link it reached through and grabbed one and pulled it out and I know raccoons will do that too if your chickens are on the ground and they can reach them so you have to put some chicken wire around you have to put some chicken wire around the outside of the pen so that the things cant reach through and get the chickens while theyre on the ground and you have to keep roots of away from the edge so that they cant reach through while the chickens are roosting unsuspectingly now the way that I attached my chicken wire to the chain-link is with these little things right here called Jay clips its really easy to use and theyre really cool I got the Jay clip pliers and Jay clips on Amazon and they were really cheap they were add-on items so they didnt cost very much and they were free shipping Ill put a link down below where I got them but you can make rabbit pins and quail pins thats what I got it for was to make quail pins but then I needed to put this chicken wire up so I used that to attach to the chain link and it worked out really well it was way easier than using baling wire because you just put it on there and clip it and go you dont have to sit there and twist it and everything so I highly recommend getting a set of those to have around your farm because they come in useful all the time okay so lets go inside what I have done in order to put my coop where the chickens can get to it without having to put it inside my pin is I opened up a gate I took the gate off you can see I took the gate off of a gate section and I put the chicken coop up against the chain-link panel and then I put chicken wire all around the edges so that things cant get in the gaps see there I put chicken wire all the way around the gaps and youll notice up above what I did is I took some panels and I laid them across the pen and I bolted them on either side with the little clamps the same clamps that you would clamp them together well see the clamps there and that keeps the Hawks and the owls from getting in and getting my chickens and it keeps the bobcats and coyotes from coming up over the top and getting my chickens so I would say this chicken coop is extremely secure its not made of thin chicken wire that dogs or coyotes can get through it is heavy gauge chain-link that they cant chew through you can see up here this tarp something was trying to rip into the pen and it couldnt get in it was ripping holes I came and out and there was a tons of little pieces of the tarp laying all over the ground something was trying hard to get in and it couldnt get in now we dont have raccoons here because I live in the desert and so theres not enough water for them and we dont have ferrets so I dont have to worry about those the biggest problem I have our bobcats and coyotes so a bobcat or coyote cant fit through that gap youre going to have to make sure that that gap right there is completely covered with chicken wire if you are and that the only reason that gap is there is because Ive got a pen overlap it Ive got the panel overlapping two other panels you would have to put chicken wire there if youre going to have a raccoon problem or a ferret problem now over by the gates the gates have pretty big gaps file what I did was I just continued and you can see I use my little Jay clip there I use a Jay clip there see that little clip right there that little Jay clip and I put the wire all the way across that gap and now I only open my gates towards the inside and then my wire doesnt get stretched out and broken but you have to you have to be concerned about all those gaps because the chickens can be pulled out through there by the raccoons or ferrets or Bobcats so thats how I turned my dog kennel into a chicken coop it worked out really well and its really secure and I didnt and I didnt want you to run into the same problems I did before I fixed the security issues so I figured I put this video up so that you could check it out and know how to secure your own dog kennel for chickens Im just putting together a few videos showing you how what Ive done with my chickens and my chicken pen here show you how I built my coop so that maybe you can get some ideas and save some money on building your coop and also how I built my dog run kennel I have other animals Im going to start raising some quail I used to breed dogs so Ill probably wind up having quite a few animal videos as well as the other types of videos that I like to do videos with my son and how-to videos when I find something around the house that I need to do that I cant find a video on or the video doesnt seem very clear I do a quick how-to video so that other people can find that information because I learned a lot on YouTube and I feel like other people do too if you like this video or if it helped you or if you think you are interested in those type of topics please like the video and subscribe below for the rest of my videos and also I will have a special offer down on the bottom for a chicken shirt an I heart chicken shirt that I made and if youd like it go ahead and click on it you can buy it on Amazon with free shipping thank you I *heart* chickens shirt - J-Clip pliers - Cheap J-Clips - I had a bunch of chain link dog run panels that I wasnt using and I wanted to build a chicken pen. It took some trial and error as well as a few mistakes to get it to where it is now but it is finally secure and working well for what I want. Attaching the coop to it took a little ingenuity but I think it works perfect. Let me know if you see any modifications worth making or if you have any questions I can answer. Also, please like and subscribe to my videos so you can see what Im up to. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- How To Lose Weight Fast Without Exercise! 0N-Ws3m0T10 -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- I recommend Smackfat Ketone Strips - I use the Match DNA Milk Frother - My wife is a Young Living Essential Oil Distributor. Please contact us anytime with questions about essential oils or the benefits of using them. If you are interested in purchasing any high quality essential oils at a discount or earning a living by helping other people learn how to use essential oils to improve their lives, please consider using this link: I am not a doctor. I am not licensed. 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