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okay first thing were going to do is a good I went to Home Depot and pick up these bolts these Im going to use a 2x4 okay the stretcher and these are 5/16 by 6 inch clothesline hooks okay and so were going to take those and put these in the logo drill them out just drill right to the center of the 2x4 all the way through making a real rigid board so doesnt reflect at all and then well have these spaced two three of them here so itll be one over there one of the middle and one the other end and that is a very center well have this one here and this one when you go to the store its called a I bolt with nut and its also six six inch its a three-eighths you dont have to you could get to something small you can get the 5/16 like that two things didnt happen easily I didnt care but anyway you want something bigger like this because youre going to use it to hold a hook and these dont really hold a hook straight okay so anyway thats were going to do it all once I get it together all again drill out the things we can have a three spot so like that okay well do that here in the middle on the other end okay so here we go again all done I got the hook out of that end one in the center and one on this end theyre all hooked up so they can actually grab a hold of something Ill show you that in a little bit and they got the one in the center here its going to pull the other direction thats going to be a tightener and thats going to hold the come on / okay Im going to go ahead and show you what to do with this so this one here on the pole youre going to be taking this and thats why I got the here because these ones here it doesnt go straight you know its a little bit of an angle so thats why I got this eye bolt here it has to hold it and you make it straight okay anyway so youre going to be used into one of these and everyone has these nowadays you know if you dont go next door they have one and borrow theirs but anyway so that is what were going to use for come along I have couple Longs but you maybe they dont so this is what some of you do have so everyone has a 2x4 cut home depot by a couple literally less than five dollars with the stuff and you raised our poles and chain-link so youre all set up here Ill go ahead and get started and show you how to do it okay so thats it as simple as that I made a piece saw me make it it has the three hooks on it you see them right here you simply hook it onto one ear you know edges the piece to hold these things its an extra one you know take it put it on there and just like that then youre going to put your eyeball right there Ive go on there and it is zip across so its just like I use anything you have a car sitting there you know whatever yeah like I have this little thing here is pretty secure on this one hole here but if you dont have that you know find a tree find anything it doesnt matter just simply pull it across it stretches it out and once its stretched out then you come back here and find you know find the ones about an inch away from the pole and slip your rot in there and again its the same rod we use theyre the same kind and just slip one in now at this point its all done its all stretched out all the way across and now Im just going to simply hit cutter and cut these off to a couple of them and just cut right through there and this part here will fall away okay Ill take a picture that okay well there you go they just simply cut off the other pieces that fell away there on the ground and its all set up now you know I have mine about you know two foot apart these ones here and it looks like its a little bit tweaked then you try to undo it a little bit but you might want to put them a little closer than two foot apart not anyway so thats it its all nice its all set up drill straight and now you start putting on the other pieces you know your wires like that you know through the wires of holes and collect these things here so do we work out great if you have any questions right now below and Ill call in true Easy as Cake, go to the store and pick up 5.00 worth of parts and you will be a chain link master installer in no time at all, but be careful, all of your friends and neighbors are going to want you to help them, if after watching the video, you still have questions, ask below, and I will answer asap....