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hey guys hows it going so today Im going to show you how to replace lenses on this oakley sunglasses right here alright placing these eye lenses with the DS right here so first thing you should wash your hands I would watch them with hand sanitizer since 10th sanitizer will get all the oil and you know all this stuff or you could wear gloves and my preference is going to be a gloves some on the word gloves so it has two notches one there and one here were just trying to do is bend a little bit where you could take off that notch usually get the one in the middle first see how it snapped out see that little notch right there right there and right there so you kind of did start with one in and do the other in and what I did is bend it back see is flexible dont bend it a lot but just enough for that notch so okay see this a curved edge and see this one has a kind of little bit of design so the design goes outside and the curve ghost and the nose the smoother curve the one with the the one has the shape of the arm doesnt move just smooth for the nose Bryn so again you just put it one in first and then weave in the back and try to get the end with the arm see that nice and tight then so again they want the cursor goes to the outside smooth side goes towards the nose okay start at the closest to the arm the notch and then work your way there you go you see that Ive been tight that was easy I mean dont think youre going to break it it does flex a little bit so there you go see this way you get a basically new pair of glasses basically if the lenses are scratched up or if you want other lenses you know diese because these are kind of old so thats why I replace them but you save some money this way just by the lens and replace them so there you go thanks guys thanks for watching dont forget to rate comment and subscribe thanks for watching till next video you How To Replace Oakley Lenses Flak JacketIn this video I replace the lens on my Oakleys. Wash your hands with hand sanitize to get the oil or grease off from your hands so you dont leave finger prints on the new lenses or you can just use gloves Remember the frame is a bit flexible Thanks for watching!!