can more chainlink be madeHow To Install Chain Link Fence Slats

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okay so youve taken the important first step of looking at your boring chain-link fence and saying fence you boring plus far too translucent Im getting some chain link fence slats from fence Green Comm good for you they say the journey of a couple miles begins with a stop at the pool or something like that anyway heres how you install the dang thing lets start with our 3,000 and 4,000 B bottom locking slats first you take the locking channel thats the piece at the bottom that keeps your slats in line and looking fine and slide it open to end up mind you in and out of the links of the fence its kind of like weaving if weaving was an MMA event next you get something to stand on so you can slide those sexy slats all the way down youre about to be sexy fence making sure to insert them with the tapered end down you simply guide them through the links until you get to the locking channel and insert them with a click a click that says this man cares about his fence this man is a winner and if you want something easier if thats even possible we come to our 5,000 and 6,000 series these babies are self locking like a diary that keeps your secrets automatically you simply slide the slats down to the bottom and pro tip for the 6000 series its even easier if you twist clockwise when youre going down and thats it the chain link fence slats from fence are so easy to install that if you have a bear fence ugly enough your property you owe it to your neighborhood to stick some slats on they look so good theyll literally double your property value overnight I dont read the caption it doesnt know what its talking about I mean who youre gonna trust me or the lawyers that made us put that there I want to trust lawyers fence Green Comm your number one source for fence screens In this video we take you step by step and show you how to install chain link fence slats from FenceScreen.0:00 Intro 0:22 How To Install Fence Slats 1:21 Hedge Slats 1:28 Outro