fit-right adjustable chainlink gate kitHow To Install A Gate Spring Perfectly - Every Time!!!

chainlink cotação breakers link fit-right adjustable chainlink gate kit How To Install A Gate Spring Perfectly - Every Time!!!
fit-right adjustable chainlink gate kit smart contracts chainlink How To Install A Gate Spring Perfectly - Every Time!!!
all right today were going to install a gate spring its going to go right up about here its going to attach up here on the top part its going to come across and go down and fasten down onto the gate and what that will do is that will hopefully allow the gate to close as people enter so they dont have to close it okay the first thing were going to do is were going to mark some holes out on the on the post here and then also a couple down on the gate well put two screws on the top two screws on the bottom once those are attached well put a little pin in here torque it and when its locked we got the right tension well be done so first were going to tap a couple of holes and now well insert the screws you its not tight now but well tighten it at the end next what well do is well mark the placement on the bottom and for this were not going to use a nail were going to screw it in because we dont want to knock out any of the of the gate we can go ahead and make the drill holes now okay now we can go ahead and drill in the two screws and well tighten up the ones on top okay Ive moved this a little bit to test it before I come back and continue the video but this is installed nicely its mounted on the top mounted on the bottom theres some tension here on the spring so its not loose and shaking in the wind as it stands right now if you open or close the gate nothing will happen because this is in a neutral position so what were going to do is were going to basically unspring it were going to try to go counter counter a bit normal tension here and what we do is we take this little rod in this little pit this little other I dont know what its called I think they call it a capstan or something but its a little piece of metal and were going to torque this and then put the that little pipe in there and well torque it one more time and move the pipe and then we should have enough tension on the gate for it to close nicely well take a look see what it looks like so here we go heres the test and its a success if theres any wind its probably not going to work too well but as long as theres theres no wind it should be fine and thats how you do a gate spring Thanks everyone for getting me over 246,600 views!!! Hope this works for you tooUPDATED VIEWER COUNT: NOVEMBER 18, 2018.Hope this works for you too. This is a short video on how to install a gate spring. Can be installed either side. Please comment.