10 foot long x 8 foot tall chainlink panelsHow to Install a Behlen Country Gate

chainlink rng chainlink potential growth 10 foot long x 8 foot tall chainlink panels How to Install a Behlen Country Gate
10 foot long x 8 foot tall chainlink panels chainlink news last 24 hours How to Install a Behlen Country Gate
okay lets talk about the basics of installing one of the baling country gates first thing you need youre going to need a good foundation youre going to want to use either a 4 by 8 5 by 8 or 6 by 8 wooden post or you can use steel post the biggest thing is you want to have 4 inches of clearance in the ground whatever size post you put so for instance if you have a 4 by 8 post youre going to want to go with the 12 inch diameter hole so it gives you with that 4 inches of clearance on all sides you want to bear that down the ground 36 to 48 inches enough to be able to support the weight of the gate on the end some of the larger gates when you go up to the 20 foot 2 inch ones you may have to put a second post in embrace it over so you dont have all the stress pulling over on the post ok so now that we got our post hole dug we want to make sure its level so once you put your concrete in youre going to a check level on all sides to make sure that you have it perfectly straight up and down once we have a good base point like that we can go ahead and start getting our measurements first thing we want to do is go ahead and take a pin put your level on here and make sure that top bubble is lined up perfectly in between then well go ahead and make a mark give me a nice vertical line thats going to be perfectly straight up and down alright okay okay now that we got that we can let the concrete and everything set up you want to go ahead and start working on the gate side well go over here and grab this gate okay when you first get your gate youre going to have a hardware package on there since I have all the necessary pieces thats going to allow you to mount that gate struction manual two hinges you change for your latch and your bolt hooks and then all your nuts and bolts to actually secure all these items typically what we want to do you want to mount your bottom hinge on the second rail up right up against that bottom rail thats going to give you a lot of support there your top hinge is going to be the second rail down right below that the same fashion okay once you have your hinges mounted what were going to do were going to install our bolt hooks to get some measurements to find out what our spacing is for instance if you want to have your gate six inches off the ground eight inches off the ground or ten inches off the ground were going to need that measurement also but well right now were going to go and show you how the bolt hook measurement goes your bottom one has a tab on it they both are going to have a tab on there alright so youre going to need to install it at a ninety degree angle and then turn it 90 degrees back straight that gives you a support you keeps it in there and it helps to keep them the gate coming off the hinge your top one to get ultimate security Im going to turn it upside down so you use that same tab go down at 90 degrees off and rotate it around now youre going to go ahead and take your tape measure and measure between these two pins you want to measure the center diameter of them a major right in the center were at 31 inches Center to Center on these so thats with your top one upside down and your bottom one installed as you see it here you take that 31 inches major down to the bottom of the gate its another seven so if you want it six inches off the ground put you at 13 so youre going to come up on your bottom hole 13 inches tell us whether the other side of the pull and drill the holes okay now we got our vertical mark on here that we marked earlier right go ahead and take the tape measure and go 13 inches up thats what gives you that six inch clearance underneath the gate alright so it mark this here alright so from that point on we measure 31 inches between the two hinges so well go from the center of that hole up 31 inches mark that so now weve got a perfect mark where were going to start drilling means this is a 6 by 8 post here were going to want something its going to leave 8 inches long on your bit we recommend using a spade bit this is a 7 inch 8 7 eighths inch spade bit were using three quarter inch bolt hooks so youre going to go ahead and take that and you put on your safety glasses go ahead and take that drill and on those marks go ahead and drill through all right do the same on the bottom one now that were here we want input not on and a washer and you want to have this between the gate and the post this is going to give your adjustment later on if you need to level the gate get the top one turn upside down again the bottom ones ready to go so what were going to do now were gonna take some wooden blocks and kind of prop it up to get them lined up with the holes to make it easier for you and I just slide that in all right Ill put a block in my side another one there alright lets go ahead and lift the gate up slide it forward a little bit okay now lets go ahead and push it all the way in good alright now that we got the bolt hooks inserted through the post I can already see that were going to have to level this but thats not to be a problem go and put one large washer and install your nut go down to the bottom side install the large washer install the nut now were going to have to have a wrench and a level you want to have your gate as level as possible turn it on here and you can see that were tipped down a little bit so were gonna have to tighten the top bolt if its tipped down you tighten the top bolt to bring the end of the gate up if its tipped up too much you loosen the top bolt or tighten the bottom one so you can see we got a little bit of just what to do have you put the level on there does everything look level yep go ahead and secure your bottom hinges give everything one more turn we can remove our blocks okay last piece - do we have a chain Hardware here that needs to be mounted on so once the gates closed youre going to be able to have it secured just go ahead put that in tighten that up go and shut the gate latch and secure and were all done all right of course what another thing we use on some of our economy gates are what is called a lag bolt instead of a bolt hook the gates are lighter so they dont need as much strength to support them very simple to install everything up into this point is the same as our other gates but what youll do youll drill a hole its about a half-inch hole into the post you dont want to drill all the way through because your good lags not going to go all the way through if you screw it in theyre a little more difficult to adjust for leveling your gate once you get it screwed in get it where you think it might be about right okay so now were going to do for a quick reference point to kind of see if were going to have a level gate we go ahead and put the level up on here and check the bubbles and it shows that we may need to move the top out just a hair to get that bubble in the center so well back it out one turn that looks pretty good there so lets go ahead and install the gate then well tighten it down and make sure were level okay well slide this hinge down get the bottom one on first and lift up check the level on that and it actually looks like we need to tighten that top bolt up a little bit so were going to go ahead and loosen this again okay slide that down tip that off to the side well go ahead and go one turn I should go back the other way that should be enough for us lift up just a hair there we go were pretty good all right so thats basically the difference between lag bolt the bolt hook on the adjustment process