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hey guys its WT here from the coin alley and in this episode of the coin alley Ill show you guys how to claim your vice industry tokens two months ago I talked to you guys about vise tokens where theyre gonna pay you to watch porn you heard me right get paid to watch porn and I did two videos on that I covered it on an episode of subscribers choice and then I showed you guys how to actually purchase those tokens so the crowd sale is now over and Ill show you guys how to claim those tokens all this coming right up well lets do it and were back welcome back to the coin alley Im your host WT so Im really excited no pun intended about this revolutionary vise token so here on the blog they show you how to claim your tokens you can also request refunds if you needed to request refunds on the tokens as well but for the purpose of todays video I will leave a link so you guys can access this particular page but Ill show you guys how to claim your tokens and Ill be using my theorem wallet to show you guys how to do that alright so Ive got my screens here side by side my windows so I have my Vice industry blog with instructions and I have my theorem wallet here on the right hand side so the first instruction tells you to go to my theorem wallet and then youre going to choose contract like this now that Ive selected contract the next step is to copy the contract address into the contract address field like this so the next step copy and paste the following address or copy and paste the following block of text into the ABI Jason interface field so Ill need to copy this all this copy and Im going to paste it over here and Im going to go back here and so I can see the next step click access alright so once you click access it says here after successful completion of the above steps the select a function menu appears which is right here and you have all these options right here so with this smart contract you can actually claim your tokens you can claim partial tokens or you can claim all your tokens or you can request refund of ether or all ethers so thats like a partial refund or all of your tokens so all of your etherium so in this episode here in this video Im just going to show you guys how to claim all tokens so Im going to go ahead and select claim all tokens like this and then once you claim all tokens I need to go ahead and authenticate so I have a treasure Ill use a treasure to gain access to my aetherium address but for you guys you might have maybe meta masks or you might have your private keys so you make the appropriate selection from here alright so Im going to go ahead and Im going to select treasure since that is what I have as I mentioned before you will select the most appropriate option for your aetherium address so Im going to go ahead and Im going to authenticate and then well return to the next step so this step requires that you input the address of the wallet from which the original contribution was executed Im going to go ahead this is my address Im going to unlock my wallet and then I need to go ahead and approve the transaction all right and Ill do this by clicking on right now you want to make sure you have a theorem in your aetherium wallet because you will need to have some amount of aetherium so you can pay for the gas now you will leave this information as zero if youre claiming all of your tokens and leave the pre-populated amount here in the gas limit and then Ill click generate yet since I have a treasurer Ill need to validate and approve this transaction all right yes Im sure make transaction and here below is our transaction ID all right so now Ive done that I just need to go into my view wallet information and Ill log in to my if your wallet Ill authenticate with my treasure all right so Im inside of my my theorem wallet now the last step is to go ahead and add your tokens your custom tokens Im going to go ahead and copy my contract address here and Im going to go ahead and add custom tokens start off with the contract address then I will enter the symbol vit and then decimal I love 18 then Ill go ahead and save if I click on show all tokens I can go and scroll to V vit lets try this again so here is vit but its currently empty so let me go ahead and exit out and log back in again and see if that corrected that problem all right so I had to go in and out again of the my theorem wallet and now that Im back I can see the total number of vit tokens are here and I can verify that by clicking on I go to with the ether scan type it in Maya theorem address and I can see that information here as well the number of tokens that was transferred from the smart contract to my aetherium address alright guys hopefully you found this information to be very helpful if you found it to be helpful by all means go ahead and click the thumbs up button and if youre not a subscriber to the coin alley I would certainly appreciate you subscribing as well alright guys until our next video take care of yourself and of course each other Ill show you how to claim your VIT Vice Industry Tokens using MEW. 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