chainlink token usdHow to Buy Chainlink LINK & Store in a Ledger Nano X/S

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chainlink token usd chainlink number of tokens How to Buy Chainlink LINK & Store in a Ledger Nano X/S
hey guys crypto dad here again and today im going to show you how to buy chain link tokens and store them on a ledger nano s or x so lets get started so a lot of people have been asking me about link uh most of them have figured out how to buy it theyre just having trouble storing it on their ledger nano device so im gonna show you how to do that the first thing ill do is show you how to purchase it uh the easiest way to do it is on coinbase you can buy chain link right on coinbase its pretty easy to set up a coinbase account you just go to their website put in your email set a password and then youll need to verify your identity in order to be able to trade but thats pretty simple most people can handle that now if you want to buy chain link then all you really need to do is go up here to trade and then were going to do a buy and instead of bitcoin which is the default well just switch it over to chain link which is right here and im going to use my debit card now the reason im using my debit card is because the purchase will happen right away if i use my bank it takes three to five business days for it to clear and then you wont be able to withdraw your cryptocurrency to your own wallet until then if we use the debit card our purchase will authorize right away so im going to hit preview buy here and theres a small merchant charge on coinbase a little bit high on their merchant charges but it is the easiest uh most convenient way to purchase cryptocurrency in my uh experience all right there so i got some link thats pretty cool i can go right over to my portfolio and see that there is chain link in there and uh ready to go now lets withdraw it to our own wallet all right so im here in my ledger live which is the interface to the ledger nano x that im using it also works with the ledger nano s as well and basically what we want to do is we want to deposit that link into our own wallet so if you want to store link in your ledger device youre going to need to use an ethereum wallet so if you go to add account here and type in link its going to tell you that its an erc20 token and it needs to be received in your ethereum account so thats pretty simple all you have to do is go over to your ethereum account ill use ive got two here so we just go down to where the other erc20 tokens are and hit add token just uh click here and you can search for it by typing the name and itll show up here and then hit continue all right so what it wants you to do is enter the ethereum app on your device so ive got my device up here you can use the buttons to navigate around to the different apps when youre on top of ethereum just click both buttons quickly just one little click from both buttons and youll be in the ethereum app and then its going to show you the link address in your ethereum wallet for your erc20 tokens you want to copy that into your clipboard and then just verify on your device that its a good address make sure the address on your device matches the one you see on your screen and then just advance one more over with the metal button and click approve all right and once youve done that you can dismiss this now what we need to do is get the link into this wallet by going back over to coinbase well go back over here to coinbase where we have our link wallet and we want to do a send right we want to send the link to a outside wallet right in this case were sending it to ourselves im going to click send all and then im going to go down here where it says to and paste in the address that i just copied from my ledger device ill click send all right its going to give me an overview of that transaction doesnt look like theyre charging me anything to withdraw thats pretty cool and well hit send now all right im going to enter my two-factor authentication from my google authenticator i recommend that you enable two-factor authentication on your coinbase account keeps it safe and secure from hackers well hit confirm there and there we go the send is in progress you can hit done here and then uh just refresh your screen and youll see youve got that pending outgoing transaction you can go back over here to leisure live and just kind of wait for your uh cryptocurrency to arrive you can hit this sync button up here all right and there we go you can see that the link has arrived in my wallet and there it is safe and sound so we bought some link on coinbase and then we opened up our ledger live and went to our ethereum wallet and then added a token uh and chose link and they gave us an ethereum address which we verified on our device and we were able to use that to paste into our coinbase so that we could send the link coins to our own wallet and you can see here that the link is now among the other erc20 tokens that i have in my wallet up here at the top is the ethereum wallet so link is an erc20 token which gets stored in ethereum wallets and you can use ledgerlive to manage your ethereum wallets you can send and receive and check your balance okay now coinbase isnt the only place where you can buy linked tokens uh you can buy them on is a phone-based cryptocurrency exchange where all you have to do to buy link there is hit trade uh tap buy and then theyve got chain link in their list of cryptocurrencies you just tap it you can use your debit or credit card to buy cryptocurrencies on uh you can trade for it out of your existing wallets or you can deposit money from your bank uh into your account and use that to buy cryptocurrencies so link is very easy to buy on as well as coinbase in fact if youll notice right now is waiving fees that uh 3.5 fee is being waived now until uh september i believe so uh its a good time to use your account to buy cryptocurrencies you can also buy chain link on binance us if you go over here to buy crypto you can see that they have chain link available for purchase uh very similar to coinbase use your credit card or your debit card or your uh your bank account wire money to them and then you withdraw it in pretty much the same way i showed you with coinbase so uh best of luck out there theres lots of ways to get your hands on link and its pretty easy to store in a ledger nano device to keep it safe and secure so if theres any questions about anything i did please throw them up in the comments and ill do my best to get them answered dont forget i do a live stream every saturday night 6 p.m eastern standard time please join me for the live q a from michigan where you can throw out questions and ill do my best to get them answered hope to see you there if you like this video give me a thumbs up if youd like to subscribe to my channel i would appreciate it when you subscribe theres a little bell that you can click that will allow you to be alerted whenever i post new content once again thanks for joining me and hope to see you again soon PROTECT YOUR CRYPTOCURRENCY WITH LEDGER NANO X/S Order Here: OPEN A CRYPTO.COM ACCOUNT Use my referral link to sign up for 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