chainlink price krakenHow to buy Chainlink LINK in the US Step-by-Step Tutorial

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chainlink price kraken link news How to buy Chainlink LINK in the US Step-by-Step Tutorial
in this video i will show you how to quickly and easily buy the cryptocurrency chain link in the united states i will show you step by step how to exchange money from your bank account into chain link for this we will use the crypto exchange kraken except for washington new york kraken is available in all u.s states to buy our crypto we need to follow these four simple steps first we have to create an account on kraken then we have to verify our account after that we can deposit money and in our last step we can make the purchase to get started simply go down to the video description click on the link and you will end up at exactly this page so you can follow all the steps perfectly once youre here lets click on get started so we will get to this page where we now have to enter our email address give ourselves a username and a password and then finally choose our country of residence and after that choose our state ill agree the terms of servers and click on create account then we will get an activation code to our email this is what the activation email will look like so we can either copy in this code right here or just click on the link as you can see our account has been activated and we are now on this main page our next step will be to verify the account for that you can either click on this button right here or go up to your profile here and click on get verified as you can see we have two options to verify our account down here you can see the benefits of the two options you can choose whichever one you need i would personally recommend you to use the intermediate so i will just go here and click on verify now you will have to go through this verification process where you will have to enter all of your details and provide a copy of your id once your profile is verified you will receive an email and you can also check that by going up to your profile click on get verified and now we can see that we are verified at the intermediate stage alright once youre done with that we can now deposit money to our account to do that we click on funding up here and then we will look for our currency so well go to us dollar and click on deposit right here now we have to select a deposit method so ill click on here and choose just a normal bank transfer through the swift system and now weve got all the relevant information down here that we need for the bank transfer dont forget to include your personal reference code in the wire transfer all right so ive made the transfer and as you can see a bit over 200 has been credited to my account in our last step we can now buy the cryptocurrency to do that we will just click on buy crypto right here at the top and then we can select our coin right here in the middle so ill click on here and type in chain link and select the coin now we can type in how much we want to invest so lets say ill go for 200 and then we can click on preview buy then well get to this page where we can see exactly how much chain link were getting at what price were buying how much fees were paying and how much we are investing in total now all we have to do is click on buy now and the purchase is completed if you want to make the purchase and use your credit or debit card you can also do that by just clicking on pay with and instead of choosing kraken us dollar balance go to new debit and credit card and type in your card information once youve added and selected your card the other steps remain just the same alright thats it for this video i hope this was helpful and if you want to get started on kraken i would appreciate it if you would go down to the video description and use my signup link if you have any questions feel free to ask them in the comments This video will explain you how to buy Chainlink in 4 simple steps.Buy Chainlink in the United States on Kraken: Sign up on Kraken ► Kraken is available in ALL US-states exept for WA & NY, you can trade 40+ cryptocurrencies and FIAT deposits are possible with a wire transfer or credit card. Store your Crypto safely on a Hardware Wallet: Ledger Hardware Wallets ► ️Timestamps️ 00:00​ Introduction 00:28 Step 1: Create a Kraken Account 01:09​ Step 2: Verification 01:55​ Step 3: Deposit money via bank transfer 02:34​ Step 4: Buy Chainlink 03:11​ Alternative: Buy with debit & credit card 03:28​ End Buy Chainlink USA USA,Chainlink,Buy,