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so if youve been working out trying to put on muscle but you still have puny little risks well i used to have this problem severely i remember back in the day when most of my training was cardio in the form of running and also weight training i read this article about doing a wrist test to see how big your build is and like you know just how alpha you are essentially basically the test goes like this you take your middle finger and your thumb and you wrap it around the smallest part of your wrist if your middle finger overlaps your thumb like this you have a small build if your middle finger and thumb touch you have a medium build and if there is a gap between your middle finger and thumb you have a large build and you know i wanted to have a large build but when i went and i did this test my middle finger freaking overlapped my thumb basically the entire nail im not even joking let me make a short story long later on in life i got a little bit more into breaking or b-boying which consisted of gymnastics like power moves and then i got into kale aesthetics so i was using my hands a lot with my wrist bent like this now after a few years of doing this i remember like oh let me check my wrists again i remember when i did this my fingers were still overlapping a little bit but not as much as they were before so it seemed like maybe this training where i was putting my hands down a lot really using my fingers to hold myself up was stimulating not only the growth of my forearm and just my grip overall but somehow helping stimulate the density in this upper portion of the wrist right here now here and there id continue to have seasons of really trying to put on muscle trying to bulk up even doing weighted wrist curls at the end of my training sessions to try to stimulate forearm and wrist growth now i did notice by doing all the classic techniques for trying to put on muscle and trying to grow my forearms i noticed yeah i was growing i was putting on muscle and my forearms were even growing but my wrist size was not increasing my wrists still look puny at least to me in the mirror maybe im just way too self-conscious but anyways right now im going to share with you how only in the past few months check this out look at that theres a gap im in the large build status now baby so literally up until last year i was in that small to medium wrist size category what changed let me tell you last year i ended up doing a challenge called the 1000 second hang challenge where i tried to hang on a bar for 1 000 seconds a day obviously i couldnt do a thousand seconds straight so i had to break it up into sets but i remember at the end of these sessions my forearms were super pumped but also my wrists more up towards the skinniest portion of the wrist i literally noticed physically holy crap it looks pumped so i did this challenge for an entire week and by the end of the week when i did the wrist test in the bathroom alone making sure no ones watching my fingers were basically not even touching anymore so for somehow some reason doing this challenge actually increased the girth of my wrist at the skinniest portion how is that possible because your wrist cant possibly grow because its all about muscle attachments if youre genetically supposed to higher muscle attachment then your wrist is never going to grow according to the harvard university okay scientifically not 100 certain it just grew bro all right its what happened so seeing these results i was pretty excited but then the holidays happen and things happen and blah blah i didnt really train hanging that much up until about three months ago when i decided to add in dead hanging back into the ends of my workouts and i have reached that large risk earth status whats the protocol super simple all you do is you find yourself a pull-up bar you can use any girth of pull-up bar pretty much you can even choose to use the fat grips on the pull-up bar it doesnt really matter because what matters is the time and how do you determine your time well you do your first hang you hang as long as you can you really hold on to that bar and you hold until you give up and you let go then you rest for exactly as long as you just hung then you go back to the bar and you try your best to hold on for as long as that first set whether you can hold it as long or not once you let go you rest for as long as you held on that second set and then you go back to the bar and you try to hold on again for as long as you held that second set four and then you do this for five sets so an example very simple say you go to do your first set you get 60 seconds before you just have to let go you cant hold on anymore so then you only rest for 60 seconds then you go to your second set and you try to hold for 60 seconds again but lets just say you only get 45 seconds all right so then you rest for 45 seconds and then on your third set you try to go for 45 seconds again but you know maybe you cant you only get 35 seconds you only rest for 35 seconds then and you just keep going until you reach 5 sets super simple but very effective its like a dropping descending set it really works that grip specifically in the hang position which for some reason its just like from that hang position i dont know why but unlike other exercises that you know work the forearms you know like wrist curls and even like the squeezing thing you know it seems like they work the forearms down here but for some reason it doesnt cause as much of a hypertrophic response in like that upper wrist region for some reason like the hang does i dont like why is the sky blue hows the rainbow mate how does the posit tracking on plymouth work it just does so with that being said give this a try if you want to five sets super simple editing at the end of your workout but you gotta focus did we forget to throw that in there in the beginning youre not gonna get anywhere if you dont focus remember that with that being said i hope you all enjoyed this video hope you got something out of it dont forget to subscribe stay tuned i have more videos coming out new challenge video tomorrow its going to be an interesting one kind of weird but very interesting i think you guys are going to enjoy it and if you guys are interested in my body weight training program body weight beast 2.0 go to only kinds workout with your body weight virtually anywhere heck throw in a set of these five descending hangs at the end of one of those workouts really hit the forearms and wrists especially after doing pull-ups and whatnot man great program thank you so much for all the feedback on that i hope you all have a great day peace i will see you all in the next video and How to grow your wrists thicker? I share with you how I grew my wrists thicker by doing this simple exercise at the end of my workouts over the last couple of months. [Own my bodyweight training program] - [Fat Grips Video] -