chainlinks luc link exchange chainlink usdt GOLDEN OPPORTUNITIES IN CHAINLINK
chainlink usdt chain link 12b GOLDEN OPPORTUNITIES IN CHAINLINK
welcome and good morning to a new market update and today as you can see up here were going to discuss chain link as there is lots of fit regarding that project and thats just uh a chance to get it very cheap right do not forget to subscribe beneath here and also like this video and follow me on instagram and twitter as there im also posting content regarding crypto and investing and trading in just my life but chaining is getting into a point of interest and the actual value is being made in projects that are currently being undervalued are accumulating are not in the spotlight or receive foot regarding the actual project and chaining is one of those in which it can grant you a nice entry point and i do not expect that the overall foot is actual um is actually reasonable at this stage and to me we have seen it previously as well on projects like swipe where there was lots of negativity regarding the actual product project when the price was dropping down as back holders want the price to go up and when it goes down its also its always to be blamed on the project and its called a scam which as a matter of fact is not its just how market cycles behave and thats why you can make money in the markets right so chaining right now and if we zoom out a little we can see that were just seeing a very big picture of what has happened in the past as well so if we start to zoom in on any of those corrective periods you can see that those last for a certain amount of time in which we see an expansion in 2019 correction towards the previous levels of support expansion once again correction expansion correction etc etc so the market goes in cycles and chaining is currently in the cycle where its still being corrective as we can see that we had a very big upwash impulse wave during 2020 in which it came back it came into the top 10 of the markets beautiful but since then we are seeing that we are correcting and we found ourselves a bottom a bottom at 36 000 sets since then a nice upwatch search has happened but weve found resistance at the previous support zone and couldnt break through it and since that period we are making lower highs and lower lows and currently were still doing that but we are approaching two very significant support zones for channeling which should be watched in general so were seeing this support zone between 40k to 45k sets and we also see the supports on a 36 so these two are very interesting for me to look for potential opportunities and we are seeing that we are receiving some bounces from this area as well so in the case of a reversal of the markets what would you like to see well as a matter of fact you would like to see that we might be going to watch 60k sets come back down test again whether the price can go down one more time if that fails to do so we bounce immediately back up and flip the previous support for support again that is a usual sign of a higher low and a reversal around the corner so even if we get a further drop towards 36k you want to see the same example as we just see here in which we double bottom or flip back and create a higher low in which as a matter of fact it happened in january as well and then we can start accelerating so whats the plan right now what you should be doing with those projects is that you have to look at the bitcoin pair to see how its valued against bitcoin but you should start accumulating on moments that you dont feel comfortable doing that so you should be interested in projects that do not have all the positive vibes surrounding it because once everybody is going to discuss it youre too late i can tell you up front if chain link is here most of you do not have an interest in the project but once it gets into any of these zones again everybody wants to have it but if you were a slightly before the mess you would have been up 80 already so thats how you navigate into those markets and get and create an entry point so im looking to see a bottoming construction on chain link in any of these regions and from that perspective we can see a run towards 80k most likely were going to consolidate a little before we start to accelerate heavily but once we get in anything of this region you should be aware that the best entry is just gone you can see an example on the left here where the price is just accelerating relatively fast and does not grant you any opportunity apart from this one thats basically the only entry you could have on a daily time frame after this acceleration started so you should be accumulating when nobody is discussing the project when were going to discuss the uct pattern of chain link we can see that same on bitcoin we are on the edge of a significant move or a decision of the markets in itself we can see the same construction as we do here what i want to see on the lower time frame or on the short time period here is that we are holding on to this area between 26.5 and 28. so ill just give it an horizontal array i would love to see that happen or continue to be support because thats the current construction if that sustains support in this entire region i can assume that we will be seeing continuation as a matter of fact however just as bitcoin has some critical levels to hold if chaining is going to hold 26.7 im going to look at uh or is not going to hold that level im going to look at a further drop down and then i just marked it we got two levels to watch so im going to be interested in anything in the region of 21.8 to 23.3 and im going to look at anything in the region around 20 bucks which is close to the previous high so either way if we do lose 26.7 im going to look at a construction in which we just make a another round at bottom or test some lower levels and then we start accelerating once again but if we do hold 26.7 im assuming that we start accelerating already and then im going to look at target points that are pretty much close towards 50 bucks yeah there we go 47 and 63 dollars so theres also some other projects that are relatively interesting at this stage and you can see that theres a very blurry chart here but the point here is what im trying to make is that di is just barely waking up did not have any bull cycle yet but its also an oracle that you have to watch so once youre going to invest into a certain niche of the markets or a segment of the markets you dont want to put it all into one basket or you want to do due diligence on the projects itself and then once you finish those you are going to a key or put some percentages of your portfolio into a certain segment so im interested in chaining but im also interested in what the oracles are doing in general and there are more of those that could be interesting teller is around api tree band protocol dia those are all projects that are very interesting to watch today we have discussed chain link but we can also discuss dia and teller has a similar chart construction in itself so dont we dont really need to discuss that one too much but what we can see on tele on dia is that we have a very critical resistance zone that we have to break and once again we are failing to do so so we did see a nice surge to the upside as you can see so the area between 700 sets and 770 sets we cant break through it so thats the critical resistance zone critical resistance zone that we have to break for continuation but if we zoom out its just on the edge of a massive breaker and then youre going to look at the downside what is critical to hold in general there well we can see it already the overall ob we had at 400 sets is holding for support so this entire region is critical to all we did that so its not assumed that we go that far down again so in this entire construction right now what is critical to hold i would assume that anything between 460 sets to 510 sets is what we want to see sustain if we get there its a massive opportunity to buy if we do not get there just consolidate and test the resistance so once again im assuming that were going to have a massive breaker to the upside and then ill be looking at anything at 1100 sets first and then even 2k sets you can also use the moving averages in general for a bottoming construction if you would put a 200 ma around here probably the 200 ma is doing this so then you get a compression period and then once it starts to break the amaze make that golden cross and start to flip and it continues to run heavily as it has its first bull cycle so if we look at di against usdt we can also see that we just had a pretty nice upwards move after re-testing previous levels for support right so the level that we have as to 1.618 fibonacci level is critical we did see that we got there massive it still works but more importantly we can see that weve tested previous highs for support continued so we do have this previous high flipped for support after this massive run and now we start accelerating so what are the levels to watch for for support in general as a matter of fact you dont want to see dia drop below three bucks in general so this entire green region that we have here thats where you want to see it hold for support but most likely were just going to see a test at 3.30 and then we just continue running so something like this is most likely what were going to expect and thats where ill be interested in the markets in itself and then we can start making target zones on the entire move through which 5.50 is a target zone and 8.20 is next so thats my view on some of those oracles as taylor is basically the same of dia at this stage if you like this video please like beneath and subscribe to the channel ill be back tomorrow with a new video on why altcoins are just going to continue moving in this beautiful environment that we have with the markets currently enjoy your day enjoy your weekend and ill see you again tomorrow The actual value is currently being made in projects that are undervalued in price or dont get enough attention. One of these examples is Chainlink LINK, as there is some general FUD around the project and its been out of the spotlight for some time. This is causing good buying opportunities, as Chainlink is still on its way to a beautiful altseason. 0:00 Intro 0:36 Chainlink FUD 1:37 LINK/BTC 5:31 LINK/USDT 7:22 DIA/BTC 10:09 DIA/USDT Where do I buy my Bitcoin and crypto? My primary exchange is Bitvavo. No trading fees on the first €1000 + staking possibilities: Want to improve as a trader? Check out: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: DISCORD PRIVATE GROUP: Want to start trading? Binance: Bitcoin Altcoins Crypto Crypto,Altcoins,Bitcoin,