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all right so were ready Millie Millie you were definitely in the wrong spot oh okay lets put the dog welcome back to hunting view Akers todays video were going to set posts with some really fast setting foam closed-cell foam provided by the sicka company not sponsored I went to Home Depot and bought it but its a great product I think itll be really good weve actually used it on this post over here Ive got another bag of it and were gonna set this post over here so you can kind of see if youve never used it before you can kind of see how it works I I would say that Im undecided whether I like it better than concrete although I think thats more in my mind but I think ultimately is going to be a better thing so today were going to be working on the garden space now weve been in this house for just about three years not in fact three years this weekend and we wanted to do a garden we wanted to do a garden but we just never have gotten to it and the reason why is because this garden space is something we want to do right the first time now we have deer in the property on occasion and we free-range our chickens and so its really important for us that we have a good fence all the way around the garden and I didnt want to do a cheap thing I wanted to go and do it right and so it is gonna were spending a little bit of money on the on the fence but were just starting that process now it is going to be a six-foot fence were going to do the small rectangle welded wire all the way around Ive seen that done I like the way that it looks itll be able to match the chicken coop so today were gonna dig a couple posts and were going to set it with the Sitka brand closed cell foam stuff that you can get from Home Depot as an alternative to concrete and well talk a little bit more about that as it sets but for now lets start digging alright so weve got the post hole dug weve got the post in the hole weve got a little bit of gravel at the bottom for drainage and then I found that its good to put just a little bit of dirt about maybe an inch inch and a half down on the post just to make sure that you can level the post with this closed cell foam stuff I know its they say you have about 10 seconds to level it up for me Im not smart enough to figure out it in ten seconds so yeah I know you can do the brace things and whatever whenever Ive done the brace Ive always been off just a little bit by the time everything sets so with this as long as its not really windy we can go ahead and set the post just enough to get ready to use this stuff which is called Sitka Pro select fence post mix I just got at a home depot heres the deal with this stuff so it is its serious stuff and so once you once you get it mixed youve got like 15 seconds to mix it up you got to cut it and you got to pour it you got to be ready for it so we were just about ready to do it and the dog was kind of running around and put the dog away because if something messes you up or if your phone rings or something it just get distracted the stuffs not going to wait on you its gonna go so make sure that youre totally ready youve got your knife ready maybe youve got somebody helping you count down the 15 seconds and that your post is completely level before you start because if you do it before your if you try to level it after Im just telling you youre gonna end up having to read igg the whole thing and cut the foam off and thats not good so what were going to do is were gonna go ahead and mix this Ive got my partner in crime here filming Im gonna mix it up were gonna count it down and Im gonna go ahead and pour it in here and then were going to basically just kind of watch it expand and they say it takes about I think about three minutes for it to fully expand and to get going and so were gonna go ahead and do that so Elijah youre ready alright so lets go ahead and you can kind of see that were gonna cut it right here when were done after the 15 seconds but what we got to do is we got to mix this side of the compound into this side and so once you mix it you kind of put it all the way around and and away you go so you ready alright here we go I havent broke it yeah so okay went ahead and mixed okay so Im gonna go ahead and kind of mix this around five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen alright so now we got a pour were gonna want to get it just as even as possible and try not to get it too much on the wood now the compound does get a little hot inside the bag its not a big deal though I just read some people okay you can already see it starting to expand see how its starting to grow maybe you can see that in the video maybe you cant I just want you to stand up lets kind of see it from the top see what it does dont step on that bag okay so were gonna probably speed this up in the video so you can see it expand but this is what it looks like what do you think about cool stuff all right that is a little nerve-wracking all right here we go so its been probably about 45 seconds maybe 50 seconds maybe a minute its already filled up I would say at least probably halfway and it just kind of keeps growing now one thing that will happen is by the time this thing gets done expanding it will actually go probably above the hole depending on how big and deep weve dug the hole so which isnt a big deal its kind of ugly once it first gets there but what I found is I just grabbed this little saw that I had which is a super cheapo saw and then I just sawed right through it once it was totally cured so I waited a couple hours I think they say about two or three hours thats hundred percent cure and just kind of cut it to make it look like that one Im sure you can whether you can see that or not but basically you cant even tell that it was there so it just kind of keeps expanding now this whole must have been a little bit bigger because it doesnt look like its going to quite reach to the top yeah sure thats just gonna go keep growing here and it doesnt look like it well which is fine because once we cover it up and well put some dirt over the tops you want to be able to tell thats what it is but itll be good at that point so while this is curing kind of long story short the stuff I think is pretty good I think most of the limitations is in my mind because my brain tells me oh thats not going to be as good as concrete and so matter of fact I was over at my dads house yesterday and my dad was is was a lineman and would set power poles for a living and I was telling him about this stuff and he says oh yeah thats what we use to set powerful s and I thought really for as much wind and weight and things that those power poles have to hold he said this stuff is good stuff now he didnt they didnt use this exact brand the SiC of RAM but it was essentially the same kind of a compound idea so thats kind of sold me a little bit were gonna give it another try and for some of these weight load bearing poles or posts for the garden I think itll be great of course time will tell right and maybe well do a follow-up video but at this point it certainly is a heck of a lot quicker than a concrete and I know quick isnt always good but when youre really wanting to get stuff done especially if youre a weekend warrior its good to have them set and a couple hours are ready to go like I said we dont necessarily need to hang anything on this yet because were not at that point but you can kind of see Elijah if you want to take a look at that its grown almost to the ground level now and so I would guess its probably not going to grow much more than that anyways well just kind of let it let it go and hopefully not hopefully because that one is pretty solid but this one will actually have a gate hung on it so this ones gonna have quite a bit of weight so again time will tell but at this point thumbs up double thumbs up for sicka post mix to get this you can say you can just get it at Home Depot its about eleven dollars they say that it will replace two 50-pound bags concrete the quikrete stuff man thats a heck of a lot faster and really youre only saving maybe a couple bucks to go the concrete to do something that was this easy gosh you might as well give it a try so again 11 bucks over with the concrete at Home Depot probably Lowes and any other place is gonna have it as well so if that will probably do a follow up video but this is post mix SiC brand double thumbs up well see you on the next video Remember the last time you set a fence post? You did the hole, level the post, pour the concrete....then wait. If youre doing it right, you wait a LONG time days even. We picked up some Sika brand Fence Post Mix closed-cell foam from Home Depot, for our garden fence project on the homestead. Its quick, easy to pour, and much easier to pack around than 100 pounds of concrete. But does it work? On todays video, we test out Sika brand Fence Post-mix and let you see the results. Please like, share, and subscribe. Facebook: Instagram: