Trauerspiel chainlink hochwertiger Blockchain-Artikel...NOT! So schlecht ist Journalismus heute!

chainlink tattoos chainlink post cap chainlink erc677 hochwertiger Blockchain-Artikel...NOT! So schlecht ist Journalismus heute! Trauerspiel
chainlink erc677 chainlink avis 2021 hochwertiger Blockchain-Artikel...NOT! So schlecht ist Journalismus heute! Trauerspiel
yes one to tell us i brought a delicious one with me today i am often on to just quickly check the overview of the shares stock market prices metal big gold oil bitcoin and so far at a glance and a few share prices and there then there are always me here on the site in-depth, profound, fundamentally journalistically ingeniously researched articles, i.e. really superficial articles that couldn’t be more trivial and which are mostly also sponsored and yesterday there was again such a shiny gem that I couldn’t resist going in or to take a closer look at the media because it was called france tightened rules for script brokers and is that the end of anonymity here on this article I just want to show you how brilliant the research and fact-based research was carried out by the editorial team boss in depth because such a headline has of course completely aroused my interest there must of course be a lot more behind it now that I click on it here so here it says first a rough headline while france wants to carry out crypto transactions next year has to adapt to tougher rules while in the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing, the French government is relying on more transparency and we can of course follow that for the principle of cripo anonymity at this point I of course particularly listened up because I am of course interested in how to change the block 10 anonymity principle or can question well lets move on here again at the top of the headline then government worried be proven what kind of catchphrase tails are used for terrorist financing money laundering so more frame without any facts or basics is not possible and stricter rules end anonymity so really here already as a statement written above so then here comes a bit of nonsense blabla so far gap filler because that’s all not substantial anyway so none that has no substance substance and france attractive blocking location why that because this question is blocked with the forms of government 300 have millions and 170 start ups look at america china asia japan is spicy switzerland itself uk or many other locations that are smaller something like singapore and i mean the music is playing there and definitely not in france alright but it just goes on once put there until now still no substance just one and now it starts but new regulation could mean that for mobility now the statement from above could now again with internet so now it says here for the tenth time due to money laundering and terrorist financing, the french finance minister bruno lemaire has now decided to take this step tougher rules for administration so providers of transactions in france also oblige too quickly what a revolution every platform every block he has already introduced mandatory casey rules today i cant platform or no program means manz instance on the internet this rule has not already set us for the 300th time it is now crystallized again that the french finance minister decided to do this without any facts without basic checks in this great article that was found in september 2020 when a terrorist network was broken up had that the perpetrators used Kripo currencies for their purposes awesome so what happened here what did you find half sorry come somewhere or did you make that up or was there and affected where someone at 1 the website of bavaria tasks so please just give me more facts raming to the power of 10 at this point and for this reason it keeps going in circles here no new facts or findings come to bear on this article now means that you in turn are rambling on here this is why you now have to carry out an identity check subject and anonymous the customer accounts are thus passé the paint was coming to the end because here it says it should be over with the anonymity in the field of cyber foreign exchange again buzzword home transferred next time at least as far as France is concerned wow what a deterrent However, in the long term, the step could lead to an even faster adoption of digital for digital currency and, after all, many large companies and institutional investors are still putting their backs on using crypt clocks directly yourself massively and as if there were no tomorrow all possible large structures on like crazy exactly with super facts and basic knowledge and super analysis research you have stored it here wonderfully and finally again a sentence to optimize the google adwords and the training will be however we think we could get rid of money laundering and financing the cyber currencies in the long term i also see benefits from this you have hit the nail on the head again now the cyber have been the hang of the development of course a money laundering terror cut so well and ingeniously for a while I researched Lebens editorial team from what would the offline world have, please, the decentralized wallet if I placed my criminal investigation currencies somewhere on a piece of paper with meter measure myself on a decentralized application mobile wallet and then somehow on dvd central maine peer -to-peer exchange does what does that mean, please, this restriction of anonymity the blog itself with the cyber currencies you mentioned on platform of poker platform means nothing and so please do some more fundamental research at this point confusing apples with pears and one thing has nothing to do with the other. this article makes it very clear how the principle the core principle of the blog has already been publicly understood and throws everything into one pot Egyptian blogger platform because you can also block transactions and share the block seems to be and just have blog chain kripo effect without going to the kripo platform which was or is an intermediary instance and yes just violent but what should you think of such a super researched article of no substance fans if the editors havent once your headlines are grammatically checked before they are published because here, for example, apple shares are stable after a new record high 10.3 million market and no end no end age no end age also in mannomann account management space i can only say in this sense dear community no end in view casey rule and the end of anonymity for the blogs Moin Moin zusammen, in diesem Video möchte ich Euch einmal anhand eines oberflächlichen Blockchain-Artikels zeigen, wie schlecht und gruselig die mediale Berichterstattung / der Journalismus heute geworden ist. Zu finden ist der Artikel auf Dieser enthält leider keine Substanz sondern lediglich die folgenden Inhalte: - KEINE FAKTEN / KEINE QUELLEN - NULL RECHERCHE - FRAMING-ZIEL - GOOGLE ADWORDS-OPTIMIERUNG - MISSVERSTÄNDLICHE ANGABEN / KEIN WISSEN, NUR BLABLA - VERMISCHUNG ZUSAMMENHÄNG Man muss heute mehr denn je darauf achten, was wahr bzw. echt und faktenbasiert ist sowie differenzieren mit was für einer Intention der Artikel publiziert wird Angst, Framing, Stimmungsmache etc. Gerade in Zeiten von Fake News, gesponsorten Posts sowie Informationsüberflutung ist es heute wichtiger denn je, einen klaren und eindeutigen Überblick zu behalten über die Inhalte und Hintergründe. 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