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- Welcome back to the channel guys. Today what Im gonna do is, Im gonna react to a video that Nick has gone out to the interwebs of YouTube and found, and I can easily see that this is LNC Enterprises, who Im familiar with most of their products, so Im interested in what theyre going to show us today and whether or not Ive seen this or not. As always, if you like the content that were bringing you, dont forget to like and subscribe. If you have any comments you want to add, we always love to see your comments and we respond to as many of those as we possibly can because we like you. Most of you. upbeat rock music These are twist ties. - Today I want to talk a little bit about our... - Ah, so one of the things I see right here is hes using hangers and thats just a homemade deal to hold the chain link up so that when we stand it up, it doesnt fall down on us because once it starts falling, you dont stop it. - Hangers that we use. Its a pipe, inch and three eighths, cold roll rod thats bent on it in a little shape like this, And we actually use these hangers or temporary hangers to when were running out the chain link fence, while were rolling it out on the ground, or if its coming out of our Installink machine. Were gonna use this to hang the fence with it. And how I use it, I just pass it through the chain link mesh, and I hang it on top the top rail. So Ill demonstrate that real quick. And I just pop it through and just hang it on like so, so it holds, itll hold right here. Okay. So this will hold it up to about the right height that I want for when it comes time to tying, I will leave those hangers there until I actually tie when I come time to tie in it. So a lot of times it will want to fall a little bit too low here. So what most of my customers and myself will do is just turn them up, so its nice and straight like this. It raises it that half inch further, which allows about a little bit of a diamond to come up here. - So we used to use these hangers and sometimes I think the guys still do. We didnt do one exactly like that. So we had our pipe that came up and then we just bent some truss rod with the little hook that came over. And one of the reasons that we stopped using the hangers is because if the wire wasnt on the ground and it didnt have the support, it would create a hump right where those hangers were, especially if we stretched it pretty tight, or if there was a lot of weight there and it would take us a lot longer to dress up. So these are really good. Im hoping that hes going to talk about how you dont wanna if youre holding your wire up with these hangers, you dont wanna have them behind a post, so that as you stretch the wire, the hanger gets hung up on the barbed wire top or the loop cap. You want to have them ahead of the post and the direction that youre stretching. So well see what hes had to say about that. - Make it look a little better for a chain link fence. And thats how I usually dress my fences. So Id turn all my hangers like this before I tie them. Okay. But the hangers are then taken off after its tied and then reused, so you dont have to waste them. Ill put one of these hangers typically after every line post as its coming out the Installink machine. The Installink machine, it does pull it pretty tight, so it dresses it somewhat. It takes out those sways just because the tension behind it. And if I put this behind it and itll actually hold that, that dressing from swooping down with every 10 foot. - See, we never used ours every 10 foot, we would do them every 20 or 30 feet, just enough to keep it from falling over. One of the reasons like I said is because we would get a little ridge. It just made a hump that we would have to go back and dress the fence out and pull that out. But anytime your wires up off the ground, if its only supported in one spot, you have, you have a higher probability that itll kind of peak your wire right there. And its, it can be tough to dress that out. But what they would be proud of us for is one of the things weve gone to is using easy twist ties from LNC Enterprises. And so, on top rail, we use a two and three eighths easy twist tie, which is quite a bit larger, and well just try and get one twist on it, just enough to hold it so it cant come off. And what that allows that to do is it doesnt hang the wire, but it lets it right on the ground so that it stays more even and we dont get those humps when we do that, but yet were still getting the effect of not having fall off. Then we come back behind that and we use what we call our turbo lever, or somebody had called it a turbo lever. We call it a top rail dressing rake that helps us hold that wire up when were tying. But we use this method for a long time and theres other companies out there making this. I know that Modern Fence Technology makes them, I think what theyre calling as banana clips, that you can hang chain link with. - But if Im doing it by hand, sometimes Im going to put them on every five foot just to keep it dressed a little better before I stretch it. - And in the video right behind his head here, you can see where youve got some of those droops in the wire and thats, thats what were trying to pull out. Another thing to mention is that he is dressing it, what I would call the correct way, and that is a half a diamond. So the top diamond is centered on the top rail. So the middle of the top diamond is centered on the middle of the top rail. I see a lot of people that want to tie that low or sometimes Ill let it get high and that would be improper. - And thats also another reason why I like to use aluminized fabric instead of galvanized fabric is that the main reason is there because it will dress typically better unless its pre-galv, which will dress itself very nice, like aluminized would. But if its galvanized after weave, sometimes the icicles will hold that fence from dressing out properly. - Yeah. We have, we fight that all the time. What hes talking about is we have GAW and GVW and then we have aluminized. Aluminized wires got aluminized coating on it and it holds up better in some corrosive atmospheres. And then you have galvanized before, which means before they weave it, they have a rod thats pre galvanized. And so it just bends it and they dont have to run it through a dip tank or anything like that to galvanize it. Most home improvement stores were using galvanized after weaving, I dont know what theyre doing now. Since they run it through a hot dip galvanized bath afterwards, all those knuckles where those wires cross will kind of bond together and make it harder to dress that out. Galvanized after weaving is the most difficult wire to dress out and you really have to have a special skillset and youll hear it when you dress it out because itll kind of crackle. So if you go to lift it up because its low at a spot, youll hear it kind of crackle and lock back into place. And you have to, part of what youre doing is breaking those weak galvanized bonds. I totally agree. Galvanized before weave can cost a little bit more, but if you want something that dress up, dresses out much easier, galvanized before or aluminized wire would be a lot better. - Easily, okay. Its just a little bit easier when its aluminized or pre-galv. One point too... - Something else that dresses out really nice would be colored wire thats vinyl coated. - Your two arms galvanized, if its after weave, its definitely harder to do because of the extra, extra galvanizing on it just wants to hold it up. So thats our typical hanger. We use them on almost every job. We even use them on residential jobs. - So hopefully what Nick will do is hell take you out to the airport that were working on and hell show you how our team deals with the same problem. Like I say, theres nothing wrong with the way LNC enterprises is going about this. In fact, a lot of people use this method, but well show you what we do and why we do it. Until next time. You have a good dang day. sizzling Today were reacting to a chain link fence hack for holding the fabric up. Does it work?Contents: 00:00 - Intro 00:47 - Hangers 02:12 - What we do 02:59 - How they do it 03:37 - We do it different 05:24 - GBW vs GAW 07:14 - Closing