chainlink stock codeEpisode 194: DXY 🚩 Bitcoin Chainlink XRP If This Is The Bottom, Whats next?

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chainlink stock code how high will chainlink go in 2021 Episode 194: DXY 🚩 Bitcoin Chainlink XRP If This Is The Bottom, Whats next?
what is going on everybody how are you doing today yes it is thursday september 24th i am your boy christian israel and you are tuned into the new creation capital podcast this is a place where we discuss what happens in the world today the stock market and yes digital assets this is the one-stop shop for you to get everything that you need in your day for your christ and crypto because as i love to say jesus makes you a new you by giving you a new future because in him you are a new creation guys welcome to episode 194 if this is the bottom now what well im gonna tell you now what now is time for us to grind ourselves out of this yes so thats what were gonna do if this is your first time to the show please hit that like and subscribe button you know i love to see the comment section so i can converse with you guys and of course as i tell you guys this is not a monetized channel so if you are interested and helping the channel out you can theres a link below to the book that i just published uh two weeks ago so its fresh off the press please click to buy the book and help the channel out it is not about crypto but it is all about christ and my journey so if you want to help the channel out please you can do that by learning about my story and giving a little donation so i appreciate you well without further ado lets go ahead and jump on into the charts guys so we are going to talk about the charts today and what i would like to talk to you guys about more and more and more is the dxy the dollar index and i talked i spoke to you guys about this recently about what is going on in these charts and what we are looking for and what happens with the bull run and i talked in more detail about this i believe its episode 17 9 179 most important show rise and fall of the dollar go check that out because i talk about the correlation well now im going to tell you this my buy and sells are getting so much more a higher percentage of winning once i figured this out and i might do a whole show on this and give it some fancy title and thumbnail but the dxy is what we are watching specifically for the crypto market guys the crypto market and the dxy are thats the correlation 100 that i have noticed over the three years i have been in the space and i went through this in detail this was the bull run of 2016 to 2017 finishing in january 2018 before it went up this was the bear market for crypto and then this down pool here from this is march 12 march 25th you can see this that little spike was right before the crash march 4th then we had to crash up to 103 and then began our move down and we started our bull market as we are repeating this pattern here this fractal here we are repeating and just to show you as i zoom in here im going to take this off this right here this movement right here is what we are at right now to finish this market out so im going to zoom over here and you can see right here we had moved up zoom back out again here here see this down move here that one two three four uh one two three four um that wave doesnt really break down like that but that was close enough but here this point here before this breakdown over the next year but this is it and here we go and i think were gonna fall down even farther so you can see here 91 was our bottom point here and ive been calling for around 94 before our breakup point and wouldnt you know it we hit 94.58 and i was waiting for us to hit around 94.60 and we rejected off there on the daily and came back and back tested now the question is will this just roll over on itself and begin its downward trajectory because the as you see here this whole market look september first do you see this september first the market has gone up just like that since september first and thats been the whole crash in crypto this move here was the whole big moves in crypto then we crashed reset and dumped again and thats what we have seen here over the last 30 days the question is is this move over have we bottomed out and everything else and this is when i bring up to you the my believed movement for our future so im going to go to the three day here on the dxy and show you our movement here okay you can see here i have this little bit of triangle wedge kind of trying to figure things out we dont really know the dxy is kind of all over the place over the last 20 years but i see this zero a b c and i think we are coming down to 79 which is going to bottom us out right here in this area guys so i want to make sure you see that you see this this support that was built right here this is where i believe we are going to go let me zoom in for you so you can see it this is my target area how do we get there when do we get there i dont know but so far this i drew out uh i started drawing out i think early early this year just to see how i thought it would go and so far it is playing out directly this was our bull market 2016 2017 this is our bear market which i just showed you and look now we are heading down to having a double top you can see here were gonna have let me get my little handy dandy brush here so you can see here and here i think this is our double top making it big this is easier to see see that double top making a big m bringing us down to right there oh that looks like a smiley face now let me draw some ears just for fun and then smile why are we smiling guys why are we smiling because this guys will be the bull market now let me back that all up for you what you can see here guys what i just drew out there is right here again theres your double top theres your double top theres your 2018 2019 bear market and here so anybody who tells you that we are not in a bull market is obviously not looking at the correct ta theyre going off emotion and this could continue to go up to 9508 okay at most i believe this is where were gonna bottom out which will be this point here i think at most thats where we stop if we continue then we roll over i dont see the dollar definitely whats going on continue to do this i just dont see it the chart doesnt show me that and you know anything is possible but i do not see that so with that said what does that mean maybe about bitcoin what are we looking at bitcoin in general as you can see this play over this is when the dollar was going down im sorry the dollar was going up over 2018 laid over this bull market here dollar up dollar goes up dollar goes down dollar goes up dollar goes down dollar went down again or uh up again and now we are here trying to back test the 11 000 mark looking for support guys specifically in bitcoin in this area here this is what were looking at trying to find some for support at the 9800 which we seem to do we might come back and back test i do not know some people are calling for us to drop down and test 91 to back test this i just dont see that happening as of now that gap that we have at 97 like right here i believe the gap is somewhere in here i dont think that is going to get tested uh we didnt break it if we would have filled it yeah there it is right there if we would have filled it its that spot right there if we would have filled it i think we would have done it already but anything is possible but we bounced off support for bitcoin and now we bounce back up again this is on the three day so if you want to see it on the one day you see a little bit more theres the gap filling right there trying to figure that out to see what happens okay so bitcoin is in a good place were going to see if we break 11 000 that is going to be our support or resistance it has flipped to resistance now so we will see whats going to happen there if we flip it over begin to look at xrp a chart that i showed you guys before a chart that i showed you guys before uh this is what we are looking at here i think again we bottom out i showed you this this is before yesterday i believe we bottom out we begin to work our way up as you can see here weve already hit that bottom began to work our way up right along that line that i believe and i believe 50 cents is our next target before coming back down and testing 32 cents for xrp now is this time real it could be over the next three weeks that is possible but i do believe were gonna have to grind out of here just a little bit i dont think its gonna be as easy and simple but you can see here on this other xrp chart that i have here i know its a lot of craziness but you can see we literally touched this trend line here this upward moving trend line came back and tested it we tested it one two three four five six on the seventh we bounced up and we also happened to bounce right to a pivotal pivot line and we got to like 2199 yesterday so we did go under 22 and a half i filled her short i mean my long at 22 3 yesterday so i did pretty good on that im really laddered in my lungs all the way down and again i am holding until we get up to the 0.5 retracement of our whole big move from 2019 and this is where im gonna close my long at is there wait for a re-test of this trend line here and then get my longs back in here i think well repeat the whole thing again and maybe thats all this year or we kick off in 2021 either way im holding my longs right now just to let you know on chain link real quick chain link i the money call yesterday by the way big i normally dont do ta but now theyre at a bottom i want to tell you guys i called this before the end of the channel that we were at the bottom go check it out but the awesome thing about it is look its gone up i dont i dont know how much its gone up let me see sorry i apologize i forgot to put my phone on the mute but were going to look at this price range from when i called it yesterday look at this 44 is that right 44 is that right is that right because i did this before seven yesterday 43 move since i said we are at the bottom there yesterday xrp made a big move since that point yesterday too and so did a lot of others but link i said was the bottom buy back in around 780 is what my buy end yesterday was and that was right around short under 65 is when i got back in and we are up and we are at them guys so is the bottom in i believe so again it could roll back over and back test this for support at eight dollars and fifty two cents you will you have another buy opportunity yes i believe right here in this area here you will have a buy opportunity when it back tests that i think youll be a good place please remember this is not financial advice this is for educational purposes only just for some of my clients and you guys just to see what is going on across the board thats where i sit again the dxy the dollar is what you want to look at the dollar index and i believe this is our bull run and i told a lot of people october 21 i think is the top of this bull run we will see ive had a lot of people have to hold me to that so we will see in the meantime guys that is the end of this section that is the end of your crypto section so let me go ahead and jump into your christ but make sure that you guys please let me know what you think and how you feel about what i have said to you do you believe the bottom is in and if so what are you going to do about it are you waiting are you scared is the fear index getting you let me know where you stand okay so for all you guys that stick around for the christ section im gonna go ahead and open up the christ section right now and i am going to read second corinthians oh here we go this is good second corinthians started in verse 16. goes like this what agreement has the temple of god with idols for we are the temple of the living god as god said i will make my dwelling among them and walk among them and i will be their god and they shall be my people therefore go out from their midst and be separate from them says the lord and touch no unclean thing then i will welcome you and i will be a father to you you shall be sons and daughters to me says the lord almighty guys for those who dont know you are the temple of god once you accept jesus in your life the temple is you the temple was torn down and raised up in three days that was jesus christ on the cross after his resurrection resurrection and when he ascended that was the temple we no longer do sacrifices of animals we sacrifice our sins spiritual sacrifices moving forward we are to sacrifice our earthly selves for the i guess the better glory i almost said the gooder the better glory of christ and putting him first before all that we do again this is a crypto channel but christ is first it is christ and crypto i love to talk about crypto but i love in my heart jesus christ so thank you guys for hanging out for me remember if you want to support the channel please click the uh book below ive getting a lot of people sending me messages sending me pictures with the books im going to make a collage one day here soon actually of the pictures and let you guys see and i got to ask people if im allowed to send the messages or not and show you guys thank you so much for those who are supporting again let me know in the comments below what you think about this show for now this is the end of episode 194 and i am your boy christian israel and you are tuned into the new creation capital podcast this is a place where we discuss what happens in the world today the stock market and yes digital assets this is the one-stop shop for you to get everything that you need in your day for your christ and crypto because as i love to say jesus makes you a new you by giving you a new future because in him you are a new creation guys please remember god loves you i love you you are loved until next time guys peace and love god bless you all later guys you Bitcoin XRP Cryptocurrency To Support this channel please purchase my new published book! 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