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- Today were gonna show you how to install a 10 double drive, residential grade chain link gate. Theres two gates. So both of em are gonna swing. Were gonna walk you through the whole entire process. Lets get started. So first things first we need to know how big our gates are. Were gonna pull our measurement from the end of the gate right there to the other end. And we have 56 and a quarter when installing a double drive chain link gate, you wanna make sure and measure both gates. Dont measure just one and think that the other ones gonna be the same cause sometimes it can be just a little bit different. So on this one, we have 56 and a quarter too. So since its a double drive chain link gate were gonna have two sets of hinges on one side, two sets of hinges on the other side and a drop rod in the center. We gotta add for our hardware, our hinges. How were gonna measure our hinges is were gonna measure from right where that post would sit right here to right here. And our hardware is a 2 3/8 post hinge accommodating an inch and three eights gate frame hinge. Slide together just like that. So were gonna stack them. Put em together just as they would be when you install em and then were gonna measure them. Were coming up with about inch and three quarters. Were just gonna go ahead and measure our next set just to make sure that theyre the same. There like an inch and seven eights, an inch and three quarters, really two inches. So were gonna plan on two inches. Were gonna have a set of hinges on one side and a set of hinges on the other side. So overall theres four inches we gotta add into that one 12 1/2. So were gonna go plus four. And that gives us 116 and a half. How we gonna lock these gates together in the center? Were gonna have to have a drop rod. So now were gonna have to measure the drop rod to figure out how much room that needs. And were gonna have to add that into the overall 116 1/2 now. So heres the drop rod were gonna use. So were gonna take that same measurement. Were gonna measure from the backside of the hardware where the inch three eight gate frame would sit right here and were gonna measure to the throat of the latch. And you want the end of your gate to be somewhere about like right in there. You dont want to have a big gap, but you dont also want it to just barely be catching either. So make sure and measure accordingly. So we are coming up with another two inches. So were gonna add two inches to our 1/16 1/2. That gives us 118 1/2. And thats from inside a post to inside a post. Okay so now what were gonna do is were gonna take our tape measure were gonna lay it across the ground. Were gonna go from the inside of the post and were gonna lock it in place. And then were gonna look for that 118 1/2, which is right, right there. So were gonna shoot for 118 1/2. And if we get 119, thats just fine. Now were gonna use a Rhino driver to drive this post in the ground. And I understand that you guys may not have one picture and see this video up here in the corner so that you can see other alternate methods versus using a Rhino driver. upbeat music All right. So now that were done driving we got our post in the ground. Were gonna go ahead and take our measurement. Were right at 118 1/2. Hopefully all those measurements that we took hopefully theyre all accurate, cause if not were gonna do this again. Okay so Im sure youre probably looking at this like, Pst! Dan. That post is way too tall for that four foot fence. Youre right. You caught me. I used a eight foot post because thats what I had and I dont want to cut it off because I wanna be able to reuse this post again for another awesome video. We drove it all the way that we needed to but we still have this X amount of post sticking out. And were gonna go with it because we dont wanna throw it away. So the first thing you wanna do is put your hardware on your gate and we already pre-hung this gate. We just took it down. So were gonna hang it one more time again. So this one, this ones hung. Where we think it needs to be but were not gonna tighten the hinges down just yet. What were gonna do is we are gonna show you just exactly what we did over here. Normally you have a chain link fence beyond this post. So what youre gonna do is youre gonna push this fitting on there. And this fitting that Im holding right here is a 2 3/8 post hinge. One thing you wanna make sure and do when youre dealing with any kind of chain link, make sure that the bolts are all facing the same direction. Dont have a bolt head here and then a bolt head here nuts here, nuts there. Keep it uniform. Nuts are supposed to be opposite of the chain link side. So nuts are supposed to go to the secure side. Now to tighten this down, its a 3/8 bolt, 9/16 nut. So you can either use a impact driver like I have here with a 3/8 socket adapter or you can use wrench or you can use a socket. Im gonna loosely tighten that, just so it sticks. Now Im gonna take my 2 3/8 gate frame hinges. Were gonna put them on our gate. Again like I said, stay uniform with your nuts and bolts. And this is what Im talking about. The chain link is on this side, the nuts are opposite of the chain link. upbeat music So were gonna slide the bottom hinge on top of that post hinge. What Im gonna do, is I want those gates to be about level. upbeat music Since I dont have any chain link fence here Im just gonna cheat and slide this over. And Im too low. So my two top rails right here, theyre not straight across. Were gonna raise this gate up to match this, to match this gate. upbeat music Now that were pretty happy with that. We can go ahead and tighten our hardware down. So before we continue with the drop rod its a fun little fact. And some scenarios maybe you have seen something like this where the hinge on the side of the gate, maybe what they have going on is they rolled or the cockeyed the hinge like that. And then put it to the side. The reason they may have done that is because they set their post too close together. They have to adjust it somehow. And thats the only thing that they could do to make that gate work. Thats why its really important to measure those fittings before you start fiddle farting with your gates Willie nilly never pays. So we got both our gates hung now. Dont forget, dont forget. The top of this post, its gone. You dont see it anymore. But really we need to focus over here. So the problem here, these gates, they wont stay shut. Thats a problem. Because they wont lock into each other. Theres a fitting for that. Its called a drop rod. This is a residential grade drop rod. Now theres heavier drop rods for different classes of chain link fence. upbeat music So theres these pins here. I cant roll past it. I cant roll past that bottom one. So when I pulled outta the ground I have something to rest it on. So you gotta make sure to put that top bracket on before you fully put the U bolt in there. And this one were just gonna go ahead and put on and slide up, cause its height really doesnt matter. So go from the bottom up upbeat music and see how... that has a nice channel there. And this drop rod cant come outta that bracket. So thats what we want. So when the drop rod is in the resting position we want the bottom of the drop rod to be up above the ground so that this thing can be swing freely. We want the drop rod to be even at the bottom of the gate. upbeat music So there is a half inch nut here and a half inch nut here and we tighten those down. So what I have here is just a piece of EMT conduit. Three quarter inch. Conduit is measured by the ID, inside diameter. Maybe some of you guys dont have dirt and maybe you have concrete underneath your gate. So what you want to do if you have concrete is take a hammer drill and drill a hole into the concrete for this to receive into. The drop rods gonna go into that hole to lock it into the ground. We dont have any concrete here. So what we are gonna do, what we are here are gonna do. Were gonna take this piece of pipe. Were gonna drive it in the ground, but before we drive it what we have to do first, we dont want the dirt to come up in there and keep moving up the pipe as we drive it in the ground, we want to keep it hollow. So were gonna smash one end. So Ive got one end smashed. So the dirts not gonna come up inside that also... another benefit to doing that is this not gonna twist on the ground. So now before we drive this in the ground we need to figure out exactly where that pipe needs to go. What you need to do is look down your gate to make sure its straight. From where Im standing, Im looking at the gate perpendicular to the opening. So it looks straight to me. But to you, the gate is crooked. As I go this way, the gate is straight. And Im gonna mark where that drop rod is, and Im gonna drive this in the ground. As I drive, I can pull the drop rod to it and see that Im still straight with my drop rod. So there were starting turn just a little bit and Im not gonna be able to get it back. So what were gonna do is were actually just gonna go ahead and cut it off. You need enough in the ground to make a solid foundation to receive the drop rod. So if somethings pushing on your gates its gonna withstand that pressure. Im looking for like 16, 18, 2 feet. The looser the ground the deeper you need to go. Or maybe consider setting this in concrete, not driving it in the ground. Perfect. See if all that measuring paid off. So I have a little bit bigger of a gap than what I planned on, but its still good because I am within my fork distance right here. So it still receives my gate. I am just a hair bigger than what I wanted. But Im still in the throat of the fork. So its, its good. I know some of you may be like, Hey can you put a lock on that thing? So yes, you could install a carabiner or a pad lock on here. Right there! You didnt even have to pay extra. If you wanna see how to install just a single walk gate and a residential chain link fence make sure and see that video right here. And if you wanna see how to install residential chain link make sure to watch this video right here. And stay with SWI. We are a Wyomings Fence Company and you have a good dang day. 🏻 Hardware links below! 🏻Its not hard! Easily hang a double drive chain link gate with these simple steps.Hardware: 🏻 Post Hinges: 🏻 Gate Hinges: 🏻 Drop Rod Assembly: Contents: 00:00 - Calculating 03:00 - Post Driving 04:09 - Hanging 07:30 - Drop Rod Assembly