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if youve ever had a double chain-link fence gate like this then you know its a real pain in the butt this thing here it goes down in the ground the hole that it sticks in fills up with water and crap and you eventually have to drill a new hole and uh if youre on a pavement paved surface uh its even worse because then you got to mess around anyway im going to show you how to make a waterproof hole for a chain link fence gate drop pin watch carefully theyre going to be two so called holes heres the first one its a piece of one inch uh metal conduit and you see that how its plugged up at the end and the hole that goes inside the hull is a piece of half inch outdoor pvc like so the idea being that when the inner hole fills up with water and crap you can just pull it out tap it off get the crap out of there blow a hose in there and then put it back in this and there will be a cap at the edge of this which protects this first hole from getting crap in it and i to plug the holes i use this plumbers putty plumbers epoxy putty from ace hardware you can get it anywhere home depot or whatever it dries to like a hard plastic consistency so first thing we need to do is get in there and put that first hole in im going to do that by using a dummy second hole like this so it sticks up a little higher and ill drop it down in there one more thing to make these plugs consistent like a to give them a flat bottom inside the pipes i use just a dowel that barely fit inside there i dont know what size dowel that is put a little pipe clamp on there to hold it at the right level where i wanted it then i put the uh hole in the end of it like so a little vaseline on the end of this uh no comments please any kind of release agent vaseline works fine so that the putty wont stick to it the putty epoxy put it down there like that stuff in your uh epoxy and let her set okay now on to filling up this hole all right so theres my drop pin ive got this held up here all the way up so that way i know its going to drop perfectly even all the way down to there now perhaps the main secret to this is to have this first hole above grade maybe an inch half inch that way crap wont run from the driveway or whatever into this metal pole hole here its being elevated keeps crap from falling in there this is going to catch all your crap and you can pull that out and tap it off so now ive got this started here all the way up and then gradually set it down in the hole like so to make sure its perfectly straight now i need ive got some play sand over here im going to use to get this elevated a bit and to hold it in place while we concrete that bad boy in how i dug that hole i took the blower attachment duct taped some one half inch pvc you know that slips right on there then i would drill out the hole stick this down there and suck out all the dirt and um there was a another one of these things in there originally that uh got torn up when we did some work which is why uh you see that great big long hole i was tearing the other one out of there to put in this new one anyway as you can see i put some chalk lines right there uh lined up with this thing so i knew about where it is and this i had to get all that because um when the guys like that guys pull this up to put in a new sewer line and they bent the bottom of this thing over 90 degrees so i had to dig it all out of there anyway uh with the sand in the bottom it works pretty darn well at holding it up thats a little high i only want about um three quarters or an inch above grade thing is you can just twist it like this and it gets down in the sand and then i can pull it back up kind of pat it around like that and its its working really well and then what i plan on doing is pouring some sand in there to hold it in place and then ill put fill dirt around there to hold it all in place and then at the end ill concrete it in with a quick drying cement all right so i stole some gravel see that back lot back there from uh my wifes gravel area put it right in there and i also put some bigger rocks back in there i just didnt want any voids i dont know how to uh double check those voids but i think you know its got rebar as you can see right here so i think its going to be strong enough and then im going to leave left it nice and deep two three inches of this patch cement its its called ill show it to you in a minute and of course i put this on the top when im putting in the gravel to make sure that it none fell down in there because its a pain in the butt to go get that vacuum cleaner attachment and clean it out so i i also got this little rod and just poked back in there packed in the void all i could so lets see what happens so i recycled this bucket to keep up with this cement all but whenever you do that i suggest that you cut off a piece of the box rapid set cement all complete with directions right there which we will be using looks like weve got a working time of about 15 minutes so were gonna have to get this bad boy set up pack it in there and then i want to make a little dome right here thats how the last one got ruined the tractor ran over so if i make a little dome of concrete hopefully a tractor tile will roll right over this so this wont be sticking up by itself this time all right lets see what happens so i thoroughly swept and then dampened all this there was a lot of dust in there as you can see now its all clean all the way around so im set to go i also made ice water give me as long as possible with that quick set stuff so im gonna mix her right there im gonna stuff it in there then im gonna build up a little dome right there and ive got the blue tape so that it doesnt i dont spill concrete down there and ruin my project looks like im gonna have to do this in two shots but this stuff sticks very well without much of a it doesnt make a dry socket at all or a dry connection or whatever you can put this on set cement and it sticks like glue so its not gonna be a big problem besides thats fast drying but not that fast all right so heres my little mound as you can see if a car drives over it hopefully itll keep my pipe from crushing i also got this um i guess youd call it the collection tube or whatever that collects white rain water or whatever and i got a dremel and wedged that down like that uh to make up for any inconsistencies this is not completely dry but its dry enough so well stick that bad boy in there and see if this is going to fit and yes perfectly so very good and then im going to get some instamorph these little plastic pellets and ill make this into a little you know roof kind of a thing triangle to go over this all the way around like a cone thing and well do that next so instead of instamorph i use more of that plumbers epoxy epoxy putty and i kind of tapered the inside so the uh the sliding pole there will have an easy time going in sanded that just for looks so now that makes kind of a little roof over that hole this fills up with water you turn it over tap it out you could even uh vacuum that out if you needed to but from the the way the last one worked uh you never need to so lets close this gate [Applause] and she works perfectly there we go dont you love how ants come after a new concrete project isnt that weird thanks for watching folks Drop pin holes can be a pain. This video shows you how to make them last forever, immune to water, silt, or collapse.