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what is going on my friends and welcome back to another video on the channel well chain link has absolutely exploded today clearing a six-month resistance level and is now looking like it has some very very blue skies ahead so in todays video we are going to be talking about if you should or should not be buying right now and what you can expect over the short mid and long term so with that being said of course lets go ahead and lets get straight into it well overall chain link has been a crypto that we have been covering for quite some time now i dont really post many videos about it but even in the patreon its one that weve been buying for a while we did start a midterm position on it on october 1st at 26.08 cents and of course since then we can see that the price of link has gone up a pretty substantial amount from then weve seen the price go up about 42 in just over a month which has been an absolutely phenomenal trade so of course congrats to anyone who is in the patreon but although we have seen growth of that nature i honestly believe it is just getting started now the reason i believe its just getting started first and foremost is because of this break the break that we are seeing right now of this 35 to 36 dollar region is absolutely crucial of course what we did see happen is that we set this high back in may now we have been operating within this two-year resistance channel very very steadily we set these lows back in 2018 these highs in 2019 more lows in 2020 more highs in the middle of 2020 we set some of these another high in 2021 we came back down set this low at the middle of 2021 and now it does seem as if we are getting ready and getting geared to revisit the top of our support and resistance channel possibly up over 115 to 120 dollars but in order for us to get there we absolutely had to be able to clear this 36 dollar level the reason i say that is because over the last six months we have been unable to do so we gave it a try off this bounce and we failed we continued downwards we gave it a try off this bounce we failed we continued downwards but as this did started to play out we were putting in some of these lower some of these higher lows and putting in these higher highs and now that we have gotten enough momentum we finally have been able to clear this now there is a technical target that is in play now that we have cleared this now what thats going to be is from this cup and handle pattern the technical target in which were going to apply is taking the depth of our cup to the top of the cup line at 36 dollars were then going to take that distance and im actually going to turn this off of our logarithmic scale just to a regular scale here and what were going to do is were going to take that distance and apply it to the cup line now when we apply it to the cup line at 36 dollars that gives us a technical target for a breakout all the way back up towards 59 to 58.5 now whats interesting about that is if we do go ahead and we just draw our fibonaccis from our swing low to our swing high thats not even interacting with our extensions just yet so what that tells me is yeah thats going to be a strong price target but once we start making a move in this direction theres even more growth that is going to be right around the corner so overall in the long term even though we have been seeing a massive pump today i do believe that this is just the beginning of a larger push for chain link especially considering the fact that its been a bit of a sleeping giant over the last few months now dont get me wrong in the short term we definitely can look at some type of pullback to happen once we clear a key level of resistance of this nature it is not uncommon whatsoever for us to come back and retest this as support so in the short term if we come back anywhere between 35 and even 33 dollars dont be too surprised but its the fact that weve been able to clear this level of resistance that says that even if we pull back that big wall of resistance is really no longer above us and we can make that move to the upside now that is just of you know the beginning this step and this clearing of the 36 dollar level was just the beginning we still have one more big barrier and one more big obstacle before we can start to aim for a hundred dollars plus and thats going to be the 44 to 37 region now of course if you know your fibonaccis you can recognize it pretty easily but thats going to be from our all-time high down to the july 20th low thats going to be our 618 to 786 fibonacci retracement zone once we are able to clear a 618 to 786 fibonacci retracement zone there is a very very high likelihood of us going up to set some pretty high new all-time highs typically speaking once were able to clear 786 we will at minimum work our way back up to a 1.272 which is currently up around 63 dollars but i dont even think thats the beginning i think that we would be able to extend much further past that but it all comes down to the principle that we need to get past the 786 to 618 zone now its no surprise to me that you cant see that is exactly where we are now running into resistance as soon as we hit this zone we started to see a bit of a pullback so even if we do bounce off this zone and we come back down to find some support our whole goal right now is to clear 44 the clearing of 44 dollars and the holding of support at that level no doubt in my opinion puts us in range to see a hundred dollars to even ninety to a hundred dollars from link and i think that is an understatement so with that being said everything does look incredibly bullish for link in terms of the indicators we can see that we narrowly avoided a bearish cross on the macd on the daily charts meaning that the blue line didnt cross downwards through the orange line it saw a bounce and a continuation upwards we can also see here that on our rsi we are actually still not seeing any type of bearish divergence as we are making this trek to the top were setting higher highs on our price and higher highs on the rsi just meaning that this move is still healthy if we were starting to see lower highs on the rsi that can be a sign that momentum is slowing but that is not the case right now were seeing a very bullish and healthy move to the upside so overall right now if you are going to be buying chain link i would go ahead and say that now now that weve broken such a key level of resistance makes a lot of sense but you definitely need to be prepared for the fact that we will likely at some point back test the level of support now that weve cleared a key level of resistance flipping it into support is crucial for more momentum and so even if we do not come back down to this level you know this 36 dollar level but we break into our 618786 zone then use the 618 as support some type of support establishment is going to be the only way in which we can get up to these all-time highs so as long as you have the stomach to sit back and watch the price go down five to ten percent at some point i definitely think buying now makes a lot of sense in my non-financial advisor opinion of course because in the long run i am still expecting a push up towards you know the top of our channel which could be well over a hundred to two hundred percent so keep an eye on this two-year resort uh resistance and support zone i do believe that we are still going to be operating within this and once we do come up to the top here that is definitely going to be a good time for us to take profits look to skim but until then i am totally totally bullish on chain link so with that being said ill of course keep you guys as up-to-date as possible if you do want access to the trades i make like the buy we did on chain link at 26 go down to the link in the description and go check out the patreon as that is where i do all of them as well as you can just like and subscribe to the channel and turn on all notifications so you never miss an update but with that being said i will see you all very soon in the next video peace Welcome to the Tyler Hill Investing Channel ! 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