chainlink announcement todayCrypto News: Google Billionaire BACKS Chainlink Facebook NFTs, ETH Merge

chainlink bnb price prediction chainlink chainlink announcement today Crypto News: Google Billionaire BACKS Chainlink Facebook NFTs, ETH Merge
chainlink announcement today chainlink and tesseract Crypto News: Google Billionaire BACKS Chainlink Facebook NFTs, ETH Merge
coinbase halting withdraws stocks plummeting and price I mean this Mark is getting a little bit out of hand but I want to bring you the cryptocurrency news stock market news and anything I think is interesting or can potentially make you money thats what were doing in this video today if you dont know who I am my name is Alexander Lorenzo Im an internet entrepreneur I talk about cryptocurrency investing in general and Entrepreneurship and today I want to dive into some of the news Okay I want to give it to you from the lens of somebody thats been doing this for a very long time Ive been in finance for a very long time Ive made millions of dollars investing in cryptocurrency and Ive made millions of dollars building businesses so I could show you a different perspective of whats going on in sentiment analysis which I personally believe might be one of the most important areas for a business owner and an investor okay I even think its more important and technical analysis to a certain extent but I also do technical analysis so youll get the 360 scoop on this channel if you can do me a favor like the video subscribe to the channel channel of course turn on the push notification Bell theres a little bell if you turn that on the notifications get sent directly to your phone if you have the YouTube app on your phone and you have notifications on the YouTube app and then you turn on the Bell well you get the videos very quick and of course some of these videos are time sensitive you can make money lose money obviously none of this is financial advice you get the gist but I want to dive into the market hey guys before we jump into the video I just want to update you really quickly there are hundreds of people impersonating me they have made a business model out of it these guys are making new accounts at will they will copy my posts they will copy my avatar they are going to copy and paste everything about my life to convince you that they are me you guys know the only thing I sell is the my digital course so if you apply there then yes somebody will reach out other than that guys its a scammer dont let them take your money first things first we are doing a sale on fundamental secrets so if you guys didnt know Im the owner of fundamental C secrets and coin picks Capital uh fundamount Secrets specifically right now is my Premier product we do everything cash flow how to make money in any Market condition in the recession etc etc we actually do it we actually have testimonials we actually have hedge fund quality investors as coaches teaching you exactly what they do with their strategies right now its on discount all you have to do is come over here click apply now and then one of my coaches will reach out to you and show you what the deal is and show you what were working with here but lets jump in to the topic of discussion today first things first we have an analyst from Missouri basically saying crypto may have hit the ultimate bottom months ago analyst says and this is from Missouri and Im gonna say blatantly we have not hit a bottom yet let me say it again we have not hit a bottom yet we will drop further honestly Im baffled that he would come out here publicly and say this I dont know why hes saying this I do believe that the market will drop one more leg down whether it happens now whether it happens seven months from now it will happen it and the reason I say this is because the Bitcoin having event is just way too far away is supposed to happen in 2024 and if you look at the history of all cryptocurrencies the Bitcoin having is the most significant event for Price appreciation out of any asset class in cryptocurrency it does not matter if its defy it does not matter if its nfts it does not matter if its the metaverse this is how it works and for anyone to say otherwise you have to have some evidence I dont really see too much evidence here but he basically says we may have hit the ultimate bottom months ago because of the cascading liquidations maybe you know we did experience that do I think it can be worse yes I think it can be much worse um he basically says the market is down to the True Believers at this point most of the sellers seem to have left now I do believe thats probably correct but I dont think people are that scared yet um you know from my experience and being a multiple bear markets in a cryptocurrency space Not only does it have to be the true believers it has to be like the true true believers the one that are willing to like lose all of their money okay the ones that are willing to like sacrifice everything for cryptocurrency thats where I need to see it and and Im not like uh you know a negative person Im not a pessimist but from what Ive Ive experienced okay the market needs to get scary right now its bad right now its bad but its not scary its not like you know were about to lose everything uh uh sell Panic cell we need to see even more cascading Liquidations in my personal opinion and again Im not a pessimist Im just telling you guys what I experienced in last bear ones and with this hawkish fed policy and whats going on in the world I dont think its really adding any positivity to this Market at all I dont know why he thinks that this one variable of the cascading liquidations marks it at the bottom we can rewind this video three four months from now and well see if Im correct but I think its a very weak argument and I dont know if theres more to this argument this is all Im seeing in the article um but this kind of shows you mainstream media I told you the proposition of these News videos Im going to show you from the lens of somebody thats actually trying to make money off of this okay so personally Im putting in shorts I like seeing articles like this because Im going to trade the exact opposite way I dont believe its time for the bottom in any way shape or form if we come to the next article uh the SEC must turn over emails about ethereum but it wont help Ripple lawyers say so obviously you guys know the SEC is in a big lawsuit with Ripple uh theyre trying to classify it as a security theyve been going back and forth for I dont even know how long I havent really kept up with it Im not a lawyer so I cant like speculate if Ripples gonna win if I were to guess I would say yes Ripples eventually gonna win and maybe the price will appreciate after it wins but theyre trying to get uh emails from the SEC so as you can see here on Thursday a federal district judge overruled the secs repeated attempts to prevent ripple from accessing internal SEC emails attaining to a key speech on the regulatory status of competing cryptocurrency ethereum Ripple believes that emails will help in this case and shed light on the ways in which the SEC has picked two winners in the cryptocurrency space Bitcoin and ethereum well shunning the rest now theres one thing I will say you know I dont really invest in xrp maybe I will if they win but theres one thing I will say for a fact is that if xrp wins its actually going to be a really good thing for other cryptocurrencies because I do agree to a certain extent its almost like they picked the winners ethereum and Bitcoin uh you know when it comes to being classified as security or not and theres a lot of other coins out there that are decentralized that I dont think are securities again this is you know he said she said everything uh will come after the ruling of this investigation of this uh trial here so you know its good to keep up with it and see whats going on but again Im not a lawyer and Im not going to pretend like I am like a lot of people on the internet just to get views if we come over here in this article a legendary Google billionaire is backing a radical Bitcoin ethereum rival despite huge two trillion dollar crypto price crash now this blows my mind again theyll do anything to pump the price of cryptocurrency this is not the time to buy anything but were gonna get articles like this former Google chief executive okay billionaire uh basically said chain link previously a top 10 cryptocurrency that soared through 2020 has better technology and scales better than other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and ethereum although this might be true guys chain Links not decentralized like theres just so many issues with chain link its an oracle look Im not one to comment on you know whats going to win perfectly next cycle I will say its probably going to appreciate by more percentages than Bitcoin ethereum like Im the money guy Im trying to make money right so I dont know whats going to win by a technology standpoint I dont know whats going to be the final layer one or if chain Links gonna migrate over to a layer one I I dont know but I will say that it will probably appreciate by more percentages I was in chain link early by the way I made a lot of money off of chain link a lot of money a long time ago I think it was 2019 I got into chain link Okay so the point Im trying to make is the timing of this article it just blows my mind it really blows my mind because its so irrelevant its unbelievable okay like it literally theres literally no reason this is a paid article this is this is trying to distract people this is trying to say that a billionaire wants to buy a chain link basically and that you should buy it too thats thats what thats the current state of whats going on in cryptocurrency the these all-out weird PR uh press releases these articles being paid for to try to pump the price of coins so they can get exit liquidity okay although chain link is a great coin and everybody already knows about it basically you know um you know I dont think its a good time to buy right now I dont think any old coins a good time to buy right now I think we have a long period of time before the next Bull Run uh it could be a year it could be two years okay so dont be exit liquidity read between the lines okay these things are paid for in a lot of cases if theyre not paid for theres an interest in the background theres theres something theres some type of uh a benefit that this persons getting for saying this in a public press release okay dont get swindled this is obvious okay just understand whats going on from a deeper perspective please guys all right ethereum merge spikes block Creation with a faster average block time actually this was pretty interesting uh this may actually be something worth looking at um complementing this move the average block time the time it takes for miners or validators within a network to verify transactions for ethereum dropped over 13 as evidenced by data from y charts so we did have a 13 drop in Block times thats pretty straight Im not gonna lie to you does that benefit anybody in the Bear Run not really because the block times are already pretty quick right the only time uh block times are an issue is in the bull run when everybodys trying to buy an ft uh and the gas fees are ridiculous right and by the way okay the merge didnt solve gas fees down the road theyre going to solve gas fees hopefully hopefully hopefully Im gonna say that with a grain of salt but you know it didnt really solve uh the fees which is the most important part of my personal opinion ethereum wasnt that bad it only gets bad when theres like these all-out hype events in the Bull Run theres only like a minority of time where block time is an issue right but this is cool I guess you know you know we have an immediate effect of a 13 uh increase in speed thats pretty good I hope it gets way better than that I hope it gets way way better than that and I hope the fees go down I hope thats thats thats what Im really looking for with ethereum again just another article just trying to promote something that doesnt really matter too much I also saw this article here by coindesk where in the world are the best universities for blockchain 2022 I did want to know uh where this was and I thought it was interesting the best university for blockchain or in Asia in the Pacific Islands it doesnt really surprise me uh they are going under uh hyperinflation issues in a lot of cases their dollar is devalued to a high degree and they have less regulation so I do see this being a thing I do see it being a thing in El Salvador and other third world countries usually what happens is the very the very rich countries get they get lazy its as simple as that the very rich countries get lazy and the ones that are poor have to adapt quick its the same thing with businesses the biggest businesses usually adapt the slowest okay the smaller businesses adapt very quick so essentially I could see that being a thing and it would be great if they can you know integrate some of that into the United States I do believe theres an online course that you guys could reference that actually changed my life if youre new to cryptocurrency highly recommend it if you just simply search blockchain MIT theres an online video course on YouTube where you can you know go into the blockchain on a deeper level uh theres all types of videos but I I feel like theirs is pretty good some of its outdated the information is outdated but its a solid foundation for you to understand blockchain technology if you dont already uh in another article this pisses me off mainstream news sucks let me say it again May stream needs News Sucks guys you could read these articles all articles have a benefit its the same thing with uh all people have a benefit right you could listen to a broke person and you could listen to a rich person and come out with something thats actually tangible to come out with a key now with the broke people you have to listen to them in the context of just ignoring the bad things and accepting the good things and then a rich person you obviously basically you have to follow their mentorship right its the same thing with articles some articles are just really bad and you kind of see and read between the lines and some of them actually give you some good Insight in this case its kind of drama okay its kind of drama but I do want to point out that mainstream media is just really hard to get to the truth especially if you dont know what youre doing if youre not in this market if you havent been in financial markets uh ever youre going to follow people like this guy right here Mad Money Jim uh Kramer arguably made many people poor with this crypto advice he was pretty much wrong like nine times out of ten I dont know this guy I didnt watch his videos but Ive seen him like hes basically a meme in the cryptocurrency community so if youre someone new and you go and you watch this guy mad money its like all these special effects and he looks legit and hes on all these big credible news outlets you can get wrecked Youre Gonna Get Wrecked thats partly why Im making these videos here so I can kind of expose a lot of it um but basically uh he he made his name for having a consistent wrong call calls crypto investors basically trade against him right and this is like the most mainstream you can get so this is a good article to kind of showcase that again just because it looks good just because it has like all the cinematography and it looks like like really high quality news and and they have a lot of credibility backing it typically from my experience thats actually a bad thing okay when someone doesnt have something to prove theyre gonna wreck people right when they have all this credibility and all this help you know usually that comes at a cost right so a lot of times again theres paid influencers that are literally out there to say the wrong things so that they can provide exit liquidity for coin Founders and billionaires okay you guys know on my channel I dont get except sponsorships I have no Handler my only Handler is God God tells me what to do the Holy Spirit tells me what to do uh you know with my businesses so theres no one that can point his finger at Alex and say hey say the wrong thing on purpose to make me money because Ive never done anything illegal and I dont have ties to these people in this industry okay theres a reason why Ive created my own businesses and my own sub sector of the industry so I dont have to do things like this and be a paid puppet its a thing guys it happens in every industry theres usually one viral paid puppet basically to say the wrong thing so that people can make money on the back end okay dont be that guy if you want to be an influencer you could do it the right way it just takes longer okay dont dont be the scapegoat you know sell your soul to the devil type of guy you could you could do it the right way and and also try to identify who these people are and yeah dont trade with them okay this is also really big news right here Im gonna be real with you guys this is pretty big Facebook Instagram users in the US can now share ethereum flow and polygon nfts thats crazy now its crazy for the fact that theyve already had the nft integration Ive seen it on Twitter you know thats been happening for a while but whats really crazy to me is theyre allowing polygon nfts which has a cheap transaction fees and the fast speeds its a layer two thats insane we have mainstream social medias integrating layer twos into their platforms guys if you understood where I came from youd understand how significant this is okay where I came from was basically cryptocurrencies trying to create their own social medias because social media wouldnt accept them in 2015 2016 2017 literally I was involved with multiple social medias like steam steemit uh basically cryptocurrency specific social medias because basically youd get Shadow Man on Instagram and Facebook you get Shadow banned on YouTube right not only that but they wouldnt integrate any of the payment methods you can send Bitcoin on these social medias you couldnt send ethereum now we have full-on nft Integrations so I do believe again cryptocurrencies and nfts will come back next cycle I do believe its probably one of the greatest times to make money being that the price of these assets are so cheap right now and I do believe its going to be amazing in the future if you have patience if you dont have patience and you try to sprint out the gate right now and start buying all these nfts and doing something like you know foolish when the Bitcoin having is like a year and a year and a half two years away and youre doing this foolish These Foolish uh trades because you got hype off of an article or whatever the case is youre gonna get burned out quick Youre Gonna Get Wrecked Youre Gonna Leave the market because you bought way too much way too early okay and then youre not going to experience the gains of 2024 okay youre not gonna experience the full-on Bull Run thats the worst thing that could possibly happen I dont want that to happen to people so thats why Im making these videos okay thats why Im sticking my neck out here I dont have to make these videos but Im making these videos because I want you guys to do it the right way and actually experience the bull run and actually make money okay and that happens with the next Bitcoin having which is happening in March 2024 not the exact date we dont know the exact date because its in Block time its not in real time so that can change depending on bitcoins lock speeds but its happening in 2024 so if you cant be patient enough to wait till then Im sorry youre gonna get wrecked but this also gives me confidence that it will come back were having major institutions huge institutions using cryptocurrency and building right now cryptocurrency so this is a thing and you should definitely pay attention to it also lets talk about mainstream media lets talk about something thats not cryptocurrency lets talk about a little bit of taxes obviously this is a huge number the tax man is receiving 80 billion dollars but U.S small businesses shouldnt worry I guess thats the title or whatever the case is um basically uh theres people going back and forth with the tax regulation and loss again personally Im not a CPA I dont know for sure what is going on or or you know how much taxes I have to pay I hire somebody for that but like I just want to make a blanket statement here if you run a business and you do it the right way with an LLC theres a lot of ways that you can kind of not illegally invade but theres legal ways to evade these taxes okay so if you get what a good CPA none of this affects you I always say this all the time these things these arguments like tax laws like like you really dont have any control over it like in my personal opinion okay I could be saying something wrong uh here Im not a politician even voting right even even voting for these things like you dont really have control Ive always said uh in the past that Ill vote once uh the elections on a blockchain because you know we dont even know if its rigged or not like we just really dont have control its the illusion of control but the problem with like fighting over like taxes and things like this is that it distracts you from the truth and the truth is you should be building your cash flow man like why are you worried about taxes bro its going to happen with or without you theres nothing you could do its a big drama fest with these people like it just doesnt matter theres literally nothing you could do just take your licks hire a good CPA to help you evade a lot of these taxes legally okay and focus on your cash flow and investing I just wanted to point out this article here because again theres just so much distractions on the internet and Im showing you how to filter through the noise okay you should be focusing on your skill set okay we talk about you know cash flow strategies in the form of short-term trading day trading and swing trading weeks trade in weeks and months right this will help you pay your bills or you could do marketing right like I do like these videos like this YouTube channel I also teach that as well these things are more important than worrying about how much taxes youre going to pay bro like it just doesnt make sense I never worried about taxes even when I made my first couple million I spent I think like 200 000 in taxes okay and I still dont worry about it because at the end of the day its a big waste of time all I want to do is increase my cash flow because we make six figures a month so sometimes more than six figures a month right I rather worry about that than how much taxes Im pay for the government because I I just cant control it you cant either okay so I just wanted to throw that little piece out there so people understand I guess taxes are increasing I guess its going to affect small businesses but it doesnt really matter at the end of the day because you cant control it oh I also wanted to throw this article out there Im not going to read into it Im happy for them uh this 31 year old turned his side hustle into a 300 000 vending machine business I only work four hours a week so again back to the same topic I just talked about cash flow what are you doing what are you doing to build your cash flow Amazon business eBay whats your Forte they all make money let me give you a secret theres people on the internet marketing saying that their way is the best way because Amazon FBA this this and that thats fine they all make money just pick one they all make money this guys making 300 000 a year off vending machines you can make a million a year off of selling rocks okay I dont recommend it I suggest you pick a you know a business strategy that aligns with your interest so you can beat other people and you can do it for fun but it really doesnt matter what excuse do you have there is no excuse it could take one year it could take you two years for you to actually have a successful business it could take three years at the end of the day that doesnt matter because youre youre on Earth for what 90 plus years so if you sacrifice three years of your life of hustling grinding stopping that Netflix Edition going to the gym getting your body right getting your mind right reading books and you know attacking right executing actually building that website you want right at the Amazon or whatever you know Drop Shipping right I used to do this okay I used to do e-commerce okay Drop Shipping any of that any of that is there good cash flow right marketing influencer marketing like me affiliate commission if you spend your time executing on that for a year two years three years you could literally set yourself up for Life think about it I can make a video from anywhere and Im doing millions of dollars a year from anywhere I can literally just take a cheap vacation to anywhere I want pull out the camera and Im still making money and it took me three years and less than that it took me like a year and a half it took me like a year and a half of consistent effort and Im not saying everyone can do it Im just telling you that you know what I made this channel for was specifically to help people with internet entrepreneurship with a laptop an internet connection and a phone you can make money like Im serious like were making six figures a month you can make even ten thousand dollars a month some of you are making you know 30k a year you can make ten thousand twenty thousand dollars a month if you put in the work I dont know 200 you dont need to shoot for six figures you could just change your whole life like let me ask you a question leave a comment below if you made ten to fifteen thousand dollars a month which is easy by the way its so easy I can do it by myself I could do way more I probably could do like 50k a month by myself so easy how would that change your life leave a comment below would that change your life for the better we we you have better relationship would would you feel better every day would you feel less stressed would your Investments become better I I bet it would if you had more money to invest would it become better yes you invest you would invest with less emotion okay would you be able to take more vacations would you get you know be able to buy or rent a better house would you get a better car these things not something that you want right would you feel more satisfied now I want to be clear here um moneys not evil but I dont I dont uh pray to money I dont I dont believe in money being a ruler of my life what I do believe that God is the ruler of my life and I also believe that God wants us to have abundance and not be lazy thats thats what I believe he doesnt want us to be broke on the street he doesnt he doesnt want us to be struggling all the time to pay rent and you know not be able to pay off our debts he wants to be happy so so you know you can have both is what Im saying and you dont need to be lazy about it you just need to just put into effort and have a little bit of Faith right have a little bit of faith that hes going to allow you to have abundance in the future and execute man like its not that hard bro like making 10K a month is not that hard people over complicate these things for sure all right so lets look at uh this other article we talked about in the last video but lets dive a little bit deeper another major brand is discounting its extra inventory so were seeing supply chain issues all over and this is Nike which is obviously one of the biggest shoe brands uh clothing brands on planet Earth if not the biggest Nike said Thursday its inventory level sword 65 in North America its largest market and 44 overall last quarter from a year ago after navigating limited Supply in 2021 Nike is now carrying far too much product particularly when it comes to clothing so this is happening a lot guys we effectively have a few seasons Landing in the marketplace at the same time creating a glut Nike CEO John said on a call with one of his analysts so this is obviously an issue theres theres going to be a surplus of clothing people are taking less vacations and buying less like retail because of the market conditions guys look at the price of gas look at the price of everything people are trying to be more conservative now so you can get cheap clothes resell them that could be a thing I dont know if thats what you want to do you could do that save them for the future resell them when the market comes back you could short Nike uh you know literally short the stock price that could be something you could do all I know is the S P 500 and stocks will likely tank in the next three months to a year same thing with crypto the direction is down and were seeing more and more evidence of that and you could take advantage by shorting the market and making money off of that its a consistent thing that were doing and if you dont know how to do it correctly and youre scared and you want guidance head on over the fundamental secrets we talked about in the beginning of the video and take advantage of the course and we kind of just like baby feed you uh towards a success now obviously theres the advertisement here its not letting me read the article but its basically talking about Carnival stock falling uh to a 30-year low this is basically the gist with the entire Market guys its hard to say but its the truth um you know again people are not taking vacations people are not catching flights people are not buying retail and you know things that they dont need uh people are trying to be conservative its the same thing with billionaires its the same thing for regular investors everybodys playing it conservative because of the hawkish FED policy because of whats going on in the Federal Reserve because whats going on in Bank of England the energy crisis the war thats going on look at the end of the day prices are Contracting and does it mean that its at the end of the world guys let me say it again it doesnt mean that its at the end of the world for me as a person thats educated and finance and I really understand whats going on all you have to do is know the market direction and you can make a significant amount of money market Direction and risk management thats it Market Direction risk management cash flow if you got those three things over if you have risk management emotional control and and you know you dont do anything crazy right you know the market direction and you have a cash flow mechanism its a wrap you can make money from everywhere anywhere no matter what you can make money from here there it does not matter you can make money so Im trying to show you guys how to do this now if you look at uh this bill here okay again like politicians going back and forth on if they should be able to trade a stock this is the world we live in Im not going to dive into it too much you can go read the bill for yourself this is the official bill right here it would take a lawyer to really dissect the verbiage in this article here but the gist is you know we do have a back and forth from a Democratic party basically saying theyre trying to pass a bill uh basically to allow uh you know politicians have more freedom to trade stocks look at the end of the day I dont I dont know the truth I dont know the answer can a politician that you know basically has control over regulation you know be able to trade a stock weve seen them take advantage of it before right weve seen him take advantage of it over and over again should they have the power to be able to trade that stock and have you know control over the the actual stock regulation and laws if you ask me personally I would say no you know does that limit them yes they make money in other ways like you know politicians make so much money so much money through donations they make millions of dollars so do I do I care no I dont care discipline to not do these things it just comes with it it just comes with it if you really want to control things then you cant invest in the things you cant you control it just doesnt make sense to me uh you know why they theyre allowed to do this in the first place but I guess theyre going back and forth uh trying to figure out you know whos right and whos wrong or whatever the case is which brings me to my last article here coinbase coinbase is investigating problems with payments from U.S banks The cryptocurrency Exchange basically had issues with U.S banks people withdrawing their money from coinbase coinbase has been going through a lot of crazy regulation stuff uh its pretty much the same thing through the entire crypto industry and every centralized exchange but they have been specifically getting hit a lot uh and Im guessing its because of their stock price Im guessing because theyre just like the top dog and you know the centralized Exchange Place and thats usually what happens to the number one person and then one person gets hit um you know I do think theyre going to fix the withdrawals uh for sure but this is a problem with centralized exchanges this is why I diversify centralized exchange and decentralized exchanges um specifically because they go down you cant withdraw your money I have multiple accounts guys people always ask me whats the best exchange to trade I use multiple man I use FTX exchange I use cool coin its uniswap I use coinbase I use all of them because if one goes down I can send my money to the other and I could trade there but thats pretty much the news here I did want to go over all of these from the lens of someone thats been doing this for a very long time please dont get wrecked by the mainstream media lets not do that please lets have a discipline and understanding that they make money uh by promoting articles thats how they do it its called marketing uh its not evil its just the way it works um and people just that dont understand are the ones that get wrecked so as long as you have an understanding of whats going on you should be okay and be able to read through the lines and Im going to help you with that on this channel so of course if you like the qualities content hit like if you dont at least a constructive criticism subscribe for more video updates and like I always say if you dont get with it you will get left behind thanks for watching this guys catch you in the next one [Applause] all right [Applause] foreign Billionaires Promoting Chainlink, Is LINK a Buy?. ***** Crypto News: The SCARY Truth About Solana Sol Tesla, SEC, Apple Fundamental Secrets Coin Calls & Coaching ️: Show Notes and Resources 1. 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