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hello everyone good afternoon im sorry its a late video today ive been a bit preoccupied today a bit of a long day doing bits and bobs i was out first thing this morning but uh now im now im back and im just looking at uh charts its bit of a bloodbath to be fair uh across the board um as you can see bitcoins just getting smashed up it is looking like its going to come down and and test this 55 ema we have said you know from from this peak here we have that bit of a cap bounce there that cat bounce that little daily candle there but its just getting smashed up so its definitely looks like its on the cards uh for for bitcoin to come down to those levels then guys unless we can get a bounce uh there is a bit of positivity on on the bitcoin chart so ill just jump to that now so as you can see on the daily this is our target to come down to um but we may not actually get down to that target i know it looks like we might and were pushing down to it towards this 55 ema creeping up on on bitcoin um but we i am seeing things in the chart which suggests a bit of a reversal um but to be fair we did see that yesterday its this bullish divergence guys on the hourly time frame so im just going to bring up the rsi yes so if you if you look on the hourly time frame guys were actually the the price is coming down okay as you can see there on the rsi you can see that its actually a divergence and the fact is we might if you used to look at this pattern here this looks like it potentially could be a falling wedge so this particular pattern like this so weve gone up weve come went back down were trading in this channel here like this you see this this is actually a bullish channel its a reversal pattern and its called a falling wedge and what happens is as we get closer to the apex as we get closer to the apex of the the wedge guys so as you can see i mean it looks extremely bearish doesnt it but all it is its just a retest of support you know it is actually a bullish continuation pattern its a reaccumulation pattern as well and what happens is with bitcoin uh any any charting pattern that forms a falling wedge you know is it will trade like this until it hits the apex gets close and close the volume will drop off as you can see it is there i mean another thing to notice guys look at the cell volume look at the volume okay so if we zoom in a little bit ill just show you guys now zoom in a bit so as you can see you know weve got these massive green candles right and hardly any red big red candles so theres not really a massive amount of cell volume thats coming in so its effectively its not really a big push i think what i think what were going to see guys as you can see weve got depleting volume okay just here in this falling wedge and as this tails off youll see a breakout towards the end of this apex and the question is is it going to break down to a support level on the 55 ema or are we going to break upwards obviously the target is just basically to the top of the wedge so you would be targeting a breakout up to the previous all-time high so that basically given the fact that we are printing a bullish divergence on the rsi the the volumes depleting were coming towards the bottom of the apex for bitcoin uh it does look as though a breakout is imminent guys im just saying what i see guys in the technicals so yeah again just clarify a possible falling wedge getting closer you see how the trading range is getting tighter and tighter and tighter guys so inevitably it has to make its mind up which way is it going to go the depleting volume the bullish rsi divergence potentially we could be on the verge of a breakout to the upside and continuation trend and the fact that we are still above the 55 ema i know were toying with the 10 ema on the hourly were way below the 55 ema on the on the hourly which is a bearish sign you know just there we tried to get above it but we could potentially as you can see in the uptrend were above it guys okay and then when we get below it well blow it and it it suppresses the price and it keeps pushing us down but if we was to now switch to back to the daily time frame for bitcoin so again on the daily we we have our target down there which is we set when we when we broke down we made that target there didnt we guys because we said that thats roughly where the 55 ema will come up to its also the previous all-time high uh and in in that woods move in january and usually you know youll see in any price action guys again price action price action price action is key honestly you know price action it tends even on a 15 minute time frame the five minute time frame the 30 minute time frame you check the price action it usually goes up back tests the previous high as support just to show that were in a continuation trend so you know basically we are looking at that we are looking to come down test this previous high and the 55 ema and bounce off it were forming what looks to be a bit of a falling wedge which is a bullish pattern the rsi on the hourly time frame is pointing paint in a bullish divergence so watch this space guys watch this space when theres fear and blood on the street thats time to act so anyway if you if you just waited for the breakout to the upside and says im gonna long it from that point its entirely up to yourself you could be looking at a 34 trade guys up to the previous all-time high the breakout of this falling wedge just something to keep an eye on or you could wait until we had a touch of the 55 ema and our price target which is the previous all-time high at 41.935 wait for it to hit that expect to bounce if we do get a bounce go long and just staying along and youre looking at a 38 trade guys so thats just something to think about there and you can see this very similar pattern we have come down quite sharply here there is a bit of a cascade of selling on bitcoin uh which is not really great but again just keep an eye on it guys in the charts im going to jump onto the ethereum price ethereum chart right now for you guys so ethereum as you can see is just getting absolutely smashed up on the daily again its pretty much like bitcoin if you was to look at it but i would imagine that we are way below the 55 yeah as you can see the 55 is probably the most important uh moving average on the um daily time frame guys as as a level of support in a nut market and a level level of resistance in a bear market this is a very bearish signal now guys we are confirming that we are in a downtrend on ethereum the rsi is really oversold though so again were just expecting a push on ethereum guys need to find a level of support i think the problem with ethereum is the fact that youve got all this food regarding gas fees um alternative smart chain contracts and uh smart chain block chains like ada cardano obviously with the ada token um violence smart chain etc so theres a lot of foot around the feeling but i i am still super bullish on ethereum i think that it it will dip down and it will just take off just waiting for bitcoin to find its feet and then everything will follow again i am still expecting a mini out run guys when bitcoin just sorts itself out so again but this is very bearish this this candle here for ethereum is getting absolutely smashed up on the daily time frame guys if you remember yesterday we were being supported by it and we were expecting a bounce upwards but obviously we just got smashed up and were just getting pushed down and pushed down and pushed down um so not really a great deal of positivity for ethereum all were doing at the moment is again testing the previous all-time highs as you can see here were sitting right on that weve actually lost that high there so come down to that next high and then its the previous high there uh were currently we look to be forming a bit of a bounce off that high there on the previous run up on the daily time frame but again you know you you could just see one big pump on bitcoin and then everything just reverses and were just continuation in the bull market guys so just key key levels to keep an eye on for ethereum if we look at the hourly time frame i mean you can see here in the hourly timeframe we are forming quite a strong bullish divergence there in this hourly time frame so obviously we have that divergence there its going there like that and then obviously there and there so thats a bullish divergence so potentially we could see a reversal on the hourly time frame get above this 55 ema and and form a nice reversal off area again its all reliant on bitcoin guys we need bitcoin to just stop crashing to reverse and then were off to the races im going to take a look at chain link for you guys very similar price action to uh ethereum on the hourly guys just falling off all support lets have a look on the daily on the four hourly time frame so as you can see on the on the 55 ema on the four hourly were just under the were just constantly under this 55 ema now and as we keep coming up and testing it we keep getting rejected off it guys so what we need to see is a retest breakthrough and then you know were off and form that uptrend again but where are the levels of support well you can see on the way down we are bouncing off these previous highs in this uptrend here guys we are finding a little bit of support and we are bouncing up and when we do come up we are bouncing off to 55 ema as resistance so again you know its just i think its just a case of bitcoin finding its foot in um and again we are forming a bullish divergence on the rsi there for for uh chain link guys on the outlet time frame so again weve got this lower high there at lower low lower low sorry and high low and then on here weve got a high and a lower high so again thats a bullish divergence guys on the rsi for chain links so again we could see a bit of reversal uh monday morning tomorrow 2364. its holding quite strong we did actually dip down just there to twenty dollars on the four hourly time frame here guys you can see we came down we started to come up diagonally like that and we thought we were finding some support obviously its just a bear flag and then obviously we broke down again out of the bare flag from the original breakout down to the bottom from there so we could expect a low and even further low for uh chain link over the next few days down to 21 26 guys so thats potentially a new bottom that we could be targeting for channeling 21. 32 roughly around that area guys given that thats a bare flag on the four hourly time frame were breaking down and we we should potentially come down to that level there as support guys so thats just something to keep an eye on and its this 55 ema creeps around bitcoin makes its mind up thats where bitcoin could hit that 55 ema as well which is our target at almost 42k um and then obviously that that would be a rock solid support there and hopefully we can get a bounce and move up guys so im just going to take a look at reef now so as you can see were reef guys we are we did get above this diagonal support here it was acting as resistance on the way down we have got above it and you can see we are still sort of bouncing off it but we need a push out the volume isnt great we do need some some beefy volume to come in and and just push us to the upside again we cant get any lower than this zero two four six guys if we get below that then that weve lost critical support here and you can see how far we could actually potentially fall down to this kind of level here because on the way up we sort of flew up there was a little bit of resistance there but as you can see weve only really tested it back tested it once as support twice once twice three times so we may see uh reef come down to this level of support there guys come down to this level here and bounce off it support and hopefully break out to the upside but again what we are in a bit of a downtrend here guys theres no getting away from that um again were just expecting keep keep keep an eye on this bottom support here keep an eye on this bottom level of support if we break that again thats super super bearish if we was to bring up the daily time frame you can see where the 55 ema is guys on the daily timeframe were literally just coming up to it i think we bounced off it over over here in the uh initial uh correction of the 23rd of february sorry we had that correction now we we touched the 55 ema almost just and its creeping up you see weve not got much data thats why weve only got a little line for the 55 uh exponential moving average on the daily time frame so again like you know most things in in in a ball run and in a uptrend we do usually come back and you see things test the 55 vma the the only thing thats looking ultra bearish at the moment is aetherium on the 55 ema everything else doesnt look too bad because its kind of bouncing off of 55 ema and being supported quite nicely reef still has yet to come down and touch the 55 ema as you can see there its still and its lining up with our very bottom there as well the zero two four guys so again um its all its all on bitcoin guys you know if bitcoin can bounce touch that 55 ema or just break out of that bullish divergence weve noticed on the hourly time frame and break out of that uh falling wedge i mean this this is potentially a falling wedge guys you know if we move this like this and we go like this weve got multiple touches again this could just be a falling wedge guys and and we just break up and the target is always to the to the top of the wedge which will push us up to the previous all-time high so again you know it is purely reliant on bitcoin but the fact that we are above the 55 uh ema on the daily time frame for reef is positive guys moving forward i know its horrible to see and were crashing and everythings correcting but just dig in there guys im sure therell be a correction okay im sure therell be a reversal soon the blood will be over so lets take a look at one inch guys see how thats getting on so yeah on one inch guys unfortunately we we did bottom out over here as we spoke about and we were moving up in this impulsive wave and corrective wave and it was beautiful but then obviously yet again bitcoin couldnt behave and it crashed and everything gets dragged down with it unfortunately but um so we fell out of this trading channel now which is unfortunate obviously but we are finding a lot of support down here guys you know were not crashing i mean if you look at the other projects like chain link and such an and ethereum theyre losing their local bottoms you know one inch is really strong here and im reading good fundamentals about one inch moving forward so i still think that we are going to potentially push up on one inch and its a great project to get into guys um so again uh just keeping on these level support here this is the absolute bottom here down here for uh one inch of that body of that candle there well mark that so you know we still could come down to this 3.21 level uh for one inch and still be quite strong guys weve come down and bounced off it right now what whats in turn for one inch all right lets bring up the fib on one inch on this four hourly time frame guys see if we can see anything yeah so just just looking at one interesting guys i am still really bullish on it and unfortunately we broke out of that uptrend there and we were targeting these fib levels guys so unfortunately you know i did long it there and i got i got shorted out my stop-loss got triggered and uh the trade didnt play off but thats the way it goes with with trading you cant win them all but um the fact that one inch has not actually come right down to this bottom yet is quite strong as well we seem to be bouncing off some form of support in in this uptrend here so this is a bit of a support line now for one inch moving forward so hopefully we dont lose this support here guys uh where were trading right now in this zone so obviously you can see we caught that bounced off that gone up weve come back down and bounced off that so effectively if we brought out the fib now from the bottom of this move here to the top you can see were bouncing off his zero seven eight six guys were bouncing off zero seven eight six so hopefully uh with with one inch now and hopefully if bitcoin behaves and bottoms out and reverses we could see a reversal on one inch and just a continuation trend of this uptrend here um so yeah thats just one inch guys um just try and remain positive in the market lets just keep the fingers crossed reversal and and the fact that we bought them out we are still in the bull market guys like i say that bitcoins above the 55 ema uh thats a positive sign and if you look across the board we still have got certain cryptos that are just making all time eyes still and pushing up um so its just a correction across the board really uh yep so ill catch you 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