chainlink inflation rateCrypto Convo: Chainlink LINK, Riot Blockchain RIOT, Marathon Patent Group MARA, BTC & ETH

10x10 chainlink dog kennel chainlink and cosmos chainlink inflation rate Crypto Convo: Chainlink LINK, Riot Blockchain RIOT, Marathon Patent Group MARA, BTC & ETH
chainlink inflation rate chainlink stocktwits Crypto Convo: Chainlink LINK, Riot Blockchain RIOT, Marathon Patent Group MARA, BTC & ETH
all right whats going on you guys its royce jacob welcome back to the channel welcome to the first edition of crypto convo im super excited to kick off this series this has been a series that ive been wanting to make for a while now and i figured now is the perfect time considering im personally convinced that we have finally kicked off the next cryptocurrency bull market for those of you who dont know cryptocurrency was um the first time in my trading career that i made a lot of money i got it in late 2016. obviously you can see over here uh bitcoin did have that rally in 2017 for those of you who werent around so made a nice chunk of change that was my the first time i made a lot of money and really what got me hooked on trading obviously you make a lot of money you get hooked so um not only did i make money i i found i found a passion in myself for for bitcoin for the the fundamental side of bitcoin and blockchain technology you guys know around here if you stick around for stocks i love covering revolutionary sectors and sectors that are really changing the world not only because you see the most returns because theyre the ones doing the coolest things so that really kicked off my love for for innovational revolutionary sectors and uh obviously sectors that i believe have asymmetric risk and when youre investing thats the single most important aspect for an investment in an asset when youre thinking about investing in it is that asymmetric risk potential okay so um again i do believe that we just kicked this off this series i will um obviously were going to be covering crypto thats thats very obvious but i do also want to batch in when necessary of course some blockchain crypto bitcoin mining related stocks like mara like riot like were talking about today so we will cover those as well again when i feel necessary if i feel like theyre worth covering but i do want to kick these series off each episode off i should say by looking at the chart of bitcoin and ether so ill just give you guys my very quick breakdown of both bitcoin and ethereum at the beginning of each video just the gold and silver of the sector i feel its necessary um the other two kings i feel like it will stay that way for a long time so i just want to give you guys my take on those today specifically we will touch on chain link as well ive been talking about fun fact the first investing related video i ever made on this channel was a chain link analysis about half a year ago now i highly recommend that you guys dont watch that because its its trash um but that was the first video i have been bullish on chain link for a long time it is on absolute fire right now its outperforming kind of by far the rest of the cryptocurrency market and um we will cover it today ill get i want to show you guys this article uh not this one but this article in regard to chain link so well take a look at this we will take a look at this uh just just this argument for bitcoin to 50k i think it could be beyond that but um its just its just kind of the fundamental argument for a a high priced bitcoin all right just because its important this is like my primary argument for bitcoin as well right now so i want to read this with you guys just just its a its a pretty short read i just kind of want to expand on this point right now as well so well take a look at that and then of course well take a look at the charts let you guys know what im thinking from a technical perspective and uh yeah excited to get into this and of course as i said before we will cover riot and mara just because super exciting times ian the crypto related stock sector and i want to cover those one more thing you guys for those of you who do follow me just for the stock content i highly recommend that you you dip your feet into the sector again im so funny ive been fundamentally bullish on it the the place that i believe bitcoin and blockchain technology will serve and the purpose theyll serve in the future of our financial system the future of global economics is super important especially when governments around the world are printing trillions which well kind of get to in this so im super bullish on this i do recommend you guys to non-investment advice but maybe you look into establishing even a small tiny position in bitcoin or cryptocurrency because i always say that once you do that thats an investment not not just an investment financial investment but investment in your education because once you do you go down the rabbit hole you have skin in the game and you will force yourself to learn and educate yourself and education is the most important thing in this game um when it comes to long-term money when it comes to actual like success in the long run okay so before we get into it i will ask you guys to please give the video a like if you do want to gain value from it or if youre invested in any of the assets cryptos that were talking about today subscribe to the channel if youre new around here and want more crypto investment content like this and check out my complete portfolio daily newsletter if you want uh a look into my exact positions and some of these stocks and cryptocurrencies okay so again lets kick this off with bitcoin uh i do want to read you guys this article well kick it off with this article just to set the fundamental base all right so foos first move as fed near as inflation rubicon analyst c50k bitcoin and play again you guys 50k could be way way more than that um but its just thats a pretty conservative estimate in my mind in terms of kind of a long run um picture the federal reserve appears ready to pursue yet another untested strategy that could ultimately boost inflation and possibly prices for bitcoin and well just read this and i want to show you guys this chart right here the feds extra loosening of monetary policy could help support prices for bitcoin which many cryptocurrency investors speculate could serve as an effective hedge against inflation similar gold bitcoin prices have already soared 58 this year beating silvers 36 and golds 30 not to mention the two percent gain and the standard and poors uh s p 500 index of large stocks bitcoin rose 1.5 percent on monday so nothing significant but its been up a lot over time which we will look at um this is important as more investors looked at digital gold which is how i always describe the digital gold gold 2.0 even as inflation hagen increasingly digitized world emits unprecedented government money printing the cryptocurrency research for missouri wrote monday we know that it wont take much of an institutional allocation until 50 000 bitcoin is back on the table so thats the important thing right there institutional allocation its not only retail movement but its institutional allocation like i talked about with gbtc which were not talking about today but i will talk about in the future gbtc is an institutional kind of asset institutions will look to buy bitcoin in a world where governments are printing trillions of dollars and bitcoin is it is an absolutely scarce asset okay i always say this 18 million in circulation now will only ever be 21 million its likely less than that because a lot have been lost okay so that is a fact that will never change its absolutely scarce so you can see here that we have inflation hedge assets we have bitcoin silver gold and uh again you guys if youve been following ive been invested in silver and gold as well silver today even popped off my silver my silver call options are returning a lot gold as well again inflation has assets investors know that the dollar will be devalued after were printing trillions of them its just thats common sense if theres no way that it wont happen over time okay and bitcoin is outperforming silver and gold even the s p as much as you think it might like the stock markets on fire just after this kind of relief rally that weve seen since the crash um s p is only up two percent bitcoin is up 58 and then gold and silver up uh just like half that almost okay so bitcoin among inflation hedges are is is the best performing asset so far this year and and will continue to be its bitcoin is so young bitcoins only 10 years old okay you guys thats whats so important to remember bitcoin is still such a young asset it still has so much upside potential ahead of it in my mind its just a fraction its like 200 something billion dollar mark cap thats minuscule gold is a multi multi trillion dollar mark cap okay i believe its like shoot i cant i dont i dont know what it is now lets say its like five trillion or something but uh i mean bitcoin is so much smaller than gold still so it makes me believe that we have such uh a longer way to go and my mouse is stuck what the heck is going on here okay sorry about that my mouse like stuck really wants to hold on to this bitcoin okay so as you can see here i did mention this before but this is the most important this is what really kicks off big the the bull run before bitcoin and the rest of the cryptocurrency because crypto follows the crypto market will follow bitcoin in a sense okay so bitcoin did break this multi-year downtrend um just a couple weeks ago like kicking off this this recent price rally weve seen lets zoom in here this is gonna look a little wild but uh stick with me so lets zoom in here and again you guys like on the grand scale of things uh this volatility that weve seen just this week is is like nothing okay so bitcoin right now just on a short term time frame what worries me is that we could see a head and shoulders pattern played out i dont think thats whats gonna happen i think well probably just use this were setting this this last high as a low and well set a new high beyond the twelve thousand dollars so i do think well probably break beyond twelve thousand dollars um in bitcoin and uh thats the optimistic scenario worst case scenarios that we play out of head and shoulders which still is kind of possible so left shoulder right or head right shoulder and then we might come back down to like the the ten thousand dollar region so about a ten percent retracement well see if that happens um but again fundamentally long term im still super bullish on bitcoin im not really worried about the short term im not trying to trade bitcoin right now so ethereum well take a quick look at ethereum um i mean ethereums just been on a rip lately you can see just um like two weeks ago ethereum is at 230 its now almost at 400 it touched 400 a couple a few days ago so ethereum is absolutely ripping right now we look at the five year on ethereum long term this is the one i i might just start looking at the long term because its so much more important to me in my mind so you see great volume on ethereum theres great volume on bitcoin right now as well ethereum did hit a high in 2017 if you guys run around 1400 so i mean theres still a lot of price appreciation we have ethereum 2.0 coming out i will cover that in a future future episode so im not covering it today but i do want to get to the stocks as well and try to keep this somewhat quick um i will cover ethereum 2.0 please let me know if you guys want to know that because thats a very exciting project right now that is the catalyst the fundamental catalyst behind ethereums price action is their their launch of eth 2.0 which again is just the next evolution of their blockchain tech and their software so i will cover that in future videos but eth is ripping right now i would be surprised to see a pullback in eath considering we did around this 400 region considering we did see this as a place of support around here back in 2017 it bounced it off of it a few times it has used it as resistance in the past and support so um there are a few areas where it has used it again as resistance and support so i would be surprised to see a little pullback in heath but again you guys long im not trying to day trade this on any pullbacks dollar cost average thats what i do just add a little bit to your position on all the pullbacks all right so lets get to chain link uh before we like look at shane like you guys again uh that it looks really good that this is the first video on my channel because um i mean the chain link ever since i made that video has just been on an absolute tear okay so feel good about that one good first video kickoff kick off the channel with um but i do want to cover this and well get into technicals okay so chain link zeros in on smart contract adoption with new grant program chain link quietly unveils a grant program with the stated goal of making smart contracts the dominant form of digital agreement okay so chain link you guys if youre not familiar you guys can watch that initial video its actually its not terrible obviously i was new to just sitting in front of a camera and talking so its going to be way more janky than im now im not saying im good now but it was even jankier than i am now so you guys can check that out if you want its not bad i i was proud of it i was very proud of it at the time im still proud of it because its my first video but i do talk about chain link its an oracle solution you can understand what chain link is fundamentally but chain link is pretty much like chain link in my mind epitomizes uh the beauty of what blockchain actually is as a technology not bitcoin bitcoins digital gold gold 2.0 but chain link is like utilizing actual blockchain tech to do cool things so i want to read this uh statement from the founder chainlink co-founder sergey and azeroth elaborated on these points in a statement to cointelegraph were accelerating the adoption of smart contracts is the dominant form of digital agreement by enabling them to be used for the many mainstream youth use cases defined by d5 decentralized insurance and fraud proof gaming the goal of chain-link community grant program is to accelerate all the key dynamics regarding relating to data security and accessibility around trading so in a world where where data and digital security is becoming increasingly important thats what the blockchain is like blockchain technology when you build things on on blockchain technology its completely transparent its completely safe in most in some cases in chain links case thats the case but i mean that they are again im not going to talk about this too much but chain link is capitalizing on uh really what i what i perceive the beauty of blockchain technology to be and um i think i i mean after even after this rally well look at this right now so chain link has been ripping so chain link has far outperformed just back in march um chain link was it two dollars its now five x since then its almost attended touch just scraped about ten dollars it makes sense were pulling back around ten dollars so um i mean ten dollars you guys a big thing of crypto is is this psychology uh bubbles like a lot of what we talk about usually so ten dollars is like the psychological even when youre talking about these price levels so it makes sense that we see a little pullback we might see like its not it wouldnt be uncommon to see a 20 retracement on chain link maybe maybe 10 20 to this recent high set right here it did set a few um a few weekly candles around this area around eight dollars so 20 retracement after a run like this wouldnt be too crazy um but again you guys im not were not going to look at this close uh just im not trying to trade these these assets unlike stocks im trying to trade the stocks a little more but even the stocks like ryan and mar which were about to talk about im in these for the long im so confident that weve kicked off the next bull rally and i think that over the course of the next of the coming months and by the end of the year we could see new all-time highs easily in bitcoin okay so we will move down we got xrpos uh kyber networks a fun one gbtc well talk about all these in the future dont worry you guys but today i just want to focus on a riot margins because they are the most volatile at this as at this point in time we have hive as well so hive did pretty well today maybe well take a quick look at that just because okay so um again right you guys i still think right right was down a little bit today not as much as mara but it didnt it didnt see as much of a gain as mario yesterday as well so right again im going to stay on the long-term time frame so the beauty right look at this volume theres crazy amounts of volume on right theres a lot of eyes on the right which makes me extremely bullish on ride at this moment i still think we will come up and test this trend line obviously like the farther down the line it goes the more this trend line extends so i think at some point we will definitely come back why cant i there we go we will come back to retest this upper line of resistance at some point and again that could range from like five to six dollars because its such a steep trend line i still think its possible you see the volume here um you go to the five year you can see what ride is capable of just its a small market cap thats the the thing about thats the beauty of these stocks that are involved in bitcoin mining blockchain tiny market caps okay so theyre very it doesnt take much capital look at that volume on right thats such a bullish sign in my mind so were seeing a lot of volume theres eyes on the right theres investors who want to invest in in in innovational revolutionary assets we know that in this market and uh right you can see whats possible right back in 2017 when uh during that first bull rally of bitcoin not the first but um the most recent one 2017 right hit a high of 45 dollars and im not saying that thats going to happen any time in the near future it but you just know it cant its possible weve seen it before so it is possible um just keeping on you guys im so bullish on right right now bullish on mar as well right now even though we saw a pullback in it today um so mara here well go uh well kick it off with this just because i want to show you guys one more time my long term time frame on mara so mara i mean again you guys look at look at this freaking when you zoom out like this it looks wild but its just mara is currently sitting at the market cap went up significantly after yesterday but mara even up to 60 million is a drop in the bucket thats a tiny market cap it could still 10x from here and be like half a billion okay so just keep that in mind uh mara i mean if if if bitcoin say bitcoin hits 100k i mean mara bright the skys the freaking limit in my mind and im so so bullish on this sector right now you guys you guys know that if youve been watching my recent videos but im gonna stop trying to just preaching on that show you guys the five day it looks so wild after being on the on that last time frame so ill zoom down um mara right now so what i want to show you guys is shoot where my i drew some nice lines this morning disappeared okay so the beauty of what happened this morning is that mara perfectly bounced so i dont it like perfectly balanced off where we gapped up the other day when it was up when it like doubled in price okay so it perfectly bounced a gap down and perfectly balanced off this line where it gapped up um on the third and i think were probably um like you guys know two wave theory i talk about that a lot you see this first wave you see you see it getting ready to break out you see the breakout see the bubble pop you see it capitulated a little you see it correct people take profits you see it capitulate go sideways and i would not be surprised at all right now to see mara see a second wave so thats what im betting on again its tiny mark cap so much volume on mara its a huge stock on robin hood yesterday traders are watching it and i wouldnt be surprised at all to see mara shoot up one more time and see another rally and um after that itll probably do a similar thing here and then just kind of slowly gain up but again you guys its very dependent on the on the performance of bitcoin and the rest of the cryptocurrency sector because yeah mara wright are bitcoin mining companies so people people know that the more the more bitcoin the price of bitcoin goes up the more money these guys make okay so obviously that fundamentally plays a role but just just i mean this has happened so many times you see a breakout you see the bubble will pop people take profits you see correct capitulate goes sideways and then you see another rally so thats what im betting on im very bullish on mara again uh on the media kind of like short term i think before the end of the week its likely that well see another run-up in mara and if we do that i might take a little profits for the short term but i mean im both right and mara i want to say you guys im not i am not planning on closing out uh probably the majority im holding a lot of my positions even these like cryptos like im not really trying to trade these as much as im just so bullish on them over the course of the coming months that im just holding them and im willing to sit through the volatility and it you guys thats something so important that i learned um in 2017 primarily early like i did sell a bunch when bitcoin was around like 15k i didnt catch the very top but uh you guys like just sit through the volatility through the first part just practice strong hands it pays off in the long run the strong handed individuals strong hands and investors trust me always win in the long run okay so just stay rational keep a rational head on your shoulders and just understand that the fundamentals in the sector i mean this is my opinion always remember that you guys know that this is my opinion but im just so confident in the fundamentals of this factor in the current macroeconomic landscape that i mean i see this sector like crushing it over the coming months all right so not trying to trade it ups and downs i dont really care im super bullish on the long run and im uh im holding a lot of my position so ill tell you guys that much hi well take just a quick look at hive real quick just for fun so hive looks super weird because its such a small like its not even available on a robin hood its an otc stock so hive you see thats why it looks so weird because it is like such low volume uh in the grand scheme of things thats why hive looks super weird um so lets go to like the five year on hive when did hive ipo so hive again you can see whats whats highs marquee cap out right now 160 million so its actually a big company so its actually a bigger market cap than riot and mara uh so lets just see like hive back in 2017 back in the bull rally got to a high of 670 so its currently at 50 cents that gives a room for for like a what is that like a 12x yeah like 12 12 to 15 x you guys get the point 12 to 15 x from this point if it does reach new all-time highs which again you guys in this when when bitcoin goes ballistic if you guys didnt experience it goes ballistic okay and again theres all the stars are aligning for bitcoin in the cryptocurrency space right now im so freaking bullish on this entire sector so im gonna stop branding now i look forward to more of these episodes um again you guys please let me know if theres any other projects youre excited about if theres any specific things within the cryptocurrency realm that you want me to cover in more of these crypto convos and um yeah again if you guys want to know exactly what positions i hold in the cryptocurrency space as well as as uh my positions in riot mara hive its like overstocks a lot of these companies check out my complete portfolio daily newsletter exactly as it states complete breakdown of all call options all put options all stock positions all cryptocurrencies and along with that i do send out a newsletter during market hours on every trading day talking about the trades i made that day rationalizing my thoughts and giving you guys just more real-time updates on my thoughts on the current markets and economic environment okay so check that out if youre interested at all again first link down below if youre interested if not no worries at all so um again i look forward to learning from you guys talking to you guys talking shop down in the comments as well and uh until next time you guys always remember take action make waves peace Hopefully you guys enjoyed this episode of Crypto Convo! 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