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look at this there are 3 922 subscribers in my trading group and were killing it daily got a few shout outs to given my trading group this person stated signed up for vip elite took your suggestion i doubled my money in less than a week this person im up 58 000 in 10 days chris thanks a lot for everything im three or four months in the group ive turned four thousand dollars into 65 grand 65 gs out of 4 000. thats more than 10x more than 10xed his money in the group this person im up 10 000 in the last week ive got a cryptocurrency trading group ive got six chat groups rubys calling out breakouts posting charts working together to trade this market ive got 41 videos in a playlist if you dont know anything about trading at all nothing you can watch these videos youll be making profitable trades number one reason why people join my trading group is i post profitable trading setups every single day and weve been killing it if you guys want to join the cryptocurrency trading group you want to pay in crypto email me crypto bitcoincarissa ill get you set up and in the group today you pay for six months in crypto you get a 20 discount you pay for the year in crypto you get an additional month for free and a 30 discount if you do want to pay with a card month to month on a monthly basis you can do so theres a patreon link thats in the description this is tazos up 72 percent you can see heres the setup posted heres 52 out of link again bought the breakout down here heres the setup heres ethereum 57 gains out of ethereum heres the setup bitcoin cash broke out 60 gained over time i want to thank everybody for watching crypto revolution we talk about everything crypto daily before we jump in this video i want to ask you guys smash the like button for me if you havent subscribed to the channel yet and you came into cryptocurrency to make life-changing money youre tired of working for somebody else and youre ready to just chill at home trade crypto buy crypto talk crypto hold crypto subscribe to this channel im going to keep you updated daily on the news that moves the market bitcoin technical analysis all coin setups to help you make profits jumping right into the market today in crypto bitcoin at eleven thousand eight fifty so we have to assume that the price action continues in this pattern until it doesnt we talked about this reversal potential a couple videos actually yesterday and the day before small double bottom right here just like we had here and here and here is possible okay now would be very good for the altcoins smaller cap all coin trading if this kind of just rank stays in this range okay but we have to assume that over time you know bitcoin just essentially moves to this upper trend line up here okay now mind you this is a bearish pattern overall 68 chance that it does break to the downside at some point but the difficult part here is that on multiple occasions and the run-ups to 14 000 and 20 000 these did break higher so you have to set your stop losses keep them in place manage risk remember technical analysis is not predicting trading is not predicting its managing risk and basically letting creating an edge and letting your edge play out over time just like vegas vegas always wins you need to create an edge like vegas so that over time you create a sustainable trading strategy now this is bitcoin dominance so we talked about hey we need this to pull back for these alt coins to boom to boom again and guess what happened head and shoulders reversal move to the downside amazing altcoin gains today so a lot easier to trade these all coins when this is trending lower so again break to the downside of this uh poc this redline point of control and then break to the downside of this support level and hey theres plenty of room come on down here bitcoin dominance all coins lets go lets have a solid weekend for these all coins bitcoins volatile these all coins are tough to trade the altcoin all btc pairs ive got some amazing shout outs to given my trading group real quick this person stated because of your hard work and all the advice i turned 85 000 into 190 000 in three months life-changing money listen this person reached out i never thought in my life like people would reach out to me and say hey chris im learning and im making money thanks for the work you do my family will never be the same because of this and its like sometimes i read these and im always like wow like this is life-changing money is just that it will change your life forever next person thanks for the sxp call up 32 000 and then came back nine days later and said great call and basic attention token which i gave to you guys as well from a couple days ago hopped into the breakout already up a couple thousand dollars boom if you are struggling trading this market let me help you this is not about being a day trader 90 of the people in the trading group are very busy very busy they just basically buy and hold these midterm holds when weve seen 50 to 70 percent profits over three to five weeks and a lot of these midterm hold setups so just keep in mind that theres an easy way to trade this market cutum so i gave this to you guys you remember i gave this to you guys on the 16th on the 16th by the breakout of this level or a re-test of this support is a good entry i think i posted in the trading group here originally in the trading group we started buying qtum down here this little falling ledge boom moved to the upside so it looks like its up about a hundred percent a hundred percent so kudums had some upside now theyve got staking weve talked about this just goes into effect uh on the august the 28th so that news definitely helps and is a catalyst for these continued moves higher check this out youve heard of texting while driving definitely not safe do not text and drive trading while driving like this person in my group hes got this totally rigged up what is this an ipad or a tablet hes got this little enclosure built hes like hes got hes got the buy button hes ready hes like limit buy limit buy banned about to buy band driving around let me get in there cant miss this move dont do this not safe right a lot of you guys have been holding swipe if you guys ever get a run up of a couple hundred percent in altcoin you better be taking profits on the way up holder midterm holder trader whatever got to lock in profits because after you get a pull back its going to take a little while for it to kind of recoil for that move to the upside you know its just remind dont ride these down trends especially when you get huge moves out of these coins take profits sort it out later band protocol tweeted this swipe wallet they say band is the uh the next chain link banned protocol remember that one band tweeted this they said swipe wallet sxp a leading digital asset wallet and visa platform backed by binance has listed and chosen banned to provide scalable oracle technology for the launch of swipe fi this is a decentralized lending protocol on the binance smart chain binance swipe x is coming soon as well and they also came out the swipe network theyve enlisted their partners sertec io to audit the final round of swipe smart contracts for their main net staking so again lots of news going on this is i mean theyve got staking coming on the 22nd and then testnet coming on september the 30th so there is some upside going forward just be patient with this one plutus defy staking has been announced its coming now it was just added to kucoin it was one that a lot of you guys have reached out and said hey talk about plutus plutus d5 here we are doc doc launched their test net early doc launched the test net early but dont worry theres still a ton of news coming theyre supposed to launch it on the 31st or earlier so i guess hey when you see these projects launch things earlier thats important like that that just means hey like the last thing you want to do is miss a date they launched it earlier so docs ahead of schedule now look you got in september you got main net claim deduction security audit in november theres a token swap in december theres anchoring and theres proof of stake mainnet thats going to happen on june the 30th of mid mid next year and proof of stake test net is going to launch uh june next year as well so they got a lot of news a lot of things going a lot of ideas in the works remember theres a popular phrase in cryptocurrency its buy the test net sell the mainnet heres why because theres all this news and hype before the projects actually launched right before it actually and then its like hey here we are main net now what do we do we gotta really get adopted by mainstream and were just not quite there yet right so youll see those coins that you want to 10 20 50 x are brand new projects so dont get stuck on coinbase and yeah bitcoins got some upside ethereums got upside but life-changing money happens fast in these small mid and micro cap coins as well this person has a white board set up and i recommend you guys get one you know this is a business if you have a bunch of notes on here you kind of have your bearings you know every you wake up every day and you know what youre watching what youre you know essentially you have all your dates written down the trades that you have open where you bought in at like be organized the more organized you get chart patterns down here the more profitable youll be knowles came out and they said theres 15 million nulls that are now on the nerve network so nulls nvt stakers are receiving 36 percent roi doesnt even matter what your coin that you like is like as long as theyre moving into d5 yoyo announces d5 road map d5 road map lets pump it stake bnb this is a big number earn up to 25 apr for binance staking real quick just want to catch you up with the idea we talked about in yesterdays video look down here notice you get these little double bottoms double bottoms are reversal patterns right heres a big double bottom reversal pattern okay so look we come down here and you get these double bottoms if we get a situation like this some of the best all coin trading that we had was right here was these double bottoms right these all btc pairs these small caps take off when bitcoins doing nothing boom just like we talked about all coins took off look at this if you dont have an account on binance right now im telling you youre missing the easiest money youre gonna make in crypto if youre in the united states you have to use purevpn theres a link in the description as well telling you guys this is where life-changing moneys made the fastest look at these gains 72 29 29 25 23 22 20 19 19 19 17 17 16. look at this theres another page of double digit green coins are you serious is like shooting fish in a barrel so bnt remember bnt you should because i gave it to you right here two days ago bnt by the breakout of the falling wedge 30 gains if you got in on that trade balancer this is one that i posted uh this morning cute them cute them huge gains out of cute them 19 percent gains remember cute them gave it to you right here august the 16th all about the gains life-changing money happens fastest you know why heres what the herd sees crickets crickets three percent one percent two percent flat flat flat litecoin one percent not a bunch of movement this has been arrow i was going to get the setup out to you guys and of course i posted it and it starts breaking out starts running theres still some good upside here xmr could be the next this is ethereum or zcash which had some amazing upside so your targets 107 and 120 dollars now monero okay so its broken out what you want to see is a pullback and a retest this is kind of like a spring comes back down to support this level here this level here support okay and then boom you get a move to the upside youre looking at 107 and then 120 dollars based on this resistance and this resistance as your target so doc launched their test net early a lot of times after the test net you know the price action sells off which it hasnt done so it actually pumped now youre looking for this retest youre looking for a move to the downside in the spring and a bounce to the upside okay thats your entry all targets are over here main net coming september 30th so theres some upside over time ripple executive says 20 percent of all ripple net transactions occur using xrp im thinking well the flip side is eighty percent dont use xrp 80 percent so kind of disappointing you know you want to see xrp go to the moon you guys a lot of holders out there that are strong on xrp i do think xrp 45 cent xrp is in the cards at some point but its going to take time ripple xrp is a is a huge its a heavy heavy coin its going to take it takes billions and billions of dollars to double the price of xrp bit flyer usa lands in hawaii after regulatory collaboration so people in hawaii have a hard time buying crypto the bitfire usa which is the american brand of the tokyo-based cryptocurrency exchange bitflyer stated we chose hawaii due to the regulatory sandbox for digital currency they set up this is huge for crypto i mean you want crypto for mainstream adoption to happen you have to be able to trade it in all the states the united states all the countries in the world essentially right so they chose hawaii due to its close links between the state and japan their name recognition is particularly high in hawaii so theres a digital currency innovation lab that acts as a regulatory playground and gives cryptocurrency companies two years of leeway in hawaii to function void of money transmittance licenses bitflyer is going to offer hawaiians the use of exchange on desktop and mobile devices so you can buy and sell crypto with usd using bitflyer usa iohk ceo charles hoskinson promises massive performance improvements in the cardano node so charles hoskinson he shared some details about the upcoming release of the daedalus wallet its 2.2 hoskinson says they came out with a version 1.19 of the cardano node its going to offer very significant performance improvements he theyre saying that some aspects of the software a hundred times faster and quality assurance is reporting that everything looks pretty good so far so hes coming out hes hyping the coin he says were gonna have a really good september were excited about september ghost token crashes fifty percent remember john mcafee is behind this project well apparently he was working with this project so tech veteran john mcfee has announced that hes gonna leave ghosts team citing issues with the projects management ghost which is a privacy coin uses proof of stake its going to ensure users privacy making them ghosts when carrying out transactions however mcafee said see ya and the coin drops fifty percent he bless basically said he had a bunch of ideas on improvements to the team and the team wouldnt listen to him and the team at ghost called john mcfee a loose cannon john mcafee loose cannon does anybody anybody anybody agree with that yeah hes a loose cannon are you serious man im just saying anytime you you make any type of business proposal with john mcafee probability of something crazy happening is is pretty high so they should have known better gotta be more careful al goran readys on chain smart contracts as the defy of summer rolls on algorand stateful smart contracts increase efficiency by storing certain information on the user accounts so this is going to allow for lower transaction fees and its going to allow it to scale a lot faster than other competing defy friendly change so everybodys competing to get defy coins to run because ethereum obviously is getting bogged down and will continue to do so high ethereum fees because ethereums getting bogged down by d5 makes tether move to omg so this is the eighth blockchain tether is running on a lot of people were like oh man tethers gonna fail dont use tether listen tethers been around theres always been flood around tether its fine this is going to result in a reduction of confirmation times delivering faster payments while fees will be reduced without compromising on chain security if you guys like content that i cover on a daily basis be sure to subscribe to the channel like the video comment below hit the bell for notifications thanks so much ill see you guys tomorrow Join the BEST trading group on YouTube! 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