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if you buy an altcoin you are inherently taking on more risk than if you buy Bitcoin and a lot of all coins will unfortunately hello everyone today our guests are famous crypto Bitcoin Traders and YouTubers Benjamin Cowan and Guy Turner both Ben Cowan and guide tourer discuss the current crypto Market rally fomo short-term Trends and price predictions for 2023 and more if you enjoy this highlight videos please kindly subscribe and help share this video for us to share more of this valuable content thank you data from cointelegraph markets Pro and trading view followed BTC USD as it hit highs of 21 247 on bitstamp overnight the pair had faced major suspicion after it began to make up some serious lost ground through the week with analysts warning that a retracement could occur at any time nonetheless only brief periods of consolidation accompanied bitcoins Ascent with weekly gains sitting at nearly 25 percent in doing so BTC USD took out its realized price at 19 700 an old all-time high from 2017 twenty thousand dollars and the 200-day moving average the latter saw its first resistance or support challenge since October 2021 one month before bitcoins most recent all-time high in in terms of crypto you know I I am a very stubborn person when it comes to when it comes to the altcoin market I you know I I still I I have Bitcoin right Ive bought some Bitcoin here and there over the last you know half year so I mean I still think Bitcoin is going to eventually lead the next bull market but I I still remain somewhat stubborn on the altcoin market mainly because I still see the dominance of Bitcoin trending higher and I mean you know this is one of those things where if you look at it including stable coins you might argue that its just been its been sort of like scraping the lows for since May of 2021 but if you exclude stable coins I mean its been an uptrend since May of 2021 it continues to go higher and so the reason why I I remain somewhat stubborn on the altcoin market is because it is taking on a higher risk than than you are with Bitcoin right so you know a lot of these all coins as we know I mean look they can give you some solid gains um yesterday we we saw we saw Avalanche go up what like 25 after the announcement I knew were going to talk about that later but it still doesnt change the fact that they have been macro bleeding against Bitcoin for a long time right and thats the thing like thats the thing we have to contend with is if you if you buy an altcoin you are inherently taking on more risk than if you buy Bitcoin and a lot of all coins will unfortunately not go to all-time highs now some of them will right theyre good examples from last cycle we know ethereum once who knew all-time high I dont really consider ethanol I consider it a blue chip like Bitcoin but you had cardano going to new all-time high last cycle and and some other ones right like B and B went to an all-time high so some all coins have gone to new all-time highs and you know its good if you can find those but theres a lot of relics from prior cycles that dont right and you can go back to 2013 cycle the 2017 cycle theyre just sort of like relics of a past cycle and and they dont they wont necessarily go to new all-time high so I I for me right now I still do have a healthy cash position um Im not as aggressively stacking cash as I was last year because I I do recognize that 2023 is likely going to be the year of of opportunity you know to get you know to to get to get positions in the market before 2024 2025 time frame right so so my general expectations of this year are and I actually did a video on this somewhat recently is if you look at like 2015 and you look at 2019 for Bitcoin they both had upside and downside right so in both of those years we went up we went down so in 2015 we went down first and then for the first half of the year uh or you know were at near the bottom for the first half and then the second half we went up 2019 was the opposite right we went up we we sort of dipped down a little bit then we went up and then we faded that rally for the second half of the year so my general expectations are that the year will be choppy itll be probably somewhat sideways for the most part I am going to be Im certainly going to be looking for I think opportunities to kind of dip in later in the year and I for me I really want to see an improvement certainly in the macro side of things about Above All Else really and I think the FED is is going to drive that 100 of the way so I guess you could say that Ill be you know Ill be kind of waiting on on on what the FED says on what the FED does with regards to inflation uh when it decides to pause and you know if were going to see you know how its some sort of indication of how long theyre going to keep rates you know at that terminal at that terminal rate right so yeah and I mean I agree with I I I agree with Ben um in terms of in terms of the sort of year that were going to have its its not going to be its not going to be boring I think its going to be slightly dull in terms of price action for sort of long periods of time and then well probably get something sort of similar like weve seen today to the to the upside and and to the downside as well when you know when when we get some when we get some bits of good or bad news happening in the market kind of gets a little over excited and everyone thinks or well a lot of people think that the bull markets suddenly come back and so well see well see pumps and well see dumps along the way I think as I think whats going to be really interesting from from a crypto perspective uh because Bens obviously touched on on what we can expect you know from from from a macro side and you know again its those fed meetings isnt it its what uh what Jerome and Co say and do um but I think as well just kind of keeping track of all the development going on keeping track of stories like this one that were going to discuss a bit later about Avalanche you know these these announcements coming out these announcements of development and further adoption and further integration with you know web 2 companies with the kind of with the wider economy if you like and I think thats going to be thats going to be a really kind of fun thing to keep tabs on because its were going to be able to see this development happening were going to be were going to know that the market is is maturing that projects are maturing and getting better but all the time thats not I think going to be really reflected in in prices at all I think as I say well see a lot of sideways action for for a lot of the year I kind of feel that um Im kind of looking towards the end of the year towards maybe Q3 Q4 to see some sort of uptick I would hope that um I would hope that you know that weve got tangible signs that inflation really is being squashed although of course the FED isnt going to suddenly pivot on that the FED is going to keep rates rates High until it is completely confident that its got inflation under control and again I think well probably see people getting excited about a possible pivot and then that pivot not materializing and you know the market will pump and then dump etc etc but what I really want to see is a tangible Improvement in the macro Outlook so Im just kind of keeping an eye on on things like the housing market um and and the stock market as well because weve obviously got that that correlation between stocks and crypto and weve yet to see the stock market take that take that next leg lower which I think is what you know a lot of people seem to be expecting so Im Im kind of preparing myself for that and for yeah quite possibly for a crisis in housing as well and yeah Im Im looking Im eyeing out Im eyeing up sort of further lows as a result of that and possibly because of other kind of crypto specific factors which I think weve touched on before um and Im again I think in terms of what people can sort of expect or what people should prepare for I think yeah as I said earlier that idea of of everything kind of moving sideways with these with these occasional pumps that kind of fizzle out fairly quickly I think as well its just people should be ready for everything to kind of take longer than than you would expect it to I think well see you know well have some good news in for for various projects well have some hopefully some some indications that the macro situation is is improving and itll be itll be that sort of sense of excitement its like oh maybe weve turned the corner and perhaps we have but I still think that will take a while to play out in the markets itll take a while for for investors to be kind of tempted back to the table especially uh for risk assets like crypto I think we want to we want to see this you know we want to see inflation come back down I mean this is uh the goal is for inflation to get back down to the Target of two percent right I mean that I think thats the single biggest thing thats probably keeping us from being more confident in this like phase of another long period of economic expansion its just that this High inflation is making the FED do things that they wouldnt normally do right like normally if if the if the economy were starting to falter or earnings were coming in pretty low for a lot of major companies um if people were um you know I mean the labor market remains relatively tight right now but again the FED normally pivots well before now right and thats why everyone spent all of last year thinking that they were going to Pivot last year because normally they do right they dont they dont do those type of stuff but yeah I mean CPI coming down is a good thing um and the quicker it comes down I think the probably the the better chance of a soft Landing where you and by the way like a soft Landing could be something like where um like what you saw in 2015 right like where crypto goes you know it goes down it goes back up and then it then comes back down you know by by Q3 to sort of retest the lows or something um and or maybe go slide slightly lower on some exchanges maybe not and then and then go back that probably would be somewhat akin to a soft Landing um so yeah I mean seeing inflation come down is good the other the other side though to it is if you see it come down too quickly which is kind of like a weird thing right but if you see it come down too quickly it might be representative of the economy really getting sick right like where people are just not spending anymore um and and you know people are low on savings theyre running out their credit um this is not this is not a recipe for a great economy so you want to see CPI come down I I do think that you know we do eventually run the risk of of the FED pushing us into um you know into into a recession with regards to Avalanche I mean these these Partnerships are great and you know normally when you see two companies have a partnership the sort of the the smaller company pumps up a lot um we you know thats something that youll see on on Wall Street um actually quite a bit right youll see the the smaller company pump up on the other hand though the larger company usually takes a hit in the short term when they yeah Ive seen this too so I dont know what Googles going to do today but um but but um one one thing I Ive also um you know you have to think about with regards to these Partnerships is that it shows that while the crypto verse is has been in this crypto winter for a while right and its likely its likely going to drag on for a little bit it does show that some pretty big players are are you know are betting on the cryptovers to ultimately survive and and to you know to go into another phase of expansion so and I know a lot of people are you know are kind of down about my view on some of the all coins and the altcoin market but I will say that I am very bullish on crypto um especially once we you know once we get out of the out of these macro headwinds as you as you talk about over the next like six to 12 months I think crypto is going to come out of it stronger than ever um I think were going to have another Bull Run I I also think that um crypto is going to bottom uh as a whole before the the s p 500. in the midst of the now rare upside Bitcoin Unleashed serious pain for Bears liquidating hundreds of millions of dollars in short positions according to coin lass these totaled around 125 million dollars for January 14 alone with the period from January 11 onward bringing nearly 300 million dollars of short liquidations if you enjoy this highlight videos please kindly subscribe and help share this video for us to share more of this valuable content thank you Crazy Bearish ALTCOIN 2023. 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