CHAINLINK chainlink metaComprar pelo fundamento ou pelo gráfico ?

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If you call, there are only several ways for you to profit in the cryptocurrency market, one of the ways is to look at the chart identifying some entry points, whether it be on the long-term, short- term or medium-term chart, okay, so Im going to show you that its starting in the the market is now starting, you dont know where to start Im going to show you in this video how to identify the entry, to know where you can enter the cryptocurrency market and make a profit, so the other way is fundamental analysis, which I dont usually do Im doing fundamental analysis to be able to earn money right from the beginning I did this a lot but as the years pass, the days pass and the market updates itself. explain why fundamental analysis is not useful for me So before we start this video, subscribe to the channel Activate the Tinker Bell so you dont miss any opportunities in the cryptocurrency market, guys, before starting this video, subscribe to the channel, activate the Tinker Bell so you dont miss any opportunity here in the videos on my channel and if you also want to join the WhatsApp group I will leave it here in the WhatsApp group when you can join there chatting about the financial market and getting help ok if you are already a Forex Trader smoked youre here just to see it because you liked my channel or youre here because Im going to stop here out of nowhere this video is not for you so lets go to the video well guys Im here on trade I send it the link will stay here if you you dont know about train the link will be here its in the description of the video and here I am on my chart of charlink the link ok so its one is that the very well known system is the charlink is one of the currencies that a lot of people have contributions billionaires millionaire ok a lot of people have a lot of money here that the door in this cryptocurrency believes in this whale cryptocurrency from whale to small investors and so it goes ok so I ll talk to you first because I dont like fundamental analysis what it claims fundamental analysis fundamental analysis it requires you to look the paper you look at the community you look at cryptocurrency development you look at different things in the project you look for different things in the project to be able to attract you to be able to make you enter the market in that asset and round that currency I swing that currency because I dont do fundamental analysis anymore and I dont go along that line anymore because whats the use of you analyzing all this, its a big job for you to analyze Analyze Supply Market Caps several things that you analyze then you make a decision that that project is sustainable that project hes serious ok and Pumba took the hit ok so if the project whos taputed the project talks like this from today Im going to hit him hes going to hit it ok hes going to hit it And youre going to be without your money then you do that analysis, you waste a lot of time, you put lots of money in a cryptocurrency and it just disappeared from the map or you sell it and you lose your money. for you now this is for another occasion but I choose to hold or swing or Trader looking at the graph is looking at the graph so the graph tells me if the asset is cheap or expensive and there I enter that asset trigger my stop and let the stick break because its the same for me its the same I saved time I look at the currency there I see that the currency has several healthy oscillations it has liquidity it has liquidity its on several exchanges its on several brokerages big and there I make my decision point Im going to enter the currency Im going to enter the asset to make a swing the only thing I look at the only thing I look at if it I go there in the oil if it is in which brokerage is it What value did it hit in recent years in recent months what value is it now and then Im in a decision And many times this decision is right its very difficult to make a mistake So lets go link by link Oh there she arrived at the historic top at 53 dollars and its been oscillating here since March 8, 2022 until now its in the sideways market we realize that we realize that there are several points here it goes up ok it goes down here because of Bitcoin so Bitcoin there was the pandemic war crisis no asset was insured and we know its cheap So it s costing 7 dollars it got here to 5 dollars and it can go back to 53 dollars so if I put it here My Risk My Risk return if I buy it now and insure it she will give 600 percent . It came to the same thing, you agreed, you researched the suitability of the project that the probability of success is great because you are analyzing big brokerages, that doesnt mean anything, just like in fundamental analysis, it doesnt mean anything, youre analyzing a big brokerage, you are analyzing there What are the big brokers that it is and the target price that it hit a Historical top of it I need the currency now and you will save time analyzing developer analyzing or of the currency because for me fundamental analysis when you do that you are trusting who is behind the project are you trusting people So from branch to branch for me the same thing I analyze the chart I entered here at 7:41 put my Stop below here at 5:32 I will have this market come back here or devalue in a blow Im going to get my stop and Im going to leave the game with my tiny profit than once I buy a coin Ok and analyze this coin I do the biggest job without Stop I send it to the alite and take the hit ok or you you can send it to alite, okay, I dont recommend leaving it at a brokerage and I recommend leaving it in White. But you have to keep monitoring it, put an alert here. You sell your value, send it to a brokerage firm and sell it OK, so its a way of analyzing its a way of analyzing it Without fundamentalist analysis, youre doing the same thing, youre going to be mistakenly rotating, its a round from here to here, it s a round So you will be doing the same thing OK you will be doing something buying the asset placing Stop wait for it to appreciate Ok I am not against round ok so much so that in my mentoring in my training I have the currencies there is a list of currencies that I think I believe that will boom if Bitcoin reverses if it hasnt already reversed now its the moment of all or nothing ok were going to do more tests there at the support of 25 thousand dollars 26 thousand dollars going from 30 thousand dollars for me the market explodes again and these currencies here they go together ok they go together so thats it graphical analysis Chay link for me it will go back to past price for me my analysis okay I m Investing in xlink okay and I will hold this cryptocurrency correctly with entry price exit price and with my margin of error that is my stop well if you liked this video I ask that you subscribe to the channel Activate the Tinker Bell so you dont miss it there are more videos like this one here on my channel Join the group here on WhatsApp where you will learn there about the financial market later on we will be making live videos here on my YouTube channel doing Day Trader live with you here operating live for you who are my subscribers Ok and there is also my mentorship closed where I created it a setup with a 90 to 95% accuracy Ill pass it on so if you want to make money oh my God not if you want to learn about the financial market just click here on the link there are several people with different levels that will help you get started to make your contributions to enter correctly and if you also want to wait wait a minute that soon we will be starting every day Trader here on the YouTube channel So until the next video until then until the next video Inscreva-se no canal não esquece em link plataforma de análise Tradeview: Link do Instagram: FAÇA PARTE DA MINHA TURMA DE 2023 HOTMART: Link grupo watssap: link da binance: Cadastre se na HUOBI GLOBAL e ganhe dólares de graça. 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