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hey everybody welcome to a chain link live episode ive got kevin rose here from bit doubt how you doing kevin doing okay a little tired my kids kept me up all night but uh not too tired uh to to not talk about bit dow so awesome um well ive got uh a fish back here thats been keeping me up this little guys grumpy so he hasnt been fed so i understand the pain ive got some uh rugrats of my own i was gonna say yeah those two things are exactly the same um its good to have you here man and its good to have the community here as well hey everybody my name is andy from chain link labs were gonna talk about bitdow uh they recently announced a new chain link price feed uh for the price oracles for the vit uh token and so were going to talk about that talk about how it came about because its kind of a cool story origin story um about how this came on and and im going to learn about bitdown because i dont know too much about it i know you guys implemented this price feed and youre um a community and a dow but i dont know exactly what for so im really excited to learn more about this we got ser khan in the chat how you doing man ive seen you here before if you have questions in the chat feel free yeah i see hes happy feel free to drop him in there well get to the ones that we can uh today and kind of go through and talk all right we already have a bunch of people here so lets go ahead and get started um kevin let me just play my little intro here so we can get excited shanley glad all right chain link live we are with bit dow kevin tell us what is it about like jump right in what is bit dow whats sort of the high level and whats the unique value that you guys bring to the ecosystem yeah bitdow is is i think its the industrys like best kept secret right now and so were all looking to change that uh hey everybody im kevin rose im head of marketing communications for wind ranger labs and were a private contributor to the bitdown ecosystem so right now the easiest thing to start off with is that bitdow is the largest token governed treasury on earth it has billions in assets and its one of the most diversified treasuries as well and really what makes it special is that it has this extremely broad culture like broad mandate to drive forward web 3 web 3s treasury in general um you know we believe in the bitdown community that daos can do more across different industries like art entertainment finance technology gaming you know media you name it um and what biddow is doing in terms of size and scope and impact is really not being replicated anywhere else it is taking large-scale uh capital allocations and building net new organizations across these industries that are modeled like web3 organizations so recently its done almost 650 million dollars in allocations over the last 100 days or so across gaming layer 2 scaling and education and it doesnt seem like well be slowing down anytime soon so its its definitely something to keep an eye on so i ive heard of investment dows which kind of operate like a vc but its like a community sourced lps essentially and then theres some sort of like incubator models that kind of have you know internally they build their own spin-offs and you know some some organizations accidentally do that uh thats what synthetics did with uh taileys and and these other protocols quinta is oh well fund this and then its its own thing but theyre related is bitdown somewhere in between those like are you guys building your own stuff are you building on behalf of protocols or when do you get in on the rounds like whats the sort of story there yeah you know i we struggle with this a lot because its its so unique in the way that its operating it doesnt seem to fit into any one category so were trying to figure out maybe if theres a new category like builder dao that we need to do but you know on paper it looks like an investment dow its taking capital allocating it to a new organization in exchange for some terms of economic alignment but its its really like what its allocating it to uh thats really unique its its building out these organizations that are that we hope are going to serve as foundational pillars of the the web 3 transformation that some of these industries undergo so for example game 7 is this new organization that in total is going to receive 500 million over five years 400 of that coming from bitdown and what we think game seven can become is just the most trusted voice in accelerating the adoption of blockchain in gaming helping build out those public goods those standards that open source software framework that will help game developers go from building blockchain games to games that use blockchain you know making sure that were building awesome games that bring in this new dynamic of of uh player ownership of the um items and achievements and game currencies that they earn so i would say that its this idea of a a builder dow there are investments but then we take it one step further and this is actually where uh wind ranger comes in in particular as well as other organizations in the ecosystem its not just an investment of capital its an investment of community so bitdow is growing um launching a new ambassador program the community is growing every day and theres large labs uh you know private r d labs product labs that are coming online to basically receive um the the the challenge that these large allocations with the dao um drop down into into industries so with game seven you know working with them to bootstrap that that organization you you are youre not just going back to what i said youre not just receiving an investment of capital but its an investment of the surrounding community to envelop the mission and to ensure its successful as well awesome uh weve got a few new joiners so i want to just hit the intro again hey everybody im andy from chainlink labs talking to kevin rose from windranger labs but windranger is key one of the many organizations that sounds like thats building out bitdown protocol um and bit doubt as an organization a builder tao i like this term a lot you know ive heard of uh investment firms traditional vc investment firms who once they kind of get into web3 they realize like we need to hire developers and we need to support projects we need to build our own like its just there is this mesh thats going between these things and it sounds a lot like bittowe is is kind of just coming from a native approach there uh in general one question yeah go ahead go go go ahead go ahead please one question i have is where are you where is bit dao is it an ethereum based thing is it multi-chain like do your lps or community members do they come from all over the place weve got a question about elrond in the chat for your treasury like what what is who is bitdow and where do you all come from one of the things i like to say is that one of the things that makes bit down special is that it doesnt specialize um its very chain and project agnostic when we call it a builder dow i mean that literally it goes where the builders are you know ive been involved in blockchain since the end of 2016. ive been involved in launching um layer ones in a decentralized way ive been involved in working in daos full-time uh ive gone corporate and then you know that was terrible so came back to work dallas full-time again um bitdow is everywhere uh and it wants to go where those builders are regardless of the layer one you know um if the technology is strong if there are smart people and that that need to bootstrap communities that need capital to make their ideas to come life thats where bitdows going uh so the the community is all over the world um right now the the treasury is on eth um and to move it across chains i think is is probably an inevitability uh but its you know ultimately thats up to the community and i wouldnt say that its a priority right now in so much as the priority is to continue to build as fast as possible so its likely that projects may be building on other chains before the treasury actually sits there uh that tracks um it feels like a land grab moment in to many places i talk to a lot of projects at vcs who like lets get started lets get going lets make sure that were building actively so that we can guide the industry in a way thats productive right now at this moment and i but i feel that very much uh as well myself um do you guys get a sense of that is there an internal is there an internal one of bit now uh is there a community sense does it happen on discord like where does the actual work of the um bit dao happen uh well youre gonna have to be more specific when you say is there an eternal um theres no im sorry well lets i like eternal we can say that that was eternal um but internal no i mean you know there is no um core team um in in the sense that there is uh like a foundation for a layer one um its it is the way dows operate in that you you enter the space and you prove the merit of your ideas and you ship um you know what can you build what can you propose anybody can make a proposal to bitdow so long as they meet the the threshold of tokens a lot of times large dows will have some minimum proposal threshold to reduce spam and you know things like that um but to actually have a proposal approved it takes a hundred million bit uh to to vote yes which you know is is no um trivial some uh but still we have proposals coming from multiple places uh and uh really its its the skys the limit there uh but theres no theres no core team um its it is growing organically cool uh mark e in the chat has a question that relates to this and so i wanted to bring it up as a kind of a case study mark says hey guys looking to build a commodity trading platform and it feels like bit dao has the foresight and architecture to support this is mark wright and what are some obvious next step for us ive got my hypothesis based on our conversation um but uh oh ill leave that up there why dont you go ahead kevin and kind of let mark know what whats the process sure so heres heres the process is getting involved in the telegram and the discord getting involved with the ambassadors who are helping drive the community forward writing out a proposal that goes over you know who you are why youre able to get this done what your strategy is what the projected costs are what the terms of the economic alignment between what youre doing in bitdow would be to make that proposal on the discourse which i can share all the links so they can go on this video afterwards and then thats like a soft proposal phase like seeking feedback from the the largest token holders or any token holder theyll look at the look at that space for new proposals and then after receiving feedback refining it and then putting it up for snapshot so if you dont have um tokens yourself to be able to propose it to be above that 200 000 bit limit to make a proposal theres actually a section in the disk course where you can go and um seek out those people who are open to delegating uh to you to be able to do that so pitching um pitching to those token holders that they can essentially sponsor um your proposal to the doubt uh yeah there really is you know no limit defy is a particular area of of interest here its not slowing down i think that there is you know there was defy summer but there is this resurgence happening of this like 2.0 movement thats going beyond the the biggest um movers like maker tau et cetera you know theyve gotten so large to the point where um there they may have regulation targets on their back and so what they are able to do in terms of innovation and flexibility they is is a little different than what um new groups are able to do especially in with with the benefit of experience in hindsight to see what has come before it you know what youre able to build on uh build those legos so yeah absolutely we would want to see proposals like this when i say we i mean you know i dont represent everybody but its like the entire community member bobby body but yeah absolutely that would be the process to go about it are there a lot of new proposals like is it a very active space like you guys are constantly evaluating are you really looking for more or is it like a slow drip sort of thing you kind of refine and get these cool ones uh in general or or what would you like it to be it might be uh you know what are the goals uh for that thats a great question um so biddal wasnt what the genesis of it that wasnt until the middle of last year and so in less than one year its become the largest token governed bow uh which is which is no small feat but its still a formative stage and so i would say that the general sentiment of token holders is that while the attitude is move fast break things ship right like we are competing in a space that is blindingly quick these proposals are very large in scale and this is i think a differentiating factor of bitdow then with other large billion dollar dials if you look at them theyre you know the last few have been like 30 million uh 200 million 400 million when you get to this level of complexity when this this level of capital the complexity of the receiving organization cant be you know one or two people uh you know i think bitdow is is looking to make huge impacts um so its very large scale the proposals that like the community has appetite for right now i think in the future as it scales there will be more flexible ways for smaller proposals to go through more easily but as of right now you know it is like game game seven for example you know i have the the privilege to help you know work on that project um its no small feat to build a 400 million dollar organization um youre youre essentially you know especially if youre incorporating um dow aspects to it uh yeah so i would say that uh thats a huge race right thats thats way bigger than a series a uh even now when when some of those valuations are pretty high and so that thats just like a different scale of capital and so what im hearing from you is like thats not everything but right now those have kind of been whats popular maybe theres room for some smaller ones as like things get rolling and people want to participate and learn about bittowe and they happen over years they happen over years so its not like there is a a push of 400 million dollars worth of capital and its like okay good have fun uh its over the course of uh you know four or five years each year theyre coming back and saying heres what were able to accomplish with the first tranche you know do can we have the second uh here are the results heres heres what we were able to do so i would say that if you have if you have a long-term vision if you have a grand vision uh bitdown wants to hear about it if you and you know even if you dont i think that there of course are ways to to put out smaller allocations um and theres no reason not to try if youre trying to build something that is innovative you know and youre a builder but that was the place for you uh stevens got an awesome question notice i havent gone to any of my questions because we just jumped into an awesome conversation bit that was fascinating steven asks uh outside of defy collectibles gaming what are industries where bit dao sees value uh what can devs work on and maybe a better question is what are some of the con popular conversations and topics in the community that youve noticed um or is there anybody whos or you know groups of people who are just like we need weather we need insurance we need you know or whatever it is what are some of those popular areas well first of all if you wouldnt mind leaving the question up oh yeah yeah absolutely first you know i i cant answer really on behalf of beta i just want to stress that its all these are all my opinions um im a member of wind ranger labs and you know were a a group of bit holders and we want to see vittel succeed but um but bitdow is a global community so where bitdow sees real value is is pretty difficult to describe except by looking at proposals that have been passed personally i think gaming is a sector that will be totally and completely transformed by blockchain technology i think um i think there is also a lot to be said about art and nfts thats kind of playing out now i think that a lot of whats happening is very hype its very exciting its necessary you know to generate these headlines of a crypto punk going for 23 million um it doesnt matter what one thinks about that it is helpful to break through to the mainstream to get people to ask the question what is a doubt what is an nft whats going on here why is this what but i think whats important is that we need to be you know as an industry as a community you know as a dow it doesnt matter who you are we need to be providing the underpinnings of why thats happening to welcome new people into the space so that they understand the fundamental value of these asset formats non-fungible tokens as as a form of ownership to reduce transaction costs to increase sovereignty over that ownership and to basically reduce reliance on the state and the judicial systems to decide who owns what instead use blockchains i mean those are those are transformative ideas and so um i think we just need to remember those basics as we welcome new people in but personally i think gaming is absolutely ripe for disruption and so thats why its its awesome that bit dao is pushing game seven uh forward and that organization is is ramping up yeah i i agree not just with gaming but media in general um has a history of disruption and it tends to thrive in disruption and ebbs and flows is another one yeah iraq music nfts and racks tweet thread last week about well nfts its not necessarily that itll disrupt all of ip but it allows a new kind of patronage model so its a total like reorient youre thinking heres what this enables its a different model all together that still enables this thing tons of opportunity a really great question stephen uh if i can add one thing on media so i think uh you know we we we have a hundred years of history of huge ip being developed by uh one person or a small group of people like elders or i mean elder scrolls is actually a game but i meant i meant to say lord of the rings but um lord of the rings harry potter uh star wars these are huge ip and they become so big that they eventually involve a huge community and the process by which they generate canon or lore um that is that is core to the ip is convoluted and difficult to get at i think that one way dowse can be very interesting in the next few years is what will be the next star wars what will be this next massive generational ip but thats built in a way through consensus um using a blockchain just to decide where the story goes what is canon how its built the the lore and rules of this universe i think that would be so much fun we need to get some beers and get to get together and and nerd out about this because im on your level man um i used to uh theres a really interesting example from disney for a lot of years they didnt make any mickey mouse cartoons or put mickey in movies because the backlash from fans was so intense because something about mickey would be the way somebody didnt expect and and the fans had this ownership the supporters of disney had this ownership without having any ownership any actual you know financial stake but they had this emotional ownership and so disney for a long time had to fight against this really core fan base uh its only been really recently on disney plus i think where theyve kind of had new life and new versions of mickey that are that are different so really interesting to kind of see that change in media in general is like fans and brands negotiate whats okay to talk about and do the appetizers already there the appetite is already there for people its just that we lacked the tools 50 years ago to be able to coordinate globally um and make those decisions uh so i i think that will be a really fun area to watch i think uh you know this isnt bit dao um related but you know whats happening with the with the loot verses is pretty cool if youre aware of like loot nfts and and like theres this theres this group that is generating like divine dow and and like the story around luke i think thats so cool um you know i i cant wait to see that unfold yeah same ill be in the thick of it um were having you on because uh recently bitdow launched a new chain link price feed and so we want to talk a little bit about this price feed as well so its the bit price feed that now you can access from let me make sure thats right um but to get decentralized price data um one of the interesting stories like you know a lot of times theres some kind of core team or organization thats really pushing a price feed to make sure that theres a decentralized feed for their users in this case its a little different it comes from the community because everything from bit out comes from the community um so talk a little bit like what does this price feed enable uh why decentralized price feed and why now sure uh so right everything does come from the community in bitdow and so windranger you know were developing out disciplines of engineering operations uh marketing and design and we basically we see we target needs and we fill them uh we see something needs to be done we get it done and um this is one of those things its its its absolutely necessary that there are uh decentralized price feeds built in that existing d5 infrastructure can build off of i mean i i dont think theres anything that i can say that would that would make that story new its so fundamental to the space um so we saw that need and and we worked with with you guys to get it done uh so thats like the the cool thing is is because you know win win ranger is comprised of fit token holders we are aligned with success of the dow um and so when we see something like oh we need we need a chain link price feed it is its a no-brainer for us to to go out and do it um and because were we are well organized and resourced we dont need to go and seek you know a bit out proposal week for for that in particular we could just get it done and you know the value is is isnt even debatable awesome thank you very much for those of you who are not familiar um chain the price feeds thats kind of what chain link is the most well known for their decentralized price feed so theres like multiple um uh node operators that go and source price data from dozens of uh aggregators that are out on the market either exchanges or other aggregators and then those node operators aggregate that data so you get one price and outliers get thrown out you have a lot of reliability and so you know sort of back end reliability built in theres so awesome to see that with bit coming out now thats the bit um price feed if you guys want to go look it up again it is and you can see that and i think its not ethereum right now but maybe other chains in the future as well um are you guys looking at greater defi adoption for bit itself or is this like for now just like you got to have this as a web 3 standard to be a part of the economy more broadly you know we really look at bitdow as the coordination layer of the future its a its a lofty statement and you know i mean that because there there just isnt any other advocate of web 3 that is this kind of dao engine thats what thats what bit dao is doing its its creating these autonomous entities from these allocations that then go off and are flexible enough to create their own value their own products their own services within these industries but they remain connected to bitdown and bitdown remains connected to them you know through the bit token through the community um so i think uh um sorry tell me your question again well i was wondering is it a d5 play to have this and go or is it like you got to have fundamental infrastructure to work in web 3. and thats what it sounds like it sounds like the latter is as you guys build out dows and build out a process to build more dows than this sort of community governance is youve got to have you know clear on chain data um so that part part of part of the onboarding process for for any dow is is people being able to um acquire the token to participate in the governance process so to be able to do that it needs to be widely available it needs to be liquid and you know having a decentralized price fee is is a foundational part of that so making sure that you tick those boxes that it is that people are able to essentially join the dow is necessary and so thats thats why its important for us to get it done i really like this idea of daos building daos um do you guys is it a focus to make sure that the funding from bit dao goes to generate more community organizations or is there like a range that uh bit doubt tends to support or is there no no clear guidelines on that dowser spectrum i think thats uh like nfts are a spectrum oh this is a spectrum these are these are general formats and so like for for dows i look at it like an llc in the united states and which didnt exist until like the 1970s by the way you know this wasnt this wasnt always around but now we just assume thats around so i look at it dao as as a as a spectrum of um organizational structure so you can go totally decentralized like bitdow bitdow is um with token holders all over the world or you can have um smaller delegated committees you could i mean you can do all sorts of things so there is no hard and fast rule on how bit out organizations must be structured uh because thats kind of like the tail wagging the dog the the organization which should be structured in such a way that lends itself to achieving its goal to to making impact in the industry that its in um so those types of things you know i think they get to unfold organically as the organization ramps up operations so in the proposals which you can all check out um on this on bitdown snapshot or in the discourse you know the discussions that have been around them they outline generally the the direction uh and and i think that you know no good plan survives contact with the community is what i like to say working in taos so i think you know theres theres a degree of flexibility in there but um but yeah its its really whatever fits the purpose it doesnt have to be a certain way uh for the sake of itself um that said are there best practices that you have seen for governance now being kind of a you know one one of these the largest community governed protocol uh are there some best practices that were seeing come out of the dow space for governance and decision making is really what im talking about yeah i think um a lot of those are still forming i would say that culture of community is vital community and its ability to maintain its focus on its core mission and to be a healthy place to work like a vibrant place for people to contribute value is so important so i think there is you know in the in the early stages of the life cycle of a dao de centralizing for the sake of itself too quickly is is sometimes a recipe for chaos and not like in a in a good way its not to say that it cant work i just i think that its something you work toward decentralization um and that autonomous uh the autonomy in the word dao is a is a goal um but it doesnt have to be there off the bat so i would say focus on generating that culture getting the right people in the room the people who are builders to be a part of that genesis class of the life cycle of a and worry less about how its a perfect decentralized democracy off the start or you know whatever you want to label it i would say thats the first and foremost thing to keep in your mind um you said a really interesting phrase as uh you want it to be a healthy place to contribute value uh what do you mean by that do you mean like the tone of conversation do you mean it uh it returns uh some sort of value back to the contributor or its a place where people are supported generally emotionally like do you have a perspective on that i think thats just a really interesting yeah i think i think its multifaceted i think people seek out community i seek out community i bet i bet you do i think chain link has a fantastic community i think bitdow is a fantastic community people seek belonging and so finding a place you know and anybody whos here right now if youre watching this right now youre on the cutting edge yeah youre youre youre looking at things and learning about things that the majority of the world isnt even thinking about yet youre and the kind of you know having the theres already a basis for the right people to be there like everybody everybodys here for the right reasons right like if youre if youre in a dow discord and youre like what can i do you know theres that energy needs to be protected i think um and that doesnt mean that doesnt mean it should favor like exclusion it just means those should be trumpeted it should be championed um because those people are going to build the dow out uh so i think its its culture is huge i mean you know if you look at the cultures um of other large-scale dows without naming any i mean those cultures really are what set up the scope of what the dao is able to do or accomplish the culture of bit dao is is to have this broad open mandate to be chained and project agnostic to go where the builders are and so what it does what it ends up accomplishing will reflect that if you have a culture thats dedicated to a single protocol you will have a hard time convincing that dao to allocate to gaming if its focused on a single d5 protocol so i mean its all culture its culture i think its so important another cool thing you said is uh use culture to maintain a long term i dont know if you said long term but it was implied focus on really clear goals and with that sounds like youve got a broad mandate and so theres some gold but you have these guiding principles of like well its not necessarily on one chain its multi-chain its not necessarily in one region its multi um but but theres a lot of really interesting stuff there that im jotting down taking notes for myself i appreciate um before we kind of wrap here uh ernest has been dropping some comments in the youtube so im just going to read this theres three in a row here um so much of learning and self-governance is happening even failed governance has its value in lessons learned yes scary but failure is part of models especially when it comes to decision making and democracies like these are sloppier than mathematical consensus right its a very different thing even though were kind of neighbors in this industry uh its more of a direction and a pathway than a starting point or end point this goes to your uh comment kevin about you know do you start with a full democracy immediately or is it a progressive thing and then sometimes it might need to be progressive to maintain those value values uh and open honest inclusive discussions allow for meaningful creative work i think you were talking about is it a healthy place to contribute value so i i appreciate that ernest really thoughtful contributions that add some uh layers of of meaning to what we were talking about there um kevin as we wrap here kind of give us a snapshot of the next three six months maybe a year whats coming up for a bit dao what do we have to look forward to um and then all the joining information telegrams and website and all that for bid dow is in the description already so that is set people can go there should already be going there checking it out dont leave this but open a new tab come on um but but give us a snapshot whats coming up in the next three six months um i think in the in the immediate near term you know bitdow uh it is a it is a billion dollar organization and so it deserves um somewhat of a facelift so i think that there are members of community of the community that are are rallying around um redesigning some of the core you know web properties the brand to make it just a more statically inviting place when when new people join and and you know over the past six months i think that theres been a ton of discussion in the community about refining what it is exactly that bitdow is trying to achieve um and how its going to achieve it and so placing that refined um that refined story on on that same you know facelifted website uh things like that so kind of rebrand i think is is in the works to bring the community in on i think also it is just continuing to position bitdown as the place to go if you want to build build is that me or is that you you you sound great to me oh okay still good okay i had something ringing in my ear theres more autonomous entity thats what we call like these these new entities um like game seven edge of dow or zk down i didnt even get to talk about zk dal layer two scaling um ecosystem accelerator for zero knowledge proofs for zika sync um 200 million dollars i think its huge like for dows in general and just eth and a ton of stuff there uh but its seeing more and more of these autonomous entities come online and then seeing them work together this idea of dow to dao infrastructure um like you hear b to c and b to b its d to d its dow to doubt how are they aligned how are they working together um theres a theres a really awesome article that i can share as well that talks about you know how daos um graft like theres no acquisitions really anymore its like budding and grafting its very organic the the lexicon used to describe how they move together so i think it is um a a rebrand of bitdow just to to refine the message and put on a you know a good face when new people are joining the ecosystem and then continuing that the development of that autonomous entity engine and then starting to watch the ways that they start they work together um you know zk dao as a layer two um ecosystem accelerator working with you know game seven which is building um games that use blockchain and you know obviously like its just match made in heaven there so things like that i think were gonna see in the next six months to a year and so a year from now if there are you know a dozen autonomous entities then the bitdown organization ecosystem is massive and also probably the top of the funnel for if you want to get into web3 uh in your career is you know coming to the bitdown website seeing all of the places these autonomous entities where there are opportunities in the dow structure in labs you know you name it so i think its going to be a really interesting space to watch explode in this kind of fractal flywheel of growth as more dows and dow entities come online through possible treasury uh awesome getting to know you kevin and getting to know bitdow very much appreciate your time uh all the information and joining links for bitdown i said are down below so please join those if you have not already kevin lets catch up again in the future well kind of see where maybe you know game seven eventually and you know zk dao get some chain link integrations we can bring you and them on and well keep talking uh does that sound good man sounds great thanks so much for having me on andy uh absolutely you hang out just chill for a second im gonna go solo and tell these fine folks where to follow and what to do and do all my um youtubey goodness hey everybody that was a fun chat i learned a lot about uh bitdow and yeah uh joshua seymour thank you very much awesome conversation and wisdom share youre very very welcome i appreciated that one as well hey like and subscribe we do these um amas we do about two a week q and as and weve got one coming up on thursday with moby their a mobile pavements provide a really interesting uh fintech look and how theyre integrating crypto and using crypto and really blending those two worlds uh so please check that out on thursday if youre at youth denver theres a ton of chain link events and uh stuff going on theres a deveral boot camp later this week theres a happy hour community happy hour i think tomorrow evening so please um google around look at those thatll be on the chain link twitter feeds hey follow chain link twitter chainlink on twitter for big protocol and technology announcements and at smart underscore contract for announcements about events like these where we do these q and as with cool people and cool projects as well as other ecosystem announcements and events you can also follow at chainlink labs if you want to find out about hiring and chainlink labs related information thats not directly related to the protocol necessarily again im andy boyen thank you so much to kevin coming on from wind ranger labs to talk about bitdow and thank you to all of you for hanging out well talk to 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