motley fool chainlinkCoinbase IPO, Bitcoin & Ethereum Price Prediction Ep213

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motley fool chainlink chainlink prediction 2021 Coinbase IPO, Bitcoin & Ethereum Price Prediction Ep213
what is bitcoin doing what are cryptocurrencies doing whats the whole market doing what about the coinbase ipo in this episode of the league of hustlers were just gonna have an open conversation so pull up a seat to the round table lets prepare to prosper so cd whats good man what do you think about all this stuff going on first off i want to i want to talk about in particular the coin based ipo i know we had some conversations about like is this a good pick is this uh you know you have folks like the motley fool saying that they were overvalued market watch saying theyre overvalued i think they came in at like 86 billion or something like that um what are your thoughts on that um its tough man actually um i was looking at those same things you know a lot of companies you know traditionally that i guess judge the stock market are looking at coinbase and saying hey its its coming in overvalued you know and then looking at the industry and saying that okay well a lot of their income comes from transaction fees which theyre anticipating that they may not be able to sustain you know those transaction fees as a profit stream because other platforms once they come in and start introducing that um you know no uh fee option in order to gain some of that market share in order to gain some of those customers you know coinbase is going to have to compete with that you know and thats kind of what happened with all of the um stock market platforms all of the you know the apps and things you can download now a lot of them have that as a pitch you know no trading fees you know reduce fees here no fees here or there so thats a big part of it um i dont know i think that um you know its definitely a different time its going to be hard to judge based on traditional methods because this isnt and hasnt been as weve seen over the past few years this isnt like a traditional market you know what i mean so its going to be a lot of other things that need to be considered that probably arent being considered and its only because we dont know yet people dont really know what to consider yet so well see well see what happens yeah yeah so so my thoughts are so those are good points and what i keep reverting to is that this space is so new you know what i mean and if you if youve ever used coinbase for you know um theyre lacking features right theyre lacking a lot of features and but they kind of make everything like super easy like almost too easy and so you basically are just going in you know making a purchase of you know whatever coins that youre going to purchase and you can see the chart of a simple chart you know um but you cant really see too much past that you know what i mean so i say all that to say that what what im looking at with it is that they have room to grow right and then being first into the market um or first listing um on the nasdaq like i think that says a whole lot especially when youre comparing it to kraken comparing it to finance um comparing it to gemini even you know and so i think that they have room to grow and they could easily implement those new features and instantly almost become more valuable right um and i mean whoever you talk to and if you ask them most people that you as if they theyre in crypto theyll say that they have a coinbase account right um and so theyre all theyve almost become synonymous with crypto right when you when you think about crypto and how you buy crypto you think of coinbase right ive never heard of anyone saying that they bought it or or the the only other one the only other exchange that ive heard people say is uh robin hood right so robin hood and coinbase but coinbase by far i hear that all the time howd you get in i got in on coinbase you know i got in on coinbase i got in on coinbase so i think they did a good thing by moving to that market first um or moving into the um you know nasdaq first and having that that first mover advantage um and im looking for like down the road right i they open today they opened at 3 48 theyre down to 3 32 right now but to me this is a long term play bro you know what i mean like im you know im looking like years down down the road like um and then with you know which is the next topic that i wanted to ask you about with with the uh the bull run thats going on right now i think once bitcoin spikes more and all these other you know altcoins continue to spike youre going to be looking at more attention being paid to crypto in general right and then how do you get in when people start talking about it theyre going to be theyre going to mention coinbase right so i i think by the end of this year were going to see that price uh definitely come back up to where they opened it for the ipo and potentially even further and you know thats what im kind of hoping for but definitely to me is coinbase is like a long-term play um and their their uh ticker sign is c-o-i-n coin but uh with that being said right this bull run thats going on right now right now i think uh bitcoin is at um its been playing around 62 000 uh peaked up a little bit over that i think what did it hit like 64. um lets see do you know yeah im not sure the exact number i dont have it up now but its its in that 64 range yes 64 671 there you go yeah so this is this is crazy right and i think its based off of technical analysis it is starting to break out of its um that that kind of ceiling that it kept hitting right of like 62 62 playing around 60 playing under 60 but finally broke over that and its holding steady um you know a little over 60 so i think were in you know were in officially in the bull run but as as ive been saying for a while my favorite is ethereum bro ethereum has been cutting up um ethereum is at lets see 24 24. so you know i mean bitcoin is the beast but i like ethereum because of its use case and coming from a technology background coming from a programming background the implications of ethereum are like way more vast and you know the fact that its an actual platform i think just opens it up to a much much much more um higher utility just from a utility standpoint you can use it right other companies can use it other companies can build on what do you think about ethereum ethereum was uh definitely uh my favorite as well when i was introduced into crypto before i ever bought bitcoin i bought ethereum and its because of that the use case you know from my perspective definitely adds you know way more value i think its uh you know we havent seen ethereum take that large run yet i think its you know undervalued now i think its going to definitely gonna you know the price now that it says 24.25 in comparison to like a bitcoin i mean thats i think thats a a bargain price basically you have tons of other coins tokens um and platforms everything is being created using ethereum you know what i mean this is like if youre looking at bitcoin and in terms of uh like gold or something to that to that effect ethereum in regards to crypto would be something like apple or maybe not apple but i dont know i dont know im trying to find something to compare it to but just that a platform where its essentially going to kind of span across the entire crypto market you know what i mean and uh the more coins that are being created as were seeing right now theres tons of new stuff coming out crossing all these different industries all these niche coins that do all these cool things you have coins that um you know decentralized foul storage and you know theyre theyre on the blockchain and coins of course you got tons of finance and stuff for lending you got a compound and theres just tons of different stuff out there but all of that stuff is built on ethereum ethereum is definitely my pick but back to coinbase though really quick i hate to bounce around but yeah im with you on that coinbase is definitely um like a long play i would say i dont think you need to try to jump in and think youre getting ready to just double your money um you know but put something in there and maybe just wait a while i think it definitely has tons of room to grow its the only platform right now thats actually going to pay you to use it you can you know new users can come in on coinbase watch a couple videos and theyll actually give you bitcoin theyll actually give you you know five ten fifteen dollars just for getting a little bit of education about some of the coins really cool platform so i expect for them to you know continue to grow in that way im pretty sure they have a great model ahead thus far theyve already shown great leadership in this area i would expect the same thing going forward right right and the other thing um to to that point they know how to play with the government thats the other thing coinbase knows how to play theyve been making moves that has kept them safe like and thats one thing i like about them because at the end of the day like everybody thats in crypto right now needs to understand and be grateful for the fact that you know basically uncle sam and you know and and the boys hadnt came through and tried really tried to shut it down right like they did uh you know flextone binance to where you know they had to create so at the end of the day whatever happens has to be in line and in tune with the us government like lets just be honest uncle sam is going to get his one way or the other and that leads me to another quick point that i want to make is that if um so so before doesnt even matter about before what you need to understand in terms of taxes for your crypto any time that you trade crypto is considered a taxable event all right on your taxes there is going to be a box that you have to check that asks you know did you trade crypto and you need to check it if youre in crypto that means if you bought it if you sold it if you traded it anything that you do with crypto you need to be uh documenting or you know admitting to it on your taxes why because that is kind of the gift and the curse of blockchain its super secure but with that security comes a definite track tracking and uh you know um clear path to who so what to who so just just as a quick note if youre in crypto make sure you know youre youre filing it on your taxes and stuff like that if not thats a clear you know thats easy money for them to come and and you know try to figure out what what you got going on um but back to back to ethereum and the altcoins and and stuff like that so many altcoins are built using the ethereum platform so many like is is countless right i equate bitcoin to gold right and then ethereum to like the app store right or you know the play store android play store the you know apple app store and i say that because ethereum is like a platform right its almost like the web 3.0 right it is the the foundation of the next level of technology or or the internet so to speak but it has positioned itself vitalik the founder has positioned itself as the like the the platform that other applications can use and build themselves on top of and then utilize to communicate with each other on ethereum and thats why i think its like super super duper powerful bitcoin is the beast right big bitcoin is the big boy on the block you know but you cant deny ethereum you cannot deny ethereum now ethereum does have competitors right you have uh cardano you have polka dot you have um binance smart chain you have several different competitors that are vying for bitcoin i mean for ethereums um c right but the thing about ethereum is that they were the first mover in the space right and so they have that advantage they have that competitive advantage is polka dot valuable definitely is cardano valuable definitely are these other uh platforms valuable for sure but when you look at the the market share that ethereum has has garnered over these years its its ridiculous and this is the thing too right now its trading at like almost 25 um 100 bucks but the reason why it hasnt taken off like it should is because of the whats called the gas feeds right for transacting on the ethereum network um and it was known right for when the founder built it he knew that that would be an issue when it scaled up too big right he knew that that would be an issue and so what theyre doing now is theyre coming up with its called uh let me make sure i get the name right the um berlin upgrade thats what its called so its several different um updates that are in this upgrade thats coming out and this upgrade is gonna solve the majority the vast majority of those problems right theyre going to be burning uh tokens making the supply come down theyre going to be removing the gas fees and so well see and this is coming up like around the corner so im not giving anyone financial advice but ill tell you what im gonna be doing im gonna be dropping some some more coins into uh ethereum um because once that update drops i can almost guarantee you i aint gonna say i guarantee i dont guarantee you nothing but uh its you know im hoping that it goes up and you know like i said that that the berlin upgrade is going to solve like so many problems with ethereum so itll be interesting to see what happens with that yeah im with you on that one uh definitely going to be you know holocaust averaging in ethereum you know in the upcoming weeks um what do you think about the mention that this is all just a bubble you know and its waiting to burst you know and people are throwing their money in throwing that money in and then one day you wake up and you take a look at the market and everything has flatline what do you think about that yes this this is very important all right league of hustlers i know a lot of you guys have been hitting us up letting us know that youve been getting into crypto but you have to do the research you have to understand what phase were in right now you have to track this stuff all right yeah im gonna show you this is my this is my notebook of notes of just stuff that im learning right nothing that you try nothing that you pursue that could potentially give you like massive gains is gonna come easy right theres no magic bullet theres no silver bullet theres no magic one you gotta do the research you have to study this stuff and with that being said you would know that what were in right now they call it a bull run but ill call it a bull bubble right history shows every halving the price of crypto shoots out of the roof parabolic it goes crazy right but it also comes crashing down like you know enough to make you throw up okay look just look at the history of it so are we in a bubble yes is it also a bull run yes is it gonna come crashing down yes look at the history right this is not going to go up forever so how can you protect yourself how can you lock in those games is as the price of the coins that you have at as its going up you need to be pulling out right taking profits you need to be taking profits as it goes up why because no one can accurately predict down to the day or hour even right when is going to crash the only thing we know for sure is that its going to crash it just is thats just the cycle just go ahead and you know expect it its coming its coming theres no way around it look at the history it has to come crashing down okay and this is just the cycle of crypto the next halving which will be in approximately like three and a half four years itll do the same thing again itll shoot up parabolic i mean just just look back bitcoin started at one cent literally started at one cent right first halving it shoots up and then it comes crashing back down second halving it shoots up and then it comes crashing back down third heaven shoots up comes crashing back down fourth were in it right now you see what im saying so just understand the cycles that are coming right and the way to protect yourself is to take profits along the way so while its going up you need to be pulling out profits right pulling out profits and theres different strategies that you can use just find a strategy and there is no like there is no set you know book or you know guideline to this im sure people have their you know techniques that they use that you can easily find on youtube but just understand the only way to win is to take profits along the way right some people take out their initial investment um you know as the price is going up some people have ian bolina you know from tokenmetric shout out to the to the maid man right he uh he mentioned i believe if im getting it right um as it goes up like as it as it three xs hell take out like thirty percent at three xs again hell take out another thirty percent three xs again hell take out another another thirty percent and then as its coming down right as it starts to crash hell continue to take out right um so you know just just understand that it is going to crash are we in a bubble short answer yes right is it gonna still go up yes i truly believe and that leads me to you know another point what do you think what do you think i i think was so so in in a previous episode we gave a price prediction of around 100 000 to 200 000 for bitcoin right so what do you think cd where do you see bitcoin going uh by the end of this bull run um uh thats tough man i dont know i can definitely look at bitcoin particularly and see you know definitely 2021 you know i would anticipate you know that 100 000 mark end of the bull run im not sure but even just talking about the whole um you know component of there being a bubble and all of that i think to me you know and i could be wrong because theyre all kind of they kind of correspond with each other however like you mentioned earlier bitcoin is kind of like gold you know so at some point in time you know the value may be deemed you know whatever for whatever reason and it may you know what i mean come down however there are tons like ethereum where the value is more based on this actual use case um i just think that you know i dont know if thats necessarily its not really in that same arena as bitcoin its not it doesnt have the same level of inflation its not as inflated or you know what i mean it hasnt grown as much you know at one point in time these things were close you know in terms of price range bitcoin is now 60 000 ethereum you know 2400 just just getting over 2000 within the last week or so so i think that you know were seeing the value of ethereum go up as its actually becoming more valuable as more tokens are coming out and theyre actually using the platform and its you know becoming more widespread um so i dont know i dont know you know what i mean in regards to that whole component with the bubble but definitely watch it that whole thing about pulling you know pull profits out along the way definitely a great strategy to make sure you recoup at least your initial investment and then you know you can strategize from there definitely um but yeah i dont know man i can definitely see six figures by the end of the particular run though im not sure you know it depends you know obviously how long the run is this thing could go man yeah this thing could go and its going and honestly i think i really think that by what would it work this is the middle of april i would say by me mid-may we may see a hundred thousand we may see a six figure bitcoin bitcoin hit a hundred thousand by may bro man thats pretty aggressive bro watch and see thats pretty aggressive by the middle of may if not sooner go ahead leave it a matter of fact go ahead and subscribe make sure you subscribe make sure you like this video and leave in the comments what you guys think that bitcoin would hit all right during this bull run but im gonna go ahead and mark it this is april 15 2021 im going to jump out there and say that bitcoin will probably more than likely hit a hundred k plus by mid may the way is looking when you look at the charts when you do the ta it is one indicator thats thats kind of showing the opposite right but everything else is saying that it it could hit like a hundred and i want to give an update for the price prediction my price prediction for bitcoin im gonna move it up for this bull run to peak in between 200k and 300k right peaking out around around october september october-ish right so there you have it ladies and gentlemen leave in the comments what you think where do you see bitcoin going right and then for ethereum yeah lets add ethereum in there too i want to see a 10k ethereum bro i think i think i think it can do it absolutely absolutely thats where i see you know the value happening um really great use case man i its still at that a nice price you know what i mean its going up but youre not too late like you havent missed out on ethereum i definitely think its worth the 10k you know 20k i mean i think theres tons of room to grow there i think its just with ethereum i think that its just gonna cook low and slow like the way it has it may jump up a little bit at times as people kind of catch on to the crypto market you know what i mean especially with coinbase going public and everything is going to get more exposure um but i would expect ethereum to continue to grow um you know what i mean like continuously over time man like i just i just think its just um you know its in the crock pot whereas we had you know bitcoin has been you know in the fryer bitcoin has just been cooking on the fire the whole time so true true yeah man thats thats a good point slow cooking slow cooking ethereum and theres a bunch of altcoins bro theres its its crazy right now its crazy weve officially entered into off-season you know i hope you guys took note of those other pics that we uh called out um a few episodes ago because they took off um chain link is looking good uh of course ethereum of course lets see what else is looking good here ftx ftt token um thats looking good too dojo coin cutting up right im still kicking myself in the butt man i i took a little small position on dozer coin at like point zero zero zero zero zero zero it was three or four zeros and a seven and i took a small position but it wasnt moving man it was it was too slow and i was like ah let me just you know get rid of it and i moved it into ethereum though but that mug took off right i i would have never thought that you know well be looking at a 13 cent dozier coin like seriously but yeah man thats all we have for this episode you got anything else bro thats it man you guys know what to do do your homework all right make sure you leave comments let us know what you think about this stuff you havent already hit that subscribe button and lets prepare the product you Many things happening for Crypto Talk: Coinbase IPO, Bitcoin & Ethereum Price Predictionpriceprediction halving flippening ================================ SUBSCRIBE TO THE LEAGUE OF HU$TLER$ FOR VALUABLE FREE RESOURCES, BUSINESS ADVICE, ACTION STEPS, 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