projects like chainlink chainlink pruce when will chainlink go up CHAINLINK WILL DOUBLE IN PRICE! LOAD UP NOW
when will chainlink go up chainlink shorta CHAINLINK WILL DOUBLE IN PRICE! LOAD UP NOW
hows it going savage live family today i want to talk about chain link break it down as simple as possible and explain why this is bound to hit 50 and maybe even 100 by the end of the year this is definitely a good buy and its a must-have on the portfolio lets talk about chain-link now they have a circulating supply of 428 million with a max cap of 1 billion very good and as were nearing towards that supply theres going to be a lot more coins in circulation and a lot of people grabbing on to those coins eventually putting a huge demand on chain link which is going to drive the prices up now a lot of kryptos i believe are going to explode and chain link is gonna be one of those now its currently at 25.74 and when it was at its all-time highs it was hitting that 50 dollar peak mark surpassing it before plummeting down due to all the flood now if there wasnt no foot it would have continued rising all the way past that 60 70 mark without an issue but now what were seeing here with this massive sell-off is a huge discount on tokens like chain link etc we have matic we have a lot of coins on sale currently now what is chain link chain link is a decentralized oracle network which the purpose of this network is to provide input on a variety of external sources of data like retrieving weather data or sending sporting event results to resolve decentralized sports betting as well as location data to use in supply chain tracking which pretty much sounds like the future if you ask me a link is chain links native token and the token is meant to help finance the growth of the project and is similar to bitcoin and ethereum now like bitcoin and ethereum blockchains has its limitations these systems are inherently closed off from the rest of the world which is good for security and integrity but also limits the input data that they can accept meaning there is a need for a sort of bridge that can help these systems see what is happening in the outside world keep in mind a smart contract is a transaction protocol which is intended to automatically execute control or document a relevant event now for an example a centralized oracle would be a feeble messenger like this guy here holding his little letter delivering the results or data to the other end now since its centralized the oracle is prone to attacks and can easily be manipulated or in this case robbed now chain link fixes that problem by being decentralized essentially turning the feeble messenger into a juggernaut this is the best analogy that i could put together if you guys happen to have a better one drop it down below in the comment sections but pretty much securely extracting data from the outside and bringing it into the network chain link certainly isnt the only network that utilizes smart contracts yet this network seeks to take the technology a big step further now the co-founder sergey nazarov is strongly bullish on defy as well which stands for decentralized finance it is a blockchain based form of finance that does not rely on central financial intermediaries such as brokerages exchanges or banks to offer traditional financial instruments and instead utilizes smart contracts on blockchains sergey believes that d5 ecosystem could even expand to 1 trillion next year and coins in the sector for example are uni luna aave and cake as well as chain link so keep that in mind a lot of these coins here are going to be the future of crypto and youre not going to want to miss this ship on this there are also plenty of deals going on behind the scene with chain link the most recent one being a partnership with the phantom which is a blockchain project they also have partnerships with nexo and even partnerships with states like the state of colorado to help create a new lottery game so chain link is very active behind the scenes and i feel like they have a lot looking forward in terms of being that huge connection for lots of these blockchains now the high degree of volatility may be too much to bear for most investors so if youre one of those quote-unquote paper hand then chain link may not be the investment for you because like i said this is extremely volatile it may drop down to 20 one day shoot back up to 30 drop back down to 15 but over the long run if you plan on holding this for a couple of years i guarantee you that were gonna see this five bag from what is currently at at this current moment once more and more investors start hopping into crypto once we see more stability in the future then theres going to be a huge influx of money being poured into cryptocurrency and were going to see a lot of jumping up in prices for a lot of these coins here chain link definitely being one of those so this is currently my second favorite pick my primary favorite pick being ethereum classic and as you can see now it is doing absolutely insane holding up quite well while the whole market is down which goes to show you there is massive potential there so while you still can dont worry about the short-term fluctuations of chain-link prices worry about gathering as much as you can now to hold on for the long term now that doesnt necessarily mean dive more than 30 of your portfolio into chain link but if you have some spare money sitting around definitely add this one to the bag so if you guys enjoyed this quick little update be sure to smash that like as it helps with the youtube algorithm subscribe and ill be leaving at the end of the video a nice little interview that you should check out ill see you guys on the next one later oracles um or in our case blockchain middleware its called chain link and we call them chain links generally speaking blockchain middleware oracles what they do is they provide contracts access to events theres all kinds of events data theres market events related to price changes theres iot data about where goods are or with the temperature of an event or or the security of of a system theres all kinds of data about events and that data about events is what a lot of contracts are written about now most smart contracts today the vast majority are written about tokens and the reason theyre written about tokens is because of the lack of a good oracle mechanism the good middleware right middleware you generally need middleware because the system doesnt do something in this case smart contracts due to the way that theyre secured they cant um they cant talk to these events the contract state is secured by the miners so you wouldnt want one miner being responsible for triggering your contract with api data because then they would have complete control over its outcome and if you have thousands of miners all of them going to ping one api introduces a security vulnerability as well as a number of other big security issues so the security model of how smart contract state is secured precludes the connectivity to weaker less secure external systems but those less secure external systems do house a lot of events data that your contra you would want to write a contract about that it goes beyond just token movement what secure blockchain middleware does is it allows the the contract to expand into the world of being written about events while maintaining its security In This Video I go through a look into chain link which is bound to double in price once the market finally stabilizes and the bull run continues , THANK YOU GUYS FOR WATCHING! 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