chainlink kurs dollarChainlink VS Band Protocol VS DIA Crypto [DEFI] LINK BAND Smart contracts chainlink explained

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chainlink kurs dollar links blog Chainlink VS Band Protocol VS DIA Crypto [DEFI] LINK BAND Smart contracts chainlink explained
hi everyone welcome back to the channel my name  is Zari and you guys are watching finance square   in todays video im gonna be giving you  the fundamental as to what keep this crypto   ecosystem going now i know ive been talking  about a lot of defi project and smart contracts   and many different projects now the fundamental  to make sure this ecosystem keep functioning and   growing its this ecosystem called oracles now  for this specific video im going to be talking and  comparing chain link ,band protocol and DIA now for this specific video for you to understand   what those projects do i need to explain briefly  what is smart contract and also what is oracle   and what are the different types as always im  gonna be providing you guys and ranking those   three projects for you guys so basically im gonna  be giving you guys an in-depth analysis and research in regard why those coins or priced the way they  are and which one is more likely to succeed which   one has less chance to succeed so lets start  straight away by explaining what is smart contract   so this is maybe the best definition i found smart  contract is a self-operating computer program that   automatically executes when specific conditions  are met. Very simple so basically if you guys are   using ethereum or if youre using metamask or  if you are a new Uniswap or any of those defi platform they need to use a smart contract in  order to transact in order to work so oracles   retrieve and verify external data for  blockchain smart contract methods such as   web API, or market data feed , the type of data  required by smart contract can include information   on price feed, web information or even random  number generation for gambling or other purposes.   So the best way to actually to look at it is  that if you are now to going to book a flight on sky   scanner they use a certain oracle in order to  retrieve the data from different airlines without   this specific technology sky scanner will not be  able to present you the information for example   you wont be able to see the the flight number  the date the price and the brand for example whos   operating this so this is for you guys to get an  idea. Now again this is not an educational course   about oracle but i just want to give you like an  idea what are the different types so you have the   hardware oracle you have software oracle you have  the consensus oracle which is relevant for the defi  and cryptocurrency and then you have inbound  oracle and outbound oracle .So hardware oracle is a sensor integrated with tangible physical object so  basically in order for you to get like information   regarding what is the temperature of the  van that youre delivering food for example.   That can be also a possibility. Software oracles, the  most common form that pull data from third party   for example will be like flight and status  and weather data. Consensus oracle which is   the exact oracle that we are talking when  were referring to project like chainlink,   band protocol and DIA for example so  consensus oracle represent a step toward   decentralized oracle rely on aggregating data  from several oracle with proprietary methods for   determining their authenticity and accuracy so the  whole concept is that you are trying to retrieve   from different places the same information and if  the majority, if everyone has the same agreement   this is the right information thats how it is based. So its not enough by just going to google   theyre going to be using multiple search engine  to get the right data if all the data are aligned   based on the majority thats how theyre actually  going to be making a decision and also you have   something called inbound oracle which reflect  if this happened then do that. This is maybe   for real purposes that can be a perfect  example. Outbound oracle allowed smart   contract to send data to sources outside  of the blockchain network they exist   on. There are software oracle that can also  be quite interesting so lets say an exchange   i think lets look at uniswap need to send data  to lets say coinmarketcap so this would be   probably an outbound oracle to send data  regarding the exchange or regarding the trading   history to outside so this is the lesson about the  oracles. Im going to dive in straight away and   review Chainlink and afterward when were doing  band protocol and then DIA so were now gonna   be reviewing chain link website so this is the  website so they have this slogan ; connect your   smart contract to the outside world this is again  this is outbound oracle which we just cover as well   they can also provide this so this would be probably quite interesting for financial institution   venture capital and other traditional company need  to get some data from a smart contract sphere. The good thing i like about the website is  you can really see a lot of companies and in this   case you have AAVE, Synthetic, Celsius so a lot of  crypto related industries are actually partnering   or using this solution so basically they  have price fee they have randomness which to be   honest i have no idea what it means, they have also, any api, so basically any API can actually integrate   trying to show you how simple this is and i  really like the website. It is quite responsive, very   inviting, again im not going over the technology  because i have zero technology background im just   going over their website, the way they present it ,the way to try to get more and more business   so they have highly secure and flexible  infrastructure reliable tamper proof network   seamless connection to any api again its a very  important thing to be able to connect to any api   because if you come from A api and then you  only offer C API that can be a problem so the fact   that it can actually work with any api its a very  good thing proven time-tested solution transparent   oracle computation so this is obviously quite  interesting and obviously they explain why so   apparently chainlink is the industry standard  oracle network chainlink greatly expand and   the capacity of smart contracts by enabling access  to real-world data event payment and more without   sacrificing the security and the reliability  guarantee inherent to blockchain and technology so   this is literally what are its happening here we  have the industry leading team that are actually   using it and what they talk what theyre saying  about it and they obviously have google here for   example this is quite interesting whats happening  here you really have a lot of big brands behind it   so again this is really the most used oracle  solution by a leading defi projects and again with   the rise of the defi were also seeing the rise  of oracle solutions like Chainlink okay so you   can see they have a lot of social media activity Im not going to go there because you can   go for yourself and learn more about it but  again they have a lot of information, community   grant, program integration, grants so basically  theyre trying to get more people to work on   their solution to integrate with more program  and software that maybe they havent yet done.   Bug monthly program, resource program again i have  worked in the past for enterprise and for a financial   company and this is really the thing that i like  to see so this is really show me theyre quite   serious so this is just from their website im gonna go here to overview so   they have overview, and then they have obviously  focusing on Defi ,decentralized oracle for   powering price feed so again most of the  businesses that that are coming to them   its related to DEFI projects so again if theyre  going to be a very big crash in DEFI lets say   defi become absolute and no ones going to use it  for example that will make a very big impact on   Chainlink so remember if no ones going to be  using defi anymore and Chainlink is not able to   find another solution that will  probably affect heavily the price   okay so this is my overview regarding chainlink, again they have been working with all the   big players in the industry im also gonna look  at their ico so they raised 32 million dollars   um in 2017 and since then again the return on the  iso was 290 times meaning if you put one thousand   dollars looking at 290 000 if you put 110 eater  looking at 440 if you put 10 inter youre looking   at 440 eater if you put one bitcoin looking  at 22 bitcoin this sort of return are amazing   again the secret is to always try to deposit in  fiat currency to increase your value compared   to putting it in in cryptocurrency another  thing that i need to look at in any project   before i even give my opinion is to look at the  market cap to look at the volume so the volume of   the last 24 hours training volume is at was three  billion dollars and the current market cap is 13.2   billion dollars now we also need to understand  how much liquidity how many places are offering uh   chain link or link token so based on core market  theres over 404, 442 places appearing for chainlink this is obviously explained why we have such  a very big liquidity or volume in the past 24   hours so just always think about the more people  are offering your product or in this case youre   talking the more likely youre gonna increase your  volume and trading and liquidity this is obviously   is a very liquid cryptocurrency now thirdly  im going to tell you what is the price forecast   for this token based on the current price  momentum again im always trying to be modest   all right so now im going to go straight away  and look at band protocol. Band protocol its   exactly what chain link is trying to do. So here they wrote secure scalable blockchain   agnostic decentralized oracle ban protocol is a cross chain data oracle platform that aggregate   and connect real world data and api to smart  contract so this is basically what they are trying   to do so you have that and then you have them  and then you have real world use case for example   so they have all these different products they  have Bandchain node, they have bandchain explorer, ibc bridge, oracle script and tech spec. and again  it literally try to explain why do blockchain need data oracle. Blockchain  are great at immutable storage and deterministic   a verifiable computation however they cannot  access trusted real-world information available   outside their network ban protocol enhances  smart contract functions functionalities   by granting them access to reliable data  without any central point of failure   right so this is basically here for  what i can see they give this example   so theyre working witH Binance, crypto compare,  coin gecko so this is basically i guess, they   are collecting the prices and they are providing  to binance or maybe there are extracting   the data from binance and crypto compare  and Coingecko and theyre sending   it to those different defi projects so this  is basically what theyre trying to do   and apparently that is a cross multiple  blockchain so you have your polkadot ,you have   ethereum and you have cosmos again if youre  a big fan of polkadot or ethereum or cosmos   i can see why you might feel comfortable you  might be more motivated to invest in band protocol   all right so this is basically who theyve  been working with so you have here like   Coingecko, Binance, Coinmarketcap, again i do not see  a lot of partnership here and this is obviously   something for you guys to to think about well so  i can see it from the website again uh compared to   Chainlink this is really not the best website. I really love Chainlink website whoever   designed the website the ui and the marketing  person they did an amazing job and this is also   quite good but its not as good as Chainlink, okay  its not as inviting it doesnt really give me a   lot of information again i understand what theyre  trying to do but Chainlink are really catering to   institutional to retail customer to developer  and people actually want to join and help   raise awareness so this is something that i really  like this is why it has such a very big market cap   so lets now look at band protocol ICO So band protocol ico took took place    on september 2019 the raise almost  11 million dollars and since then   Who ever invested in dollars made 37 times return who ever invested in ether its almost four times, who ever invested in bitcoin almost seven times again this  is probably not the strongest return I have seen but still decent anything above 10x in dollar  value in my perspective its a good investment   now lets look at the liquidity so band protocol  has a 359 million market cap and the volume is   almost the same as the market cap okay just for  you guys almost the same now its not yet value at one billion dollars and again if you watch my  yesterday video is my view on anything   right now is that because of the rally that we  have right in the market anything to do with Defi has the potential to reach one billion dollars  market okay now this is the current volume so now   lets look at how many places are offering band protocol, the band protocol has been offered by   100 different exchanges or platform and if you  remember when we look at the chain link there was   400 so basically theres four times less compared  to chain obviously this explains why we have this   this volume again the volume is actually quite  high because the markup is 300 million dollars   and then we have the liquidity the last 24 hours  volume is 300 million dollars its actually quite   surprising so yeah just obviously think about that  all right so now were going to move to the third   project called Dia Data dia, So dia is also  trying to enter this market so they verified and transparent oracle for the defi economy. So dia, stand for decentralized information asset, is an   open source oracle platform that enables market  actors to source, supply and share trustable data   again Dia is probably one of the latest  player when it comes to decentralized oracle   or to oracle solution and again compared  to obviously Chainlink or compared to   band protocol you can see that theyre still maybe  in the early stages they havent yet able   to land a big partnership so this is basically a  little bit of illustration what theyre doing so   theyre trying to show that you have your bitcoin  ethereum, ethereum classic, i think its compounded   if I am not mistaken, and you have stable coin a dollar  then you have euro and basically its trying to   show you that they are in the middle they are  extracting data and providing data vice versa to   lending and margin trading derivative  prediction market insurance and benchmark   so again from my perspective this website  is maybe the worst from all the three   its a very generic it doesnt really give  you too much information and i think this is   something ill probably see whenever they raise  money and not at this stage so again were gonna   see when they raise money how much they raise  money so again this is not the most compelling   and inviting website but again it might  be still in the early stage. i guess this is the founder and then you  have few mentioned from different website   okay this is their website so lets click here  and see what they wrote about what is DIA. DIA is an ecosystem for open financial  data in a financial smart contract ecosystem   the target of this to bring together data  analysis that the provider and data user   in general dia provide a reliable and a  verifiable bridge between off-chain data   from verifiable source and on-chain smart contract that  can be used to build a variety of financial depths   all right so im going to give you some  of my feedback from the feedback is that   dia is probably maybe a little bit too late in  this market and they probably need a very strong   partner to really lift them up and obviously put  them on the map right now i feel theyre not on   the map at all dont have like a major player  if i were them again if one of the team members   watching ill probably recommend them to look  for maybe new defi project that just started   and then basically not even charge money just  to provide them a solution just to have that brand if its Pancakeswap for example or any new defi project literally is about to   raise money or is about to start ill probably  target them and just to have   a little bit more use case and then  probably start charging other customer   this would be something that i would like  for them to do obviously theyre not there yet so   this is the current market this is probably  one of the smallest market that ive seen   and we have here 89 million marker cap and then you  have fully diluted markup of 632 million so   this is the real market cap and the volume  is 43 million dollars again its not so much   now i want to remind you guys they actually  raise money august so again so exactly as   as i suspected still the early stage they raised  30 million dollars on august 2020 and since then   theyre made a six-time return and if you invested  in ethereum its 1.4 and if its bitcoin 1.4   again its not the most amazing return on ico  again were looking at what six months or so   since they did it. Maybe theyre gonna be able to  do it. I like the market cap the marketcap is just   below that 100 million dollars again if you watched my other video my current status,   my current perspective is anything can reach to  1 billion dollars if you have the right product   and if youre in the right industry in this case  the are in the defi industry but the only sad thing about it that they enter too late and they need  to work twice as hard if not more to try to get   those defi projects to be willing to work with  them compared to working with maybe band protocol   or compared to working with Chainlink. Now im going to be reviewing and lets see here   so lets review how many places are  offering these tokens so there is only 46   places offering this token which obviously not very high number, again 43 million dollars is not alot of liquidity and again they just started  in one year time they might even do better   now for my verdict so I hope that you understood by the way I explained to you that   i have already made my decision so for me the best  investment based on everything ive seen on the   website the market and the direction the company  is going and the industry is Chainlink is the best   investment for you guys if youre a low-risk  investor or trader now if you have a bit more   medium risk then probably gonna be looking at  ban protocol, okay because Band protocol has enough   liquidity they have already partnered with binance  coingecko and coinmarketcap which is amazing   and then you have DIA they just raised  money few months ago and they are still in their   early stage they havent yet locked in any  partners and they really can make a   lot of money if theyre able to really lock in  some of those partners and obviously for us to   know if it really working. Again no one really  used them we havent seen a major enterprise   or a major project saying that theyre using it so  again for me this is probably maybe the riskiest   investment from all the videos i cover because  theres no real partners or a confirmation from   another company that use them so this is a bit  risky but again they did raise $30 million and whoever participates did make money  so this is my summary for you guys for covering   a Chainlink, Band protocol and Dia if this video  was helpful you know what to do until next time My Crypto analysis can be an inspiration for your own bitcoin trading or investing, but its NOT financial advice. Please use the information stated as a guidelines and not as a trading advice!In todays video I covered the Chainlink, taking over the defi with decentralized oracles. I have reviewed from a marketing and business strategy Chainlink Link , Band Protocol band and Dia Data dai. 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