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both chain link and ve chain are primed for huge moves in the coming weeks the entire cryptocurrency market has been in a bit of a lull recently however its looking to start recovering soon and who are going to be the biggest gainers in my opinion chain link and ve chain have some super exciting bullish momentum building in todays video were going to look at both chain link and ve chain news as well as conduct some chain link and v chain chart analysis to give you accurate predictions of what is coming in the coming weeks and coming months for these old coins guys hello and welcome to the house of crypto i make videos on bitcoin ethereum as well as other altcoins so if youre new to the channel make sure you hit that like and subscribe button on the way in to be kept up to date with all of the latest happening in the cryptocurrency market so first of all i want to draw your attention over to so we can look at the entire cryptocurrency market whats been happening and who the biggest movers have been and particularly around these times many people are getting kind of upset but this is the time when actually you should be looking quite excited to find those opportunities to be able to buy coins that maybe were quite expensive a few weeks ago at a bit more of a discounted price now what we tend to look at is if we look at the top 100 we can tend to take a look at maybe the last of seven days or so and see who has taken the the biggest moves and particularly because weve been moving down apart from the last 24 hours weve seen a bit of a resurgence we can look at the kind of coins that maybe have taken a bit of a dip and then see a bit of a bounce back so as we see ex sushi was down 22 percent but in the last 24 hours has recovered 8 um same again with sushi down 18.9 and recovered nearly nine percent so whats very key to look at guys is when these these coins maybe take a bit of a correction actually it can give us quite a good opportunity to maybe jump in obviously when theyre like in the top 100 theyre fairly sort of substantial projects that have good momentum however maybe have just experienced a bit of a sell-off as we have seen as well from bitcoin and ethereum because the old coins tend to react a bit harder when those two uh major cryptocurrencies take uh take a plunge so jumping first into chain link so as we can see on chain link currently up 2.2 percent in the last 24 hours but what weve seen in the last 14 days is about 15 drop in the price as the rest of the cryptocurrency market is dropped obviously chain link has been reacted uh has reacted to as well uh weve got a market cap of around 10 billion which in terms of how the sort of crypto space works obviously is reasonably high but theres obviously still a significant amount of room to grow so were currently still not at all time highs which is key to look at and weve got you know a decent trading volume here of over a billion dollars in 24 hour period now whats happening with chain link okay so what is chain link chain link its a decentralized network of nodes that provide data and information from off black exchange sources to on blockchain smart contracts via oracles i want to give you an example and discuss another potential example of how how things like this can be used okay so they give us an example here to understand the benefits of chain link and how it functions you need to understand some fundamentals interconnected concepts lets start with smart contracts okay smart contracts are pre-specified agreements on the blockchain that evaluate information and automatically execute when certain conditions are met so for example they give an example here of crowdfunding okay so if you wanted to raise some money for a specific specific task or specific charity for example if a certain amount of ether is deposited into the contract by a certain date then the payment will be released to the fundraiser if it is not then the payment will be returned to donors because smart contracts exist on the blockchain they are immutable for example they cant be changed and verifiable guaranteed a high level of trust among parties that they accurately reflect the stated parameters of the agreement and will execute execute if and only if those parameters are met now another great example of how this could be utilized if you were into if you were trying to raise funds for business etc uh often you know uh companies are kind of put off by putting down money into a company if theyre not sure that that company is going to be able to raise the full amount so if a company is trying to raise say 100 million dollars and you want to put in 10 million dollars then actually you could potentially lose your 10 million if the rest of the 90 million dollars is not not put in so actually this really helps kind of start ups etc get off the ground because it actually takes away a bit of fear factor for those investors who might be interested in investing because you know once once you kind of put your money in then actually havent got to worry whether the rest of that money is going to arrive or not because you can always get that money returned to you out of the control of the guys trying to raise the funds and an example ive got a friend running a business who has a big problem with this where hes trying to raise money for his business but many companies who are interested investing in him wont give him the money until other companies provide money to get involved so its a bit of a cash 22 in that no one is interested in investing until someone else invests you see so its quite a complex situation but chain link solves this problem so chain link is a really solid valuable product and the more it gets learned about the more it kind of gets put out there we can see that its going to have some good growth and were going to jump over to this piece of news on coin telegraph three key chain link price metrics signal link is gathering strength chain link is down 30 from its all-time high but on chain and derivatives indicators show that it is increasing interest from investors so jumping back to what i said before you know obviously when uh when when coins and things take a bit of a dip you know often it kind of puts people off and people seem to be always looking at like the top gainers and then theyre jumping into those actually the ones that are kind of up in the top top 10 top 20 that are taking a bit of a dip actually are very solid in my opinion very solid investments also go away and do your own research to be uh to be sure that youre making good decisions with your hard earned money so jumping across then to the chain link charts now what i want to draw your attention to this is on the four hour chain link chart uh weve seen we saw back on february the 20th so you know over a month ago now where we hit this all-time high and this is probably when you know ethereum bitcoin were kind of like coming to the end of that large pump before this sort of down trace and uh link is actually looking very solid indeed right its come into this pattern and its playing out the moment and actually what we can see is its taken a very considerable bounce off of this line of support uh which probably happened so four hours probably happened about 24 hours ago we came down and we tested this sort of 23 23 dollar level okay so at as it stands its looking very unlikely that were going to see a break to the downside and were going to see further consolidation along into this pattern and seeing as weve seen good levels of support one two three now even four times its actually looking extremely likely that well see a push towards this upside and what we like to see is if we do break well probably see a bit of resistance here but if we are to break here well probably come up to this level you can see where weve had one two three four touches before having a bit of a retrace retesting this line of support and pushing all the way to the upside now in the short term what would our price target b obviously we take the biggest height of the triangle here and we then move that over to where we potentially would break out which probably lets say roughly around here and that will take us to 42 dollars now in terms of a price increase as it stands were looking at 25 obviously you know that at the timing of making this video and that would see us push all the way up to a 60 63 gain and you know weve seen markets move very quickly uh if this is to break out which could come in the next sort of day or two days i think you know obviously the rest of the crypto market will move as well uh which will will perhaps dictate how this moves but if we see this breakout then we can be pushing towards this all-time high level around 42 dollars and what does that mean you know as we know once we kind of get beyond beyond these kind of high levels uh then we tend to uh be in sort of price discovery and you know as price discovery goes that can be a really exciting opportunity and in my opinion im looking at a link towards the end of the day towards the end of the year of a hundred dollars which i dont think is an outrageous claim uh you know even if we were going to be conservative and say fifty dollars youre still looking at you know nearly 100 well in fact 100 gain on the current price which is you know pretty awesome in terms of a sort of a safe bet but the likes of link ve chain these are really solid projects which is starting to be utilized and have real real world value okay theres a lot of coins and stuff that are still speculation and although theyre kind of like seemingly very exciting projects maybe not actually put into use yet okay so link has a real world need and lots of interest building around it let me know what you think below if you hold link whats your kind of like potential target price for this year okay jumping on to the next one then which is ve chain another favorite of mine okay so over here on coin gecko again v e chain currently down half a percent today the market cap at 5.4 billion dollars and a trading volume of one billion dollars okay so thats actually really high considering that you know its its basically 20 of the entire market cap being traded within 24 hours okay so weve got high volume et cetera tends to mean that you know people are interested in this it has a lot of a lot of things going on uh in this case as weve seen unlike chain link this has actually been uh been continuing to build while the rest of the market has been struggling in the last of seven to 14 days uh taking a bit of a dip re in the last sort of couple of hours however being uh being sort of slowly consolidating and moving and as we see in like from one year ago weve seen a sort of a 26x uh 26x on the price however still very very cheap at around 8.4 cents now what i want to jump over to is what ve chain is okay so ve chain is a blockchain platform designed to enhance supply chain management and business processes its goal is to streamline the processes and information flow for complex supply chains through the use of distribution ledger technology okay so this is huge in that it is used in things like e-commerce okay so e-commerce is massive at the moment im sure youre very aware but particularly this is playing a very big part in places like china especially on a call earlier with a friend of mine in china who is working for a huge distribution company another friend of mine works for walmart china these companies all use vechain theyre all investing huge amounts of money to compete with the likes of amazon amazon itself has its own blockchain protocol which it uses but all these other companies are looking to ve chain which is the first five-star cryptocurrency uh so yeah huge huge huge product huge promise in the way that the world is moving towards e-commerce and its only going to continue to grow as things happen and thats one thing that we want to consider many prices get kind of pushed and you can see them kind of people jump into them on the popularity of whats going on for example doe coin okay you know elon musk pumped doe coin and wall street bets et cetera and it went flying thats actually non sorry not very sustainable usually okay things like v chain has actually been moving parabolically but thats only because its getting more and more utilized more and more used around the world and that as an investor is something that is really really attractive if you have if you hold v e chain you can also uh stake it which means you get uh a bit of a reward in ve thor token and this is also its kind of like v thor is basically paying for the gas fees but also being uh is a deflationary asset and has seen huge increase of something like 65 x in the past year so actually just by holding ve chain youre getting more vu chain but also getting ve thor as a kind of a bonus as well uh another thing thats obviously very current and you know okay were dipping back a couple of months to this news but i want to draw your attention to it is the kovit 19 vaccination records stored on vu chain as use cases grow obviously you know everyone knows what covert has been this year uh and last year and the more and news like this brings brings this more and more into peoples uh peoples knowledge the chain is used by companies like walmart china is used by bmw theres a huge amount of really well-known companies that are using uh ve chains technology okay just to finish off then i want to draw your attention to the ve chain charts uh this is on the four hour chart again and yeah since you know back in or pretty much christmas day weve seen this sort of steady rise from around uh 1.2 cents and weve gone up pretty much nine as well current prices around atex from there which is obviously a significant rise however you can see that this is a much steadier rise than weve perhaps seen with many of the other cryptocurrencies as i was talking about due to perhaps building use case rather than just loads of hype about this particular project and what were seeing here and one draw your attention to is this bullish flag pattern which appears to be developing where weve come off the top and weve seen this of slow slow drop uh that weve seen you know with many other crypto currencies and weve taken a a big bounce off the 100 moving average here 100 period moving average and whats looking like at the moment is we get likely going to be pushing up to this level itll be interesting to see whether we can break through this level and continue to play out this pattern or we might see another trace down before re-testing and pushing up now in terms of how we work out targets for this you know as as it appears to be this is a bit of a bullish flag so we tend to take the pole and then we push our we take our flagpole and move it all the way up to a potential breakout point now obviously you know that this is a kind of a rough point because we havent arrived at potential breakout position and as we saw with chain link we would like to see it break out re-test the top of this and then move all the way up to there now as you can see that would take us all the way up to 14 pretty much 15 cents so at the current price which is around 8 8 30 lets just roughly go down towards there 8 30 that would be a rise of 75 and in terms of how long that can take you know this last move uh actually was from what 28th of february where its around three cents it already pretty much two and a half x in the last month and perhaps 3x all the way up to this all-time high before taking this little retest okay so actually what were seeing at the moment is a really healthy move and this is a really exciting opportunity in my opinion because you know weve seen with such a good project going forward and theres so much potential and actually what were getting now is a bit of a discounted price whereas perhaps you know if we were to go back three or four days we were going to be looking at a price thats 20 higher than it is now guys let me know what your opinion on ve chain and chain link is in the description below hope you enjoyed this video make sure you hit that like because it helps me to deliver this content to more people by helping the youtube algorithm and the more people that know about these cryptocurrencies the more people getting involved in the game and ultimately the better it is for us as crypto holders im going to leave a link to the end of this video for an update on silica which is one of my favorite kind of small cap smaller cap alt coins which has huge potential in the coming weeks and can see potentially a 250 maybe even a 750 gain in the coming year guys thanks very much for watching i hope you enjoyed it and i look forward to seeing you on the next video thank you very much and bye you The recent market dip has exposed some amazing opportunities to buy crypto and make HUGE gains! VeChain and Chainlink has all the fundamentals and potential to moon. In recent chainlink news and vechain news there are many reasons why both chain link and ve chain have huge potential. TWITTER - I will conduct chainlink and vechain chart analysis as well as provide chainlink prediction and vechain prediction. This is a The house of crypto youtube video made for chainlink chain link vechain ve chain prediction news cryptocurrency crypto news