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its not that super scalable sexy project that promises to do a thousand and one things but its a simple project with a very clear objective with the addressable market and it has fulfilled a lot with its objective including one of the last implementations that I had link been doing is the your steak changing your business model there from ringtones and names your monetary policy and this is a very interesting point is exactly what we are going to talk about in todays video if there was a link it has strength and the fundamentals to reach new all time roots in the next cycle of increase that we will find so like this video subscribe to the channel by clicking on the bell here too so you can receive all the content and be notified quickly so what is Tim link nothing more nothing less that she is a project face to face with that is what it will do it will bring information from the real world and throw it into the blockchain precisely you have to understand a little bit here about the smart contract process what is a smart contract the smart contract man it s a tool that will perform operations when it receives certain information lets say here that I feel like you feel sorry for us we want to change this here but youve never seen me in my life I never had in my life how are we going to trust each other so that we dont have to trust each other, we end up trusting in a contract. For you, this is the function of the Smart contract, but when we talk about t-link, we have projects that you need to know about, for example It will rain today it will not rain today What is the price of gold What is the price of the dollar which is the price of Europe at which it takes this information and puts it into the project this is very important because it is a project that is a project that is used a lot it is a service that it offers that the market needs it a lot so it is thats how it works ok this is TIMs main objective link the cool thing here is that it didnt have an investment from Alameda so we dont see it fear here in its main investors the main messiahs who entered link and who was the founder was sergena along with other collaborators here in the market she comes in 2017 but her mind she only became operable here in 2019 ok so understood that she does how does this work net links here there are three processes the first is the eputation Contract where you will pay Tim link to find the new validators our validators there on the network those connection points that make up the TIM network there link the other point he goes to the net order against what he will do what he will ask the question to which we are waiting for the answer so it was precisely the questions I asked you what is the price of gold What is the price of the dollar this for projects Like for example the decentralized application called synthetics He needs this to make synthetic assets so what its the price of gold that provides this information to the application, its timing and then finally were going to have the aggregate account here that its going to aggregate all this information here and its going to put it in a single answer ok so nothing more nothing less lets get it here an example of marketing data we have data outside the chain here we have a Network that will take the data from the chain it will take the children of price here it will send it to that point with for example So nothing more was less takes information from outside and throws it to within the blockchain for applications within the blockchain ok it has several uses there are several products within tianic quickly we have here this marketing data feeds Just what I explained to you we have automation where it will automate smart contracts reserve which is a very important point that we even see brokers doing this now after the collapse of ftx croche has comunication which is one of the most ambitious projects where it will have interblockchain communication here i.e. it wants to increase the interability of the market the communication of cookies and this is very important ok, it is already well used today, there are a lot of projects that use it, there are more than 4 million and two hundred dates here, yesterdays delivery bridges and another point is that it was used only to delete operators from us, but now we have the steaking that its precisely that Im going to explain to you a lot of the market uses And if we take today the strip that it corresponds to here for about 47%, its Market share its market share was already greater but as the market grows, competitors are appearing if you have to reduce it but link has been doing a good job it still has practically almost 50% of the market now what is its usability and speaking quickly of the ccip protocol which is the crochenk interoperability protocol that was exactly what i explained to you it will have two points here within this protocol the ccip itself and it will work together with the token Bridge program ok that means that means man that they will make the blockchains communicate i.e. i will be able to use several applications and centralized in several different blockchains i will be able to move my Funds Among these applications today we have a certain difficulty we can do it through the etéreo network doing it in the applications that have both in Pollys network and both in the tree network and so much in the optimes network but we can only use in those blockchains this here it will allow this if you communicate you send the fund in a much easier way how do you do it with the protocol here in the crust in application that is it will have this protocol This smart contract will go through the token Bridge program to leave this is all safe and finally we are going to go through the routing where it will send it from here to the other side to another blockchain of course this is all checked if there is no problem if there are necessary funds if everything is right for this fund to cross the blockchain So this is a very ambitious project that they are doing so nothing more nothing less we have here lets say eternal and here we have avaks so the strip that it will work as an intermediary from here to leave here from Max and I came here to eternal so I found this here very interesting its a problem that needs to be solved in the market and link has been working on it for a long time here okay it has other products obviously that end up bringing more accessibility there to the project more demand for torque already had link it has an initiative to breaking the mean which is a very interesting point through the fss it will work more or less like Lauras own network with the line instead of you sending it to me by public you send it to the network of the hour with them they will do it from here they will organize the transactions of a fair way and they will not let never organize these transactions and exploring there Possibly your transaction then there is a very interesting initiative for that from here going directly now to the steak we have that they are going to launch that They already launched the linear steak what thats it good two crucial points here we have the timing scale both projects aim to do what a Visa help initiatives here and accelerate the growth process of smaller projects and Ice fell that it will just commit to offset the networks operating costs horaco to accelerate the growth of its ecosystem that is the projects and blockchain is committed to offset the operational courses of TIM link and this means that it manages to have a little more growth here from its steak what will work now the policy Expensive currency from what you can understand here in this graph that they show is where we will have the stakes earning fees from the protocols there from the fees that are being generated in the centralized applications of netins that are making the information available for this these fees will also be directed to the stakes so in practice what would that be? what will happen will go through the first phase of the contract which is precisely you depositing yours there has links the second point is you ask the question that is you have here the information to be sent to blochem So the Market dates the data Marketplace and identity data by Éder data, that is, there is the time here just how is the time so they take this from here and they will play and they will add and play where to put into the blockchain the deps that I told you this summary that we have here the ave protocol we have the avalanche blockchain among others that use the And then what happens here the fees that are being generated through these applications here they will be directed to a payment contract then they will be redirected by a Poo until they go arrive here at nodebre, that is, they will also be redirected to the nodes here on the TIM link network and will be redirected to the steaking contract, which will then be directed to the stakes here as a certain reward, so it is a very cool dynamic where we have, in a way, everyone being rewarded in this way and the monetary policy in link ends up increasing this is very interesting because it will do what will make the network it has a greater decentralization more people are making steak so that we have more decentralization within the network and this over time has to increase because when we have more applications using which more fees will be generated more demands will be coming to the blockchains but fees and this will gain from this with greater decentralization and more fees being collected there, which is a very interesting point, okay, so you pay off the bets here for the v1 that was made available on the 6th today is the 7th, right yesterday so it was made available on the 6th it was only for some wallets there for some people it wasnt for everyone world but this was in v1 its in v0.1 and here we have the analyzed rates of about 5%. so this is already released the maximum that there will be about 22 million links here we already have about 10 here which I found even a little interesting that it has not been completed precisely because it is not a lot of money it is about 200 million dollars lets say so to complete this here with the price link today so it turned out that we have these take in released And then you still cant do that you can see if you are eligible by going to their website here to see if you are eligible but you can do the steak after this here is complete ok because this one is their Map we are going to have these integrations happening here until the 6th until here after we have to see one we are going to have the Steak sla that is to say there will be the possibility the loss of your Funds there in steak among others here that will be other tools that will be added in the other versions For now we are still at this here is the question of eligibility you dont need to worry too much because what they say here is that you will being able to make the steak everyone will be able to make the steak in the vein in v0.1 after this period is over here its good after everything is complete or after a day and five hours this time continues to run Lucas Im going to leave these Funds here for how long according to what they say here how long you will be able to unlock this subject apparently Only after 9 to 12 months when the steak in v0.2 is released that is these coins will be locked for a while so if you to do the stakedin link be careful pay attention In this regard here you are going to leave apparently that is what they say here 9 to 12 months here until you reach this point at the time 0.2 ok so this is how it will work now if you want to know a little more because this this analysis that Im doing for you was an analysis that I already did within The feverso but here I talked about three points just what is how it works skills protocols and steaking what from now on touches risk network activity Then it ends up being inside The feverso and as it is a bonus here that I will leave it for you We are already in December Christmas mood I will leave the link of this complete analysis that was able to do this analysis has more than 50 minutes and here we are already about 15 minutes here already in this video so if you want to continue watching and get this complete plot from tinique I will make this analysis available this 50-minute video for 24 hours ok then for 24 hours from that moment on in this video that normally comes out at 5 oclock you can see there for you to see what the level of analysis is like in there how we treat these analyzes they come out once a month and thats it man on the 22nd we will be opening the vacancies there will be an event here on YouTube so get on the waiting list here so you dont lose your mug its not here now to show you another video from the past I liked it closed I wish you great profits and in a way believe If net link finds an interesting project I think its a great project that has been adding fundamentals and has been changing its monetary policy which was one of the crucial points but it has risks that also make me worried about the cheaning closed Check out the video down there were together see you the next Lista de Vip: Análise Chainlink Defiverso: Instagram : ︎Twitter: O mercado de criptomoedas está em um patamar muito tenso, por isso saber como investir 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