chainlink hojeChainlink Update️Chainlink Price Prediction 2023 - Chainlink Analysis - What´s next for Chainlink

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chainlink hoje cyclone chainlink Chainlink Update️Chainlink Price Prediction 2023 - Chainlink Analysis - What´s next for Chainlink
thank you hello and welcome back keep it simple short John and Cohen here thanks for your support alright short update for chain link so chain link from my last update hold here the 6.40 send what we talked about the EMA 50 here and then reached our first Target at the 0.618 at 6.78 second target at the 0.65 at 6.86 and also the 0.702 at around 7 US dollars since then is here consolidating a bit and holding the EMA 20 so far and yeah the RSI here on the four hour time frame again I had this this time here to cool off and yeah we got this bearish cross on the macd and we can see here that potentially were getting a bullish cross very soon but this is not confirmed we dont know if this is going more to the downside or if we see one more leg to the upside any time frame what we talked about in my last update also so the RSI came from the overboard and is now staying here at the levels at around 60 so 265 so technically speaking we could have here room for for more upside um because we are not here in the overbought anymore and yeah here this polish cross on the on the macd on The Daily time frame chain link now broke the EMA 50 and the EMA 100 and is holding the EMA 100 so far EMA 200 on The Daily is coming into the level of seven dollars and around 7.66 and most importantly what we also talked about many times chain link here you can see is down below the EMA 20 on the weekly time frame basically the whole year of 2022 and on the weekly couldnt break it to the upside and now as the time of recording is exactly at the EMA 20 here so very interesting times here in the cryptos and RSI seems that the RSI has spotted out and is on the way slowly to the upside bullish cross on the weekly more than half a year ago all right so what are the short-term targets for chain link well in the short term we can draw here this resistance to the upside and yeah some kind of support so basically chain link is in this upward sloping Channel targets to the upside if chain link would hold here the EMA 20 or at least the EMA 50 again as we saw here on Monday then yeah next Target again 0.65 at 6.86 .702 at 7 US Dollars and then if theres seven dollars and six cent got broken around the 0.786 at 7.21 if chain link here is breaking the levers of 6.70 then next support if we zoom out here is around the 6.54 so if the upper sloping EMA 50 got broken 6.54 because this is some horizontal support we can see here in on Monday and also here in the middle of December has some support and resistance and if the 6.54 got broken next Target to the downside also with some horizontal support at 6.41 all right this was my short update for chain link if you like this video and you want to get updated with the latest crypto news and Analysis then please subscribe to my channel give this video a like and also hit the notification Bell I wish you a wonderful day and Ill see you in the next one bye Chainlink Price Prediction - Chainlink Technical Analysis and Chainlink Price Update.In this video, I analyze the current price of Chainlink and provide a Chainlink price update.We take a look at Chainlink Price News Today and also at Chainlink price prediction 2023. 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