ethereum vs chainlink california chain link ethereum and chainlink CHAINLINK TO $4.50? comparison to ETHEREUM ! ALTCOIN MARKET STRUCTURE, CRYPTO GETTING CLOSE to PUMP?
ethereum and chainlink chainlink predictions 2020 CHAINLINK TO $4.50? comparison to ETHEREUM ! ALTCOIN MARKET STRUCTURE, CRYPTO GETTING CLOSE to PUMP?
foreign and welcome back to another video today we are going to be taking a look at chain link but first of all happy New Year to everyone it is now 2023 and with 2023 a new year brings new opportunities in the market and I think chain link may be one big massive opportunity in the market so were going to have a look at some accumulations soon for chain link some comparisons to ethereums First cycle some bullish candles that might need filling on the way up that that was formed and some really really key Fibonacci levels that were going to be looking out for so without further Ado if you want already hit the like button subscribe if you arent already and lets get into it so guys what Ive done for now is just take us to the monthly time frame and Ive put chain link on the left hand side of the screen and ethereum on the right so you can get a better idea of what comparisons we are looking at really and its almost like looking at a mirror picture here for the cycles of chain link and ethereum and obviously ethereum was back in 2017 18 and 19. thats when its Fair cycle was and I think chain Links just gone through its Fair cycle and now were trying to distinguish how are we going to try and find a accumulation structure a bottom in for a chain link and some comparisons that we can do to ethereum in the past and how we could spot in the past when ethereum was bombed and I think to point out one of the main things for ethereum to figure out when this accumulation was gonna going to start is if you have a look here for this big bullish candle for for ethereum you can see it it took us to the bottom of that big bullish Candle on the breakout we had to come back and eventually fill that big bullish candle so if we do the same here for chain link that level would be around get that back in the middle of the screen now that that level would be around four dollars and fifty cent and that is really really not far away at all and Im not saying that we have to get that drop in the meantime but for chain link a possible another 20 drop to that level would coincide with the same level that ethereum had to go through in its first cycle and we are looking at similar percentages here if you have a look its not exactly the same but chain link if it went to 4.50 but about a 91 correction and I think ethereums was actually a little bit more yeah about 94 but if you think back to this time in the market back in 2018 there was not as much liquidity as there is in the market right now and I think for chain link its um its really approaching a key time for chain link just like it was back here for ethereum and it dont mean that we have to Skyrocket to the upside straight away for chain link because if we just scroll to the right here you can see ethereum went through a massive accumulation structure of pumps dumps pumps dumps back to back to exactly the same levels and that took about a year so I think for chain link here if we do end up going into an accumulation structure something like this get the drop get an ice pump get the drop again boom dont pump dump and get people bored get people impatient I think that would be a really really nice time in the market because you could actually start to benefit from these moves to the upside some moves like that 100 to accumulate your Holdings and sell some and then re-accumulate back at the same level thats what the big wheels are going to be doing thats what the market makers are probably going to be seeking to do when the building Longs down here and building shots at the higher levels to then move into a higher move maybe in 2023 2024 so just bringing it back now to chain link after seeing the comparisons to ethereum lets try and focus on some key Fibonacci levels now that might coincide with the 4.50 and I think one of the main things that a lot of people dont know you can do is just if you are having a look at uh coin or a market structure on these higher time frame levels and you can see a really nice candle body range here that we reacted from nicely for around that was a good six months there with Wicks and candle bodies what we can actually do there is if we take the Fibonacci retracement from high of the range to the low of the range we get a negative 141.4 percent down here and that coincides with the key level that we was looking at earlier around 4.67 so not directly at the 4.50 Mark but that really really is as close as youre gonna get so I think one level that we need to have marked out is the negative 141 percent um so that really coincides we dont have to mark out another level because it already coincides with the big bullish breakout candle here that chain link might be coming in down just to fill to then go into a nice accumulation structure like we got with ethereum to then maybe in 2023 2024 going to its brand new cycle and you know that could be something that we can benefit from but again we can also benefit from these nice little ranges here that start to develop in an accumulation structure so you dont want to be missing out on the key moves in the next coming weeks and months so right now for chain link Ive just taken us to the four hourly time frame just so we can get a better idea of whats been going on in these waves of the past few months and what Im seeing here is a classic sign of Wyckoff accumulation where you get your initial drop you get your second drop that brick stem levels and then what would this be if we was to come down and take these lows down at the 4.50 that would be your final spring phase of the Wyckoff accumulation for us to then come back up re-test these levels and start to work our way up and that would be the beginning step beginning steps of the accumulation structure that we looked at earlier for chain link like ethereum got in its past cycle so I think some things for chain link are lining up really really nicely here and we just have to stay patient because you know we might not get this move down we dont know we might not get the move up we have no idea but all we can do is just look at previous examples see how previous Market Cycles have worked use that and use that knowledge to try and benefit um our decision making in the future because realistically no one knows whats going to happen were just making our best guess here and as we are 91 92 percent down from all-time highs these are the times in my opinion to be really really interested in the market we dont want to be getting interested at the all-time highs where the market makers begin to build shots we want to be getting in when the market makers are building lungs we want to be on the right side of the trade but you guys know again from me its not Financial advice if you want already drop a like on the video subscribe let me know in the comments what you think of this what you think of chain link I will respond to every single comment no problem about that but yeah once again guys I will see you next time cheers chainlink Crypto market analysis using Fibonacci, Psychology and Key levels.Using previous examples with ethereum we can possibly figure out where chainlink is heading.Not financial advice. 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