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whats good youtube i hope youre doing well its jacob crypto burrow here if youre new to the channel make sure you do subscribe today were going to explore chain link because were pumping at the moment were up 8.71 on the day or just refreshed 8.13 but either way things are looking pretty good and i think i know why were getting this juicy pump on this daily time frame right now and that is because you may already be familiar but theyre finally unveiled their roadmap for staking where you can earn up to five percent chain link and lets have a little look at what theyve just released on their blog as of june 7 2022 so its still pretty fresh news if youre reading this now you are one of the very few that probably know about this so chain link staking exploring the long term goals roadmap and initial implementation the long-term goals of chain link staking so why is this valuable why is a potential holder or investor should this mean something to you well chain link staking is being built around four long-term goals these goals serve as the guiding principles behind its development and it will be the pillars upon which to define its success over time as the staking system matures increase the crypto economic security and use assurance of chain link services so this is the first sort of benefit so were looking at long term solutions the primary goal of chain link staking is to increase both the crypto economic security and user assurances of chain link oracle services staking introduces another powerful incentive and penalty mechanism for chaining nodes to consistently generate accurate oracle reports and deliver them to specific destinations in a timely manner its also extremely good for the holders who want to get passive rewards over a long period of time and it helps keep total value locked and liquidity locked into the ecosystem as well number two enable community participation in the chain link network so another key goal of staking is empowering a greater number of community members to directly participate in chain link network by enabling them to stake their link tokens to support the performance of oracle networks importantly stakers can raise alerts if they believe an oracle surface has not met predefined performance standards with the opportunity to earn reward for timely and valid alert third point over here is generate sustainable rewards from real long term use so we can see highlight below native token emissions from the link token supply will be used to create an initial base level of rewards for stakers with the goal of tapering off over time as other sources of rewards grow and begin to be directed to stakers the other bullet point here user service fees from sponsors of chain link oracle services with a portion directed to the stakers more users pay for chain link oracle services therefore the greater the amount of fees that can become available to reward stakers who help secure the services fourth point over here is empower node operators to access higher value jobs by staking quite technical so we wont read into this bit here but really ultimately we want to look at the staking rewards probably all you guys are excited about so in v 0.1 its expected that the native token emissions directed to stakers will target a base level of annualized staking rewards up to 5 so this is pretty nice apy to be fair for a blue chip project like this and i think it does provide great incentive and increase the investment appetite to potential new holders as well as the existing holders that will probably be adding to their bag upon this good news so the conclusion right here the introduction of staking is a pivotal moment that marks the evolution of chain link economics 2.0 a new era in chain links long-term security and network economics so really really good to see bullish news right here guys keep an eye on chain link because its going to be one that grows over the um the next few years absolutely as we see all of these accumulation phases do take a good 800 to 900 days before we see the next crypto bull market so i wouldnt be surprised if we actually have to wait until at least late 2024 until we start seeing all that euphoria all over again because we know that the bull market ended in 2021 about april thats where we saw the bearish divergences on the larger time frames so were going to do a bit of price analysis as well for chain link whats going on at the moment is ive highlighted where weve had the oversold positions in the vertical blue lines you can see we just reached oversold again with the terra luna crash and anyone that did buy into that terror luna crash is already up 65 on their investment so again its just a load of fun washing people out there cryptocurrency same old same old noobs getting washed out retaliating upon fear logic getting invalidated once again so what im seeing happen here on this particular daily time frame is weve actually put through some nice higher lows and weve come back up to the previous swing high we got rejected just at this 9.30 level which is pretty much expected the rsi is slowly coming back now one thing i do notice with the rsi with chain link every time we do come to about 70 where these red lines are we do see distribution following this and were getting quite close to that sort of area of particular distribution what we could do just to look at the trend lines here is just gauge where that could be because were already getting quite close when you look at these diagonal resistances so maybe this is the local top for chain link for now but we could still see more continuation depending on how far this news gets pushed but you see here this 9.34 level rejected at that resistance right there which is quite an important integral um level of resistance where we didnt really want to lose that support so at the moment were trading in this little range between basically 8.77 and 9.40 looking at the rsi we do have a slight bearish divergence playing out where the rsi become lower and the price structure actually increased we put a high high on the price lower high on the relative strength index and in turn this can be quite a bearish reversal indicator so do look out for that in case we do see the bearish momentum coming big big sell-off wick here that 9.39 level is proving to be quite tricky looking at the 20-day moving average over here where did you go okay so i dont have that anymore for some reason well ignore that for now but um basically the fibonacci retracement is telling us 0.382 is where we could effectively come down to around that nine dollar price level but what i want to look at more importantly is what the price of chain link could be in the next few years so really the way were looking at this is a big supply phase if we look at the macro scale and look at the fibonacci extension where was march 2020 right over here so this was the covert 19 crash weve actually corrected now all the way down below our 0.786 fib level of basically 12.54 meaning were back into those potential undervaluation zones so yes we could still move lower bitcoin can still come down to 200 week moving average and if that happened wed probably see a five dollar chain link all over again but i really dont think well be moving down below those uh five dollar levels because this is a key key area of consolidation right here um were going to put a rectangle actually because if chain link does come back down to these prices around here its looking extremely good for re-accumulation but we yet to see a two dollar and even four dollar chain link yeah i doubt thats gonna happen i dont think that would be the case so lets remove some of these lines for now what could effectively happen for chain link over the next few years well what i speculate will happen is if we take the swing high of the all-time high of 52 and all the way down to this local low which we could assume is the market cycle bottom wed effectively be looking at price ranges of 65 to 82 and at current price levels youre looking at around a 650 increase to the upside depending on the traction and you know the amount of hype we see for this project how many legacy holders hold their positions dont actually sell off their positions due to impatiency as well its also another important thing but you can see so far its just constantly putting through higher lows um as well so really the trend is down the natural feeling is to be bearish right now unless we can break out to the upside and get a bullish reversal i dont see a 15 chain link just yet but i do see it happening over the next few years if we look at the blx chart here its going to tell us roughly how long we need to wait in order to see the next particular bull market because every time we see the green line form on this chart this is how long its taking to see the peak of the next market cycle this is 793 days over here over here we saw roughly 853 days so were looking at roughly 750 to 900 days would be the assumption which takes us to around this time here so if this is the bottom well be expecting a long long accumulation range in these levels through june 2023 before we actually start coming up higher and maybe seeing a hundred thousand dollar plus bitcoin as well so what else can we explore today well weve got the crypto bubbles we can have a look at the market capital on the weekly time frame we can see ethereums down 0.4 bitcoin is up 1.9 just holding that 30 000 level and the 1800 level for ethereum as well fear and greed index at the moment sitting at 11 so still extreme fear lingers in the market were not really seeing any neutral feelings the sentiment is bearish and with bear markets means youre selling the resistances youre putting through constant lower highs things arent going to get good quickly and thats just the truth because theres too many macroeconomical factors putting too much pressure supplying and suppressing the movement of cryptocurrency and what the whales want is everyone to be terrified because if everyone is terrified the whales can actually scoop this up and basically take the risks to hold for years and years to come we can see rainbow chart as well is also sitting on basically green and blue which is another buy zone against the logarithmic regression band so personally i think crypto right now is a good entry for new investors if you did buy at the top then youve got no choice but to either dollar cost average or wait a few years and its effectively your fault for jumping in and chasing it on the greed i bought most of my cryptocurrency when the covert 19 crash occurred meaning i bought in a fantastic time where everyone was terrified and i was the contrarian i did the opposite to what everyone else did so i was very lucky with what i did and my entry was really really good so now im waiting for the same thing to happen and we havent quite got there yet when we do get there im gonna share it with you guys and um ill also be going all in on bitcoin i dont care about normal money right now if i know that bitcoin is down back to these fair values because we were truly overextended and theres not really any favors buying bitcoin at the top if social media is completely swarming you with euphoria nostalgia and news about how everyone is getting rich means youve already got into the project too late um when social media is not talking about crypto anymore youve just got to use analytics such as google trends if we look at crypto for example if i just type in cryptocurrency here were going see um if we click on the five years lets go worldwide for example the trends tells us everything bull market over here bull market over here as soon as you see the trends come down that tells you that crypto is pretty much in a slump its in a lull its not going anywhere anytime soon and sometimes the macro data is what matters most anyway guys i hope you enjoyed this pragmatic anti-sensationalist video if you like do subscribe to the video subscribe like comment i think i said that twice and make sure you hop into the discord channels because i will be sticking around through the bear markets to help you surf through the tumultuous waves of crypto appreciate the viewing and take care bye now guys - Buy LINK today - - Increase your crypto security, download a wallet - Chainlink officially releases their roadmap and staking integration, this is seriously bullish! 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