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foreign uh welcome to bit boy crypto the largest cryptocurrency channel in all the interwebs my name is tj ill be your host today for another episode of around the blockchain ill be joined by our favorite personalities characters and people from all across the blockchain weve got yours truly ben armstrong from the big boy crypto channel crypto wendy yo from crypto wendios channel weve got austin from altcoin daily and max the contrarian dude here to talk about the burning questions on your minds today were going to talk a little bit about the dogecoin has been pumping like crazy weve got an snl appearance by elon musk this weekend weve got other chain link can it hit a hundred dollars how important are oracles in the blockchain space do we see other competitors to chain link that could potentially come up in rival uh talk a little bit towards the end about some regulation and then a major major announcement from the nfl that will probably shape a lot of the future of the crypto and blockchain space so to get started well kick it off with ben first question do you think chain link can hit a hundred dollars why or why not take it away yeah um i definitely think that chain link can hit 100 during this bull run i mean i think thats a very low hanging fruit actually like much higher uh prediction for chain link which i think around the end of this year i said it would be probably somewhere around 900 that was also when it was in the top five and we were projecting its market cap to be up there around that of you know where binance coin is now uh if you look at the the crazy historic run the binance coin has been on its been absolutely nuts um its actually shaping up to be where its probably gonna paint like oracle project that uh or im sorry decentralized oracle project that has a lot of potential to you know kind of rival chain link so id be interested to hear your thoughts on any of those other ones too wendy are there any of those youre looking at im actually really focused on chain link just because of that its got so much hype and taking a look like you know utilizing technical analysis if you want it to hit 100 dollars its literally like an uh 98 move up to like 98 which lies the fib 2 area when were talking about fib extensions fibs are great because you can kind of toss those on lazily on a chart and get some crucial support support and resistance areas but link will definitely hit 100 so do you think in this do you think itll hit much higher than a hundred dollars or do you have anything you see youre seeing on the charts any other price targets i mean the the three have drawn its at about 143 um and im looking the chart is just really really beautiful with the price action its like every time we get a little bit of a dip we drop down to the ema 100 on the daily we dont even we didnt even graze it last dip we had around april 25th um but its just pretty beautiful price action and theres because theres so much hype especially on you know youll see people talk about it on twitter i think it will continue to do well i dont like to give crazy target prices i like to kind of think is probably not priced into chain link as of yet is i think which is just the uh you know the things going on around like a theorem of finance once bitcoin gets into that space the numbers for uh chain link could really explode so i dont think its gonna be a challenge to get to over two hundred dollars uh during this year watching while were on that were on the show here we can hear somebody we can hear you sorry we got everybody off wi-fi we can hear you by the way everybody needs to be off quite fine okay i think were good now it seems to have stopped the lagging so so youre from a little bit more of the traditional space right max like a traditional investment yeah yeah like uh so i mean my i guess banner is more of a macro guy but you got involved in bitcoins in 2012 yeah and so are are you familiar with kind of the tradition like oracle as a company or some of the other top oracle projects that are used currently that like the centralized oracle solutions no no no no no no no im not not familiar with that world at all um no sorry no its fine the only reason i was asking is one thing thats interesting to me is there are multiple data feeds that people use most of the time its not a winner take all with oracles you know theres two three solutions so you can get data especially when its centralized because you are forced to trust that one entity that their data is good so i think theres there could be potential for band or some of these other ones to rise up but id be interested uh austin what are your thoughts um first off i want to say to ben tj thank you for having me great channel great to be here with other great channels like wendy and contrarian who im just meaning today for the first time thanks for watching for chain link dude absolutely but for chain link actually alt coin daily we did a video on january 1st 2021 of the potential for the year for chain link and that was when the bull market had just started and what were noticing as the bull market progresses is one projects are pumping less and less because of substance and more and more because of hype and thats just where we are starting to get to in the in the bitcoin cryptocurrency frenzy the other big question im seeing from my end is not if chain link has a chance to 2 or 3x at least from where we are now if bitcoin can hit 200 000 this year 250 you know more its that ethereum and the ethereum ecosystem narrative is going to do very well and the question is well which other dap platforms can steal some market share from ethereum so i just want to echo a little bit i like the bit boy said and the other and everybody else its chain links in the best spot of them all its partnered with everybody its multi-chain so if the question was ethereum can it get to a certain point man that just depends about fees and the other dap platforms nipping at its seals but chain link at least for this cycle in my opinion it has competitors but its positioned itself very well for the next six months yeah thats a great point and something you mentioned there is something i feel like a lot of people forget especially us that are in this all day every day looking at the tech looking at these different projects you said in a bear market things are a lot more technically driven and use case driven and what the project does really matters were getting to the point in this bowl cycle where it really is all about hype speculation and whats hot today whats whats happening on tick tock whats happening on reddit and you know leads us right to the next question which is doge you know theres nothing thats been hotter in the past couple weeks probably than dogecoin everybodys talking about it its pumping like crazy weve got elon musk going on snl this weekend a lot of people are assuming theres going to be at least one or two skits about doge so the question is will it pump on snl will it dump beforehand we were kind of talking about this morning on the live stream like does everybody set like are they buying the rumor this week it pumps up and they sell it friday will it pump saturday night right after the show and then dump the next day or just keep going up past the dollar so like two twofold question can it hit a dollar would you hold it and would you sell it uh well start back with austin dogecoin weve already seen the pump much wow elon is king hes ceo weve seen it now in my opinion there i own no doge and by the way cats off to the doge army they saw something i didnt ever since the wall street bets fiasco its been pumping but in my opinion there are two types of doge holders theres the doge holders that will sell before elon musk says his first word of the monologue and then theres those doge holders thatll be holding after snl already starts in my opinion ones a smart play ones dumb ill leave that up to you i think the question i think the question that uh we have to ask is it why is doge pumping its because for some reason somewhere the tick tockers the reddit uh army they they dont want to play with the old system they say a big fu to the old system they want to use their own money and they chose doge as a pump and dump and i say that respectfully i think people should be able to pump and dump what they want um a big portion of that i think is unit bias meaning that if one doge equals at the same market cap but equal to thousand dollars each i dont think robin hood would be would care i think theyd find something else like bitcoin offers the same fundament i would say better fundamental values than doge yet doge has a smaller price and for some reason people love good me so i think it will pump and i think itll dump i would agree what are your thoughts uh wendy so what were seeing with dogecoin is actually pretty impress unprecedented i actually posted on twitter a while back it was in regards to xrp and i said masses and retail will purchase xrp over bitcoin and people got really really mad at me and my logic behind that is people see bitcoin and they see an asset that is trading at around you know 55 to about 60 000 and the average person is like i cant own a whole bitcoin i cant afford it so price does have something and it impacts us psychologically so when were talking about a large group of people poor middle class lower middle class that have enough money to buy maybe a hundred thousand dogecoin or you know maybe 50 dogecoin or a thousand dogecoin thats like thats like they made it ive talked to people that have bought cryptocurrencies that were like maybe like 10 satoshis and they bought like a million of them just so theyre like i can own a million of this and a lot of times we take we dont we dont really take that into consideration so what were seeing with dogecoin is were seeing people hold it and invest in it not because they want to make money but because its because of the aesthetic because its part it allows them to feel part of a community it allows them to feel part of everybody goes to wherever youre going these days with the panorama but theyre like oh my god ive got robin hood ive got you know this on you know i bought dogecoin oh you bought dogecoin i bought dogecoin too so really not looking at it from a technical standby i mean i can do technical analysis on this thing all day um but i feel like it is going to dump but the dump might not be as big as what we expect because people that are buying dogecoin theyre buying 25 to 100 worth for the aesthetic not for really anything else so as far as back to your question about elon musk um on on saturday night like people like myself that have moonbags of dogecoin that got in at 40 to 50 satoshis were probably going to take profit around one dollar you know remove some of that again but for some of the other people they just might not be interested in selling its just real its literally for the aesthetic yeah oh great answer uh max what are your thoughts uh i dont know any dogecoin and uh yeah i mean i agree with everyone this that i dont i think we the the general consensus in the community is that what the hell does quite doing what does it do there but i think its almost like the original nft without being an nft it its lets hold it for the sake of holding it so that we can say we hold it even though we cant do anything with it um so yeah look i dont i think eventually its uh its time will expire i dont know if that is going to happen around the time of uh elons appearance uh on snl but i i think broadly speaking look you could argue that with this with a big pump and dump like this theres going to be theres going to be winners theres going to be losers so its kind of a wash but i think what uh we see the media attacking the cryptocurrency space with the environmental concerns over bitcoin and i think if theres a lot of uh you know people who get really hurt with doge uh because then you know just something else the media will jump on top of to try and hurt the cryptocurrency space so i hope it doesnt pump too much further than it is now i hope it kind of settles down um but i think its probably got a little bit more to go yeah good answer ben i know we talked about a little bit this morning do you want to chime in real quick on this one yeah is anybody on wi-fi no were off were off everybodys off the wi-fi did everybody hear me yelling about that yeah guys heres the thing i had to reference that uh when it comes to dogecoin um im pulling up market cap right now while were speaking i just want to check out see where the uh where the price is right now um right now its coming at 54 cents no its 62 cents right now so wow it got all the way up to 69 cents i think earlier today and you know when you look at dogecoin wendy makes some really great points uh because as much as we try to coach people into understanding that price doesnt matter like the literal price of a coin doesnt matter its the amount of the market cap and the potential for how many xs that can go thats realistic based upon all the money in the world that flows into this market but it doesnt matter like especially when you look at a lot of people that are investing in this theyre putting money you know the tick tock generation the uh the gensian generation theyre looking at this is just a pure way for them to make money they dont care whats behind it i think theres a theres a powerful message there but these people they just want the lowest price coin so i dont know im starting to look now and im starting to wonder if could could something like v chain be the next dogecoin right its actually the cheapest coin i believe in the top 20. so im kind of looking at this and im trying to figure out like what next were seeing ethereum classic pumping because its on robinhood and thats another place people are putting money because why back to price you look at ethereum how much is ethereum right now 34 3 500 how much is ethereum classic um i actually dont know the answer to that question 94 approximately 94 and theyre saying oh man thats you know 31 times lower than the price of or 35 times lower than the the price of ethereum right now what a good opportunity they just dont understand that its totally different so theyre theyre i think even for us that have been in this space for a long time i think theres like kind of some investment tips tricks ch cheats hacks that we can kind of look at in this maybe for what the next coins to move like this are but i fully anticipate dogecoin getting very close to a dollar uh over this week uh as asinine as it sounds were really were just at wednesday weve seen what its done since you know i bought it at 36 cents thinking like man i cannot believe im actually buying this at 36 cents and ive like doubled my money on it you know almost so uh that was just last weekend so i think as it leads up to saturday i think it will approach a dollar i think it at least 80 cents or something like that so im certainly going to be looking to take profits you know but im going to start im going to try to look at this and figure out what can i roll those profits into that might be the next dogecoin because after this weekend i mean i dont think its somebody somebody put in our chat this morning i dont think theres gonna be a a secret dogecoin clue dropped in saturday night live thats what some people are anticipating so its all a little unrealistic and its kind of just a big mockery of the uh you know an entire financial system is what it is yeah and it was a good uh point you made there max where you kind of compared it to nfts where its like its the fun factor and its the aspect of holding something and kind of like wendy said you have a lot of something you can say im a do i have a million doge or im a doge millionaire like that thats fun for people to say and to get involved so it it is an interesting peek at the psychology of kind of the new age of the young investors so to speak but to go kind of a 360 or 180 i guess opposite direction were talking hype were talking bull markets lets talk a little bit about what could potentially be a catalyst to end this bull run like some people think its going to go on forever were in a super cycle up only from here we saw yesterday when the fed just hinted at the fact that they were going to pull back on the rates a little bit maybe we wont print infinity amounts of money forever instantly we see the stock market correct and then we see that reflected in other markets like the cryptocurrency market so id be interested to hear from max and you guys like do you think that when the u.s comes out and says we cant do unlimited quantitative easing forever we cant just keep raising these numbers of stimulus and print trillions upon trillions upon trillions of dollars forever were gonna have to hike the rates up a little bit more do you think that could cause a stark back star stock market crash a slight dip correction or what do you think could be the catalyst that would turn this super bullish market into somewhat bearish d or do you think all of the money will flow out of the stock market and kryptos just go up forever max what are your thoughts uh yeah no i mean any any little hint of raising interest rates turning the printer press printing presses off will be absolutely devastating for all markets uh my investment thesis is theres really only two things worth owning right now its cryptocurrency because it outperforms everything else if they keep printing everything goes up the cryptocurrency goes up more than anything its all cryptocurrency and then your alternative is okay what if my thesis is wrong and they raise interest rates they stop printing they whatever in which case everything goes down you need some cash as a reserve uh in that environment i think the us dollars will do very well where they stop printing and everything else the crash happens markets all around the world deleverage and there is a flight to a perceived safe haven i dont think the us dollar is that safe but its a perceived safe haven and all the money comes rushing back into us dollars and that means its deleveraging across all the different um asset classes right across the world so when they do this ive seen them do this over the years theyre theyre testing the waters and the mere pretense that they may one day consider stop the printing presses immediately the market reacts and says not fu not tolerating it like its not going to happen dude so um i i dont think they can do this history shows us that given the tough decision of doing what they should do which is turn the printing presses off allow the market to do its thing and you know liquidate the debt and the devastation that that is its a tough decision but its a prudent decision they take the weak option and they just keep printing and they will keep printing and keep printing and keep printing until the currency is absolutely destroyed which is extremely extremely bullish for for bitcoin and cryptocurrencies what about uh do you think any scenario where peter shifts happy and gold outperforms any of these other markets only time that gold would outperform bitcoin is in a very very down market so my thesis is um if in a catastrophic event where it gets triggered somehow and the cascade happens and the world markets deleverage um bitcoin and gold gets smashed brutally probably bitcoin more than most but the signal that what will happen on the other side of that is that bitcoin and gold will lead us out of that recovery um real estate stock market is going to will stay very very weak for a very long time but um the crypto currencies and gold will be the ones that lead us out great point uh austin what do you think uh great perspective from contrarian dude i am going to sort of sort of piggyback off that and like people like to say that bitcoin is uncorrelated from traditional markets and the truth is from my pob is that just this year or just in the last 12 to 18 months maybe on the longer time frames we are starting to see a bit of decoupling but in the shorter time frames if the stock market tanks its bringing everything down with it gold is being brought down with it just like the 2007 8 financial crisis now the question is where is the money going to go after that i think that one in terms of when bitcoins going to bottom one bitcoin is going to top one of the cool things about being in cryptocurrency is that its all programmable we dont have to guess we can look at the charts we can take our best guess and look at the on-chain data i know ive seen it on bens channel on wendys channel we do it all the time in altcoin daily where nobodys saying we can predict whats going to happen you can see the on-chain data and itll tell you okay heres the actual amount of huddlers heres the new not just wallets but entities being created so thats something that cryptocurrency and bitcoin has that traditional markets dont so obviously if the stock market crashes everything is being taken down with it i would be most scared for the newer altcoins i think bitcoin will survive ethereum has a great chance of surviving but other than that it would just be a waiting game so maybe we can build up liquidity 18 months two years later rebuild and get into a bull market yeah great point uh mr armstrong what do you think yeah thats a really interesting point that uh was made there about uh you know altcoin surviving i i kind of dont see it that way i mean i think most i i think a series of word always on 2017 which we had all these brand new projects coming in at the end and they just came for cash grabs and so there was no money left and so that most of those went away but if you really look at the majority of our uh projects right now that are doing well um you know a lot of those were around in 2017 so i dont think were gonna i think probably most top 100 coins outside of the ones that kind of just like rotate in real quick and disappear uh i think most of those will probably be okay i mean even if if you look at coin market cap right now we have a total of 9 600 coins if you were to say um you know that you know 96 of of coins would go away i mean thats still leave us with almost 400 so most of your major coins i think are going to be fine now coming back to the question about whats going to happen with this bear morgan ive always said that i believe this is going to end with a stock market crash i i think that is going to happen the funny thing is it really started with the stock market crash you know if you go back to march and now i think it is going to end with that its just a matter of time that theyre going to keep printing money but theres going to hit a break-even point where the stock market is going to have to fail i mean you know very similar to what we saw it might be led by a housing crash or something like that um i dont know the ins and outs of whats going to happen but thats the thing that makes the most logical sense everything is going to get crushed um and then were going to be in a really interesting spot in the world where were looking at is the dollar going to be the reserve currency can bitcoin take over and i think really what we could see is thatll be the narrative of you know the next bull run which will be like actual once again ive said this a lot actual use case actual adoption actual utility i think in the next four years thats what were looking at thats going to lead that cycle where we finally start to move away from the speculation and realize like huh we actually need an overhaul of our entire financial system and i think this crash eventually will lead but i also understand maxs point um you know i like to be contrarian with that dude but im gonna agree with him uh im gonna say that like yeah i understand what hes saying like the weak option for them is to just keep printing and just keep printing and just keep printing and so you know if they just if they just keep printing for the next few years until it does get to the point where they cant do it anymore then who knows like maybe that could extend the bull market a little bit further but ive always thought i do think that uh either the crash of the the housing market or the stock market will be what by the end of this year you know crashes the market yeah wendy what do you think so i have to kind of agree with everybody a little bit here but i really like bens explanation because um well first and foremost i also want to throw out there there is a u.s digital dollar that is coming us dollar will be like a cryptocurrency will be like a stable coin and i think theyre currently looking into that theres a lot of research thats taken a lot of time we are behind china we are behind a lot of the southeast asian countries but um i do think that that will happen and it will probably happen after everything completely crashes because i do not think that we will be able to sustain like this and i also really agree with ben on the next bear market coming when the stock market crashes and either whether it be from a housing market crash or whatnot because once the government stops giving people money to live and theres not a whole lot of jobs available just because of the current state that were in people are going to panic sell their assets they are going to sell cars they are going to sell homes they are going to sell pokemon cards they are going to sell whatever they can just like they did in 2008 to feed their families a lot of people do not really dont give the middle class the credit that we deserve because theyre just like oh ive got money and mommy daddys got money ive got this ive got that but realistically if you got to feed your if you got kids and you gotta pick between holding on to your bitcoin or your dogecoin and feeding your family youre selling your crypto youre selling everything youre selling at whatever it is youre selling it well you know what just me as a mother im selling my crypto to pay my to make sure my kid eats make sure my family eats so i really believe what ben um said about that it makes sense and we just dont know when thats gonna happen i think we just kind of have to watch the stock market we have to pay attention to whats to the money printing and um back to what all queen daily said about you know tracking the wallets and focusing whats on class note um i think that thats important too because everythings transparent it does give us an edge um so i do think its a good idea for people to always start hedging a lot of the profits im taking im putting into stable coins anticipating for that crash whether its tomorrow or in a year or two years from now whatever it happens to be yeah great point and it and really kind of to bring it back full circle is very much kind of like what max was saying when it when everything hits the fan cash is king you know everybodys going to be moving back to cash because everybody doesnt know whats going to happen next so you want to be ready to move in any different direction so great answers so were running a little short on time here lets do some real quick kind of a lightning round here so today we saw the new york giants partnered with grayscale to be the official custodian for that uh entity the giant so im curious to hear from you guys do you think this will start to become a trend across the nfl where we start to see other major market teams want to hold bitcoin on their balance sheet maybe offer salaries and bitcoin where theyre really actually paying out in bitcoin not just putting it through a service like bitpay because were seeing a lot of athletes ask about stuff like this and its starting to become kind of a pop culture thing now so it becomes good marketing and good branding to be associated with bitcoin we saw that a lot with microstrategy tesla was able to get a lot of free press out of their association with bitcoin so im curious to hear from you guys do you think nfl as an organization and nfl individual team owners are going to jump on this bandwagon uh well start with uh ben since he loves football i do love football it is so good uh you know whats interesting is that you know a lot of people know so you know they watch a stream this morning we had a call with an nba team today and um about crypto and nfts and blockchain and it was extremely fascinating theyre up on this they they i was surprised at how much they knew about whats going on in crypto i think the question a lot of them have is is this still going to be hot is this still going to be around in a year from now um so theyre wanting to capitalize on on the here and now weve already seen in the nfl weve seen a lot of conversations about his chili hes going to partner with him or he comey for nfts weve seen the nfl send out a memo to all of their organizations about nfts giving certain rules uh these these organizations theyve got rules about you know what the teams and the individual players can do um weve also seen trevor lawrence just partnering with blockfolio we know russell got paid in bitcoin theres a theres a lot of moving parts here and um i i think that we are are going to see like more adoption from um and more like embracing of crypto by these organizations because if you look back at 2017 and what happened and how a lot of people got hurt obviously at the end of the market in 2018 but now with is in the public eyes that was all these people can look back and see like okay even though it was a big bubble and it went down it was part of the cycle its still way above where it was back then so i think people now can kind of start looking more longer term and doing the math on that i think we are going to see a lot of uh you know i mean athletes have always been you know pretty cutting edge and they have a ton of money and they get it all a lot of it at one time when they sign contracts so its very easy to see that a lot of you know athletes are going to take advantage of this yeah austin what are your thoughts i think this is bullish this is bullish i want to give it up this is the adoption that we were only talking about the first 10 years of cryptocurrencys existence you know this was what dreams were made of when the the the headlines and the mainstream media which is slandering cryptocurrency as its only used by criminals now 12 years uh later for bitcoin and now one of the most prominent cryptocurrency companies is partnering with the new york giants now me im from cleveland originally now in los angeles so i gotta give it up im waiting for the browns um you know ill go any sports team but um for the giants partnership this is what i question maybe ill give it to ben or wendy or or the contrarian dude but i say this lovingly that i think that the giants are going to notice the influx of people more from crypto people rather than crypto people are going to see the giants fan base coming to crypto i think itll happen im just saying that its sort of a no-brainer right now that these sports teams i hope they believe in crypto but just uh the acceptance and getting sort of the fan base of people that have money they want to spend it they like their favorite sports team that all that commerce hopefully is going to go now in the new york giants stadium instead of president for other major athletic associations so i like it cool wendy what do you think so i actually want to take a different approach to this yes this is amazing for mass adoption this is amazing because if you look at the demographic of people that are interested in sports but i want to take this a step further and just really talk about how bullish this is currently in the united states we have a lot of gray area in regards to cryptocurrency how to pay taxes on it if you are paid in cryptocurrency how does that work if price ends up going up or price ends up going down so i think the fact that were seeing people with money you know the football players i think the fact that were seeing them want to be paid in crypto want to be paid in bitcoin this might actually low-key help legal bodies create some sort of guidelines that make it more acceptable to accept crypto as payment because right now lets face it if youre making minimum wage ten dollars an hour whatever it is um and youre at home with mom and dad you know however it works and you want to take half of your salary and crypto how do you pay taxes on that are you taxed on the gains are you getting cap are you getting um charge those capital gains and you have to pay those so the average person is not going to be interested in that but i think if were starting to see more and more like large names especially in the sports industry taking crypto as um salary hopefully im thinking that this is going to push um this is going to push our local governments or whatever to to give us more than just a gray area and give us real guidelines to make this an actual reality for most people especially the underdog especially the middle class especially the lower middle class um so that we can get some guidelines as to whats happening because i know people would love to get paid to take their 401k um in bitcoin or whatnot but its just the tax implications are not really clear and its hard for the average person to to to understand thats a great point and that was something that was interesting to me too with this happening in new york which is one of the hardest you know one of the most stringent regulatory states on bitcoin so i think thats a great point theyre going to have to be forced to kind of get their hands around this and figure this out for the future so did you have any quick thoughts on that before we close max or contrarian dude uh yeah yeah just um i mean its just get just data point number 1227 this month of the maturation of the cryptocurrency uh space just every day just more and more were gonna be going more and more mainstream um the idea of players actually taking their salary in cryptocurrency is a fun idea im not sure if theyre actually huddlers um i think more when the um you know more the the drug dealers the hookers and the domestic violence defense attorneys are actually huddlers then the money will eventually flow into strong hands and we might see a little impact uh surprise there in bitcoin yeah interesting take there um all right well thats all weve got for today but join us next week well have a lot of different guests and a lot more fun i really appreciate all you guys join us here today wed love to have you guys back in the future if you guys are watching at home and you have questions that you want to see us discuss or maybe other guests youd like to see on the show in the future send us an email to atb show at if you like the stuff we talked about today and you want to see 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