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chainlink holders chart citi bank chainlink Chainlink Price Update Today
and were back chain link daily update were going to look at the trend that we are in have we started a new uptrend well on the shorter time frames yes uh the daily chart yes uh what we need to be looking for in the days and weeks ahead uh you can see this top right here right that candle wick 9.65 if you see prices higher than that then that would confirm a more of an uptrend right when did the downtrends really stop well at least for the short term right right we had a low lower low lower low then we start to try to level off here right see these three bottoms and sometimes these are more difficult to see on a candle chart so i would invite you to switch to a line chart time to time and there you go now you can see the price and it becomes a little bit more clear of these bottoms trying to form right see this these kind of three different bottoms right here right you have your first initial one youre low you came back down same level came back down third time three time third times the charm right uh thats really what you want to be looking for for a solid base for a potential at least a short term bottom if not macro term bottom right nobody knows if the low is in for bitcoin or crypto wide uh but you know positive things in chain link chain links looking you know a little bit stronger than some of the other alts so keep that in mind right heres our top uh remember we need to break that to continue this uptrend um otherwise it could be looked at as a double top anywhere between here and you know uh even going down uh speaking of going down if we go down see this blue line thats the hundred day ema we need to bounce off of it have we done it before im glad you asked lets go take a look see uh right back here on you know first a couple days of april here we peaked above it and then immediately right back down right so right now were a little bit stronger than that how about before that right back in here uh early january think about these times right uh these timelines thats a long time ago um on the daily chart we spent several days up here and we came down and we initially bounced but we failed to make a higher high and that would you know signal that were getting ready to move it down yonder so there we go uh so when we come back down and if we come back down anytime soon uh we need a bounce off of that 100 day right we need we i would like to you know remain macro super bullish you want to hold your ema eight right thats the red line uh your ema 21 is right below that 50 in the green and ema 34 is in that purple there so uh using your moving averages can help you at least see where you are in a snapshot so as you come down the more bullish the coin the more bullish the price the higher um uh you want you want to hold those emas so you really want to be bouncing off of the 8 or the 21 to remain super bullish and say we say we do break out here and link goes on a little bit of a run well how high could we potentially be going well our next really big significant you know minorly you cant really call it significant but the clear spot on the chart is going to be kind of right in this area uh this these lows to kind of that low you see that so those peaks right there so around 12 you know we really need to clear clear 13 to really have a momentum going back you got um you know this uh double tap right here uh liftoff again and then we came down and hit it again and then broke it came back retest right this is that this is uh yeah your your support flipped to resistance and got rejected and thats usually uh you know crossing the streams crossing the streams is bad right thats when we reject it off pretty harsh and uh you know down down yonder we go so now were tempting to form this bottom i like what im seeing so far um i know you want the candles back its hard to see if youre not used to that line chart uh so now here we are does it look a little bit cleaner now all right theres your support line uh just just shy of six dollars so we want to hold that if we go back down there um obviously bitcoin would have to be you know back under 20k i would think to uh see chain link back down this this way but you know if if bitcoin breaks out to 24 25k um this all eyes on here for chain link uh around you know 12 to 13 uh thats kind of the next logical place based on this chart uh to be looking for a you know hesitation or reversal uh back down so well see how that ends up playing out for chain link lets look at the bigger scale lets go to the weekly and see where we are well we got some more good things happening right heres our loop that weve talked about kind of our our pit of despair um because we broke uh you know the elusive kind of twenty dollars the pit of despair is kind of uh on a chart where you lose kind of the the line in the sand right 19 20 when we lost that uh thats where we start to enter it and you know thats usually you know it can be the sign of a uh the ending of at least you know temporary uh short-term bottoms so thats what we have for now uh guess whats just ahead of us at uh you know just just shy of 10 is the 21-week ema for link so thats going gonna be another big test and you guessed it uh what else is there thats the high that we just talked about in the daily chart uh now look at where we are so this will be huge if chain link can manage to close above the 21 week we should make a nice move up to the ma34 around that 1233 level which is coincidentally the same level we just looked at on the daily chart right here so theyre all lining up here these are big levels right so um our uh look at the amount of green weeks one two three four five green weeks in a row if we get up to you know 976 980 and you know you bought back in five maybe just put a stop loss just in case right um in case we go back down or hesitate um if we break through right you should be nice to long up until at least 12 dollars so that might not sound like a lot but lets remove this arrow and see how much that is right so even if you get a breakthrough youre still looking at another solid 20 uh trade here on the weekly uh to if if you close above the 21 week until you close about 21 week its kind of you know youre youre taking a little bit too much of a risk so if we can somehow close about like ten dollars uh in four days five hours from now uh chain link should make a nice little pop okay so thats thats all there is to that uh quote of the day uh no legacy is so rich as honesty by mr billy shakespeare why dont they call him billy uh frank they got me uh ferrari california car of the day probably the best the best bang for your buck in ferraris and theres the rear looks pretty good with the quad exhaust got your back up centers a little prancy horsey lets take a look all right thats all there is uh hopefully you like that chain link little update there and you know keep in perspective right the big picture were hopefully trying to end um this 90 90 downtrend uh you know sooner than later lets go ahead and go with that you know good news out of the dxy uh if youre following this long like little bonuses i like to do a little bonuses at the end right the xy is starting to potentially close under the a week ama weve been here before right you got to watch this uh we need follow through right we need uh come down here at least you know 104 thats the pivotal level if the dxy breaks this then i would say the odds go way up that the bear market is potentially starting to end for crypto and maybe starting for the us dollar so watch that on the weekly the daily right the dxy is its its stutter stepping is it going to recover or is this the start of you know very bigly things for crypto ill let you decide ill see you in the next one ill keep moving my hand like this Today we look at Chainlink Price Updates. 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