future price of chainlinkChainlink Price Prediction - LINK Technical Analysis 15th March 2022

is chainlink private chainlink ethereum price future price of chainlink Chainlink Price Prediction - LINK Technical Analysis 15th March 2022
future price of chainlink link prices Chainlink Price Prediction - LINK Technical Analysis 15th March 2022
today were taking a look at chain links link coin performing some technical analysis and making some predictions on where we can expect to see link go in the near future lets get into it welcome into chain links link coin chart guys if youd like to buy link or want some free bitcoin there are a couple of links down in the description of todays video now this is not a crypto we have covered in the past so zooming out you can see it has had an absolutely stellar run going from basically 0.4 or 40 cents all the way up to its peak which was over here back in its heydays of course that was in may of 2021 up to a high of 52.99 so the gains people were seeing if they were in it back over here were talking about 100 times so when you have leaps this big in what id say is quite a short period of time you are of course obviously going to see the crashes after that and the consolidation that needs to occur now chain link itself in my opinion has been traveling downwards for a long period of time what we saw was a bit of a head and shoulders pattern here although wonky it is still a head and shoulders pattern which is basically indicating that this uptrend we had seen from down here in july of 2021 was timing to come for an end so of course we are continuing a move downwards so all in all lets try and establish i suppose a few patterns and see if we can work out exactly where were sitting from an overall perspective now lets see i suppose taking this high point over here of the 10th of november if we can establish immediately a bit of a trend so thats our highest point since weve been trending downwards now what do we need to do well we need to try and establish the top end of the downtrend now this is going to be relatively hard to do id suggest do we start with that point maybe not maybe we should be starting over here with our overall high lets try and chuck that in see where we can go that in my opinion is more realistic and what were seeing here is the tail ends of a nice little peak going above no closures really above that point this is the top end of our current downtrend now if we take this line and have a look where else we can go is there a bit of a channel thats formed well you could potentially say yes there is a bit of a channel that were seeing moving at this point in time in that type of a direction but is there a bottom line instead that we could use which would be a good point of support for us so lets have a look real long term to see if we could establish something like that and in fact it looks like we can do exactly that from this point over here in july of 2020 we can see that this is basically a trend line moving upwards weve got all the touch points that we need and right now we are sitting right at the bottom of that now given that this holds up which its likely it will were going to see probably a bounce off this line and a movement upwards towards the top end of that chart so really thats a movement back up towards this 19.36 cent mark currently were sitting at 13 so that is quite a decent jump now of course ultimately wed like to see that break but that wont necessarily be the case another i suppose key thing supporting this is a reduction in volume so were seeing over i suppose the past couple of months a reduction in the volume over here which means that the sellers are starting to dry up and its likely were going to see a bit of a shift in the trend of course we have been you know moving in this direction for quite some time now so overall youd like to see the sellers drying up but when you zoom out a bit its i suppose a relatively consistent volume perspective across the board so moving i suppose a bit more granular as we are here you can see that the sellers are drying up on a shorter term point of view so really hopefully we are going to see a bounce our key things that are blocking us at this point in time is number one our 20-day moving average and number two our 50-day moving average they are sitting respectively at 13.80 and 15 and 30 cents so we need to be able to bounce off this bottom line right here which is sitting at 12.60 and then get through these two and start moving in the right direction lets have a quick look at a few more indicators as well first and foremost rsi the rsi is sitting relatively even its sitting at 42 so theres plenty of room for us to move in upwards direction but we could continue trending sideways or downwards as well were not anywhere near the oversold range so really this is not an indicator thats going to help us at this point macd lets have a look at this one the micd is interesting actually you can see typically weve had quite large swings when it comes to this crypto whereas now were seeing a bit of consolidation actually occur in my opinion the reason for this is because we have this long-term trend really coming up now and the top end of our downtrend is getting tight its getting close so were getting a bit of a price squeeze and people are realizing that hey maybe its going to be the point where we see a bit of a reversal in link and that is really really apparent when we do zoom in on the macd and you can see that basically on a daily basis were having the cross of the 12 day and 26 day emas against each other whilst yes its hovering basically in the green i suppose for the past week or so its flip-flopping fairly regularly at this point in time so all in all the macd is not helpful for us for i suppose charting price direction but what it is showing us is for the first time there is indecision when it comes to this coin so that in itself is quite interesting so overall what is my prediction well i really do think we are going to bounce off the bottom end of our long-term trend that is the likely situation and hopefully start moving back up towards this key point up here a key resistance point from our short or i suppose shorter term downtrend its actually quite long its been going since basically the middle of 2021 or even earlier than that but were gonna go up towards that point and ideally what wed like to see if that does manage to occur is of course the 20-day moving average crossing above the 26-day moving average so on that basis id be suggesting my price prediction for this video is probably around the 18.50 mark hopefully a little bit higher that wraps up todays analysis of chain links link coin id love to hear your thoughts down in the comments section below of course if you did enjoy todays analysis make sure you do leave a thumbs up and if you want to see more of this sort of content make sure you leave a subscribe and of course turn on those bell notifications ill leave it there for today guys i hope you have an awesome day ill see you next time cheers Chainlink Price Prediction - LINK Technical Analysis 15th March 2022 FREE BITCOIN BUY CRYPTO NOW ️ TWITTER: TIKTOK: INSTAGRAM: ️ EMAIL: INTRO MUSIC: Today we perform some technical analysis on Chainlink LINK which exists on the Ethereum blockchain in order to make a price prediction for where we could see the value of Chainlink LINK go in the near future. 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