Why LINK Crypto Is Headed Lower? chainlink price projectionsChainlink Price Prediction - Just Revealed!!!

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chainlink price projections sibos chainlink Chainlink Price Prediction - Just Revealed!!! Why LINK Crypto Is Headed Lower?
hey whats going on everyone today is march the 10th 2022 and im going to talk about chain link today im going to give you all my reasons and my my points on the price chart as to why we could be seeing link going lower in price welcome to hfn also known as fifa new this is what i do i do the price predictions without the confusion if you guys have been an avid supporter of this channel thank you because ive been showing you all upon years of how you can actually make money in the cryptocurrency space without the confusion without the complexity that so many other people try to get you all to pay attention to the only thing you need to focus in on is the price because price is the determining factor as to where people are looking for the market to move so once you pay attention to that thing you guys can actually get a clearer picture as to where were trying to go so im going to show you all that today and changling as to why this currency could be heading lower in price and if so i mean when you want someone to come in and provide you a heads up and say hey it look like the price and chain link is going to continue to go down in price if youre looking to buy it right now you might want to wait this is what i do i show you all the real i give you all my expectations whether its good whether its bad the market is speaking and i got to give it to you the way that its being spoken to all right so if you all appreciate this video this content and todays your first time ever seen my videos hit the like button share the video and also subscribe here to our channel now check this out i did a video for chain link on february the 12th 2022 here it is yeah right there i was telling you all then to expect the price in link to even go down then and the market has done exactly that and i was telling you all that the market buyers was going to come in right here around 12 and look exactly what happened right there on the 24th of february the market came in and found the buyers price started to go back up this is easy i dont understand why so many people out here trying to make this thing so complicated and hard as long as you pay attention to the charts you got it yeah you dont need anything else so thats a pretty good what 25 profitability run right there right there we called it we was already sitting and waiting for the market to get to where were expecting it to go this is the edge that you need to have in order to be profitable in the cryptocurrency space so now let me zoom out because look what happened the market in chiang ling over the last couple of days it could not successfully keep his price above 15 that is still confirmation that this currency is still weak i mean let alone weve been in a downtrend here into the market in chain link like we got to keep it real this is not a buyers market right now and changing the demand is not here for this currency the buyers are not finding 15 13 as an attractive price point so were going were going to continue to see chain link go down until the buyers find an attractive point to where price stops falling this is very simple and easy this is a market so thats one reason why chang link or link creep crypto its going to continue to go down in price or at least were going to anticipate it to happen because the market could not break above 15 right here okay because prior to we got to use the price chart as a history maker right we can tell right here may 23 2021 changling came and held 15 dollars at support and then once again june 22nd 2021 the market and changling came and held that area as support this is where the buyers found the price attractive at that time and then again july 19 20 21 the price and chain link did not fall below 15 it came there bounced back up price went up it even did it again here on december 4th 2021. see the history is being laid out so as we saw price and chain link come back down and continually test this 15 level it maintained itself until recently we got rejected price wanted to come back up around fifteen dollars i give the market credit for that but that wasnt successful to keep it up we fell right back down below that area so thats the confirmation just got to break this down so where you can comprehend and actually understand what the market is trying to say so were still looking for a weakness right yeah were still looking for the price and chain need to go down now that area is restriction okay 15 we got it how low do you think the price is going to go is the question before the buyers find price attractive where do you think the buyers are at because if theyre not around 15 anymore well maybe they might pop in like they did here on the 24th of february the low on that day was 11.40 thats a logical area for us to see the buyers come through with market again because we seen it here in chiang ling on the 26th of november 2020. so here it is its been almost two years that the marketing chain league has came down to eleven dollars and fifty cents two years and now were right back to where we started two years ago right there and then again in december like december of 2020 was the area to which chain link was trading around 11 12 thats the first spot that we need to pinpoint the buyers okay the second area is all the way down here i really see a buy point around ten dollars nine dollars seventy five cents thats the second area so the first area is here eleven dollars and forty fifty cents i would say eleven dollars and fifty cents and then the third area is right here around ten dollars or nine dollars and seventy five cents now we need to allow the buyers to come in and cast this down move like this market is in a down move we need to find the buyers cash that and if they dont catch it then were going to continue to lower our expectations because right now we got 11.50 second level 10 third level its going to be all the way down here which i dont think many people are expecting but we need to all the way down here to 850. im giving you all the play right now before the market even gets there right so look at this were going to go ahead and play this because of the confirmation of us getting rejected at 15 and because the market is in a downtrend so lets look at this real quick on a different time frame this is the three day time frame here into the market in chang link okay so we should have saw the market strength continuing chain link right here okay on these two three-day price bars we should have saw the market continue to go up but instead we came right back down weve been in a down move since then and were still seeing selling coming to the market on this current three-day price bar right so lets look at this on a weekly basis okay this is one reason why chain link is still weak what happened last week look at that the marketing chain league tried to go up in price but it failed because the market closed on last week at the very bottom of the bar that continues to show us that this currency is still weak okay yeah its still weak when you look at this from a three-week perspective you guys can still see week upon week the price in chain link has been coming down look at this on the five weeks we got three days and 14 hours left on this current five weekly price part and were still seeing the weakness now from a five weekly perspective it does look as if the market may have enough momentum to come down to 850 right in the next five weeks what about monthly time frame you dont see any strength here on this chart at all so we need to talk we got to keep it real we got to keep it a buck we got to keep it 100 and tell you all what the chart is letting us know so let me go ahead and drop this price prediction real quick because i am looking for chain links price to continue to go lower especially from like a five weekly to a monthly time frame basis all right so the three price levels i want you all to remember these three price levels the first one was right here around 1150 right its around 11.82 percent the low that came in on the 24th of february around that particular price point is going to be our first price level for us to see the market in changling find buyers okay thats the first area now let me zoom out because the second area is going to be down here at 10 thats the second price target for us to take the back now the only reason why we would take profitability around 10 is if we still see weakness at 11 50. if we still see weakness at ten dollars we can expect the price in chain link ultimately to come down to around eight dollars and fifty cents now im not looking at that right now in a very short term base im not looking for 850 to get tagged im not but as time goes on if we continue to see the weakness then a50 is going to come more and more into light as being touched all right so this is it as long as the market price in chain link does not break above 16 right we understand that this market is still showing us a weakness and were going to continue to play the downside prediction and thats it im done so that was your turn real quick give me your reason as to why you think chain link is gonna go down or give me your reasons as to why you think chinese gonna go up yeah just drop your price for this and give me your price target its simple its easy lets not make this thing complicated join me hit the like button share the video also subscribe all right make sure you maintain a profitability and as always trade different Chainlink Price Prediction - Just Revealed!!! 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