LINK Technical Analysis! LINK PRICE PREDICTION! LINK COIN chainlink price prediction april 2021CHAINLINK PRICE PREDICTION 2021 SOON..

chainlink coin all time high chainlink ico crowdsale chainlink price prediction april 2021 CHAINLINK PRICE PREDICTION 2021 SOON.. LINK Technical Analysis! LINK PRICE PREDICTION! LINK COIN
chainlink price prediction april 2021 chainlink tension rods CHAINLINK PRICE PREDICTION 2021 SOON.. LINK Technical Analysis! LINK PRICE PREDICTION! LINK COIN
hello my name is bill and welcome to mind your crypto today we have chain link link daily updates do not miss this stance i will explain why and of course before we begin do not forget to join our monthly subscription patreon slash mind your crypto by make of slash mind your crypto you will find the link in the comment section and in the description down below prepare for this swing high pass there through our team right there you will get an automated system with buying and selling opportunities for 200 alcons manual system with over 90 win ratio personal guidance educational videos to become expert in the technical analysis and hold your future in your hands market updates and many many more benefits join us we are waiting for you and of course thank you for watching have a fantastic day wherever you are lets proceed quickly into link against the bitcoin chart okay first you will see that i have already drawn a fibonacci trend-based fibonacci extension soon enough we are going to see something bullish from the altcoins not for all the alkenes but especially the ones that are in an extreme oversalt on the daily frame okay do not miss the chance to enter right now you are seeing and you are having the emotions that we are going down you know and you are thinking that you have a fear right there you are thinking that we are going all the way down uh what im going to do but the best thing here is to accumulate okay the best thing you can do right there is to accumulate not a financial advice of course but this is my personal humble opinion right there okay so right there we have for link against bitcoin chart two targets two major targets i think we are going there okay the one is the zero point three zero fifty one sixty four and the other is the zero point uh three zero sixty two around there for the next days okay this wont happen in the next four hour this will happen in the next few days and the reason is i am watching the daily frame so im watching for the next few days okay so you can see right there we have almost a breakout now we are going correcting against bitcoin so much but this pattern right there that we formed going back into a low of when we had on first january for link is something very very bullish and this i think is a great great buying entry we go even higher right now i see the double bottom pattern i cant feel that we can get higher i see the risk metrics on the daily frame we had an overshot right here now we are going down again but it doesnt matter you can see commode channel index in an oversold and the fischer transform with a higher low pattern while we have uh while we are going down okay so definitely this is something good and on the weekly frame you can see that the commodity channel index is an extreme oversold situation right here on the weekly as well something something very good is cooking for link against bitcoin chart and we can go back to link against usd to have our price analysis you can see back here we have one of the same things that we had we sold before okay we have the double bottom pattern actually here we are we have the double bottom pattern right here i think that this will play out okay even if we go further down lets say that we are about to cover the lower side of the candlestick we formed back on for december i think that we are heading pretty pretty quickly into an extreme oversold and we are heading towards a very very huge swing high so we are going further upwards from where we are right now okay this is for sure all right so therefore i do not want you to worry about the recent price action i know it sounds paris and know that we have corrected for almost 60 for link you can see 60 from the top we had back on 10 november within one month unless we corrected 60 that is huge i know but we can go even even higher maybe we are preparing for something more bullish and i will have the next targets for link okay the targets can might be different actually from the bottom that we might achieve okay i assume that we have already reached the bottom down here on 4 december so what we have for link is the 21.30 wheels we already achieved i have also the 25 that will use the end i have also the 27 around there 28 can we go even higher yes we can but we have to see bitcoin going crazy high maybe approaching the 58k mark around there if it does that then yes we can assume that we can go there maybe the 6063 but we need to see what bitcoin can do okay if bitcoin can surpass its previous all-time higher the 69k tether usd then yes we can go even even further upwards okay into the 40.53 and so on but you can see right here as for uh some very very logic uh you know price actions right there i have four link the 25 and the 28 thats that is a 28 percent that wasnt 44 it is very very huge okay so i think that you should be not missing the chance right now to buy as we are in an extreme oversold and as you can see that we had the daily rsa rate here below 30 we have seen this quite some few times for link as well here for example 20 to september 2020 then we went up what you can see here back then on 20 july we almost saw the 30 mark and then we went upwards now we float even below the 30s now we are about to go maybe again down but to not worry about the recent price section i know that you are thinking that no we are going all the way down into the 11 categories they are so okay but this is not the point right here of course we are going to have a major swing high i do not know if we are able to surpass the 38 other usd all i know is that we are going to have a major swing high right there the whole market right there actually many alcoholics are in an extreme oversold we are seeing pools rsi divergences on the daily frame as well so please check them out and do not miss this chance and do not miss the chance to join our monthly subscription as well link in the description down below and in the comment section patterns last mind your clip thank you see you soon with many many more videos bye In this video I will provide technical analysis and price prediction for CHAINLINKLINK in USDT/BTC2021. Do not miss this chance for chainlink. Many alts are in completely oversold situation. Link can have 50% profit target. If you are a new investor in this coin then I think you should be patient for just few days and of course check the major resistance/support levels. But it is always your choice and of course you always should do your own research. If you want to be more precise about your buy and sell options, then be patient and check the price action of the coin in the next days/hours. If you have bought at top then all you have to do is to wait and HODL for the future. better days are coming for sure!I hope you guys are having a fantastic day or night wherever you are!! Stay safe and be positive. 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I am not a financial advisor, however my studies are in agricultural economics with personal study and certifications around statistics. I’ve been into crypto space since 2017, only investing in bitcoin and in the previous year began to invest in Altcoins but watching carefully the whole market and how it acts. I hope I will guide you through the best choices so you won’t have to worry about when and where to invest your money. I will try keep posting videos on youtube every day and keeping you informed about everything. If you want to ask me anything I am here for you, I will stand by you and better days are sure to come! Love you. -------DISCLAIMER------ ***NOT financial, legal, or any other tax advise! This channel is for entertainment purposes only and is just my opinion as I am not an expert or a financial advisor. Please perform your own research. 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