chainlink price india chainlink target price chainlink coin price forecast CHAINLINK PRICE PREDICTION 2021 - LINK PRICE PREDICTION - SHOULD I BUY LINK - CHAINLINK FORECAST
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hi everyone i hope you all this is coins kid im just gonna dive into chain link once again thank you support okay big up the coins kid crew thank you to each and every single one of you for everything that you do thank you for your level of support sharing the videos liking the videos and commenting on the videos as well and obviously your subscription on your channel thank you for helping us grow into over a quarter of a million subscribers its amazing so right now chain link broken out of this ascending triangle ill give you a breakout target i think in the previous video from there to there and youre roughly on your way to 37.59 right about that sort of area for chain links so its doing really really well okay from that break right there that offers a long of around about 14 roughly chain link its doing extremely well you see youve broken out came back to a kill of support for hourly 20 youve slowly gone upstairs arent you so potentially right now you know you form in a new repulsive way if you start to break that these are your levels of resistance moving forward you can see thats around about the technical target so you are marching through to the one six one eight so theres further appreciation here the chain link of around about 5.2 percent but once you do that okay once you do that you are taking out this level here okay you start taking out that level here and you are looking extremely bullish here for chain link moving forward i think on the weekly time frame just there since the previous update see since my previous update here we were struggling to close above this at the moment okay so right now weve bolted out this level of resistance just there providing we can continue to do this for for chain link can come up here and close the week above 33 33.57 were looking extremely bullish here for chain link on the weekly time frame okay because youre above the 20 youre holding it support worst case scenario like ive said to you so many times you start to roll over put some cheeky bits on the 20 if you do start to see a really really big correction here for the crypto market capsule because we had that whopping abc correction just there in september okay that we all went through abc correction on the daily if you look at it you see it better a whopping abc looking out for a perfect abc correction like that w bottom flip to switch youre reversing the trend and you know youre reversing anyway because if you look on the daily just here for chain link and started this up for you you youre beginning if you start to come up and meet this imported wave target and you get the close out there and you start to roll back you can see what youre doing youre putting a low a high a higher low you come up here wins for resistance roll back you put in a higher high you could have come all the way back down there okay just a little bit shy of that and still be putting in a higher low just see that and youre still bullish basically you know so its really really good trailings looking for an explosive breakout here you know we we do need to see the weak close above that key level resistance just there around about 33.62 so if we can get up above that close this week out nice as well you know youre looking amazing continuation here regardless of any kind of pullback you know because you can see your last little pullback is all the way down here on the 55 ema on the weekly which clearly sits at 23.90 you know you could have a little wick down to that and still be bullish like you did here on an abc correction so yeah its doing really work really well in this bull market you know we are looking at this latter part of the bull market being the most sort of violent and sort of you know um euphoric basically it always has been you know doesnt mean it has to be again but providing we can keep doing what were doing and coming up with stairs and breaking out key levels of resistance you will be looking at a minimal 124 dollars with the overshoot to the two at 209 up there for chain link in this bull market okay so yeah its doing if it needs to its looking really really good for continuation hope you enjoyed that update stay healthy stay strong you can see here youre breaking out of a horizontal look which i think i gave you a few weeks ago anyway this is a weekly time frame youre coming up horizontal youve got a level of resistance lower support and youre breaking out basically so youve got a technical break coming all the way back up to re-test that high for chain link so its looking really really good where could i get some bids in well on the four hourly time frame just keep longing the 20 you know because youre coming down to it you did fall a bit under there and get bounce off at 55 you know worst case scenario 55 holding support looking for continuation take that high take out that high like i said youre looking at 37 price tag you know at that point i wouldnt expect a level of resistance one thing you can use on the daily time frame okay is the vp vr to see where key levels of resistance are so we take a look at the vp vr you can see just here we move it over you can see its a little bit of resistance just there 36 so once you do get by that and gets that technical target around about 37 you could see you could actually explode even more coming up to that node just there around about 40 dollars once you get by that cluster there its pretty much thin air to this level here which is around about 47 and again once you start to take out that like youre in price discovery and youre gone so youve got a couple of levels of resistance just here for for chain link one is at 46.74 which is just below the technical target of this ascending triangle in in an impulsive way which youre beginning to form because youre breaking the high just there so there is a little bit resistance of 3663 so i do think you might run into that impulsive target start to come back and at that point you know putting a bit more retracement and then start to go back up again for chain link its looking good its looking really really good isnt it take care everyone hope you enjoyed the update stay healthy stay strong stay tuned and thank you support bye CHAINLINK PRICE PREDICTION 2021 - LINK PRICE PREDICTION - SHOULD I BUY LINK - CHAINLINK FORECAST***Telegram/Patreon/Links*** CoinsKid, up to date crypto daily videos! ***Resources*** Setup Charts like CoinsKid: Defi Space: Hot Cryptos: Moonshots: TODAY WE TAKE A LOOK AT CHAINLINK PRICE PREDICTION AND LINK PRICE PREDICTION AS WELL AS LINK PREDICTION AND CHAINLINK PREDICTION 2021. 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