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in todays video guys well be sharing with you the exact price were looking to buy the chain link dip well be sharing with you a massive news for chain link chain link and arbitrage working on the ethereum ecosystem this is huge news for chain links ill be sharing with you the massive news that can have huge price implications for chain link in the long time frame in the short time frame guys with bitcoin and ethereum dipping chain link could have another dip but it doesnt really matter you know if you like the project does it matter you know people want to buy chain link and think its a better project when the price is pumping if you like the project you should be happy with this dip if you guys have been watching the youtube channel guys the one of the best dips weve bought its probably one of the best trades back in 2020 was buying this one dollar dip i said if changing drops into here guys just blindly buy some this was our zone it literally dipped into it and this ended up being the bottom in chain link im not saying this will be the bottom the zone that ill share but if it does get into that im definitely buying some so stay tuned if you enjoyed the video watch the video if you enjoy it then you can give us a like and subscribe at the end of the video now lets get into the video so changing guys is one of the only coins if you look at the monthly time frame where the price is just up up and up even during the bear market of bitcoin in 2018 chain link has continued to go up so its a coin that we really like but what the point i want to make is guys chain link fundamentally is a great project and if you do your own research if you believe in chain link what chain link are trying to do if you get a 20 30 you know 80 discount you get in on that you could be wrong but thats better than buying here and be 80 down if you buy it here and it doesnt go up then yes you know you could look to exit ill share with the exact dip strategy where you can look to get in there will be a bounce for you to exit if you have been watching the channel guys i shared the exact bitcoin dip you know we bought some we sold half in the bounce in the youtube channel guys are sure exactly where were looking to buy and price comes into this zone im gonna look to just blindly buy some i think there will at least be a bounce this was our previous zone uh chaining dipped below it about 20 but then you had 60 went up again dont use leverage if you dont know what youre doing if chain link sharply dips into this you know 10 zone im going to look to a ladder in some bars in chain link ill share some trade setups if it carries on breaking out similar to what we looked at there but you know look at how chain link came into here and thats that where you sold the bounce play and you know it came into this level 34 zone this was a 50 618 zone where i said come if it comes into here take some profit now we want chain link to hold the twenty dollar level and as long as the twenty dollar holes you could look to buy some in the dip from trading point of view if it sharply dips another you know twenty fifty sixty percent then just blindly buy some that would be my trade setup again this is not financial advice looking at other news you know chain link is one of the projects that always have fundamental news if you search for like tron and other currencies theres just talks about price if you look at channeling there are some positive news and this is probably a bit of a dramatic news headline you know fight climate change but the point you can see you know the reason why i like chain links so much is because they are trying to resolve real world case issues you know theyre actually trying to get adoption the problem is you know expanding these practices global and agriculture is a high risk field for farmers in the developing world so the the chain link what theyre trying to do is you know the climate change will do is shift rain patterns and it will shift how rain patterns will be utilized this is where the decentralized crop insurance through insurer tech protocols like arbol that uses things like chain link and ethereum are truly amazing so you can see the real world use case of chain link what chain link is trying to do with the oracle and you know the real world data connecting to blockchain i think its you know thats one of the reasons you know chain link is my favorite one of my favorite cryptocurrencies i talked about in 2018 2019 and i still talk about it and then the other positive news is you know chain link is being used in the default people that are into defy theyre using chain link and its not just this project theres hundreds of other projects that are using the chain link service chain link will moon i dont talk this channel i try to talk about risks before i talk about you know mooning and bull and crazy stuff but do you think that that is huge news for chain link so from trading point of view guys you know if it comes into twenty dollars you can look for it you know bounce play you know whatever strategy you use please make sure you have a strategy you know if it comes in here if its a trend line break that you use or an indicator whatever you use look for something like this and i dont think you know i dont want to scare people saying chain link is coming below ten dollars but if bitcoin loses the 30k support and drops i think chain link and all the most of the cryptocurrencies are going to have a dip and it could be an opportunity of a lifetime and what id prefer is if it comes into here a sharp bounce and you know im not saying it will bounce straight up like this but something in a sharp sharp bounce as soon as it comes to that level gets me really excited and you know im not saying ill catch another generational bottom but ill look to for a trade and i could be wrong you know ive been wrong before theres been trades that ive taken and it kept on dipping you know there was a level here on two dollars i bought it bounced it couldnt i had to exit and god got back in after you can go watch the videos the call i made around here was a was it here or was it this one cant remember which one it was uh let me have a look which one it was i believe it was around here that call on i made it on youtube and i said i went exactly when i was buying and you know that was ended up being a good call but you know thats the level im looking to buy if you are interested in chain link ask yourself why would i follow more in that fifty dollars the project the fundamentals doesnt change whether its at fifty dollars its at ten dollars if you believe in chain link and cryptocurrency that is a level i would look to buy so thank you very much for watching this video guys i hope you guys enjoyed it if you have enjoyed it guys smash that like button subscribe to the channel and turn on the notification button like i said guys i think this could potentially be one last step in chain link before it starts moving higher comment below and see if youre if you agree that if its gonna be one last step or do you think its gonna you know carry on going you know whatever your price prediction is comment below and lets have a discussion so thank you very much Keywords:cryptocurrency , bitcoin , altcoin , crypto , crypto trading , top altcoins , top 5 altcoin , crypto investing , top altcoin 2021 , coins to buy , chainlink , defi coin , vechain , cardano , zilliqa , litecoin , top 5 coins to buy , ripple , ethereum , dogecoin , tron , theta , chainlink crypto , chainlink explained , chainlink price prediction , chainlink prediction 2021 , what is chainlink , chainlink analysis , chainlink news , chainlink price , chainlink $1000 , chainlink arbitrum , link crypto , link coin prediction, hodl»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»» Disclaimer: Invest at your own risk and recognize that I am not a financial advisor. 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