about chainlinkChainlink : Potenial Measured move brings us to top range ?

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about chainlink chainlink trsdrr Chainlink : Potenial Measured move brings us to top range ?
all right welcome back everyone to the Wild Wild West were once again looking at chain link so um right now we are on the hourly time frame and what we are looking at right here is um potentially what you have formed is a ascending triangle um as you guys can see roughly right here if you want to say its a rising wedge or um ascending Channel then you are looking for downside movement which I would then assume that essentially its about the same um actually I dont know what just happened to it thats strange all right um anyway essentially this is your ascending triangle if I can manage to freaking fix it you go a little bit like this a little bit like that um and essentially what your measured move would be is this we are currently on the linear chart let me fix this roughly like that so measure move for this would be getting you up to roughly about 8.56 which if we zoom out a little bit where does that put us in relation to Prior price action that puts us actually to right about over here uh we can move that down a little bit like I said roughly gets you there um thats what youd potentially find another resistance area and then if we do actually head on back over to the Daily time frame we are currently on the linear chart Im going to switch back over to log 856 that gets you yeah that does that make sense this would be a like high volume traded area that gets you back above the 786 that puts you at a higher high than compared to February 20th after making of course a higher the low right here which that all would make sense so uh if you do get up to there we would have to wait and see how much of a potential resistance that would be if its really doesnt look like a strong resistance then I would imagine that we are going to be breaking above and potentially breaking out of this several month range uh almost a year at this point April May yeah about 11 months yeah uh just about 11 months so um other than that thats all I really wanted to cover in the video I still do think this is the bottom uh I do think overall right here its kind of just still chopping around a bit but were ultimately getting closer and closer to breaking out of this range very soon and I do think that um it will be a pretty sizable move you can see right here a 1618 is at about 12 dollars and what we talked about last time was potentially getting up to 13 and hitting that upper uh Bollinger Bands uh which once again I forget if it was on the weekly now it was on the monthly I do believe my apologies not the upper boundary band the median line on the Bollinger band so uh theres that you can see median line right here slightly above Bob other than that thats all I really want to talk about none of this financial advice these are all just my thoughts and opinions and you guys have a phenomenal day as always how to use Muchachos Welcome to MelvinsMovesThis video is about Chainlink LINK Technical Analysis and my current opinion’s about the crypto market. If you like the content leave a like and if you don’t have a nice day! Discord: Need A solid Exchange to trade on? Check Out Kucoin! You Can trade spot, features and, Margin. You can even go up to 10x Leverage without KYC! You Also potentially Get Up to a $500.00 Bonus when You Sign Up! Referral Link : Donations : Layer 1 Wallet: 0xb6b705b1ed82041d71e9e3a6ed1c9348f24c7b27 Layer 2 Wallet: 0xdf745b2bf8f04aa6561f5a2c3b590f0eed53b3d9 Crypto Bullish BullMarket AltCoins cryptogems WenMoon TechnicalAnalysis MelvinsMoves chainlink chainlinkpriceprediction chainlinknewstoday chainlinknews Disclaimer: These are my opinions and not financial advice. Invest at your own risk. chainlink,Crypto,TechnicalAnalysis,