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Welcome all of you to Crystal Investment and Im Cuong Tran, recently I received a lot of requests from you guys to evaluate the Celine project. Today I will make this video to review the project. the jelly project whether it has the potential to hold in the future or not, before going into the details, as usual If you get the value of this video, you can click like and subscribe To support the channel Im a newbie, I have not joined the channel of crypto investment, I can Click the link below to join, right now the ok exchange is having an event exclusively for newcomers. hidden, to participate in these events you can receive a reward of up to $ 10,000, participating in this event is very simple, you create an account using the link below. video description After you verify your account and deposit at least 50$ you will get a mystery box then when you receive this mystery box you will randomly open it as a reward including BTC ecerum Ok fine coin and discount card besides, you can also refer your friends to participate in this program, it will require levels from level 1 to level 2 then you will get 20 mystery boxes per month from level 3 to level 4 you will get 40 mystery boxes per month level 5 you will get 80 mystery boxes per month and it wont limit the mystery box on the amount of recharge, then later I will go with you Going into the details of todays topic, first I will find out with you on the link what is jennel is a decentralized erocal network The focus is on providing real-world data for Smart contracts on the Celine blockchain whose original Token is the link widely used to pay for services on the Chen Lim network on the link is basically a network consists of Decentralized nodes that provide data and information from sources outside the blockchain to Smart contracts through ortal to fulfill that request which will be registered as an event and generate a corresponding Smart contract through via the translin protocol, as you know, chenlin is an oreocle network that provides data to blockchains, in addition to the blockchain, it also supports many projects like exchanges such as a project. The project is listed on many exchanges, it will lead to something that has a real value. If you before you know how to do it when chenlie is released, in 2017 when the price of Bitcoin is above each other in the world. Its a lot and even now, there are a lot of projects when it first listed on many exchanges, it doesnt have a price balance, so everyone can see that it will lead to something. The weakness of that project is that but when applying orucal, the data on the exchanges will balance each other and it will not lead to the price difference too much and when on one exchange It happens that the problem of the project is that the bowl needs it to be discounted too much, it also informs the project ah On this platform you are having problems, you can stop providing the above data that exchange you can ban depositing on that exchange like the recent event you see gala is unlikely to be interoperability with resources running outside of Note Network where smart contracts are deployed then the problem is about centralized oracles, you also know that oracle is considered an information agent. Valuable data but it carries but it cannot access events in the world. Indeed, if a smart contract works only on a centralized data source, the decentralized nature will be lost. All orocals are now centralized services and their use leads to the The point of failure is that it makes smart contracts unsafe and traditional centralized Digital agreements, if odako is centralized, it will have the problems you just mentioned above that it lacks transparency and honestly but when you apply Trainings oracle to it, it helps to decentralize everything and you can see the contracts above it says what it says and the content is as follows and cant be modified. Thats it haha Then the highlight of chenlie it is more than 20 billion dollars in property value guaranteed by chenland until January 2022 to october, the guaranteed asset value of celine euro is up to 6,00080 billion dollars and 90 data providers nearly 1,500 projects using Celines solution then more than 4.2 billion data points sent by chenlin on chen Next chellin product including Celine is using document data main for applications define next is translin vrf which generates reliable randomness when used to feed nft random reward chunks and power unpredictable gaming scenarios then chening cipper is allows smart contract developers to outsource the activation of smart contract functions in a decentralized network then ccip is to provide an open common standard for developers to build on Safe services and applications can be sending Token transfer messages on many different blockchains and the development team is also quite remarkable that this cently project has been developed for quite a long time and was launched in June 2017 by Smart contract technology company in San Francisco With the leadership of sex gay nazarros and Sato CEO Steve elite, besides that, it is also advised by a team of many experts. experience in the market as avengersic of the project, cellin sold 35% equivalent to 350 million I need Link and earned myself $ 32 million through two rounds of selling recell and booking a sale schedule, you also see that here is the allocation table I need the sale is 35% and then the incent Eco system is 35% and chenlinthium is 30%, besides, the price in the precise round is $0.09 plus 20% bonus and the sale schedule book round Each coin I need a link with a price of 0.11 USD, you can see that compared to the price of chen lin Asia It has grown a lot and peaked at more than 50 dollars and at the moment it is close 7 dollars compared to the price range of res and buffet called trans has grown a lot and a lot. You are questioning how much it grows. Will it grow in the future or not? no then I will go to the part I will go to the part that is fundamental analysis and technical analysis is whether what factors help senlin promote its growth in the future here, you will open the weekly fork on tradingview for you to see easily, the peak of the trend is up to 53 dollars and the current price is 6.8 dollars , a lot of you are wondering if that at the present time, should I keep the link or not, I will share with you my own perspective on the evaluation through the data that I have studied and translated. the points that I really evaluate on the link in the future and the above cycle next time the possibility of it growing from $80 to $100 for the following reasons, the first is chenlin is an aural membrane it is leading in the blockchain market and almost all the projects are used on the link then the second factor is Jenny is a project that has been developing since 2017 By now it is 2022, it has been active for 5 years and it has survived many waves, right. Then the third factor is that in the next cycle there will be many more waves. the project was born and they also want to cooperate with a reputable unit instead of having to cooperate with newly launched projects, right, on the link is an option I think is the option The first thing that the project will think about because it is really the cost that to cooperate with the channel is not too high and the fourth factor is the motivating factor on the link to increase the price is when the projects The project they cooperate with the channel, they have to buy Tokens to do that to pay that fee, so that factor will also promote part of the price increase and in the next up cycle, the projects its going to be a lot more than it is now, so you see that at the moment you can see it in your eyes, thats 21,000 projects in total. But I think of what the next cycle when the bamboo root market Its launching projects will be up to 30,000 to 40,000 projects and the market capitalization at the moment its no longer $800 billion but it has to go up. until 5,000 to 10 trillion dollars it is suitable for the next cycle and the price of bitcoin at that time it will have to exceed 100 thousand dollars and there will be many projects born so chenlie is one one of my first choices and it fully meets the criteria How to choose a coin to spare for me in the long run, thats it, the price ranges that you have It is possible to consider this Celine project to hold in the long term, the first price zone is $ 4.9 and the second price zone is $ 3.1, I think it is very difficult for chenlin to be about the price range is under 3 finally cold near 10 dollars at the moment, i also see that cellin is in the price range of 6.8 dollars, the price range of 6.8 dollars is also quite nice then you can choose three price zones for yourself to hold here three holding price ranges for trendly which are 6.8 then 4.9 and 3 dots 3.2 then i hate ha i hate long term you wont give these let s go short and Im going to give people a long term here 16$ 16$ 43 $53 then 80$ and 130$ The next cycle is really at its current cap not too high and its valuation I think it is not too high because it is basically a project it has practical application in blockchain it is different from other projects to make price and create formo Those are the points to note in this Clin project that you can consider, my video will be over here, if you get this videos value I can click like and subscribe To support the channel Goodbye, brothers and sisters See you in the next videos Đăng ký OKX: Đăng ký sàn Binance: Tham gia nhóm tín hiệu trên Telegram: Tham gia nhóm chat Telegram: Facebook: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Liên hệ hợp tác/Cooperation contact: Gmail: Telegram: @cuongtran992 Facebook: LINK CHAINLINK dautucrypto đầu_tư_crypto CHAINLINK,LINK,dautucrypto,