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hey ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the channel as always it is Nick here back with your daily crypto news and Analysis and today were going to be talking about chain link AKA link uh this has been a project that we have been focused on for a while its actually been um one of those assets that I think that a lot of people kind of just Overlook it has been a part of many cycles in the past it led the way in the D5 summer of 2020 but since then I feel like a lot of people just kind of overlooked it and kind of forgotten about it because they think that other better systems are out there and all that kind of stuff um but nonetheless today were going to be talking about were going to be putting a a spotlight on it and uh talking about why I think everyone should be paying attention to the chain link and why I think that it is going to be a crucial aspect to the adoption of DLT within the Legacy infrastructure so with that being said for all those link holders out there comment down below uh what you think one chain link will be worth by the top of the next Bull Run and also hit that like button if you guys havent already and for those out there that are not subscribed to the channel over 50 percent of you arent by the end of this video If you guys did learn something new or maybe you just found the content interesting definitely consider hitting that subscribe button and turn the notification on to never miss a future update but lets just dive in and lets start off with this tweet so I quoted a tweet that I I sent out back in September and I said in my mind link and qnc coexist to create endless amounts of value for the entire crypto plus Legacy system because both of these assets are always looked at as okay well they are both competing with each other so why should I invest into link if I like qnc better or why should I invest in Q and T if I like link better in my opinion I think that we should hold both of them I think that it I think that a nice balanced portfolio of looking at like two assets that are doing similar things and holding both of them um does not hurt at all diversification is a big key aspect to success within this Market but I even said months later and Link continues to be extremely overlooked and forgotten View and when we look at chain link chain link has done very well in the past and for an example here is the D5 summer uh 2020. so first off we came down to test about like two dollars back in March of 2020 it was a perfect opportunity to get in the market most people did not buy the bottom myself include it but when we take a look at chain link this thing did a massive run to almost twenty dollars from there then we had a pullback and most people were screaming well its gonna go all the way down well nope we ended up just trailing sideways and boom We skyrocketed to almost 50 dollars now theres one billion chain link out there roughly about 51 in circulation um and recently we started to see more holders added on um but chain link is an asset that is available literally everywhere you could buy this on every single major exchange chain link has been one of those assets that have been around for so long so it is listed almost on every single major exchange as this is a 2017 token and even beforehand it was uh on a few other decentralized exchanges before it got listed over on a major exchange AKA hence why we have coin market cap saying about like roughly September of 2017 when we have earlier signs of chain link in terms of uh it going Fully live but nonetheless um when we take a look at the overall chart for chain link one thing that I have been looking at is a possible test of the this area down here now obviously I did buy within this range here Ive been really kind of just accumulating chain link within this area mainly Ive been um buying around support zones so mainly my entries have been around like six dollars and ninety cents um I did buy support at around roughly six dollars and thirty cents and I recently bought around the low of about I think it was like 5.75 cents it wasnt the exact bottom but I am looking to see if we can get this test like four dollars and fifty cents Im in positions but if we can get down to that area I will be a big buyer at that area because I think that it it could be a huge opportunity especially long term but where could chain link go in the next Bull Run well I think most people are anticipating 100 and I think that that is fair to say um I have been looking at some of the FIB uh levels on the macro so you can go off of our recent price action or if you want it to you can go back all the way um to so uh yeah this is like 2017. so we can go all the way back in time and really kind of look at where where we were at back here and kind of go off of this price data um and lets go off of the log scale because this gives us a little bit of a better picture on where things are basically at right now so um giving a little bit of an Insight on where were at this is why I have been buying that around like 5.75 major support honestly um but we need to break out of that 702 in order for a link to flip bullish again and really kind of Target 15 plus but one thing that I have been looking at um with this is just um a few levels uh first off I dont really look at the log scale for prices above our last FIB extension as you guys do see they get a little bit outrageous but I have been looking at though is the regular FIB uh bass levels and we actually have a target of a roughly uh 198 dollars to 252 dollars um anything in this range is fairly nice but first we really need to Target that one six one eight at about 88 now do I think that 252 dollars could be possible well this would be an upside of about 135 X and this would also have a market cap of about 123.9 billion dollars now do I think that it could get to this point sure I think that it could currently right now I think that chain link is sitting at number 21. um I think that the top 25 in the next Bull Run depending on where we get uh with the coin with all of um crypto in terms like the market cap a lot of these coins will most likely hit roughly within the 75 to 140 billion dollar Mark anyways um but to be a little bit more conservative I have been looking at like 150 um I think that a 150 chain link is more uh possible in the short term uh this is about a 74 billion dollar market cap um an upside of about 21x which is very good especially for you know uh an an asset thats been around since 2017 and early even 2017 um but also it its a blue chip so its one of those assets that have been around so long we know the use case we know the team so we know thats not going anywhere anytime soon um but what Im very bullish about is the announcement from Swift uh back in 2022 so for those out there that missed it Swift is working with chain link we actually have here a few quotes this is from the Swift strategy director and we do see you have to reach the gap between those institutions that have been there for ages and all these blockchains that are going to provide these Services there will be many of them blockchains coexisting some private some ethereum based many types Swift doesnt have the potential to reach and connect all of them we Swift do not bet in 10 blockchains this year and if those 10 disappear we lose investment and its the same for the banks this is where ccip comes into place if we Swift connect to this introperability network ccip then we connect 11 000 banks with 20 blockchains and more to come then we have these two infrastructures Swift nccip that are secure that are reliable that are scalable connected and yeah I mean this is the announcement this goes all the way back to four months ago when weve seen this announcement and if we play this clip you guys could really see the value here for ccip just to kick this off were going to begin talking about cross chain And in regards to that you know just to set the stage Im very happy to announce that we are working on an initial proof of concept together with Swift on the use of ccip [Applause] in in the capital markets to enable the communications and movement of tokens between you know a number of different institutions in a way thatll accelerate the adoption of DLT blockchains and benefit various institutions all over the um Capital markets in that regard I think well just start discussing cross chain and Id be thrilled to hear Jonathans views on the importance of cross chain and how communication between chains and institutions in a multi-chain world could could look and and work yep so thank you Sergey and thank you for the invite let me start maybe because I I know you know not everybody is aware about Swift but I will I will try to explain it very quickly so Swift is a comparative is an international Cooperative we run perhaps the biggest Network in financial services today for Capital markets for payments for effects for trade we are headquartered in Belgium although we have uh sort of operations everywhere and we have around 11 000 banks that are connected to Swift today they exchange financial information in the most secure reliable and scalable way all right so thats thats one just to frame it that the second piece is that the the the POC that were doing its its its its the end of a long story right I think five or seven years ago was the first time uh Swift and chain link started working together you were actually one of the first uh startups that we bet on you want the startup challenge that we used to have a long time ago and then even before blockchain was something that Financial Services had in their minds I dont think no at the time nobody was doing anything on blockchain on Financial Services Swift and chain link worked together on the first POC that we did on bond issuance and Redemption it was quite successful and that that was maybe the uh the first steps of this sort of Love Story between Swift and chain link which continues today so yeah I mean when we take a look at ccip uh Swift well be leveraging it for institutional grade adoption as well as institutional grade reach within blockchain technology it will allow those 11 000 Banks to actually utilize these 20 blockchains and or more um and this is going to be huge this is a direct connection between institutional grade clients and also crypto now when is ccip going to launch well its going to be happening this year so I think that this could be a huge Catalyst for chain links price action than we do see we know many have been eagerly anticipating the launch of ccip security is our number one priority for ccip as it is for every chain link launch we appreciate your patience and understanding and look forward to releasing ctip in 2023 in a state that meets the functional and security demands of the growing cross chain economy now not only this right but I I love supporting these Assets in these projects that are building out and allowing for the future of crypto to be really revolutionizing as well as to really kind of be become a true thing because again without things like this without ccip or without interoperability and without those direct Bridges to traditional Finance we wont see the True Image and the True Value and vision behind crypto uh realized in so being able to look at a project like chain link and realize the value behind it is crucial and its huge and talking about chain link when we actually go over to chain Links website and we actually look at their ecosystem so this is the craziest thing um when we look at the the ecosystem theres 1600 plus projects here you can see the latest projects that they have added theres quite a bit so you can check out all of the projects as well here they are you know this is just us a massive amount of uh of projects and you can see the amount added like even already this year theres been 26 in 2022 alone there were 615 in 2021 712 in 2020 239 and uh beforehand there wasnt that much but now we are seeing a massive amount and this is between all these chains you can see all the chains supported here um you can also see the products here as well like this is empowering a large portion of the future and when we look at ccip you do see chain link labeled here this is intent its not live yet um but this is going to be a big one and we actually see the Integrations this has been in planned for a while going all the way back to 2017 bridging DLT and smart contracts with the Swift Network and existing Bank systems and then weve seen back in October of 2017 just a month later Swift startup winner demo smart contract trade with five Financial firms and then back in September is when we seen Swift partners with crypto data provider chain link on Cross chain protocol and traditional Finance play so this is going to be a big one we have an anticipating this for a while but this like many of the other major projects that are already labeled here like there is so much happening on chain link that I just dont see a future where chain link isnt going to be a major player within this entire Market um I think that the value behind chain link is substantial and I think that it is the Limitless when we take a look at what is to really happen but also right theres so much more uh to chain link than just you know the value creation behind Okay well how is it going to bridge the gap between traditional finance and DLT but its also allowing a lot of these use cases like nfts and gaming and stuff like that to be truly realized in by giving them the tools that they need the data feeds that they need that its just empowering a large portion of the use cases that we see today in crypto and that is incredible value because its not just okay well how can we bridge the gap between traditional finance and crypto because theres a lot of use cases like but them having that partnership with Swift and the use case Advantage with swift is substantial in my opinion and I think that that is a huge Catalyst I think that that combined uh with the possibility of staking and you know a lot more I think all of that going in mind with what where chain link is right now and what chain link has done in the past and where chain link has gone in the past I just dont see a feature where chain link isnt trading at a hundred dollars plus um Ive always been looking at this range up here between like 88 and 143 dollars could we go much higher could we hit the 200 plus range its possible um but we have to wait and see what really happens I think that chain link does have the possibility of going to a hundred dollars at that point in time it would have a hundred billion dollar uh fully diluted market cap at 150 dollars um or sorry at 200 it would have a market cap of about roughly a hundred uh billion dollars fully diluted at 200 it would be a 200 billion dollar market cap for an example heres 200 it would have a 98.3 three billion dollar market cap if were taking into accountability like the max Supply it would be roughly or sorry this is going off the max Supply uh and the total Supply would be 98.3 billion dollars at 98.32 cents at 200 it would have a fully diluted market cap of 200 billion um but if we are going off of just like the the circulating Supply which most people do um than if were looking at like 200 um 200 per chain link this would be a market cap of roughly 98.3 billion dollars um non-fully diluted uh and fully diluted you guys already know the deal but when we take a look at whats happening around chain link and the value that it is disrupting and empowering do I see a future where chain link is at 200 sure is it going to happen by next Bull Run top we have no idea but I would love to see it um I think that chain link is in a great position I think that right now as we start to see smart contracts trying to be adopted in in real world applications we see the global push towards crypto adoption and crypto regulation all that kind of stuff I could definitely see a feature where crypto is so big to the point where chain link is such a viable power source for a lot of these use cases in the bridges between traditional finance and D5 and stuff like that where you know the value behind chain link is in the hundreds of billions of dollars to possibly even trillions of dollars and you know Im very excited for the future of chain link I think that by next Bull Run I think that this thing is going to be a big player very similar to in the past Bull Run um and Im very excited for that feature so with that being said I hope that you guys enjoyed this certificates definitely leave a like subscribe to notifications on because Im a free content you guys are more welcome to follow me on Twitter and turn the video down description below other you all have a beautiful day beautiful night with you guys are on this before the world this has been Nick peace out guys Chainlink LINK is taking over globally. 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