LINK + BTC + Crypto Price Prediction Analysis is chainlink a good investment redditCHAINLINK: MASSIVE +102% LINK PUMP INCOMING!?!?!?!?!?

storing link on ledger nano s chainlink what is chainlink in simple terms is chainlink a good investment reddit CHAINLINK: MASSIVE +102% LINK PUMP INCOMING!?!?!?!?!? LINK + BTC + Crypto Price Prediction Analysis
is chainlink a good investment reddit chainlink developers selling CHAINLINK: MASSIVE +102% LINK PUMP INCOMING!?!?!?!?!? LINK + BTC + Crypto Price Prediction Analysis
heres something really interesting link has literally been dead flat sideways for one year take a look at this huge huge mother of all consolidations right here one month more down here and weve been here for an entire year for link and thats a really big deal and in this video I want to talk to you about how this thing could be ready to double and if youre not ready for it if youre not aware of what the factors at play are you might miss a train that you really wish that you were riding so heres the deal lets look at this on the logarithmic scale and anchor the chart and I just wanna I wanna draw a box around this range right I mean link has been like this for so long now weve been consistently finding resistance at 9.30 let me drop a line right there and consistently finding support at 5.50 and then in between were just ranging this is a Traders Paradise right long uh you you short the top traded all the way down youll along the bottom trade it all the way up easy easy money easy easy money and if youre trading ranges like this I mean its so predictable its so easy to pull off that you you kind of just set the order you just set the order down here its a long stop loss down below just in case youre wrong and you forget about it you go on and live the rest of your life really really cool Im going to talk to you about a few other cool opportunities in this video but real quick if you want to take advantage of anything in these markets then every single coin that I cover with you guys including this one right here is available on buy bit you can trade it as a spot pair with zero fees and as a derivatives pair as well you can leverage it up which is obviously what I like to trade um and you can do that with up to thirty thousand dollars in free trading ammunition sign up heres my link down below make your first deposit start trading you get up to 30k in cash and if you already have an account you can make a brand new one as well now whats really interesting about this is just the time frame its the time frame right this is a theres a big range its a 50 range dont get me wrong theres a lot of trading that can happen within this range and theres a lot of trading that did happen within this range but its a really long time that weve been kind of stuck trading within this range and whats also interesting is that were stuck trading in this range based off the 2019 top right if you remember when Bitcoin rallied all the way up to 14 000 I believe it was on the same leg that link found resistance right here resistance here again at the beginning of 2020 uh but then it got the really big blow up and when it blew up above this resistance level it pulled like a 10x game from there very very big price action and we are consolidating right here this is where the opportunity is right if you can see that the market is consolidating at all its consolidating for a long time its consolidating right where we saw a major Market reversal that resulted in look lets put these numbers in perspective okay this line right here sits at like I cant even read the number lets lets look at it on my chart right here this this top happened at 4.50 and took the market down to 1.50 okay so thats like a 70 drop 68 drop thats that was very impressive how close my estimate was thats a 68 70 drop to the downside of this level that we are now consolidating on for a year weve Consolidated were Consolidated for a long time its happening at a critical level and this is a strong coin this isnt okay all coins that arent Bitcoin or should coins we know this this is a fact but this is still a really critical uh you know uh a coin as far as development goes right its not like your typical resident coin that comes on the block with just a little fancy white paper and three million dollars in funding this is chain link this is still to a lot of people a big deal really really important by the way if youre watching this on the main floorflies Channel youre watching it late and youre watching uh you know content which which uh which theres a lot more of on The fourflies Daily Channel you can check it out by looking at the link in the description right here its literally right at the top click on the four flights daily link and you can come to the main Channel where you can actually watch all of this altcoin analysis the normal channel for slice Channel stays dedicated to bitcoin and macroeconomics but this channel uh the second one uh is mainly for all coins if youre not watching it on the second Channel then fix that come here uh subscribe tick the Bell so that you dont miss out on this very time sensitive content because this is a really big deal its off a critical critical level but this is this is where things get exciting if we take a look at link potentially breaking out the next area of resistance that Im seeing on this chart sits between 12 and 15 which means that there is a big price Gap to get from where we are right now to that next price Target and roughly from where we are right now that is a 100 Pump right a 100 pump means that you double your money if you buy it right now and it goes up there you would double your money and thats really impressive because theres nothing stopping link from going up theres a lot stopping link from dropping right its the fact that this is the previous low for the bear market right so if link were to fall below this current low right here at 5.50 that to me would probably mean that were going significantly lower for a very long time were going to drop down to like one dollar or two dollars were gonna stay there for a long time its gonna be a big depression do you see something like that happening in the world economy and in the crypto space in general if yes then okay link is probably in a bad place me personally I dont think thats gonna happen Im not a doom and gloomer anyway uh you know I still think that actually weve got some really nice potential and I think that this is exactly how a market would bottom anyway right Im the kind of guy thats going to pay attention to this Market not like not let my emotions cloud my judgment and understand that if we consolidate for an entire year and its a strong project anyway and its consolidating right off a major Market High previously this is the right setup this is the right setup ladies and gents to get a really nice pump to the upside uh you know and to see that resistance is so far away is really nice support is close but resistance is far away and that means weve got a brilliant risk to reward setup if you look at this chart and you look at actually trying to play a level like this right lets take a look at this lets outline the same level lets just put it at you know twelve dollars just to make it easy if we say that this is what were looking at and we just kind of try and uh calculate the risk on a trade like this lets use the classic long and short ratio tool um its behaving really weirdly because Im on the log scale so let me just bring this back like this Im just going to expand the chart a little bit so we can see this very clearly and I just want to bring this up to the bottom lets lets put it a little bit lower lets say theres room for a stop loss Im not saying that this is actually a trade that I would take but definitely a cool opportunity nonetheless risk to a reward of 1.8 that means for every dollar I risk I stand to make 1.8 dollars 1.80 thats not an amazing risk to reward you know usually you want a minimum of two or three or four but what we have in my opinion that makes this an even safer opportunity is the fact that its chain link again its not a coin that you know rank number 67 on coin market cap this is a major coin that a lot of people respect doesnt really matter what I think about it you know and my opinions are not favorable on this coin doesnt really matter its the fact that there are some really nice opportunities in this market Ive actually drawn this correctly now in the wrist reward ratio is three so this actually now looks uh you know exactly in line with the textbook trade but even at three it you know it doesnt look as good as what it actually is like this is a much better opportunity than just the standard through three risk to reward ratio trade because of the fact that this is such a critical area of support but were still so far away from resistance which means like theres not a long way to drop if things go bad but theres a very long way to rise up if things go well which means that if you are a bull you have a lot more opportunity on a coin like this right now and thats actually one of the things that you know real trades you dont you dont see people talking about this on YouTube because they just dont know they just dont trade but when youre in these markets you youd almost a lot of the time youd be willing to take a worse chance of success if your success means that you make a lot of money let me let me break this down with some math for you its going to be super simple hit up the likes if you enjoy this kind of content what were looking at here is quite simple if youve got a success rate of 25 okay so you win one out of every four trades right you make money one time out of every four trades that you take but that 25 um when when it actually works when you make money if you make a lot of money if you make a 100 game a double you know you double your money and then every time you lose money you only lose ten percent five percent twenty percent you know nothing big nothing crazy you can keep eating losses you can keep getting punched in the face eating these losses consistently until the big winner comes and the big winner will wipe out everything that went wrong and put you massively in the green this is something which only really real Traders know about and talk about and consider because you wont really understand these Concepts until youve had some skin in the game until youve actually been exposed to the market and you start to realize like hang on a minute I dont need to have a high success rate I just need to not lose much money every time I lose and I need to make a lot of money every time I make money every time you have a you have a profitable trade it should be a big profit and every time you have a loss it should be a small loss and if it looks like that you dont need a high success rate now ideally you want both ideally you want a high success rate and big gains with small losses right and thats what were always moving towards thats what I aim to do thats what I show you guys inside of VIP how Im actively positioning myself to achieve that and I think that you know Ive done a fairly decent job of doing so you can jump inside a Vib if you want to see whats going on behind those closed doors um you know and I talk to you a lot about it publicly as well you wanna you wanna have both but if you can only pick one its not too bad to be in a situation like this right where during a bear Market you kind of bet on an underdog really because this is an underdog a lot of the other major coins have been moving but link hasnt if we look at something like cardano which is also I mean you know it might not it may not necessarily be particularly similar to link but in terms of the way people treat it its quite clear that people love this coin from its low up to where it is right now its managed to move up buy a really nice 60 Im not sure maybe link has done something similar lets take a look from its low to its current price its moved up by 28 yeah and its entire range is only 70 anyway so cardano already has done something significantly more impressive than link you know and I think thats a really big deal really kind of goes to show my point here which is that this is still a major coin lets not forget which position it holds uh where is where is chain link actually I cant find it its not in the top ten where is it its number 19 right here its still a major coin top 20 okay yeah you know and um and and I think I think that for that you know for these kind of reasons its really important to keep in mind but if we look at an even shorter term chart this is where it gets even more exciting this shorter term chart where were just looking at the four hour time frame has a really nice ascending triangle for it link uh where our lows keep on getting higher were pushing the higher side and our resistance as we know stays mostly the same and that looks really nice to me because it means that in the short term we might be looking at a nice pump to the upside to get to the top of this range as we know very well the top of this range is at 9.30 so a pump Above This level see this is the thing if we if we zoom in even more and look very very carefully very very carefully at this range we can see that if link is able to get above this level or this level if link is able to get above 7.60 to 8.10 around there if its able to lets just put a line in the middle if its able to get above 7.90 then were probably looking at right rallying right up to the top okay and every time we break the top obviously weve got some potential to have the breakout and get a really nice move up so not only is it looking like something big could happen soon where we could have major progress soon but from a longer term time frame perspective it also looks incredibly good as far as opportunity goes in this market right to be able to trade something like this if if I if I look at going long on on link right above these highs right here literally right above it because its pretty tight we dont really it doesnt really fake out very high and then come back down you know it hasnt faked out very much at all it actually looks like a pretty nice tight range my line is at 9.364 and the highest fake out we got was 9.63 so its another 30 cents higher its about three percent more its a three percent fake out yeah its really not that bad a three percent fake out very very manageable if I were to set a long position like right here where I go along right above this line and by the way if you dont know how to do this this is the kind of thing that I show you like literally the mechanics of how I do it um on different exchanges inside of VIP and the fourth last Academy course that most of you will get for free when you join VIP um Id be you know potentially going long over here and Ive got a lot of upside potential to enjoy the reason Im not going long right at the resistance level is you know we might come up here but not reach the second line and then drop back down but if we reach the second line then weve probably pumped so much that were not going to come back down that were probably just going to keep going up so if I look at the upside potential there from this line up to my resistance area thats a really nice 30 range and I think I can comfortably trade something like that on lets take a look maybe like 3X 3X leverage so Id probably double my money on this range right here uh which which is really really nice and if I want to trade it a little bit more aggressively then the next resistance or the closer resistance level is right here I could probably enter along like around here and Id probably be targeting the very same level so looks pretty good to me looks pretty good with 3x leverage over here uh you know this turns into 150 profit theres some really nice opportunities potentially Brewing on chain link right here its been a sleeping giant um Ive really never seen anything like this where it just it the thing is it hasnt died either right its not a project that has just been completely abandoned when it drops to lows people are buying when it goes up to resistance people are selling its being squashed into this range on purpose and that makes for a really beautiful accumulation um you know kind of pattern that yeah could potentially lead to some really nice upsets so Im excited for it and if you are then go ahead and check out the link to buy bit as well where you can take advantage of it you can trade it for free zero percent spot fees meaning you can buy and sell it completely free of charge very very cool indeed if you have enjoyed this video you know exactly what to do hit up the likes subscribe tick the Bell do all that good stuff and again if youre watching this on the main Channel go to the link in the description down below its right at the top of the description and click on this uh right here to uh uh to to come to the the second channel to the four Flyers daily Channel where you get more analysis uh from me on these markets specifically on altcoins very very cool uh new channel Ive just launched here if youre not watching it already on this channel then go ahead and fix that tick the Bell make sure you get all the notifications for the content that we upload and Ill see you all in the very next one cheers This Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency trading analysis applies to various exchanges. 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