chainlink aprChainlink LINKUSD Price Prediction April 10, 2023

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disclaimer this is not Financial advice second week in a row that the markets are slowing down on a positive side is that they are managing to hold within previously reached higher levels uncertainty over banking contingencies is slowing down in which sense some slowdown and new funds inflow on the crypto Market is to be expected regardless of small moves during the week it could be noted that link had a relatively good week managing to hold above seven dollars it shows that investors continue to support this coin the price of Link moved in a relatively short range during the week between levels of seven dollars and seven dollars and sixty cents at one occasion it is evident that the support line at seven dollars has been tested during the week it should be taken into consideration a holiday weekend in the western markets in which sense there has not been much funds in the flow to support price at Higher Grounds RSI moved to the 50 line which might be an indication that investors are slowly moving toward the oversold part of the chart moving average of 50 and 200 days still continues to move as two parallel lines still supporting the Golden Cross the slowdown in price moves is evident on the charts the seven dollar support line has been tested during the week but due to low trading volumes there has not been Market strength to clearly break it still charts are pointing to higher probability for a move to the downside at least to the level of the short-term support line at six dollars and fifty cents during the week ahead at this moment there is no clear indication that the price could move below this level on the opposite side there is lower probability for price to test seven dollars and fifty cents short-term resistance crypto technicalanalysis chainlink contact chainlink,crypto,technicalanalysis,