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whats up guys welcome back to my channel in this video I want to go over chain link and why right now under seven dollars this is a solid crypto that I think most investors should add to their watch list and potentially look to add to their long-term portfolios chain link is not a crypto that you should jump in and try to get out you know in a few months its a crypto that did have a very good all-time high 55 I believe and right now its priced just below seven dollars three and a half billion market cap one billion tokens in total Supply I believe half bits already in circulation so a tokenomics arent bad and the all-time high was pretty good so right now its beat up pretty bad and chain link is another crypto that I feel like is overlooked despite having so many Partnerships and just to name a few cryptos to partner with each bar Quant lcx ethereum 2.0 like theres so many good Partnerships of chain link those are just a few of kryptos that Im very bullish on in their own respect and chain link is a part of everything and it has to do with channeling futility being an Oracle in the Deep by space the centralized Finance is huge in the crypto space its just as big in my opinion as interoperability if you want to see crypto succeed then you should believe in D5 and right now chain link is leading the race in a deep by space in my opinion do I think its gonna break all-time high and reach over 60 dollars hell yes I think chain link is going to have a very good ball run Im not surprised the average hold time on coinbase now is 105 days I think thats up 15 days Im pretty sure at the start of this bear Market it was under 100 it was around 90 days 80 days and now its over 105 days and I think a lot of people in Wales are silently investing at the chain link because they want to see it at the price longer and trust me I totally get it chain Links utility is so strong it has no competition competition in crypto is crazy thats why you see so many layer ones it feels like every single day a new layer of ones coming out or a new Layer Two or a new meme coin but when it comes to the decentralized finance space within crypto chain link is the strongest project no question about it and the fact that pardon with all these different cryptos and companies I think chain link is also going to be very active in the iso 222 complaint list of cryptos because like I said its giving accurate price data to blockchains so when you think of that the banks if they start sending crypto at a mass volume in the future you need that to be accurate secure and if youre talking about you know smart contract agreements nfts anything of monetary value you want to make sure the prices and the network is secure and chain link helps do just that Chandler takes the off-chain data and put it onto the on chain if you dont have that layer of security on your blockchain or on your network then it Youre vulnerable to hacks your vulnerable to price manipulation right now trust in crypto is not very great weve seen exchanges go up in Flames weve seen cryptos like Luna just go right into the gutter we see Solana have all the outages and security issues so security is a big Focus within crypto its a big Focus if you want to see it succeed and reach Mass adoption and prices are going to be reflecting that level of security and Trust not just from nfts not just from day-to-day transactions but smart contract agreements running the centralized apps making sure that when volume increases that manipulation and vulnerability to hex dont increase with it that is what chain link does chain link right now is a decentralized Oracle its one of the most essentialized projects in my opinion it was built with solid fundamentals a good foundation and I think right now below seven dollars for chain link this is a steal this is no question about it a very good entry point to get into chain link Im very well looking to DCA into this crypto now I have so many projects that Im trying to buy Im trying to buy art block and theyre a hashgraph algorithm theres so many different cryptos right now and now Im looking at solo blue Zell like Im coming out with more videos by the way especially on solo and Blue Zone in the future but I just have so many cryptos right now on my radar its so hard as an average working man to try to buy everything when Im not making like millions of dollars to do so I wish sometimes I was a whale trying to just buy all these cryptos and if youre feeling the same way then you know the struggle so right now chain link is just in the group with the other cryptos Im trying to accumulate and Im just taking it you know paycheck by paycheck trying to sprinkle a little bit amounts of cash into like I think its a solid project I am not concerned about the current price action I think this is a very good consolidation period for chain link it hasnt really changed too much in the past couple months from five six seven dollars pretty much bottomed out and I think this is a very good entry point and were talking about reaching a new all-time high I think its very possible and definitely likely to happen in the next Bull cycle but now I want to hear from you how do you feel about chain link and where do you see its price by the end of the next Bull cycle let me know Down Below in the comments if you enjoyed this video please leave a like really helps so much and support my Channel with that being said Ill see you in that next video In this video, I go over Chainlink LINK and why I believe this crypto will surprise everyone and soar in value during the next bull cycle!Join my patreon: Looking for a secure hardware wallet to store your crypto? 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