HUGE News! Price Analysis & More! chainlink redditChainlink LINK Will EXPLODE In 2021!

etoro chainlink chainlink crypto analysis chainlink reddit Chainlink LINK Will EXPLODE In 2021! HUGE News! Price Analysis & More!
chainlink reddit link to the chain challenge Chainlink LINK Will EXPLODE In 2021! HUGE News! Price Analysis & More!
hello everyone im crypto nodes in todays video were going to be taking a look at the latest big news to do with chain link were also going to be taking a look at price analysis as well as a few other big things so if you guys like anything i bring to you dont forget to smash that like button hit the subscribe button or share the video for more lets see if we can get this video over 300 likes and i also want to know down below what is your number one cryptocurrency pick going into 2021 with that lets jump straight into the video just quickly only 20 of you that watch my videos are actually subscribed so if you are new around here or regular hit the subscribe button as it is free and you can always unsubscribe later if you do not enjoy my content so well start off by taking a look at the market as a whole overall after the incredible week that weve had in cryptocurrency we are now starting to see a slight correction but do not fear we have seen this multiple times throughout this year and it has always recovered cryptocurrency is just getting warmed up we have seen some very key levels broken over the past few weeks so going into 2021 things are looking incredibly bright remember these are some very good buying opportunities and patience is what will make you a winner in this space bitcoin is at twenty two thousand seven hundred ninety three ethereum is at six hundred and eleven xrp is at 52 cents litecoin is 106 chaining is at and 47 cents polka dot is at 4.96 cents and stella is at 16 cents but in todays video we are going to be taking a look at the latest news to do with chaining so lets jump into the first article and this article says rolls out a chaining oracle node to offer covert 19 data this launch seeks to inspire the development of smart contracts in various healthcare fields the chaining oracle node will cryptographically sign all covert 19 data to ensure authenticity per healthcare legacy data sources cannot source and disseminate data effectively a source for healthcare data is planning to provide state certified covert 19 data through various blockchain networks the firm unveiled this news via an official announcement on its website on december 16th noting that it aims to launch a chaining oracle node which will allow to share cov19 data through the coronavirus api in doing so the company hopes to inspire the creation of a broad range of smart contract applications in varying healthcare fields including life pnc and healthcare insurance among others according to the announcement also seeks to illustrate how traditional data providers can integrate oracles to work in synergy with blockchain-based systems and deliver real-world value per the company its chaining oracle node will also cryptographically sign all data in doing so the firm will ensure that all applications depending on it know its valid and it came from a coronavirus api directly youll get a safe way to develop database business processes which chain reacts swiftly to cover 19 related health issues and it says down here using the blockchain to turn public health data into actionable information according to its mission is to help organizations turn public health data into actionable information the company takes pride in using legally verified public health data because its compliant and dependable when it comes to completing key business decisions although many governmental and non-governmental organizations offer public health data claims that the covert 19 pandemic has exposed flaws in many traditional data outlets these flaws have unveiled that the data outlets are incapable of gathering and distributing data on a scale that can spur the exchange of real economic value however the firm alleges that unlike other chronovirus data sources which get data from news human sources its coronavirus api offers a record of data from us government websites increasing adoption of chaining oracles this news comes as multiple organizations in different fields continue teaming up with training to better their operations this month the orion protocol is a centralized liquidity aggregator partnered with chaining to provide real-time data from the crypto market to chaining oracles in a bid to enhance price discovery apart from this doc a blockchain-based platform that offers businesses and developers a solution for creating and managing digital credentials also teamed up with chaining the deal involved integrating training price fees to issuers post identity services on the dot network in us dollars so overall even though the market is having a slight correction at the moment things are looking incredibly bright for cryptocurrency we have seen chaining and the rest of the crypto market grow an unbelievable amount this year and its not going to slow down anytime soon we are starting to see some seriously big players get into this space and this is what we have been waiting for considering training has had an incredible year this year i want to know down below what price do you think training could be by the end of 2021 this is the next article i want to show you and it says how is the accumulation in trainings market holding up and it says down here the market is hot with cryptos prices going through the roof with hardly any old coins having a very rough time in the market recently chainings negative token link has also boom of growth despite its inconsistencies in fact link was returning 667 percent to investors year-to-date although the price of the digital asset seems to be sideways at this present time the chaining network has had an impressive year a few observations can be made from above for starters there was a peak witnessed in the middle of the d5 speculative summer when the sell side of the market was checked out a similar trend is visible the selling has been quite stable with no major dips however there has been a slight increase with the selling behavior lately due to the latest price hike the training network has also seen a significant concentration of wealth as per data 90 percent of the supply is being held by zero point zero eight percent of all wallets this is interesting since the value was close to zero point three percent until earlier this year the highway accumulation although non-ideal for link turned out to be a deception of traders trust in the market is something that did reap them of grand profits however at present time the value of link has begun to break down with the coin losing almost seven percent of its value in the last 18 days a development that once again was at the time when btc was topping nevertheless the popularity of chillings oracles among g5 protocols might just keep the project afloat so overall if you have been following this channel a while you will know how bullish ive been on training throughout this whole year i personally think nothing is going to change going into 2021 and the rest of the future chainings price is already 10x and we have still so much more to come i personally think that chaining has an incredible future and we are just getting warmed up this is the last article i want to show you before we take a look at price analysis and this one says chaining integrated as recommended oracle on binance smart chain quick take binance smart chain has successfully integrated chaining to centralize oracle network on its main net as its recommended oracle solution finance smart chain can now support an ecosystem of externally connected d5 applications trainings price feeds and decentralized oracle network is at the core of d5 and can prevent flashlight exploits the team at binance has announced that they have successfully integrated chaining to centralized oracle network on the binance smart chain main net this in turn means that trainings oracle network is now available for all use by smart contracts built in the binance smart chain furthermore the integration allows cheney coracles to be accessible on the binance smart chain without dependencies from ethereum by integrating chaining binary smart chain can now support a robust ecosystem of externally connected default applications as well as a numerous of other smart contract verticals such as gaming insurance and supply chain management chaining oracles are accessible on binance smart chain without any dependencies on ethereum chainlinks oracle network and price feeds can prevent d5 flash loans binance smartchain has already hosted several of chainings price fees which allow developers to integrate them into numerous apps on bsc these price feeds are currently being used to maximize on-train liquidity pools for low slippage during token swaps furthermore chain price feeds have recently been integrated by several d5 protocols to prevent flash loans the most recent projects to integrate these pros feeds include easy fi curve finance and value defy in a recent report the team at chaining explained how flash loans can be avoided by using secure price oracles to offer low slippage swaps via automated market makers each training price feed is secured by a decentralized network of civil resistant oracle node operators run by leaving security and blockchain devops teams the oracle nodes source price data from multiple off-chain data aggregators meaning each price point has strong volume adjusted market coverage reflective of all trading environments all nodes responses are then aggregated to form a single price update further enhancing the datas availability and resistance to manipulation from any one node or data source to finish off todays video we are going to be taking a look at price analysis and this one says link broke out of the descending channel and touch the peak of the channel at 14.52 cents before facing some selling pressure that halted the price at 13.46 for a few days in the said time period the awesome oscillator registered a bearish twin peak formation and even crossed under the neutral line this signaled rising short-term bearishness one that could see ling revisit 12.65 support level link could re-test the 13.46 as resistance before moving south once more 13.20 is the midpoint between 14.52 and 11.92 levels that link has tested multiple times over the past three weeks a drop under this midpoint would signal a growing bearishness and if i show you this chart here this is what i personally think for training to be in a bearish zone we would have to fall below 10 even though we are still up a significant amount throughout the start of the year as you can see here in october we did hit below those levels but it did get brought up very very very quickly i think for us to be in a neutral zone anything between 10 and 12 is neutral purely because the market looks very strong going into these areas and it can be a very good buying opportunity going into the future and i personally think a bullish scenario for chaining anything above 13 or 16 is very very bullish for the future of chaining we have seen these prices hit before and it does look like we can see these prices easily hit going into 2021. the future of chaining is incredibly bright it has earned so much respect over the past year it is becoming one of the biggest cryptocurrencies in the market at an accelerating rate a lot of people think its too late to buy chain ink but i strongly disagree i want to know your thoughts and opinions down below where do you think cheneys future is headed now ladies and gentlemen we have here the official crypto names patreon we have two memberships at the moment we have the little supporter membership where you can support me making more videos for you guys and youll be entered into monthly giveaways we also have here the diamond membership where if you need any help at all with your cryptocurrency whether youre new just getting started or youre struggling i can help you to the best of my ability that you need as well as 24 7 support and a personal thank you on my youtube channel our aim is to try and build one of the strongest crypto communities out there if you want to check it out im going to leave a link in the description and in the pin comments down below now ladies and gentlemen that is absolutely everything ive got for you in todays video if you have enjoyed anything ive brought to you dont forget to smash that like button hit the subscribe button or share the video for more lets see if we can smash that 300 like target and i also want to know your thoughts and opinions down below with that ive been crypto nobes thank you for watching hopefully ill see you in my next video peace In this video I go through a few big articles involving Chainlink! how Big things are coming, Multiple partnerships, So far chainlink has been the hottest crypto in the market will it continue going into 2021? we also look at the latest news & BIG articles involving LINK new PARTNERSHIPS! LINK could soon be smashing all time high AGAIN to over $19.85 We also take a look at the biggest news for LINK As this could lead to prices we dream of if all goes to plan! we also look LINK latest news and a few price predictions too! The next few steps could lead to this next big bull run & Crypto technology as the future! We look at the Chainlink price chart using analysis, latest BIG news. LINK chart. what can we expect in the future. price look and is it too late to buy? My patreon: 0:00 - Intro Market Recap Overview 1:21 - HealthTrends.AI rolls out a Chainlink oracle node 4:20 - How is the accumulation in Chainlink’s market holding up? 5:59 - ChainLink Integrates With Binance Smart Chain 8:03 - Chainlink LINK Price Analysis 9:44 - Join The Patreon & Final Thoughts! This is my opinion. And things can change. But hopefully you learn a little here. Subscribe, like and share the video for more! Leave your thoughts down below! I am a big fan of Crypto and I will be hopefully bringing you information you didnt know about! I am very bullish on crypto and I want to help as many people as I can! Stay Safe Stay Rich! Want to buy cryptocurrency the safest way possible?: ‪ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HELP SUPPORT THE CHANNEL!️ My patreon: Buy a Ledger Nano S or Nano X the safest way to store your Crypto! Want to buy cryptocurrency the safest way possible?: ‪ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sources: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow me on twitter! Follow me on Instagram! E-mail for business inquiries ONLY: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial adviser. Investing and trading is risky, and you can lose your money. The information in this video should not be used to make any investment decisions. You should contact a licensed financial adviser prior to making any investment decisions. 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