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Hello, in todays video we are going to talk about one of the networks that has been growing the most and gaining supporters only Neto and it will become Botequim of things it promises to be the future of Pontes Smart Control but is it worth it really well Im Douglas and Today Im going to guide you on a journey through China, which ones before Its worth remembering that this video is not about an investment recommendation, but about informative explanatory content curated on the main points of TIM that we made with great affection for you. other than that it is also important to say that in the description of this video you will find a link that will give you discounts on the fees of the main cryptocurrency brokers in the market so dont leave it for later and enjoy Now thats all remembered without further ado lets go to the video bringing more utilities for data of real-world transactions I found that it is a platform created to facilitate the use of enamel controlled by companies like it was the cryptocurrency Shining in its native touch traded all over the planet this platform allows several companies and financial institutions to make their network the infrastructure to record all actions as well as data on various other buttons This means that the network has link represents a link between real world information and online and as it counts its own name pendant means link between chains the information added is soon processed and transformed into contacts that act as gateways to validate your transactions on the network, the touches are used as remuneration for network participants and the platform can easily validate the authenticity of the information it receives in the offline world using a system to evaluate the reputation of the data, bringing a lot of more security for smart contracts and good communication between different platforms to compose the link is centralized and composed of several oracles of this the makeup to operate the network as nodes that connect data adopt in and to the contracts after validation ensuring that communication is always flowing born in the hands of being gay nazarov hit link was officially born in june 2019 but launched its initial coin squeeze or esse well before in 2017 a billion dawkins were created or no more than 350 million available in the initial offer but if i this was enough to raise 32 million dollars bringing support for kart in me to grow and gain more fans but it gained notoriety even when the big players in the market began to flirt with the functioning of the network attracting giants like Google Web three breads leave SwiftKey é a multinational that operates in the field of interbank online payments the people at Swift simply created the standards used by banks for their international financial remittances such as the cup so much popularity due to the trust that I found it not even passing by that the founder of dockside Tom is also yours consulted spreading it further plus the good reputation of the project now that we have learned about the beginnings of this technology it is good to pay attention to how it works automated in large part to have link operates through smartphones decentralized protocols that are executed with this more exact form of verification the data ends up being treated with much more confidence saving much more time and money than if everything were done manually the only problem is that these Smart Controls do not previously access the real world data alone and that is where ching-ling comes in Because it is she who will bring the data from the real world into the nightclub, this information brought can mean any data with the economic impact Global So it can happen from there being information as a result of football games to bettors of sponsors large imports to imports of products data on vessels currency quotation including writings and several other pieces of information that are part of some financial reality as a good example of what this real-world information can be that can be registered by Smoke control it is possible to consider the totalization of an nft asset the work of art would be registered in the Dote in the information that guarantees its high intensity And its ownership to the holder of them in a network like this, working with Smart Control at would not be much more complicated or would involve solutions totally based on other options, that is, everything would be much less careful and tense this fluidity to door way happens mainly because it has two separate structures the infrastructure yesterday that is inside the cheek AND the infrastructure outside the chain which is the part that captures the real world data for the nail polishes against the biggest advantage of TIM is a huge range of opportunities that it opens up and as an intermediary between the real world and the various donations it manages to add a lot of value to other technologies such as different external technologies and payment systems internet of things cloud storage systems among many and many others before we commented on how the oracles work to provide information to the platform, including the process for inserting new cap and styling units into the network, a process called proof they keep US, which in Portuguese means proof of participation, is the process equivalent to mining bitcoins that insert new currency units on the market in the case of TIM the oracles deposit their coins comes with a way to guarantee that the information that is entering and leaving is correct at the same time the network uses a system that will evaluate the reputation of this data also guaranteeing that it did not happen any manipulation By the oracles in order to verify that the information and data are correct the oracles are rewarded by unlocking the tokens you deposit but although thinning is extremely promising it is not possible to mine And this happens because there are not even miners or rewards for testing of work each link is the basis for the functioning of the network and extracting it requires validation by participation I posted it but look even though it is not possible to mine it is perfectly possible to invest in stump filling link through a reliable brokerage you can request through Pedro Spears negotiation go up or point to point which is simply a purchase or sale directly with another person without an intermediary of course with the risks of ending up not receiving your touches or your money since everything would be done on the basis of trust, right but ok You you already got your cryptocurrency smell and you can choose between leaving it stored with the brokerage house you made one of your coins a physical or digital wallet wallets can exist in different formats kiss online A Mobile that uses apps the topics you can use on your desktop and hardware that are usually USB devices and lastly the paper where they are printed in fact the wallets that really accept to reach then to read BR from mother to have wireless n w and brought soft market supply and demand between April 2019 and July 2020 the currency has an accumulated valuation of 1000% Renault with and with the best performance of the period surpassing Bitcoin itself which in the same period had an accumulated valuation of seventy and six percent several experts are betting all their chips on the has many claim that it has the potential to become the main tcoin in the choice of trailers so the retreat of Bitcoin and Iron would open a huge space for new hearings to expand as use is gaining more supporters the strip that enters here as a strong candidate for having demonstrated in 2020 that the project is strong enough to remain stable and well positioned before the community and although the performance of 2020 is no great guarantee of expectations for coins Are up there in addition to all this is a project that highlights a new utility for cryptocurrency technology that facilitates the reading and delivery of information from the offline world to the buttons all this with a platform that is widely used by several other projects that is focused on the execution of smart contracts this functionality of the platform draws a lot of attention that the most powerful institutions and entities the possibility of integration that cryptocurrency offers can also affect the price positively bringing even more appreciation to the currency is becoming increasingly highlighted for the workouts this is definitely a currency to watch closely and not take your eyes off this to the content of todays video I hope it was Of great value to you because the work of curating information that we do is to leave you Always as up to date as possible and if you see this Card on your screen it will take you to our Solana video it is worth investing in it be sure to watch it because it will open a lot only in relation to the future of the Solana network it is also in the description of the video So thats it investor a big hug and until the next video CHAINLINK LINK VALE A PENA? O QUE NINGUÉM TE CONTOU SOBRE ELA w39iq2XQvZA&➥ LINKS CORRETORAS COM DESCONTO: chainlink chainlinkvaleapena chainlinkanalise ️ Sobre a CHAINLINK Trazendo mais utilidade para dados e transações do mundo real, a Chainlink é uma plataforma criada para facilitar o uso de smart contracts por empresas. Com ela foi criada a criptomoeda Chainlink LINK, seu token nativo, negociada no planeta inteiro. Essa plataforma permite que várias empresas e instituições financeiras façam de sua rede a infraestrutura para registrar transações, além de dados em várias outras blockchains. Isso significa que a rede Chainlink representa um elo entre as informações do mundo real e as online. ️ CHAINLINK vale a pena? A maior vantagem da ChainLink é o enorme leque de oportunidades que ela abre por funcionar como intermediária entre o mundo real e as várias blockchains. Ela consegue agregar muito valor às demais tecnologias, como API’s externas, diferentes sistemas de pagamento, Internet das Coisas, sistemas de armazenamento em nuvem, dentre várias e várias outras. ️ CHAINLINK vai subir? A ChainLink entra aqui como uma forte candidata por ter demonstrado em 2020 que o projeto é forte o bastante para se manter estável e bem posicionado perante a comunidade. E embora a boa performance de 2020 não seja nenhuma grande garantia, as expectativas para a moeda estão lá em cima. Além de tudo isso, é um projeto que ressalta uma nova utilidade para a tecnologia de criptomoedas, facilitando a leitura e entrega de informações do mundo offline para os blockchains. Tudo isso com uma plataforma que é amplamente utilizada por vários outros projetos que tem seu foco na execução de Contratos Inteligentes. FONTES DESSE VÍDEO: . ️ IMPORTANTE: Este vídeo NÃO é uma recomendação de investimento. O objetivo do canal CRIPTOMOEDAS PROMISSORAS é trazer informações sobre finanças e investimentos. Qualquer ativo financeiro mencionado nos vídeos são apenas exemplos de caráter didático e NÃO devem ser interpretados como recomendação de compra ou de venda. chainlink,